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Part of international chain of vegan restaurants opened by followers of Supreme Master Ching Hai, an advocate for veg living. Serving all vegan food, coffee, non-alcoholic beverages, and vegan desserts. Open Mon-Sun 9:00am-7:30pm.

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First Review by MarcusSoetomo


Points +53

29 Apr 2023

Just good stuff

Delicious, lots of options and decently cheap



Points +40

16 Jun 2022

Super delicious!

Super lovely resto with a completely vegan menu!
Shakes, pizza, noodles, rice, smoothies, juice!


Points +447

22 Dec 2019

Best Vegan Restaurant in Surabaya

WOW for food, WOW for service, WOW for price, WOW for environment! Everything we ordered - Amazing. Need I say more?


Points +39

05 Aug 2019

Best vegetarian restaurant in Surabaya

From all of vegetarian restaurant in Surabaya, this is so far the best in terms of hygiene, appearance and stability

Pros: Lots of vegetarian options, Affordable price, Located in downtown


Points +582

26 Jul 2019

Best vegan restaurant in Surabaya

Huge selection of dishes, drinks and desserts. Everything is delicious and relatively cheap.

Pros: Lots of veg options, Vegan ice cream, Milkshakes


Points +339

07 Apr 2019

Great food

Food is excellent.


Points +172

04 Apr 2019

Awesome Food - Good Prices

We stopped in after a long day of travel and were not disappointed by their large selection. We had drinks, an appetizer, 2 mains and...VEGAN ICE CREAM!!!!!! for all under 200,000 rupiahs. The food was excellently spiced and cooked. We will return again.

Pros: Vegan Ice Cream, Large Menu, Tasty Food


Points +33

27 Mar 2019

Good place Great Food

This place has a good variety of food, one of the best Loving Hut branch.

Pros: Has the best curry fried rice, The price is still acceptable

Cons: Menu and ingredients frequently change


Points +60

17 Mar 2019

Tempatnya mewah dan masakannya lumayan lezat

Restaurant dengan tempat yang cukup mewah dan nyaman membuat customer betah menunggu didalamnya. Rasa masakan juga lumayan lezat namun harganya agak mahal

Pros: Rasa masakan lumayan lezat, Tempatnya mewah dan nyaman

Cons: Harga agak mahal


Points +152

04 Apr 2018

vegan restaurant

The place I must go when I come to Surabaya

Pros: fast, many choices, clean environment


Points +43

18 May 2017


So so. Idk. Don't recommend it, really.

Pros: Vegan 'food'

Cons: Not a great place really.


Points +2757

29 Aug 2016

A safe choice as usual

What more can I say, it's a typical Loving Hut—inexpensive, prompt service, OK food. No one goes to a Loving Hut for the ambiance, but this one has lighting too bright and harsh.

I had the nasi krawu, which came out slightly different from the picture in the menu (mostly the colors), but still pretty good. Although when I told my local friend how it tasted, she said it wasn't supposed to taste like that... just a datapoint here. I followed her and ordered a sekoteng as well. I liked it a lot, but something about it wasn't quite right according to my friend. This was my first time trying it, so I had no other reference points. If you like hot, spiced drinks, I highly recommend you it!

Pros: affordable, decent food

Cons: lighting too bright


Points +84

10 Aug 2016

hugely disappointing

If you are going to convince anyone to go veg (which is the Loving Hut's whole shtick, right?) you need to put some actual effort into the food. My omnivore friend and I went to this Loving Hut branch because it was by far the closest veg place to our hotel, and I have to say, his meal was shockingly unappetizing. Shocking is the only word for it. The menu photo showed faux shrimp and vegetables tossed/fried in some sort of oat mixture, but what arrived was faux shrimp swimming in parchment-paper-dry sweet oats. No vegetables. I would not be remotely surprised if you told me the cook was a meat-loving saboteur. Given that the staff were indifferent at best ("absentee" is a more apt word choice), and no one really spoke English, I could not express our dissatisfaction except by posting this review. Do yourself a favor and don't eat here.

Cons: terrible service, zero thought or care put into the food, juices were mediocre


Points +3109

06 Jan 2016


I knew Loving Hut, so when I saw there was one in Surabaya I did not want to miss it! The menu is extensive, and it is very easy to choose as there is a picture for every dish. Prices are 3-5 dollars for each dish. You can choose among noodles dishes, rice dishes, western dishes. My husband and I tried fish and chips (very good), seaweed fried rice (my husband loved it), a salad (it was ok), pizza (honestly, it was not a real pizza... They put so much chili sauce on it! It was more a reinterpretation of pizza.. I don't recommend it unless you really love chili everywhere) and a burger (good, just very small). In general, we were satisfied. I would come back, if I lived in Surabaya. Staff are nice. Place clean. And loving hut.. Is always a lovely experience


Points +11

Mostly Veg
13 Aug 2015

VALUE Meals here !

I arrived at Loving Hut 30 mins before closing. The place is clean, there is a loud TV, and a small snack vendor.
The staff were friendly: when the server did not understand English, she quickly beckoned one who did. My order was a simple Bihun soup, which was served in a timely manner. The portion was large ! There were numerous vegetables within, much more than I had ever received while in Kuching restos. The soup was tasty and satisfying,
I do recommend eating here - yes, the menu is extensive, with clear fotos, and the prices are quite reasonable !
I am definitely returning ! Their quality remains GREAT !
My thanks to previous reviews -- all said previously is still current : )

Pros: Inexpensive, Clean, Friendly

Cons: noisy TV


Points +631

03 May 2014


This place is great.
Little English is spoken but there are photos of all dishes. The selection is very good, portions are huge, the food is tasty.
Actually, all loving huts in Indonesia are very good.

You can easily walk there from Gubeng station, will take about 15 minutes. Alternatively, you can hire a rickshaw.

Pros: Tasty, huge portions, Cheap, Easy to find


Points +683

17 Mar 2014

Cheap and delicious

I have nothing much to add to the previous comments. The place is clean, the menu is extensive, and the prices are low (and even lower if one considers how big the portions are). All dishes were delicious. However, except for ice cream they have hardly any desserts.

We walked to the restaurant from Surabaya's train station. It took 10-15 min, and the place was not difficult to find.

Pros: clean, large menu, cheap

Cons: few desserts


Points +237

14 Jan 2014


Ditto previous reviews. Good food. Wide variety. Little English.

The restaurant is located on the corner, not on the middle of the street.

Pros: Food

Cons: Annoying TV


Points +69

15 Sep 2013

Excellent Choice Of Vegan Food

We ate here last night and are planning to go back for both lunch and dinner today. The food here is excellent, and the menu is extensive. The staff don't speak much English, but the menu has pictures of all the dishes, so it's easy to order. They also have red rice, which is a bonus.

The prices are pretty reasonable for a Westerner, but a little expensive for locals. We paid 96,000 IDR ($8.50) for two main dishes, two portions of rice, avocado juice, water, and ice cream to take away. So not too bad at all. And all the food is vegan.

Restaurant is very large, with seating for around 60 people.
Updated from previous review on Saturday September 14, 2013

A previous review mention that there is a gas station nearby, but this has now been demolished. The restaurant is easy to find though - it's on the corner of Jalan Biliton and Jalan Sumbawa.

Pros: Excellent food, All vegan, Clean environment


Points +31

28 Aug 2012

Loving hut surabaya

The food is ok, the taste are variety, from local, western, Italian. The price is about 3 USD to 5 USD/ portion (consider expensive for average Indonesian).
The place is quite clean.
Maybe the waitress cannot speak English, but each food have their own picture so don't worry.
There is a gas station directly in front of the restaurant, so it's easy to see.

Pros: Excellent food, friendly staff

Cons: small portion, quite expensive for local income

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