Vegan restaurant created with a vision that all beings can live in peace and harmony with each other and the planet. Makes casual-fast fare as an accessible starting point for those making the transition to a plant-based diet. Serves Chinese and Asian style dishes in addition to burgers and fries. Open Mon 11:00am-3:00pm, 4:00pm-9:00pm, Wed-Fri 11:00am-3:00pm, 4:00pm-9:00pm, Sat-Sun 11:00am-9:00pm.

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28 Nov 2023

Classic place

Loving hut is a staple for vegans. So delicious. Their fried mushrooms are amazing but my favorite is the clay pot.

Pros: Friendly staff, Location



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03 Nov 2023

One of the best options

Super wide variety of vegan asian food with kind and friendly staff. Good selection of different proteins or can go for a veggie heavy choice. I tried the veggie plate and it was great.

Pros: Huge portion, Wide variety


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Mostly Veg
03 Nov 2023

Perfect choice

Stating the obvious here: perfect choice for vegan asian food. We had orange "chickens", mapo tofu and vegetable bowl - all great. The place was weirdly empty (during lunchtime) but the food was excellent.

Pros: Wide selection of anything, Clearly informative menu


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Mostly Veg
22 Aug 2023


The food was really good. We found some of the dishes spicy, but that’s what we were expecting. Good service and good soup. Recommend checking it out the food was fresh and very tasty.


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05 Aug 2023

Dreaming of Seasme Chicken

Delicious food! We got Pad Thai and Sesame Chicken to share. Very quiet place decorated with vegan celebrities. I was very impressed with the mock shrimp in the pad thai. Paid parking is available up the street for $2/hr.

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07 Jul 2023

Tasty pho

Pho was tasty. Lots of seating. Big portions.

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29 Apr 2023

Comida saborosa!

Fomos almoçar.
O espaço podia ser bastante melhorado. Alguma desarrumação com muitos caixotes à vista.
Ementa extensa. Comida saborosa e doses generosas. Não gostámos das sobremesas ( percebia-se que já tinham alguns dias…).
Serviço bom.


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05 Mar 2023

Fried mushrooms are amazing

We had the fried mushrooms and some fried rice and the fried mushrooms were one of the best things I’ve eaten. Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside with a great savoury taste of oyster mushrooms topped off with a sweet and sour sauce.


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01 Nov 2022

Loved it!

Loved the Ocean Basket and banana fritters (with ice-cream) for dessert. The food was wonderful.

The online menu/ordering was clunky to navigate, especially on my phone. The website really could use a little bit of lovin’ (especially since it’s a fully take-out place)!

Pros: delicious

Cons: parking 😳


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12 Sep 2022

Good food

Really varied menu - chinese, Thai, beyond burger and more. Food came very quickly with generously sized portions. The food was good so I'd certainly reccomend.


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09 Aug 2022


I like the spicy bun hue noodle soup

Updated from previous review on 2022-08-09

Pros: Usually peaceful atmosphere, BBQ mock pork steam buns ready for takeout, Chocolates to go


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31 Jul 2022

Love this small eating spot!

Although this location may be small, it's huge in selection, friendliness and taste. This is my husband's favorite vegan spot (and he's not vegan!) If you come here you NEED to try the crispy mushrooms!! They legit taste like calamari. The orange chicken andbtheir mock meats are well seasoned and flavored.

Pros: Offer vegan dog kibble , Friendly staff, always willing to help, Theybhave take-out as an option

Cons: Must go with time, parking can be tricky


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26 Jul 2022

Amazing vegan Chinese food

Before visiting the Japanese tea garden, we had lunch at the Loving hut. The food was amazing! With four people we tried out various dishes and they were all really good! I can really recommend eating here.

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21 Jun 2022

Great vegan place as we know it from Europe

We love this chain, especially in the Czech Republic. It was nice to see one here too. They don't seem to have a buffet as we know it but rather a regular menu to order from. Currently they only sell "to go", so we couldn't sit inside. Not sure why, maybe still because if covid.
But you can sit down in the bar next door, they have some kind of agreement.
The staff was super friendly and the food was great 👍 I had a potato soup and a great baked banana dessert with ice cream. Loved it.

Pros: Many options, Many good looking desserts, Very helpful


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15 Jun 2022

Another great Loving Hut

It was great for the seafood cravings that SF left in me. Food might be a bit greasy, but it was great for what it is! Loving Hut usually never disappoints


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25 Apr 2022

Delicious food, thoughtful, personal service!

I ordered online several dishes for a large party. She phoned me to confirm my order and offered to provide serving trays as a convenience for me at no extra charge. When I picked up my order, she had packaged the trays so that hot food was separated from cold food, in two separate cartons and were ready on time. When I unpacked the trays, I found she had decorated the food with steamed greens so the trays would look nice on the serving table. I was blown away by the service and the food!


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31 Mar 2022


The service was very nice and there were so many options. I tried the bun hue and the lemongrass tofu. There was no indoor dining but there was covered patio seating. The flavors were good and the portions were not too small or too big. I would come back to try more.


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15 Feb 2022

Veggie burger was AWESOME

Didn’t expect a non western style restaurant to have the best veggie burger!


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03 Feb 2022

Good price for amazing food

This restaurant is just amazing. People are very nice and it is very affordable!

One of my favourite restaurant in SFO!

Updated from previous review on 2022-02-03

Pros: Good price


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17 Dec 2021

Lovely Spot

Got the orange chicken and chow fun. Excellent! After we ordered, the woman went away and we had a hard time getting her attention again. Other than that, the food is amazing!

Pros: Many kinds of cuisine

Cons: Plastic packaging


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11 Dec 2021

Delicious takeout, all vegan!

I have been to several LH locations in the US, all have unique & tasty dishes. Every location I have been to make really tasty food I enjoy every time.

Pros: Dishes labeled OF, GF, SF, NF, allergen free.


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29 Aug 2021


This location is currently takeout only. I ordered the eggplant tofu with brown rice and the pumpkin cheesecake. The eggplant tofu amazing and was enough food for 2 meals for me! The pumpkin cheesecake was also delicious, it tasted like pumpkin pie but not as sweet (super good with some non dairy whip if you bring your food home)! The food was all amazing. I tried one of my family member’s fresh spring rolls and I was a bit disappointed that those weren’t served with peanut sauce, but everything else was perfect.

Pros: all vegan, tons of options, pumpkin cheesecake


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27 Aug 2021

Our local fav

A long and diverse menu. I recommend the fried mushroom and basil, the wonton soup (not to be confused with the wonton noodle soup), so many to choose from. Friendly service. Try their homemade cheesecake! We were so amazed and relieved when we found the one in Paris.

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14 Aug 2021

Great place for vegan dinner

Tons of options on the menu, great vegan Chinese food.

I wish they would expand to have a 3rd SF location in the south if the city. I don’t go here often because it’s all the way in the Sunset and their mall location has no parking.


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31 May 2021

Great Food

There are a ton of menu items to choose from and good size portions for a good price. Food tasted amazing.

Updated from previous review on 2021-05-31

Pros: Lots of options , Large portions


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26 Oct 2020

Amazing Vegan Food!! The soups are amazing

Love Loving Hut and I've visited this chain all around the US, Europe, and even several locations in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Each location has been different but I've never been disappointed. I ordered from this location through DoorDash. We got the BBQ steam buns, Won Ton Soup and Bun Hue Spicy Noodle Soup. Everything was absolutely amazing!! I was working and couldn't eat right away, and even an hour later the food was still hot and so delicious! They do Take Away very well, especially important during COVID.

Pros: Always Delicious


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27 Feb 2020

Great food and place

It was great. The plates were huge, some really spicy. The place was nice and even if it was a little crowded, it was private.
The size of the plates were big, so if you go on your own, don't ask for too much food like I did

Pros: Good prices

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