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Loving Hut

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6385 Spalding Dr Ste E, Norcross, Georgia, USA, 30092

Part of international chain of vegan restaurants inspired by Supreme Master Ching Hai, an advocate for veg living. Serves a mix of Asian and American dishes plus vegan desserts and non-alcoholic beverages. Has weekday lunch specials. Hosts buffets from time to time--check its webpage. Open Mon-Fri 11:00am-3:00pm, Mon-Fri 5:00pm-9:00pm, Sat 11:00am-9:00pm, Sun 1:00pm-8:30pm.

Category: Vegan, Western, Buffet, Fast food, Take-out, Asian, Vietnamese

Reviews (24)

First Review by fuzzyfacegang

Excellent food and excellent service! - Edit

I just love going to the Loving Hut in Norcross! The food is always wonderful - fresh, the temperature is spot on, and it's very tasty! The service has been nothing but wonderful as well! Very quick and friendly. :) I drive an hour - from Canton - to go to the Loving Hut. I would recommend you do the same! Oh, and get a piece of the coconut cake!

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I LOVE this place!! - Edit

The food is amazing, the selection is fabulous, and the atmosphere is very warm and friendly. If there is anything at all that I would recommend a bit of improvement it would only be that sometimes the service is a bit inconsistent. Sometimes it's great and sometimes it's just a little...uhm...well...not as great!! BUT I LOVE this place and I HIGHLY recommend it! For Vegan, Vegetarian, and Conventional eaters alike! The Buffet is Out Of This World!

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Wonderful experience! - Edit

What a wonderful experience to be able to get any item off the extensive menu they offer bc EVERYTHING is vegan! We had wonderful, friendly and quick service, and the food surprised us bc it was so good. We had the nachos, the spring rolls, cha cha cha, seafood soup, panini, hummingbird cake and coconut cake. We really loved it all (except the panini was just ok) and were very happy with our food! We will definitely make it a go to place when we are in town! It is not a fancy place, rather down to earth but friendly, come as you are, which we prefer

Pros: extensive choices, all food is vegan!, delicious food! value prices

Cons: water was served w/out ice

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Not that great - Edit

I went to another Loving Hut location on the West Coast and loved the place so definitely wanted to go here. I got there went to find a seat and noticed old food and crumbs messed on the tables. I then found a somewhat clean table and waited about 10 minutes before a waiter even gave me a menu. While I was waiting, there was a club meeting for nano writing going on next to me which was kind of weird and annoying. As I went through the menu I noticed half the menu was American food like a chili dog or hamburger. I decided to try some basil rolls and a dish that was supposed to be a fake fish dish. The basil rolls were pretty good but the fake fish dish was terrible. It was basically a large boca patty drenched in sauce with a side of rice. I guess not all the loving hut locations are the same sadly.

Cons: Unfriendly Staff, Food didn't taste good

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Most dishes are delicious to taste - Edit

I have taken several cooking classes there too. It is a great go to restauran if we have friends who have never tried vegan because everything is tasty and there are many dishes that you would swear have meat.

Pros: superb intro to vegan for non-vegans, sharing size portions, amazing coconut cake

Cons: service can be too slow , not "health food", but tasty vegan, mood is a little "fast foodish"

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slow but awesome - Edit

I love everything about it except service...can be slow. I overcome by ordering at the front and then sitting down.they also do not have the art of the leisurely meal down.appetizers soup and entree can come at the same time...if you do courses, order first course at the desk...them your entree at the table.

Pros: location, taste, value

Cons: not s friendly service...cultural differences, speed of meal, very bright interior

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Slow Service, but worth the wait - Edit

The service continues to be painfully slow. I truely like their food so I just get over it. Great desserts and appetizers. My husband loves the veggie burgers. My non vegan family and friends give the food two thumbs up as well. Definely worth eating hear but be prepared to WAIT.

***I've been to this place several times. The first time was the grand opening. Now it is hard to please me because I've live in California where the vegan food is out of this world. That being said this food is just okay to me, but I can see how others would REALLY like it. It is a good place for a first time vegetarian/vegan to go also. The food is not highly seasoned or heavily salted like I feel Harmony Resturaunt serves their food. It is a worth while place to go to and the prices are reasonable.
Updated from previous review on Tuesday April 13, 2010

Pros: Most choice are very good, All Vegan, Desserts are a must

Cons: Slow Service, Spring Rolls not always exactly same, Did I say Slow Service

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WarnerRobins 22 Feb 2013 - update: My sister stopped by Loving Hut to buy my birthday gift. She bought me one slice of every dessert cake they made that day. Six slices total. She also bought herself the fried rice. She shared the fried rice with me and I don't know what they did on May 8th, but they need to do it forever! The rice was very good. We both thought so. As for the desserts...cake 1 was a german chocolate cake with a chocolate mousse top half. Now I'm not a chocolate lover and this was soooo very delicious. My sister liked it too. Cake #2 Humming Bird or Carrot Cake. Now we both agreed it tasted more like a banana creme cake, but we still thougt it was okay. Cake #3 Orange Cake. Now the Orange Cake was sooo very light and tasty!!! It would make an excellent wedding cake! Cake #4 Cheese Cake. Tasty. The other two 5, chocolate and 6, coconut are in the freezer for later. I wonder if the fried rice recipe changed from the couple of times I've had it before to May 8th? Well the May 8th version is a winner or I was just happy it was my birthday!

Yum Yum - Edit

I got the Au Lac sandwich and my friend got the Nachos. Both dishes were super delicious(I definitely tasted hers too!) The food was great and well priced but the service wasn't stellar. It won't keep me from giving them my business though because vegan restaurants in the south eastern united states are not easy to come by!
Updated from previous review on Tuesday May 21, 2013

Pros: Prices, Selection, Flavor

Cons: Service

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Refreshing and Delicious! - Edit

I visited the Loving Hut in Norcross. The server was knowledgeable and friendly, and made recommendations which were excellent. I tried the basil roll and sushi, and had the bok choy for an entree. Finished up with a fabulous slice of coconut cake. I had enough food left for another meal!

The prices were quite reasonable, and the dining area was clean and well-lit. I look forward to visiting this restaurant again and again.

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Good food, Good People - Edit

This is a restaurant run entirely by volunteers - hence the atmosphere and service of a school cafeteria. But the food is delicious and the people running the restaurant are really sweet and loving. The Vegan cooking classes that they offer here are really good too. Check this place out! It is pretty awesome!

Pros: excellent food

Cons: service lacks lustre

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Love, love, love :) - Edit

Yes, it is true that the "chain" (loosely franchised, different menus at each) was started by a somewhat kooky "Supreme Master" in China, but god bless the kooks that try to help our planet. I'm all for anyone that helps get the word out about vegan food.

The place itself is lovely, peaceful, sweet and friendly. The food is great, but vegans, be prepared for menu shock... I have never had so many choices. It was very hard to pick one! My fave so far is the Loving Hut Roll, which is a little tough to cut with a fork but is divine. My son's friend had the Pho and said it reminded her of her mother's meat based Pho - said it was fabulous and very authentic tasting.

The cakes - omg, yum. The chocolate mousse cake is currently my favorite.

My office is just 2 miles from here so this is a lunch twice a week place :)

Pros: all vegan, all non-gmo, great taste

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Great restaurant! - Edit

My local writing group visits this place once a week in November, and the food has been great every time we've gone! One of the servers isn't the most welcoming of men, but other than that, the people have been nice and friendly, and I would highly recommend this place to people. My boyfriend loves eating meat (I'm working on changing that!), and even he couldn't get over how delicious the food was. I haven't been back there since I became a vegetarian, but I will definitely be going back soon!

Pros: excellent food, healthy cuisine, decent price

Cons: one unfriendly staff member

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Great choice - Edit

I visited this chain in Orlando, FL and was hesitant to go back. They are run by a group that is loyal to a Supreme Leader, but don't let that scare you off. I'm glad I took the chance and visited this restaurant in Norcross. The location is a little tricky to find, as it's at a very large intersection and might be hard to get into depending on what side you are on. I absolutely loved that they could remove onions and garlic from everything on the menu. I would make sure you make sure to say no sprouts, if you aren't a fan, as they put them in my dish and wasn't in the description. The mock meat they use is really quite delicious and it was nice getting a Pad Thai type dish without worrying about fish sauce. The desserts looked quite good and they have several varieties of vegan ice cream. I would definitely visit again.

Pros: Great food, Lots of options

Cons: Sneaky sprouts

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Great food, but . . . - Edit

We love this chain of restaurants, but are wary of questionable service on our second visit:

1. No one greeted us or offered us a menu after 3 or 4 minutes of waiting.

2. Appetizer was served after the entree.

3. Food was served luke warm, as if it had sat on a counter for a few minutes.

Despite all the service problems, we loved the food and will be back!

Pros: Excellent food!, Wide variety of menu choices, No cruelty

Cons: Erratic service at times

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Delicious Food - Edit

If you love tasty asian-themed food this place is for you. I discovered it through happycow.net, which I always check when I travel out of town, on my last trip to Atlanta. Went with the friend i was staying with and we loved the food. We tried the wonton soup, I had the chowmein and she tried the au lac crepe. We topped it off with the cheesecake. All so very delicious. My friend and her husband have gone back quite a few times.

I had to travel to Atlanta this past week, and went there twice. I had the soup again, and tried the au lac crepe/pancake and the bbq sticks. Again, very delicious. The wonderful thing is that they cater to your dietary requirements. The staff are very helpful, and very sweet. The place has a very pleasant, peaceful energy to it.

Please tip well, since most of the waitstaff are volunteers.

Pros: excellent food, healthy, good portions and prices

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Good Food, Nice Atmosphere - Edit

I at lunch at Loving Hut twice for lunch while staying in Atlanta and was very pleased. The menu has a lot of options, the portions were good, the staff was very friendly, the atmosphere was nice, and I was very happy with my food. I recommend the veggie sushi (served with vegan mayo, wasabi, hot chili paste, and soy sauce) as an appetizer, although I enjoyed everything I ate. The chow mein, fabulous pho, and fresh basil rolls were also good.
The more western style dishes (lasagna, soy burgers, chickn nuggets) didn't sound as good to me, but they would probably be fine. The majority of the menu is asian themed with quite a bit of soy mock meat products (veggie ham, soy protein beef, chicken, shrimp, etc), but also several items containing just tofu and veggies.

Pros: Good food, Nice staff, Nice environment

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Yum, yum, yum - Edit

This is my 2nd review, after Harmony Vegetarian. I gave Harmony 4 Happy Cows, and the Loving Hut gets 5. Relative to Harmony, it should probably get at least a couple more Happy Cows, because it went above and beyond. Loving Hut is blessed with a much more pleasant atmosphere; we ate outside on their wrought iron tables on their covered patio in the afternoon sunshine. Entering the restaurant, you pass by a koi pond minus the koi, but filled with colorful lily pads. When I walked inside, I thought, wow, how bright and clean! The interior, display case, menu and seating are simple, clean, fresh, and intelligent, just the way I like it. The Asian staff are extremely friendly, if not masters of the English language. It didn't matter. Service was fast and courteous. The menu is available on their website & is vegan. Prices are very reasonable, portions large but not too large. We didn't ask for takeout containers so I don't know how environmentally responsible they are, but at least the restaurant uses reusable plates and utensils for dining in. I ordered the Loving Hut Rolls, the Ocean Love Soup, & the vegan cheese cake, while my husband got the Holy Eggplant & the vegan chocolate cake. Our bill including 20% tip was $35 for all that. Our sauces and mayonnaise were totally vegan and totally scrumptious, as were the eggplant and rolls. The vegan cakes were to DIE for, especially the chocolate, but because they're vegan, no dying necessary! We couldn't believe our tastebuds & the direction this restaurant has taken, and the pleasant atmosphere.... thank you Happycow.net for allowing us to discover this place we'll frequent again and again, probably more often than Harmony. No faux meats & only 2 references to meat on the menu: Almighty Steak and Hamburger, both soy and wheat protein, so very few distastefully named items or reminders of meat. The food was simply delicious, with no apologies for being vegetable, and the desserts don't make you miss a thing about non-vegan sweets. I hope this place stays in business for years to come. I've posted some photos of the dishes we had. If only more restaurants like this would pop up around here....

Pros: very tasty, vegan food, nice atmosphere

Cons: none I can think of!

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rivluk 16 Feb 2010 - All the take-away boxes can be microwaved and reused (except the cake container)

I LOVE the Loving Hut - Edit

This is the first vegan restaurant I have ever been to, and it is great! I have eaten lunch there 3 times, first was chow mein, 2nd was Heavenly salad and third was a stir fry eggplant. All were excellent, yummy flavors, very large portions and very decent prices. They also have earth friendly TV on large flat panel screen, and a bookshelf of informative books and guides to eating and living sustainable. It's amazing this place is in the suburbs. Please everyone, go there!!

Pros: flavorful vegan food, good value, healthy cuisine

Cons: none

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Great vegan food - Edit

I went to their grand opening with some vegetarian friends and meat eating family. It was very tasty. Everybody loved the food. Definately plan to go back. I hope they open one in Atlanta, although the drive was worth it.

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Loning the Loving Hut - Edit

I went to the Loving Hut Friday to check it out for my wife and her work friends. We will be going back often. Easy to find, indoor and outdoor dining. Great food at reasonable prices and a very friendly staff. YOu order at the counter but they bring your food to your table. The food is served on real plates, not paper or plastic. (Something my neighbor hates in a restaurant) Very clean and serene place. They have 2 big screen TV's with the broadcast about a Vegan lifestyle. I thought is was a great idea. I tried the burger and was delighted with the taste. I am going to go back and try a new dish every time. With the variety they offer, there will be MANY trips. OK Vegans and Vegetarians in Atlanta. YOu have a new place to go so show your support. Take your meat eating friends to see what going green really means.

Pros: Wxcellent variety, great value, Daily Specials

Cons: NONE

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