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Part of international chain of vegan restaurants opened by followers of Supreme Master Ching Hai, an advocate for vegetarian living. Each location is individual family owned and operated. Serves all vegan food and non-alcoholic beverages. Confirmed open November 2021. Open Mon-Sun 12:00pm-9:00pm.

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First Review by freeprincebandar


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06 Jul 2022

Just needs a little bit more

Some of the reviews about this restaurant say that the food misses a bit of love. I think I can agree with that. Although the dishes that we tried were pretty good, the presentation of the food could have been better. Also the portions were quite small. But then again, the prices are cheap. The menu is full of dishes so I am sure you can find something you like

Pros: Cheap

Cons: Small portions



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Mostly Veg
07 Mar 2020

Delicious Food

Been there several time for their lucious lemon grass!! Very tasy, the staff are so friendly and polite. The location is also easy to find. But they open quite late so usually we wait while they prepare

Pros: All vegan, Nice Staff, Very friendly staff

Cons: Open late


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20 Apr 2019

Good vegan food, kind of small portions

Even though I read some reviews saying the food didn’t taste much, I still decided to go with my non-veg friends because it was the only place close by. And we were all pleasantly surprised and enjoyed our meals but did all agree that the portions could have been bigger for dinner.

Pros: All vegan, Pretty tasty, Cheap

Cons: Small portions


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26 Feb 2019

Small dishes but cheap and good food

The dishes are small, you probably need to order 3-4 dishes to get really full. The food is good though, but nothing special. I liked the seaweed fried rice and the water spinach. I ordered a mushroom wrapped in banana leaf, nothing special at all. The avocado juice is a bit watery but still tasty. Even tough the food isnt spectacular I do recommend this place. You get cheap good food here!

Pros: Tasty food, Fast service, Cheap

Cons: Nothing special, Small portions


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01 Feb 2019

Great local vegan dishes!

Cheap, delicious and perfect for vegans to try out the traditional Balinese dishes! Loved the nut satay ❤ Especially because it doesn't taste too much like that typical mock meat flavour but more veggie-like.
The fruit juices are not recommendable tho. They are cheap as well but way too watery, I could've skipped on those. Unfortunately they don't serve dessert. The only thing that is really striking me a lot is when I told them I don't want a straw for my juice and I still get it...

Pros: -cheap, -great local dishes, -doesn't taste too much like mock meat

Cons: -too watery juices, -no dessert


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30 Jan 2019

My life saver on singaraja

On galungan day, I have a trip on singaraja. Loving hut is my life saver.. is one and only veg cafe who opened till 9 pm..

Menu not same with loving hut denpasar, taste is same, and cheaper better than loving hut denpasar

Pros: Open till 9.00 pm


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06 Jan 2019

I don't recommend, portion was small and the food not tasty

Nice service but not nice portions nether food..


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25 Nov 2018

Very cheap...

The food was okay. We ordered a pizza which was doughy and kway teow that tasted a little burnt. The sweet green beans with corn were nice. It doesn’t seem a lot of love goes in to the food here

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Cheap cost

Cons: Small portions, however price is cheap


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09 Apr 2018

Tasty Local and International Food

It's very convenient to go and enjoy the variaty of vegan food. They have some international options like pizza and burger and so many local dishes. It's pocket friendly too. It's a good option since there are not many vegan restaurants in the area.


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12 Jul 2017

Disappointing but still ok to visit if you're new to local food

Please do NOT bring your non-vegan friends here, they'd probably end up hating vegan food. This place is by far the worst vegan restaurant I've been to in the entire Bali. The problem is not in the food, it's in the heart. You can taste from the food that the staff didn't put any love and energy into the food. I was really disappointed.

However, if you're vegan anyways, and haven't tried a variety of Balinese and Indonesian food, then you can certainly come here and order a bunch of small dishes, just for the sake of sampling a variety of local dishes at the same time.

Pros: Good for sampling a bunch of dishes, Cheap, Quiet

Cons: Not tasty, No love in the food, Indifferent staff


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06 Apr 2017

very tasty and very cheap

I tried food in Loving Hut in Yogyakarta and I liked it so I was happy I found another one on a way from Java to Denpasar.
I loved tempeh, tom yam and noodles were very nice too. Fresh juice a bit watery but you can't really complain for the price you pay. Very cheap place.


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03 Oct 2016

very disappointed

-don´t bring your none vegan friends, cause they will hate vegan food and you afterwards
-we did not get what we ordered and had to pay for the more expensive food
-boring taste and one can really tell that they don´t care about their customers
-small portions and what you get will certainly not look like the pics from the menu

unfortunately we can not think of anything good to write in this review

Cons: unfriendly, small portions, taste


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13 Jun 2014

plentiful and friendly

Our VegVoyages tour group stopped here for lunch and we had a whole buffet of food, probably everything they make! It was all delicious and the servers friendly. We also got two different blended juices. Yum. Finding an all vegan place in Indonesia is always a treat.

Pros: good food, friendly staff


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14 Oct 2012

Easy to find LH with a few decent eating options

This location is easy to find off the main road in Singaraja (Jln Surapati, which is the in-town continuation of the Singaraja-Amlapura hwy).

The food is fare. We tried their teriyaki (ok but small portion), fried sweet and sour delight luscious lemongrass special(good but again small portion) and lucky drumsticks. The lucky thing was that it is actually good and you get 3 of them instead of the 2 depicted on the picture. Always a plus when you get more than what you expected of a good thing. Beyond that, not much to say about this place.

Pros: easy to find

Cons: small portions for most items

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