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Vegan restaurant providing fast food meals for lunch and sit-down a la carte dinner. Also serves vegan cakes, non-alchoholic beer and wine, and other beverages. It's part of the Loving Hut international chain of vegan food restaurants inspired by Supreme Master Ching Hai, an advocate for vegan living. Each location is individually operated. Open Mon-Sun 11:00am-3:00pm, 5:00pm-9:00pm.

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First Review by jimcklo


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07 Sep 2023

A must try

I got to try many things:
Bun hue
Classic burger
Cheese burger
Chow mein
Pahd Thai
Spring rolls

They were all phenomenal, the spring rolls were a bit too sweet.

The Pahd Thai was the best I've ever had in my life, the burger was excellent.

For a drink I had the vanilla milkshake. It's perfect.

I highly recommend the spicy Bun Hue soup, I ordered it extra spicy 3 times during my stay. It was too great to pass up.

By far easily some of the best Asian food I've ever had in my life.



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11 Jul 2023

Loving Hut Strikes Again

Always delicious vegan food. Quick and friendly service. Soooo tasty

Pros: Food, Price, More food


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06 Feb 2023

A place that never disappoints

Have been to loving hut in Barber lane and multiple other locations many times and don't seem to remember ever being disappointed. The food is flavorful and comforting. On this occasion I had the Kung Pao tofu and Flying Buddha soup. The portion was generous. Service was great. If at all I had to pick a con, it is that the order can take time.

Pros: Very good, flavorful food, Very reasonably staffed, Great servers


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Mostly Veg
01 Jan 2023

Nice place

Different options than other locations of this chain. The food was good and brought out quickly. We liked the service and friendly atmosphere. The restaurant itself was nice. #Veganuary


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23 Nov 2022

Great Options for Everyone

The first thing I noticed walking in was how spacious the dining area was. My Mom and I were able to sit ourselves and I saw some of the workers folding dumplings a few tables away. It truly felt like being at a Chinese restaurant and I loved it. There was only one server at the time but luckily it was not a busy lunch hour.

We ordered a few dishes to try including their Pad Thai ($13) (Mom chose this), Cumin Seitan ($12), and Twice Cooked Tofu ($13). They were also able to accommodate my request for light salt/sugar, though the last item proved quite salty still so I'm not sure if they actually did reduce the sodium. I still appreciate the gesture and option nonetheless, and also love that they named the item as they were (i.e. seitan) instead of calling it chick'n or something similar.

The Pad Thai confused the heck out of me. It came out first and was on a very large rectangular plate, and did not taste like pad thai at a Thai restaurant at all. It seemed to omit tamarind paste (a key ingredient) or it was heavily held back, as it tasted more tomato-y and sweet than anything. The cumin seitan was pretty good and I enjoyed the tofu as well, although it was definitely still too salty. We ended up taking it home and cooking it over with other veggies in order to cut the saltiness a bit.

So overall, the main dishes were good but could use a bit more work to make them stellar. I loved their takeout at the mall so I hope they can fix some of these kinks to really deliver greatness. I did get to try a slice of their Mango Cake ($6) and my Mom was surprised at how similar and fluffy it was.

Pros: Spacious dining area

Cons: Slow service when busy, Pricy


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15 Oct 2022

Bad experience

I brought my wife, two adolescent sons, and in-laws from out of state to dine at this location last night. We had a terrible experience. The place was dirty, and the restroom was grimy. The plates had crud on them. My son found a dead insect in his ramen, and when we told the waitress she got visibly irritated at us and insisted that there would be no refund; she could only replace the soup she said. No apology, no acceptance of blame, nothing. Her demeanor was as if WE had done something wrong. She blurted out that they had fruit flies in the kitchen and said they “just get in the food”, which is a shocking admission. Even more shocking is that the insect didn’t even appear to be a fruit fly! After requesting a refund she begrudgingly agreed, and then she and the other staff refused to come back and tend to our table for the rest of our visit. My wife had to go to the counter to get the check. As we left we showed the waitress a picture of the dead insect in the soup and asked her to apologize to my son, who has been a vegan since birth, for the mistake. She looked directly at us and said she would not. Shameful.
I will never go to this location again and will advise anyone else to avoid it as well.

(Seems as if happy cow makes users give two stars to vegan or vegetarian restaurants, but I would choose not to if I had a choice)

Pros: One waiter seemed nice

Cons: Insect in food , Crud on dishes, Grimy restroom


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13 Oct 2022

Best food in the area

Fantastic collection of plant based meat


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12 Sep 2022


Tasty food, a lot of options, fast


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16 May 2022

Soooo good!!

Everything was so fresh and authentic with a very friendly staff - highly recommend!! This is one of the best Loving Huts we’ve ever been to and can’t wait to go back.

Pros: All vegan , So many options


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Mostly Veg
14 May 2022

Good every time

Gotten food from them 3 times and my partner and I still have more foods we want to try. One of the most extensive vegan menus around and EVERYTHING TASTES GREAT. Tried their fried shrimp and it was so much better than real fried shrimp. Also their vegan chocolate cake was great, and I'm aiming to try their cheesecake next.


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20 Apr 2022

Cute restaurant with cakes and dog treats for sale

Chow mein was delicious and cooked perfectly!

Pros: Cheap, Nice atmosphere, Quick service


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04 Apr 2022


I like trying new loving hut locations since the menu is a bit different at each one. the food here was great and the portions were huge! the only thing I wouldn’t get again is the crispy katsu, it was super oily and greasy and didn’t at all compare to the katsu from shizen. however, the rest of the food was great! the cashew fever with brown rice was enough food for 2 meals for me. I also loved the chocolate hazelnut cake and their thai iced tea! I took a star off because the bathroom was gross.

Pros: huge portions, all vegan

Cons: dirty bathroom


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19 Mar 2022

Crazy delicious!

Wow.. this place totally blew my expectations. I’ve never had Vietnamese food before so I sorta went into this blind.
The staff was very nice and the restaurant was a great size and very clean. I believe the other two loving hut locations in San Jose are inside malls so this is definitely the recommended location. This restaurant is also a chain vegan restaurant so you can find them in many major cities across the US.
Everything we ordered was delicious and tasted very very fresh. I highly recommend the katsu, saigon rolls and wonton noodle soup. The hibiscus tea was also super flavorful and well worth it. We ordered a tiramisu cake slice to go as well and it was delicious. I believe they outsource their pastries.
Lots of parking available as it’s located in a strip center.
Don’t pass this place up!

Pros: Fresh food, Nice staff


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23 Feb 2022

Amazing food

The food was amazing and SO many choices on the menu! One of the most extensive vegan menus I’ve ever seen. Well worth the visit and good prices.

Pros: Lots of great vegan options , Good prices


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13 Sep 2021

Best Loving Hut Location

I've been to a lot of Loving Hut locations around the bay and California, and this one seems to have the best quality of food and larger variety of dishes (especially compared to the smaller locations). Everything seems to taste better here and the portion size is bigger! There are so many options and even my pickiest family members love eating here. After trying this Loving Hut I don't bother going to the other ones, instead I just go out of the way to make it to this one.

Updated from previous review on 2021-09-13


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14 Aug 2021

Excellent food and great variety

I brought my non-vegan family here and everyone loved the food. Every dish we tried was a success.My sister said “The shrimp tastes like real shrimp, and the non alcoholic beer tastes like real beer.”

The spicy cha cha (vegan fried shrimp) was the family favorite. All of my non vegan family members agreed that it tasted just like real fried shrimp.

The menu has a huge variety of foods and all of them are very flavorful! Most dishes are Asian cuisine but there is also a section of the menu for western foods like burgers (the menu for this specific location is online). There’s no alcohol, but there is non alcoholic beer, tea, coffee and juices.

The “queens” dish has the most realistic meat like texture. There wasn’t a single dish we didn’t like.

The dishes have a good portion size too. You get a big meal for what you pay. We ordered so much food that we couldn’t finish it all and we took it to go. We love Loving Hut!

Updated from previous review on 2021-08-14

Pros: Many options , So delicious , Good portions


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Mostly Veg
30 Jul 2021

Great food

Love their braised beans and scallion cabbage as well as their eggplant. Have a hard time trying anything else because I love those ones so much.


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03 Apr 2021


Was traveling through the area, looked on Happy Cow and join in all the positive reviews. Pot stickers and Kung Pao seitan were great, staff was friendly and accommodating.

Pros: Big menu, Fresh food, Nice staff


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13 Feb 2021

Some really tasty items on the menu!

I’ve been here twice. Some of the things I tried I didn’t really like, but a few others I loved!

We’ve had the pho, ramen, rolling tango, fried oyster mushrooms, fried rice.

It’s been awhile since the first time we came but I know we loved the rolling tango so we ordered it again yesterday and it was just as tasty as I remembered. I wasn’t a fan of their pho or ramen.
I can’t remember what else it was that we loved. We’ll have to come back and order a bunch of things to find out lol


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11 Oct 2020

Delicious Food

This was u first time going and I’ll be going many more times! I got the gourmet fried rice, General tso’s & Thai tea. Everything came out in a timely manner, staff were very friendly & they sold me a cool reusable mask for only $2 since I forgot mine xD.

I just went back today for the second time! I got the Spicy Basil Fried Rice which was really, reallyyyy good. Just wish it was more spicy & it had more basil lol. I think I’ll request that next time because I couldn’t taste the spice at all. I also got the Rolling Tango which was amazingggg. I loved how the sauce was on the side instead of poured on top, so I got to eat it nice and crispy. Everything tasted delicious and freshly prepared.

Pros: Tasty food, Friendly staff, Large servings

Cons: A bit pricy (but worth it)


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03 Aug 2020

Great food!

Great food, we are particularly fond of the general tsos and rolling tango. Delicious cakes as well. The portions are a bit smaller than what we are used to at other vegan restaurants though, and parking can be tough


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06 May 2020

Delicious dumplings!

Plenty of amazing vegan dishes. I visit here often and the food is always awesome. Their dumplings, spring rolls, curries and cake are my favorite.

Pros: Fully vegan, yummy food., Great ambience., Awesome staff


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07 Mar 2020

Worth a visit

I've been to a few Loving Hut locations and this one is no different. Lots of options, food is decent but expensive, and the Thai tea is amazing. My husband loves the milkshakes.

Pros: Vegan

Cons: Expensive


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28 Jul 2019

Great selection

Bring Tupperware, order all the dishes, stuff your face, take home leftovers for the week!
This was our strategy and it worked out amazing :D


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17 Apr 2019

Rolling Tango!!!

This place is amazing! You can’t go wrong with the spicy wontons and the rolling tango. Scrimps tasted like fried chicken. Many dessert options too.😄


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31 Dec 2018

Giant Portions

Freakin delic. Get the spicy pho or tom kha thai and dumplings.

Pros: Large portions, Great price, Positive vibes


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29 Oct 2018


Vegan, non GMO and non MSG. The food is so tasteful. Always super quick and high quality.

Pros: A big variety in vegan food, So welcoming , Fast service

Cons: That you can’t pay more for this wonderful food, You don’t have to stand in line for food

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