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Loving Hut - Ljubljana center

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Contact +386-68126970

Trg Osvobodilne fronte 14, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 1000

Part of international chain of vegan restaurants inspired by Supreme Master Ching Hai, an advocate for veg living. Each location is individual family owned and operated. Serves all vegan food, non-alcoholic beverages, and vegan desserts. Free Wi-Fi. Opened Nov 2013. Open Mon-Fri 7:30am-10:30pm, Sat 10:00am-10:30pm, Sun 10:00am-9:00pm.

Category: Vegan, International, Organic, Buffet, Fast food, Juice bar, Take-out, Asian

Reviews (32)

First Review by portuguese_vegan_guy

Cheap, casual, fantastic location - Edit

Every city should have a super-cheap Loving Hut buffet right across the street from the central transit station, but maybe only Ljubljana does.

Like most buffets, the food is a lot fresher and better-looking soon after opening than close to closing time.

Very casual and full of both backpackers and locals of various ages. Fine for groups, couples, or alone.

Pros: Super cheap, variety of food, lots of space

Cons: It's not gourmet food

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delicious food - Edit

very cheap, very delicious... but the staff just kicked us out because we had our dinner and dessert and just was already on the table enjoying a little the WiFi connection. it was the third time that we had lunch there, I was really loving here, but I will NEVER go back anymore because of this. and the restaurant was NOT full of people.

Pros: very cheap and delicious

Cons: unfriendly staff

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Best food ever! - Edit

10/10 for value for money and food :))
Easy to find in Ljubjana, really tasty food (we got both buffet and gyros :))
Super cheap and they have a student discount
Would 100% recommend and will defo come here again in the future

Pros: Fooood!, Location (near station), Prices!

Cons: Stomach almost too full now

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the best prebranec & lasagne - Edit

I love this place and I go nearly every day because the food buffet is all vegan and so diverse and delicious! It has the best prebranec (beans) i have ever had!! And I also loove the spinach & courgetter lasagne. Their other food and coffee and cakes are delicious as well

Pros: -great variety of vegan food, -nice natural cosmetics, -good atmosphere and nice staff

Cons: -signs, posters and site not updated

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Good, easy, cheap vegan food - Edit

Great little spot next to the train station. Perfect if you are waiting for a bus or train. Homemade vegan icecream was very nice, unusual texture but good flavour. I had a selection of salad and cooked food from the buffet section that I took away to eat on my train journey. Very reasonably priced and nice to mix and match the food and choose how much you want yourself. Pay per 100g. The menu also offered a good selection of meals. My friend had falafel.

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great - Edit

I had a slice of pizza and a plate from the buffet. Different than other loving huts that I've been to (they're everywhere, aren't they?). Didn't pay a lot of money and the food was really tasty. Nothing fancy but really good a fresh.

Pros: all vegan

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Great find right across from train station - Edit

We ate here immediatly after arriving in Ljubljana by bus. They have a buffet option that is only 0,80 eurocents per 100 gram and a menu with fast food options (vegan gyros, hotdogs, kebab, pizza etc). I ate here twice, once from the menu and once from the buffet and I liked them both. The buffet is not such great quality but the price makes it a good lunch. Also the fast food menu is not such a great quality but oh well, for 5 euros you get a huge gyros wrap and fries with vegan mayo, so I can't complain ;)

Pros: Cheap, Big portions, A lot of outside sitting places

Cons: Not the best food quality

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Count Your Change! - Edit

Great location (across the street from the train & bus stations), really good food, cheap, and most of the staff is super nice. However, make sure you count your change. The tall, dark haired gentleman shorted me 1 Euro on three separate occasions. Could have been an honest mistake all three times or it could be his thing. Either way, pay attention!

Pros: Great Location, Cheap, Good food

Cons: Questionable sevice from one of the cashiers, restaurant can get pretty hot inside, Menu could vary more often.

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pizzaaa - Edit

It's a vegan restaurant, really near the bus station. I just went there to buy a piece of pizza,
but the place looked really nice, people speak English,
sure next time I'll eat there :)

Pros: location, people speak En, Vegan

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Life saver! - Edit

This place is must for any vegans visiting Ljubljana! Recommend the buffet; the food is scrumptious, inexpensive, and you'll be going back for seconds. Friendly staff always greet you with a smile and speak good English. Location is fantastic, opposite the train and bus stations, and under a ten minute walk from the city centre.

Pros: Tasty vegan food, inexpensive, friendly staff, gre

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Affordable and abundant - Edit

This is becoming our default go-to place when we are in the center of Ljublana. The staff members seem happy to be there and they are always helpful. We have always chosen their buffet and I love that I can eat good-sized portions of delicious food for an accessible price. The sweets are nice too!
I like that it is located near the train/bus station so travelers have easy access to healthy food.

Pros: Friendly staff, Good prices

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was o.k. - Edit

we had the burger which was just o.k. and a falafel wrap which tasted not very special more boring, and sorry, but it is an absolutely NOGO that your waiter is serving food while eating himself right now, he had his mouth full of food, chewing and asking us at the same time who gets what - disgusting!!!
next day I gave another try, had something from the self-service-buffet which was good and also the stuff made a good impression

Pros: pretty cheap and you can choose from different thi

Cons: burger and falafel nothing special and a stuff mem

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Loving Hut Ljubljana - Edit

We were very pleased to find this as we are vegans and were struggling a bit in Ljubljana.

It's a cafe / restaurant. A good selection of food, both eat in and take-away. Fast food is done here (burgers, wraps, etc) but there is much more than this on offer. Many people were opting for the buffet whereby you take a plate, select from the likes of pasta, lasagne, salad, rice dishes, dhal, etc, and then your plate gets weighed. This is what we opted for, plus an extra side portion of a pizza slice. The food was tasty although we would have liked it a bit hotter. Pizza was very tasty and recommended. They have Vegan Cake here too and the ones we had were excellent. The price is fair. Great to have this for vegans.

Note: The location is opposite the bus depot. If you are in the City Centre just ask for directions to the bus depot and you will see it, it isn't too far from the centre square.

Note: A lot of the vegan places in Ljubljana are no longer running. Several people told us that there were five vegan/vegetarian restaurants but they were no longer operating when we went there. So this may be the only one, along with a raw cake cafe which may still be running.

Pros: Pizza, Vegan Cake, Vegan Cafes are rare in ljubljana

Cons: Food needs to be hotter

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One of the best Loving Hut's in Europe - Edit

Loving Hut restaurants saved me many times and this one saved me as well. I enjoyed more traditional menu, including some classics as lasagne, variety of pastas and fresh vegetables.

It's different than other LH restaurants - there's no menu, just a lot of different meals to choose from, for which you pay according to it's weight. Might be confusing at the first time, but staff speaks english and is very helpful.

Pros: Very cheap, Tasty, miscellaneous menu, Helpful staff

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Tasty food - Edit

I love vegan buffets since I don't have on in my town so this was a nice thing to try. I tried everything that day and it was yummy.
They change their buffet options every day and there is also a salad bar. In the fridge there is vegan cheese, drinks and desserts.

Pros: tasty food, price, many options

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My favourite European Loving Hut - Edit

Loving Hut is usually a reliable option but this location make some amazing dishes. I would highly recommend the cheeseburger (one of the best I've ever eaten and I've been to Arlo's in Austin) and the Speculoos Tiramisu which I'm still dreaming off weeks after eating it.

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buffet with great variety, surprisingly good - Edit

Me and a friend came here on a trip to Slovenia, both being vegan and hungry :D
We were surprised that considering it is a chain it was a really nice place and if I lived in Ljubljana, I would definitely come back more often.
We chose to try different things, so we did not order "a la carte", but took the buffet. You just take a plate, put whatever you want from there and pay according to the weight. Our plates were full (see picture) and we payed around 6-7€, plus the drink (and a tiramisu afterwards (TRY IT!!!)), so for mid-European standards cheap.
What I liked most were the baked beans and some chickpea-curry, but also the rest was really good :)

It is located close to the central station, but also from the center easily reachable by foot.

Pros: food, variety, price

Cons: none

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Oh My! - Edit

Very nice staff, spoke english very well and explained the lunch system with patience. The food was glorious and the taste blew my mind. Haven't seen such a nice vegan buffet ever! Only "bad" thing I have to say is the music that felt a bit hysterical for a tired vegan at the moment, would have enjoyed more regular music.

Pros: Versatile buffet, Amazing taste, Nice staff

Cons: Music type

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Absolutely Amazing - Edit

I fell in love with Loving Hut my first day in Ljubljana! I went here every day on my 4 day trip and was amazed every day at how delicious my food was. I absolutely loved the vegan burger and the falafel wrap. I would definitely recommend to anyone visiting Ljubljana. Even my non-vegan friends loved the food!

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Approachable good restaurant - Edit

I have been ordering food here a lot of times, since it is close to the train station and since the food is delicious. They often have vegan meetings where people from all over Slovenia are gathering and have lectures about veganism. The food is international. The fast food is also delicious and whatever you pick you will probably be satisfied. They also make their own juicy mayonnaise. The toilets are very fresh.

Pros: Good opening times, Centrally, Fresh

Cons: Sells "traces of milk"-producs

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Good - Edit

Nice vegan place near the center of ljubljana, they have fast food options like burguers, kebabs, steaks... and they also have buffet, with a bunch of nice options.
For my personal taste, the fake meats in the fast food options is way too strong, and the cooked food options are a little unconsistent. It's good, but not great.
Updated from previous review on Thursday March 06, 2014

Pros: good price, friendly staff, great food

Cons: not a lot of drinks to choose from

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Delicious buffet - Edit

I was very impressed with Loving Hut. I usually find veg*n buffets unhealthy and bland. This place was great! Lots of fresh veg, salads, soups and hot meals, as well as interesting and imaginative dishes that vegans don't usually get to indulge in (creamy mashed potato, lasagna, potato bake, pizza). Everything was great. I was especially taken with the vegan pizza. The cheese was amazing - even my vegetarian boyfriend agreed. We also tried a banana chocolate cake and tiramisu. Both were delicious! I'd definitely go back and will now be tempted to try other Loving Hut locations.

Pros: Delicious food, Lots of variety, Cheap

Cons: Gets busy

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Great vegan food - always a good choice - Edit

Loving Hut in Ljubljana is always a good choice if you are really hungry. They have a vied variety of vegan self-serving food, fast food (vegbab, falafel, happy dog, vegi burger, vegi cheese burger ...) and raw cakes.

We have been there for a few times now, so we tried the self serving vegan food, vegbab, falafel and raw chocolate banana cake. All the food was good, better then good, it was amazing, and compared to other vegan joints in Ljubljana the portions of vegbab are bigger.

Updated from previous review on Saturday February 28, 2015:
Oh my god guys.. They added vegan pizza on the menu. :)
You can take one slice (0,85 €/slice) as a part of self serving bar or order whole (6,50 €/pizza). It's actually the first pizza I have had with vegan cheese (they also offer it with vegan ham) and it was great. Lots of vegetables and yummy dough. I was not disappointed :)

Pros: food taste, portion size, friendly staff

Cons: parking space, a bit pricey

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Great Place! - Edit

The first time I went I had the buffet which you take what you want and the plate is weighed, so you get to have a little taste of everything. The food was really filling and I took too much so I had to leave some.

I also got a cheese burger to take away which was amazing! So much so I went back and ordered another one to take back to Italy so I could eat it that night (where I live in Italy there is no vegan places so I had to take advantage).

They also sell a good selection of vegan chilled products, I really liked the cheese which was for pizza but I didn't use it for pizza and just used it as a sandwich, so far my best vegan cheese yet.

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Always a good choice - Edit

The buffet offers lots of choices most of whom were quite tempting; there are main dishes as well as side dishes that you can mix as desired. Salad options are being provided too.
The food wasn't the most delicious but absolutely fair. The canteen atmosphere due to self service might not be everyone's cut of tea but it was fine for me and for most of the others it was too, I guess.
You can choose right away to fill a plate to eat-in or to fill a take-away box.
Among the desserts there is ice cream as well.
The other day I also tried a hot toast with vegan cheese and vegan ham (or sausage, I don't really know) which was decent.

Pros: pleasant opening hours, quite a number of choice, take-away option

Cons: canteen atmosphere due to self service

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Great buffet, with lots of choice - Edit

We had the buffet and there were loads of things to pick from. There were other options on the menu too. Very good location as well and fairly cheap.

Pros: Good food, Good value

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Average buffet - Edit

Lots of options in the buffet but got the feeling most of it had been sat there all day. Limited other options available - vegan burger, falafel wrap. Good selection of drinks and desserts available.

Pros: Buffet selection, Desserts

Cons: Freshness

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Great vegan fastfood - Edit

Everything I had there was delicious: the burguer, the kebab... The price is accessible, about 4€ for the burguer/kebab, but they don't have any drinks except for like OJ or tea, and OJ was too expensive for me.
They don't have studentski boni but they have a 20% discount for students.

Pros: Very tasty food, Nice environment, friendly staff

Cons: Poor drink options

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