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CLOSED: Loving Hut NYC

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Contact 212-760-1900

348 7th Ave (at 30th St, Midtown Manhattan), New York City, New York, USA, 10001

Vegan restaurant in New York City that's part of the international chain of veggie food restaurants opened by followers of Supreme Master Ching Hai, an advocate for vegetarian living. Each location is individual family owned and operated. Serves all vegan food, coffee, non-alcoholic beverages, and more. Offers a few chairs and tables. Opened since Dec 2009. MAR 2014 WEBSITE STATES SHUT DOWN.

Category: Vegan, American, Delivery, Take-out, Asian, Catering

Reviews (30)

First Review by INGRID HONG

One of my new favs! - Edit

My husband and I visited Loving Hut and were so impressed! We both got sandwiches, a side salad, and the mac n cheese with onions. It was all so delicious but the mac n cheese was our favorite! The combination of grilled onions and mac n cheese is genious! The staff is also very friendly.

Pros: Delicious food, Friendly staff

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A little poky - Edit

This branch of the crazy cultist chain is perhaps the smallest restaurant I have ever eaten in, so beware that you will have customers continually walking back and forth right behind you to get to the counter. The staff were very nice, although I'm not sure why they insist on doing 'table service' when you're not even three feet away from the counter. The food is what you get everywhere at Loving Hut - decent but unspectacular Asian cuisine, tofu, noodles, rice, veggies, all that jazz. I can't really have any complaints, but nor can I really get too excited.

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Vegan Mac'n'Cheese heaven! - Edit

This is my go to place for vegan quesadillas and mac'n'cheese. I have been there many times and despite the fact that the place is very small I recommend it often to anyone who is in the area. Each Loving Hut I come across in other states have a different menu. My favorite is one of their locations in CA. Mac'n'Cheese w/mushrooms and the Avocado salad are my go to items.

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extensive menu - Edit

This location had an extensive menu, but it wasn't the asian food I remembered. I got the mac and cheese and a slice of cheesecake. It was a bit of a wait fo the food. The mac and cheese was just ok. The place is TINY, I think its better for take out.

Cons: small

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Good vegan pitstop - Edit

This Loving Hut is different from most others I've seen since it does not have a predominately Asian influenced menu.

The menu is limited but the food is great. A particular rice dish - not sure of it's name anymore - stands out in my memory.

It's a tight little spot and very busy around lunch so think more "take out" at that time. But outside busy times it is comfy enough for a little meal.

Pros: All vegan!, Convenient spot, Quick service

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very small - Edit

My boyfriend and I were in NYC for a hockey game at Madison Square Garden, and I was happy to discover that there was a Loving Hut near MSG, so we could grab a bite to eat just down the street (as arena food is notoriously awful for veg*ans). I checked the menu, and it looked pretty good, but sometimes looks are deceiving. I ordered the Vegan Joy, described as soy protein and mixed vegetable in teriyaki sauce, while my boyfriend got the Loving Hut Sandwich. I tried a bite of his, and it wasn't bad (the chipotle mayo had a kick to it). Unfortunately, my food was a pile of the soy protein pieces, some rice, and a few veggies. There was not a hint of "teriyaki" in the entire dish. The "bubble tea" we ordered was tapioca pearls tossed into iced tea. The location is also very small, with seating for maybe 10 or 12 people, but we were the only ones there, except for a woman who placed a takeout order. Service was polite and efficient. If I go to NYC, and I'm going to another event at the Garden, then I'll probably get a sandwich.

Pros: vegan, near Madison Square Garden

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Taking a Bite of the Big Apple - Edit

As I started my transition from eating meat to becoming a vegetarian and finally a vegan, I found myself overwhelmed with converting my daily diet and evaluating menus to find quality vegan food. In my daily commute through New York City, I found myself intrigued by a restaurant called Loving Hut located near Pennsylvania Station.

Loving Hut is a wonderful chain of vegan restaurants with locations all around the world. All the items on the menu contain plant-based ingredients and a wide ranging menu. Loving Hut is truly dedicated to providing healthy vegan meals with great taste, while being both affordable and eco-friendly.

One day, I decided to finally try Loving Hut for myself and was greeted by a compassionate staff. The restaurant's warm and inviting decor is accompanied by an enticing aroma that instantly excites your taste buds. The tables have a sleek white design and are accompanied by bench and stool seating. The overall decor of the restaurant is light and cheerful, while encouraging an eco-friendly and plant-based lifestyle.

The menu had so many options to choose from, but I finally decided on the Veggie Fillet Quesadilla. The Veggie Fillet Quesadilla consists of stew protein, onion, sweet peppers, zucchini, Daiya cheese and mildly spicy Chile Pasilla Sauce. With this meal you can chose between wheat or sesame tortilla, along with a side of guacamole and mixed greens salad with house dressing. I opted for a wheat tortilla and asked for no Daiya cheese or onion. The Loving Hut staff was more than happy to accommodate me and I did not have to wait long at all for my meal to come to my table.

The food was absolutely exceptional! The quesadilla was packed with flavor and was far from bland. From the guacamole to the wrap, I was blown away by the delicious taste. I thoroughly enjoyed my meal and did not leave any food on my plate. For someone who was a former meat eater, I am convinced this restaurant could convert any meat eater into a vegan. I highly recommend the Loving Hut to anyone who is looking for a wide range of vegan choices for any meal of the day.

Pros: Healthy Food, Vast Menu, Amazing Staff

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Small place, fairly good food, slow service - Edit

I actually didn't find it so exceptional. Even though the place is tiny, service is quite slow and they even forgot to serve me a dish. I had a too salty "chicken" soup, followed by a fairly good rice dish with veggies and vegan chicken, while my partner had a veggie chicken and vegetables sandwich, which was good even though the bread was a bit chewy.
Much better was the dessert, a delicious cocoa and coffee cake.

Pros: good desserts

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Another Loving Hut - Edit

My momma always taught me... "if you dont have anything nice to say... than dont say anything at all"... that being said, this review will definitely disappoint her. I have almost nothing positive to report here but I'll start with the few points that could be construed as positive:
1. Great Location- 2 blocks from Penn Station in an area which doesnt have alot to offer vegans
2. Quick- On the go, they are pretty on top of things
3. Painless- I did not get sick from any of the food and the restaurant appeared to be clean.
As for the food, you would be hard pressed to find less inspired food than the fare made here. The first time I came I started with the Happy Dumplings, and had 3 problems:
1. Taste- They were watery and half empty
2. Aesthetics- How can you pretend to be a restaurant and charge restaurant prices and serve food on real plates and then put the dipping sauce in throw away plastic container
3. Cost- the price of 5 bucks for 6 dumplings aint too good when you consider that at lunch time in other restaurants across the city, for 5 bucks i could practically have a meal.
The next thing I ordered (and regretted) was the Thai Curry because:
1. Flavor- Isearched and Isearched but i couldnt find any.
2. Content- 8 small pieces of tofu? Really? Really?!?!? In almost any oriental restaurant in the city it would be filled with tofu, here i needed a microscope to find it. As for rice fortunately there was plenty, the Thai curry merely turned out to be a thin glaze of wrapping over a meal which was 2/3 rice
3. Cooking Method- You got to steam the vegetables!!! Boiling mushy vegetables and throwing them into the stirfry at the last second simply will not do in a city filled with so many great places... the same goes for the rice.
Since then, when returning i Have stuck to the sandwiches, which while pretty average and hardly overflowing with flavor or content, get the job done on the run. While Sandwiches such as the Cowboy Hero will come in at over 7 bucks, and are hardly bargains, they are quick, filling and dont take them too long to make.
Overall in a city filled with brilliant ethnic cuisine, this generic fast food rip off, is a place ill avoid in the future unless i need a sanwich on the go. As the restaurant is extremely small and cramped i would say that the only part which rings true of this places name is the "hut".

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Loving Hut NYC - Edit

This Loving Hut (LH) is so small that if you blink you could miss it - and miss it I did! Once I found it I was pretty shocked to see how tiny it was, it was reminiscent of a large hallway with about 5 small tables. I ordered the Cowboy Hero, consisting of stew protein, tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, Daiya, and chipotle sauce. Overall the sandwich was good, however I found myself picking off all of the fake meat. I just found the fake meat to be, well, too meat-like. Once I took the meat off I thought that the sandwich was great and would recommend it. The only other thing to keep in mind is that seating is limited and once the employees have spotted that you're done with your meal (I observed this at the table next to me), they quickly whisk away your dirty plates and wish you a good day - they essentially push you out so that someone else can sit...I get it. Again, the food is good at LH and I recommend it.

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Good Place - Edit

Visited late June 2011. Small take-away and restaurant, clean and modern. An extensive menu that's all vegan. We went there to pick up breakfast two days in a row and the food was very tasty. Generous portions and friendly staff. There's a daily specials menu that changes every day including different cakes :-)

Pros: Tasty, healthy fast food

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very nice "fast food" place - Edit

This is a fast food place, more or less, but much better than the typical (non-vegetarian) fast food place. The place is find a small table. Not a gourmet place, but teh food is good for the price--and you won't find many other vegetarian options in the area (this is right by Madison Square Garden). I give this "3 cows" in comparison to most other vegetarian places; in comparison to fast food places, it would garner 5 cows.

Pros: not expensive, midtown location

Cons: not "gourmet"

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Recommended - Edit

The restaruant is relatively small but clean and quick. I ordered a spinach quesadilla and was thoroughly satisfied. It was flavorful and inexpensive (about 7 bucks for a decent portion). It's only a few blocks south of Penn station. I haven't tried most of the food on the menu but the food seems moderately priced and things that I saw other people eating looked appetizing. I would recommend this place as a causual dining experience or take out.

Pros: inexpensive, tasty, decent food portions

Cons: limited space to sit down and eat

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sweet little hut - Edit

really nice little place... to the folks who feel like Loving Hut menus should all be the same, that's the point - they're made to suit their locations in loads of different countries. yes it's on the small side, but service is super-friendly and I've yet to get a bad thing here. unbelievably convenient to MSG and just a great addition to the neighborhood!

Pros: loving hut, tasty, friendly

Cons: tiny

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great affordable vegan food - Edit

I ate here twice on my visit to New York a few weeks ago and loved it. The girl that was working was extremely friendly and patient with my indecisive companions and me. After growing up in Texas, a full vegan menu can be a bit overwhelming. Between the three of us we had the vegan fried rice (my favorite after adding a bit of hot sauce) protein quesadilla, loving hut sandwich and the loving hut burger. Everything was delicious; the quesadilla was by far the best one that I have ever had. My girlfriend's brother, who is a devout meat eater, ordered the sandwich both times and loved it. In fact, I saw him recently and he's still talking about it. To make things even better the prices are excellent, especially for New York. The only drawback is the limited seating, maybe four or five small tables, but luckily it was never a problem for us. If you need an affordable vegan meal this is an ideal place to go.

Pros: low price, great food, great staff

Cons: seating very limited

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a bit of a fast food experience - Edit

Very tiny place. about 6-7 tables all together on about 5m2?
You don't go there for a relaxed dining experience but for a quick bite.
Good food, very friendly staff.
Lentil soup was a bit too much of the same.
Got our plates very quick.
I don't think there were any toilet facilities.

Pros: fast, cheap, friendly

Cons: too small place

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In love - Edit

I work near this restaurant and since I am a vegan and there isnt a lot of vegan choices in Midtown I eat there almost everyday. My favorites are the he advocado salad, vegan burger, vegan fried rice and tapioca pudding!
Since they just opened it is understandable they dont have a lot choices, but then again, who needs endless choices when u know that every item is delicious,guaranteed?
The prices are also very reasonable. I love this place!

Pros: Service, Prices

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I liked it better than the NJ location... - Edit

The Loving Hut NYC is located a short walk from Penn Station and is reasonable for a vegan place in New York City. They offer free tea and water which they don't in New Jersey. The staff was very friendly!

Pros: international vegan TV, convenient, free tea/water

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Reviewer Avatar

needs improvement - Edit

After initial excitement, now we are disappointed. The food is not fresh, my husband who literally eats anything couldn't finish his lentil soup, I was glad I didn't order it. The portions are small, but it doesn't matter, because you don't feel like eating it anyway.

Pros: friendly staff

Cons: bad, not fresh food

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Should have been like SAN DIEGO - Edit

I can tell you that this restaurant was a real disappointment.
The service was good but, the selection and the food was so so.
The veggies were not fresh and the variety was not there.
All I can say is LOVING HUT needs to make its menus more uniform. I do not get a franchise with different menus. The point of a franchise is system and duplication.
There were no real deserts and lastly, there was NO fish selection.
This restaurant is new and learning. I wish them well.
They are in an excellent local near the GARDEN but, there is not enough room in the restaurant to accommodate the evening concert crowd.

Pros: Friendly Service, Location, Hot meal

Cons: Veggies were bad, Lack of Variety, Not like San Diego

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Yummy Food - Edit

I wasn't feeling well earlier in the evening, so we were happy to find a vegan place that would deliver to our hotel! They were really nice on the phone and we ordered lots of stuff just to try it out. The steamed dumplings were nice with very fresh greens as the filling. My "beef" fried rice was fine; I was pleased that it was brown rice, others might be disappointed. My husband's "chicken" and veggie dish was really good, the fake chicken was awesome. We ordered the veggie burger (just to try it out for lunch the next day) and asked for NO guacamole. They said it doesn't have guacamole on it and we said the menu says it does. She said, well no problem because it doesn't! And when I looked at it, there was the guacamole! No big deal, but they should straighten that out. The veggie burger was really delicious, a great deal for $5.

We also ordered two vegan cookies, which were moist and cakey. Very good.

Next time, we hope to get there in person!

Pros: Friendly, they deliver, Good food, Super cheap eats

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Delicious food, excellent prices, super-friendly! - Edit

Went with my veg bf for my birthday, and we were not disappointed! The food is fresh and so yummy, and the family that owns it is so friendly,vegan, and well-informed on the issues we face. I will definitely visit again the next time I am in NY. Oh, and if they have them, try the chocolate cupcakes!! Woo!

Pros: Fresh food, Healthy, super friendly

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Loving Heart - Edit

First the logo of "Loving Hut" attracted me so much. Feel so blissful & peace. People in here are family like, because they all have so much love. Love their lives also love other's lives. They appreciate the place for them to relax & enjoy meals without worrying killing.

Pros: Ecellent fod, Healthy Cuisine

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