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Loving Hut - Quan Thanh

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192/4 Quan Thanh, Ba Dinh, Hanoi, Vietnam,

Modern decor, clean space. Part of international chain of vegan restaurants opened by followers of Supreme Master Ching Hai, an advocate for veg living. Serving vegan food, coffee, non-alcoholic beverages. Need to double check the hours - let happycow know.

Category: Vegan, International, Fast food, Take-out, Vietnamese

Reviews (28)

First Review by sshssh

Great Vietnamese food! - Edit

Tucked away in a compound that opens to the street, this restaurant serves a wide variety of vegan dishes. Some are vegan versions of meat or fish, like vegan beef, shrimp or even vegan snails(!). I had the fried spinach with sesame and lime, which was delicious, and some noodles with mixed veggies and some vegan meat, which was fine.

Pros: Purely vegan

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Good food - Edit

good food, large portions, small place, sometimes nice service sometimes not..
Should cut off the MSG (monosodium glutamate) in the food, for protecting our health.. :) (I know in Vietnam I just find out two places that dont use this chemical but we must create a healthy food revolution.. Really :) )

Updated from previous review on Sunday February 14, 2016

Updated from previous review on Sunday February 14, 2016

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VanVeganHanoi in Hanoi by now I just know 2 VEGAN places where they dont use msg. Please check the *Vegans in Vietnam* facebook page for more info. I even created an album named *ADIEU MSG* on it. Not many restaurants dare to confirm there that they dont use MSG or mock meat.

Please dont ask why I*m so serious on this subject. Its simply because MSG and other toxic chemicals are causing too much cancers in Vietnam !!! ;(

I just want to encourage ppl to change their way of cooking ! So Sad..

good lunch set - Edit

I went there today for lunch. the Restaurant is really small with a few tables crammed inside. it might be a Little hard to find. look out for the "home coffee store"; loving hut is in the alley next to it.

the menu is extensive although not too expensive! most dishes were about 35'000-40'000 Dong. everybody around me had a plate with Rice and different things around it so i figured that must be the lunch set. so i ordered the same.
i got 2 soups (one lukewarm, the pumpkin one already cold) plus a plate with Rice topped with sesame and some veggies etc. around it. only one mock meat. there was some Kind of springroll which looked like it had egg as a filling but i guess it must have been Tofu, right?
i paid 30'000 Dong. taste was good! except for the Rice and the mock meat everything was cold. so if you want something hot better go there before 12pm or order something else.

Pros: lunch set for 30'000, good taste

Cons: hidden in an alley, food was served cold

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good - Edit

Been there twice, and food was really good both of the times. They have a vegan 'bird nest' desert which I really liked and overall the food was really tasty.
The staff were sometimes very busy with other things, but friendly. One girl got really scared when I spoke English, so maybe be quiet and point is better:)

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One of the best in Hanoi - Edit

Ate here our last night and LOVED it. We walked from the Old Quarter and it took about 30 minutes, with great sights to see on the way, like the big market. We were soaking wet from sweat when we got there. We were the only ones and they shut the doors and turned on the a/c for us, which was incredibly nice. The chef spoke English but no one else did. We got 4 dishes, waters, and it was only $8. Pho was good. Lemon chicken was very good. Sushi good. Definitely recommend. Clean and modernish.

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Better than nothing - Edit

There aren't many vegan restaurants in Hanoi, so we were really excited to go to this Loving Hut.

There were a lot of options to choose from, but the food was not really flavourful and there were no desserts.

I guess my expectations were too high. It's a really simple place but, of course, I would go there again, as there aren't many vegan restaurants in Hanoi.

Pros: A lot of options to choose from

Cons: Not clean, Kind of bland food

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Simple place - Edit

We had spent a lot of time looking for this place and were surprised to see it. It's an extremely simple and basic set up, and we faced a similar problem of communication as others have mentioned here. Having said that, this seemed to be a standard in Vietnam, where most locals are not fluent in English so this aspect didn't particularly bother me. Since it was the first vegan restaurant we visited here I was quite excited, and to try Vietnamese cuisine which was otherwise mostly out of bounds. We had the Bo puh, a steamed egg and fried shrimp. The bo puh was bland, but came with fresh veggies, tofu, mockmeat and an array of sauces to spice it up. It was quite a heavy meal, the steamed egg I found really yummy. Not having had eggs in a long while Im not sure if it really tasted like eggs, but the dish and presentation was pretty good. The shrimp was like gluten rolls fried in a batter, so nothing much to write about it. Overall it's a decent visit and do try the visiting the charming Home cafe near it for some nice black coffee post the meal.

Pros: Pretty decent

Cons: Simple place unlike given in description

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8 out of 10 - Edit

On the one hand it is quite a typical Loving Hut. The menu has veganized local dishes and the prices are very affordable. Most dishes are around 40 000 dong and taste nice. What was lacking were desserts and attention to details. For example, I had to leave one third of salad uneaten because there were many bad leaves (beginning to rot, etc.) Because of that I'm giving four stars.

Pros: extensive menu

Cons: no desserts

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a bit disappointing - Edit

The three times I visited this place I was always (!) firstly faced someone that couldn't speak a word in English, although they clearly expected that I don't speak Vietnamese. After a lot of efforts to make myself understood, pointing at items in the menu and accepting my order, the waitress disappeared - just in order to bring another person that understands a few words of English. And after explaining everything a second time, staff still forgot half of the order - as it turned out later.

In addition to that they're not particularly friendly or thoughtful - e.g. will leave the empty dishes on your table when bringing the desert.

The choice of vegan food is good, but for Hanoi standards not really cheap: Expect VND 100000 for a starter, a noodle soup and a juice. The food itself is of good quality, the portions are reasonable and fresh, though not special.

Pros: fresh, reasonable

Cons: ignorant service

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Nothing special... - Edit

Having eaten at Loving Hut in Saigon, I was looking forward to trying one of the branches in Hanoi.

My first impression was that is was very small (I only have the branch in Saigon to compare it to, which is huge) and quite basic (again, the one in Saigon is very modern and quite elegant). Not really sure why it's written in the description here that it has 'modern decor', as I didn't find it particularly modern at all.

As for the service, I thought it was quite poor, and I am usually not critical and quite relaxed when it comes to service. My parents and I arrived and no one greeted us or acknowledged us. Almost all the tables were taken, which I thought might be a good sign, and we showed ourselves to the only table available. The waitress wasn't particularly friendly and didn't speak English at all. The menu was quite extensive and we finally settled on Pho, "Office rice", sushi and 6 fresh spring rolls.

The food didn't take too long to arrive and I would have to say it was average at best. The pho broth was really bland and there was far too much cilantro, which I found very overpowering (having said that, I absolutely hate cilantro and should have probably asked without) - no lime came with the soup either and because of the service, I couldn't really be bothered to ask for some. My dad's "office rice" looked okay, pretty standard...his came with white rice, unlike the ladies next to him who had theirs with brown rice (we then realised there are 3 different prices for the office rice, so this most likely had something to do with it and we were unaware). My mom liked her sushi and liked that the portion size was much bigger than the sushi at the Saigon branch.

After waiting a significant amount of time for the spring rolls, we had to ask the waitress where they were - they'd obviously been forgotten. We ordered 3 instead as we were quite full by then and even then it took a while for them to arrive. When we paid the bill, we had been charged for 9 spring rolls, which was a little bit off!

I left this particular Loving Hut feeling pretty underwhelmed with the food and service, it was quite disappointing in fact. It is definitely inexpensive, but not really worth seeking out, in my opinion.

Pros: Inexpensive, Extensive menu

Cons: Poor service, Quite cramped

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Amazing food and really inexpensive - Edit

A great Vietnamese experience. Really cheap (basically street food/Vietnamese restaurant prices) vegan varieties of many local dishes including a great selection of regional soups done vegan. Run by a lovely woman and her family, her daughter speaks quite good English and asks customers why they are vegan. Just an amazing Vietnamese vegan experience for very little money. Its open everyday from 11am, and it is definitely open on Sunday because ive been there at least 3 times on Sunday.

Pros: great food, cheap, full vegan menu

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Def. one of the best in Hanoi - Edit

Had a very enjoyable meal here. I'd say it was the best of the bunch I tried in Hanoi. A reasonably varied menu and plenty of veg proteins.

Prices were pretty good - much cheaper than alternatives I found in Hanoi, though not as cheap or as good as I found in HCMC.

Staff don't speak English though menu is in EN.

Pros: Reasonable prices, Good food, Pretty clean looking

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esponding to some negativity - Edit

I have been eating in Loving Huts and other vegan eateries in Ha Noi for over four years. This place would be in the top three. I have walked from the Old Quarter to Quan Thanh numerous times a good twenty minutes walk or get a bus from Hoan Kiem lake to 192 Quan Thanh 10 minutes. All Loving Hut's menus have pictures of the dishes and they are in Vietnamese and English. Maybe the staff don't ALL speak English, but think about it when a Vietnamese visits the west and reads menus in that country. I have lived in EU and can say menus don't have pictures of the dishes. The prices in Ha Noi are extremely affordable, if your going to gripe about the quality and quantity try eating in a five star hotel or KFC and see what you get for the dong.

Pros: No animal ingredients, mock meats fo the vegetarian, pictues for the people who can't read

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Excellent food - Edit

This is a great veg restaurant in Hanoi - probably top 3 in the city. Their Pho Ga is the best I've had (and my vegetarian Viet kieu friend says it's the closest he's found to his mom's pho ga from his childhood). Lots of other great dishes on the menu too - the mushroom salad with shrimp crackers and all their rolls especially.

They also have a buffet on the weekends (which means you can't order off the menu).

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Not particularly interesting - Edit

Given the excellent reviews on Happy Cow, we went to Loving Hut even thought it was out of the way from where we were staying. We found two people working there who didn't speak a word of English, but it was fine because the menu was pretty self-explanatory with pictures.

The food arrived within 10 minutes of placing the order. It just looked like some things were quickly fried and mixed together. The pho wasn't particularly flavorful, and the fried mock meat was soggy instead of being crispy. We regretted coming all the way, especially because we had such excellent food at other vegan places in Hanoi for the same price.

I don't see any reason to come here unless you are living close to the restaurant and its convenient, and you just want something quick.

Cons: Bland food

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Good food - Edit

Loving Huts are reliably good. Located off a small alley, the place was small and clean. Our server spoke English so ordering was not too much of a challenge. The menu has pics which makes that much easier. We had the fried sesame seaweed (nice), the mushroom beef (glutinous but tasty), a chicken dish with a mushroom gravy (very flavorful) and a great soup (don't remember the name). the soup is served by the cup not bowl. They make fresh soy milk with sugar which is worth getting along with the chocolate cake for dessert. All that and two fresh juices added up to less than $12 for two people.

Pros: Clean, Good food, Good service

Cons: none

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A good Choice - Edit

If you don't speak Vietnamese, it is difficult to eat in the local restaurants. Even though there are plenty of veggies, it can be hard to ask about the broth they are cooked in. Loving Hut provides a large choice of pure vegan food -- tasty and inexpensive. Worth seeking out.

Pros: very friendly, nice ambience, large portions

Cons: not in Old Quarter

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Great fresh spring rolls - Edit

The fresh spring rolls here are amazing!

However I found the rest of the food here so so, however it is cheap and all vegan and the service is very friendly so I would definitely go back to try it again.

Definitely closed on Sundays (evenings at least).

Pros: spring rolls, service, all vegan food

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Great Cheap Vegan Food - Edit

I LOVE this restaurant. My partner and I have visited several times and always come here when in Hanoi. There is loads of choice on the menu- the pho is great, the ribs, chicken drumsticks and cuttle fish are amazing! Try the set menu- its so cheap and you get a bit of everything. The staff are lovely and even though there is not a lot of English, they are so helpful. Go!

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Excellent food, great prices (closed Sundays?) - Edit

We arrived in Hanoi on a Sunday and called the restaurant around lunchtime to see if they were open. Someone answered the phone, and though his English was minimal, we thought we understood that the restaurant was open. We walked 45 minutes in intense heat to get there, only to find that it was closed. Someone came to the door and told us it's closed on Sundays, but open all the other days of the week.

We went the next day for lunch, and ordered fried sweet and sour shrimp (I thought they were just ok, my husband loved them), chicken with lemongrass (ok), glass noodles with crab meat (excellent), spring rolls (good), and pineapple cake (so good we ordered two slices and had to stop ourselves from eating more). There were a ton of options on the menu, and I'd have been happy going back several more times to try more of the dishes. They even had things like vegan dog meat, which was interesting.

Gripes: The Supreme Master TV is very prominent here, if that bothers you. The day we were there, the segment was about extraterrestrials and spiritual interplanetary travel.

We finished up the meal and said we'd be back the next day for lunch and asked the owner (who spoke decent English) if they could pack up food so we could take dinner to go for our evening train trip. He said yes. We showed up the next day only to find that the place was closed again. This time, it was because of a holiday, but it would have been nice if we'd been told this the day before when we said we'd be coming back.

Pros: Cheap, Big menu, Good portion sizes

Cons: Unreliable hours (call ahead)

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Very tasty meal and good value - Edit

We ate here twice and wish we had found it on a previous trip to Hanoi! We ordered what seemed to be the set meal consisting of two soups and a large plate of rice with various dishes. It cost about 35,000VND and we both thought it was excellent especially given the price. The dishes were different both times we went. The place was quite full both times too - no other tourists but very popular with locals.

Pros: price, food, clean

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Best place for some vegan Pho soup! - Edit

Found this place by accident when searching for a nearby temple. The restaurant is a perfect lunch time stop if your in the Ho Chi Min area.
Tucked down an open alley with yellow walls and white furniture.
We were overwhelmed by the choice on the menu, but the pictures and descriptions were helpful as was the waiter and a local lady (eating her lunch) who spoke great english.
Not too touristy, and the prices reflect that.
The food is ALL VEGAN and they sell alcohol free beer and vegan coffee creamer and biscuits to takeaway.
We ordered Pho, the traditional Vietnamese dish and I had Hanoi Pho soup with fake meat and rice noodles and my partner had a Pho salad and we shared some fresh/raw rice paper spring rolls . It was delicious and a filling lunch.
The soup was only 25,000 Dong, so a total bargain!
Our visit was a few days before their New Year, called Tet and we bought a Banh chung and were told by the local lady how to eat it for Tet, it was a sticky rice cake with spicy 'pork' wrapped in a banana leaf and could be kept for many days out of the fridge.
Had the place not been closed during Tet we would have eaten their again!

Pros: cheap, location, tasty

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good vegan restaurant - Edit

I got to Hanoi yesterday and went to dinner in this restaurant. A nice restaurant with photo menu in English. I had fried rice with tofu and vegetables, 5 pieces of different spring rolls, a portion of tofu and vegetables fritters and a sweet and sower "chicken". For drink just small water and a glass of soy milk. I paid 110000 dong, and everything was really good. They have a great variety of dishes, many kinds of "mockmeat" dishes. portions are not so big.

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