Part of international chain of vegan restaurants inspired by Supreme Master Ching Hai, an advocate for veganism. Serves all vegan food, non-alcoholic beverages, and desserts. Each location is individually owned. This one is a counter that offers a mix of foods including stir fys, pasta, pizza, Russian food, smoothies, milkshakes, and ice cream. Delivery via vegan-delivery.ru Open Mon-Thu 10:00am-10:00pm, Fri-Sun 10:00am-11:00pm.

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First Review by u_are_brilliant


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12 Nov 2021

Nice place but something is missing

Can’t say that I loved this place 100%. Yes the food is tasty, staff is friendly but something is missing that I don’t really know. Do you also have this feeling when you came to a restaurant/cafe or whatever and you thinking about that something could be better or so.

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Close to the city center , Friendly staff

Cons: Some options are overpriced



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09 Oct 2021

Supreme food from 'supreme master'

Franchise cafe from the international chain organized by 'supreme master' Ching Hai. I'm not sure what 'supreme master' is teaching but the food is just right.

Pros: Nice imitations of non veg dishes, always fresh

Cons: Rather expensive, different menu's in all café's around the world, since it is a franchise

16 Nov 2020

I love it

The food to every taste and budget is available here. Everytime I order something, it comes out great in taste, quality and speed of service. I love the vegan sushi there 🤤😋


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04 Nov 2020

Good good

Попробовала "шашлык" и "Фиш бургер" в кафе в food court на Кузнецком Мосту, ведь была акция на день вегана. Все супер вкусно, только "шашлыки" были очень маленькими (

Cons: Pricey


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22 Jun 2020

Just great as always

One of my favs in Moscow, I regularly order burgers and pizzas for delivery, and it's always good to come and eat in the place. Wide choise of meals, great burgers and they also sell lots of vegan products like cheese and hot-dogs etc. Good choise of drinks too.

Pros: Wide choise, Tasty, Fast delivery

Cons: Located in a food-court


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25 Mar 2020

Beyond meat is available

One of best vegan places in city! My favorite food is beyond meat burger 🍔

Pros: Super huge menu, Delicious food


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16 Mar 2020

Большой выбор!

Кафе находится в вегетарианском фуд-корте Брокколи. В меню много выбора: и закуски, и салаты, супы, горячее, десерты. Цены завешены по некоторым пунктам. Есть не только продукция beyond meat на продажу, но и блюда с ним: бургер, сосиска, и даже холодец и голубцы! Подача красивая, еда вкусная, порции нормального размера. Из всего фуд-корта наверное одно из лучших мест.


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17 Jan 2020

Not what I've expected

Used to love this restaurant before it closed down so came as soon as they've reopened. But I was quite dissapointed.
The guy who took my order was brousing through his phone and seemed irritated when I asked him about the dishes I wanted to order.
The Beyond Meat burger was average, I've tryed better and cheeper version in Moscow where the staff was very friendly and helpful. They did't have fries so I've ordered potatoe vedges and they came almost floating in oil.
I might return to try pizzas, maybe they'll change my mind about this place...


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31 Dec 2019

Nice food

It was close to my hotel so we ate here during my stay in Moscow.
Food was good, just portions were a bit small (or I can eat too much?)
Dog friendly

Pros: Good food , Dog friendly , Cheap

Cons: Small portions


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07 Oct 2019

Beyond Meat

Please, stopped coking beyond Meat burger. Because it not a tasty. Meat was a raw! The dish was a cold! Cheese is terrible. he was not melted.
Вам не стоит готовить этот бургер. Вы этого делать не умеете. Котлета сырая, холодная внутри. Сыр забыли расплавить а булку элементарно погреть. Никому не советую. Так портить блюда надо уметь.

Cons: Expensive


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13 Sep 2019

Be careful which dishes you order..

Hate to rate this poorly as it's the only vegan place in this vegetarian food court, and I'll update if we go back and get better dishes. Their version of herring under a fur coat (traditional Russian dish) was pretty good. However, my partner ordered udon and got spaghetti, and my dumplings seemed like they had gone straight from the freezer to the pot to my plate. Portions were also pretty small for the price. People seem to be rating the pizzas highly so we'll try that next time.

Pros: Everything is vegan, good variety of food.

Cons: Pretty average food, portions a little small.


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08 Sep 2019

Fast service, tasty food

Delicious meals, pizza to pelmeni! They also have a little fridge with vegan cheeses, sausages and ice cream! Located in a little food court type of setting, with 5 neighboring restaurants, that also have vegan and raw dishes!

Pros: Lots of choice , Freshly prepared , Vegan caviar!


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23 Aug 2019

Lovely vegan pizzas

Great pizzas, great service and great ambience

Pros: Vegan, Quick service, Tasty vegan cheese and drinks

Cons: Food court can be hard to find


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19 Aug 2019

Not bad

Really hard to find good food in Moscow so far
It was in little Veg food court
Friendly staff, cute place food was alright not very satisfied though :-(


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19 Aug 2019

good food!

just the portions (except pizza) are quite small


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18 Aug 2019

Good and yummy

The restaurant is located on the vegetarian food court. Very rich menu: many spicy soup, pasta, soy milkshake and what not.

Pros: Big menu, tasty

Cons: A little bit expensive


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08 Aug 2019


a very large menu and for a long time we chose what to order. best caprese pizza, spaghetti with seitan and mushrooms 💚

Pros: Only vegan options , Middle price


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02 Jun 2019

Best pizza in the world

So far from all my travel experience this pizza w mushrooms and seitan is best. Spaghetti also delicious.
It’s also good price - pizza 10$ , spaghetti 4$... and very friendly girls work there.

Pros: Friendly , Good price , Pizza

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