Part of the international chain of vegan restaurants opened by followers of Supreme Master Ching Hai, an advocate for vegetarian living. Serves all vegan food, coffee, non-alcoholic beverages, and desserts. Each location is individual family owned and operated. Open Tue-Sat 12:00pm-8:00pm. Closed Mon.

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First Review by dioxazine


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01 Jul 2023

Excellent lunch destination

Look beyond the decor and you will be amazed by the food… great place for vegan lunch.

Pros: Food

Cons: Decor



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25 Mar 2023


I had their food at multiple vegfests. It was the first time I ever had a good vegan shrimp. Also, they had good Thai tea.


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19 Dec 2022

Pretty good!

I really enjoyed this spot! I wouldn't say I was particularly blown away, but it was an excellent meal. The mango smoothie was also wonderful. Lots of options and a very friendly staff. Would like to try more :)

Update: Bumped up to 4 stars. Very delicious :)

Updated from previous review on 2022-12-19

Pros: Very tasty, Many options, Friendly owners and staff


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06 Dec 2022

Great take out!

Passing through the area and took advantage of some take out. Didn’t order ahead, food was out quick, and smelled so good most of it didn’t make it home. Great mango smoothie while I waited.


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02 Sep 2022


I loved all their raw options and the salad dressings! The golden soup was delicious!


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21 Aug 2022

Surprisingly good

1st time here. Small parking are in front of restaurant. Indoor seating available. I started with spring rolls. They are mini spring rolls … so be prepared for that. When they say 5 … it’s 5 mini rolls. I also ordered the Avocado roll. It’s a raw spring roll … also be prepared for that.

American panini and the harmony sandwiches. 1st glance, good serving size. Looks basic, like you could make it at home, but it was surprisingly fresh and made me want more. Yaki soba was a very nice position size and also surprisingly tasty. Chocolate cake was good. Overall, I expected to not enjoy this as much as I actually did. Looking forward to coming back.

Pros: Reasonably priced , Good portion size , Fresh and tasty


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09 Aug 2022

It's hard to say

I have been coming here on and off for years (since 2009) and sometimes it's really great and other times not so much...Every time I eat here, I hear that they've changed owners again and the menu has changed. I used to really love their Pho but they changed the recipe and another time we ordered nachos and it came with everything on the side, including 'cheese sauce' that tasted like they just mixed nutritional yeast and water...but I'd like to give them yet another try and see if they've gotten better since the newest owners took over.

Pros: All vegan menu

Cons: Menu changes a lot, Recipes not consistant, Always changing ownership


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06 Aug 2022

First Time Goodness

Ordered takeout for a few sandwiches. Very tasty options and desserts. Highly recommend when in the area. Nice clean and large dining room as well

Pros: Delicious, Lots of options, Good value for money


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12 Jul 2022

Amazing, my go to spot

I’ve loved every dish I’ve tried from here!

Updated from previous review on 2022-07-12

Pros: Healthy and non-healthy options, Something for everybody


13 Jul 2022

It was yummy, I tried that place a few weeks ago!!!


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03 Jul 2022

Hit or miss!

I was to find vegan food near me, but there were some downsides! I got a blueberry bubble tea and the summer lemon plate with nugs. I did not like the boba at all. It tasted like a grape jolly rancher and had barely any tapioca pearls. My sister agreed about the taste. I threw it out. My entree was great, however. The nuggets were to perfection, as were the veggies and the sauce. I loved that they included pineapple. My sister got the avocado summer rolls and the quinoa salad. She enjoyed the summer rolls, even though they barely gave her any sauce and would charge extra for more. She did not complain about the quinoa salad, except that it was slightly bland due to not enough dressing, which seems to be thematic. I would probably go back and try other options!


I just added one more star because the second time I went it was amazing and I was so pleased. I got the vegan curry and the mini drumsticks and they were both absolutely amazing.

Updated from previous review on 2022-06-06


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08 Mar 2022

So Happy to Find Vegan Food in NJ

Outside of the restaurant needing some TLC the food and service were outstanding. In comparison to San Diego’s locations it has just as many options and it’s a bit cheaper. I had their delicious pineapple sandwich, some buffalo cauliflower and soup and each item was delicious!

Pros: There’s a ton of food to choose from, Delicious soups, appetizers and filling entrees , Excellent service

Cons: The restaurant needs some TLC


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26 Feb 2022

Love this spot!

I’ve had The Loving Hut a few times now and it never disappoints. Their potato and kale soup is amazing! The “cheesesteak” sandwich is one of my favorites as well! So delicious😄


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21 Feb 2022

My New Go To

When we came for the first time, they were doing only "take out"(you had to order at the door as there was no walk-in allowed) and looking at how indecisive i was and how long i took, i was offered to "just try something and if you dont like it, it is on the house" we then ordered 6 items and loved them. came back the very next day again and they were doing vegan lasagna served with garlic bread special that day. holy cow. wasn't that a surprise? we loved the special as well as our salad noodle, BBQ wings, and impossible burger and the fries and 2 smoothies. i have yet found anything i don't fancy. they use quality ingredients and you can tell food is made with care and attention. i am happy. our bellies are happy. My husband and I went last month for our anniversary dinner. (Side Note: don't expect a full service with a waiter or waitress. you utilize the self serve area for what you need and ask them if you need anything else). not much inside except few tables and a pretty run down counter, but the food is always right on the spot. our new go to place. Cauliflower bites, ocean filet, cheesy quinoa burger were amazing. my cheesy quinoa had the best tasting avocado i ever had. i started looking for organic avocado when i go shopping and when i do take out from here, i ask for extra avocado on the side. I talked to the owner while waiting for my food and they have a new rule - wear double hear nets/hat, mask all the time while cooking in the kitchen, and wear hand sleeves so skin flakes, dandruff, hair , saliva droplets etc things wouldn't fall into the food they are preparing. that prompted me to write a review because i appreciate the cleanliness of the food i am getting. Thank you so much. We love you guys. Please keep this place open forever.

Pros: good people , trustworthy / clean food, organic and so fresh


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31 Aug 2021

Loving Hut

It’s family based and it is such a great place to get food. I have never been disappointed! So many options and they are all so taste! Even my non vegan friends love this place

Pros: All menu is vegan

Cons: Not indoor due to covid


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15 Jul 2021

Great variety, great food

Entirely vegan menu, mixture of chinese and American dishes. You can eat inside, outside, or get take out. I recommend the cheese sticks, spring rolls, philly cheesesteak, and mango smoothie.

Pros: Delicious food and lots of choices


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03 Jul 2021

Love it!

Wonderful owners and delicious food! They have something for everyone from raw vegans to junk food vegans. The pistachio mushroom soup, cauliflower wings, Beyond burger, and cheese sticks are my favorites. My daughter loves their bubble teas and spring rolls. They also have amazing desserts like Boston cream donuts and tiramisu. You won't be disappointed!


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09 Jun 2021

So good!!

I've been here on a few occasions! Friendly staff! Clearly ethical vegans! I loved their portabella sandwich, mozzarella sticks, soups and wings! 10/10

Pros: Vegan staff, Tons of options and cultures, Good location

Cons: Nothing!


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18 Aug 2020

Chinese style vegan

Great place in an area where there aren’t a lot of options. They have Chinese style food, but also American cuisine and sandwiches too.
Food is delicious , soups are amazing, very unique flavours

Pros: Vegan , Chinese


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03 May 2020

Recently renovated!

This place is under new management and I appreciate the new atmosphere change. Very tasty smoothies and entrees. They had the best vegan shrimp I've ever tried. I recommend the donuts! The cheesecake was mediocre.

Pros: All vegan, Recently renovated, Friendly staff

Cons: Awkward setup - order at cashier, TV playing weird news


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Mostly Veg
27 Mar 2020

Love the Loving Hut

Food is great. Employees are really nice and have been very careful during COVID.

Pros: All vegan and delicious. , Soups are delicious , Healthy and comfort foods available

Cons: Place is more of a to-go place with amazing food.


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18 Mar 2020

Seriously love it

When I came here I loved everything I got ! The noodle dish was my favorite . We got so many things here and returned the next day for more! Delicious


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07 Dec 2019

So disappointed

This used to be my go to place, but the new owners came in and changed the whole menu. Not even the fries are the same. Here wasn’t a thing I had that was edible for me but the owners and staff were very nice.


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10 Nov 2019

Great food!

Newly renovated, friendly staff. Great food nice place to sit and have lunch or dinner. We also enjoy their vegan desserts. I recently ordered a fresh cake which was amazing.

Pros: All vegan


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28 Sep 2019

Currently under renovations until 11/1/19--Absolutely Amazing

First off for the semi nay sayers, this restaurant is based on a belief that all life is sacred. Im sure they do what they can to provide a wonderful meal experience while promoting the vegan lifestyle.
They are a humble and polite group of people.
Now to the food.
There hasn't been a single item on the menu that hasn't been delicious.
Maybe once it was below the expected temperature but they took it back and heated it up.
I can tell you with great certainty that they take great pride in the quality of the food they provide.
Oh and the variety is awesome. Entrees, desserts drinks etc...
The people...
Humble and accommodating. They answer any questions you have and will even have a nice chat with you. They also offer special during holidays and special events.
I truly recommend the Loving Hut.

Pros: Food variety , Food quality , Atmosphere

Cons: Closed on Sunday but understand why.


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13 May 2019


I have been to this place a couple times and I really did want to love it but its just not that good. Their food can be good or it can be awful. I once ordered a sandwich and it was cold when it was definitely supposed to be warm. The staff is just okay the last time I went there my waitress was practically whispering. In terms of the cleanliness of the restaurant it is kinda messy and they have an entire area of stuff you can buy(think flea market). I don't mind that but I just find it off considering this is a restaurant. I'd say go here if you really want to but if you can skip it and not be missing anything.


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01 May 2019


Food is always good. Staff is so kind. Clean place. A little expensive but haven’t found a vegan place that isn’t. Highly suggest stopping her for lunch or dinner !!! Amazing desserts too


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01 Feb 2019

Good but Weird

First off, the food is very good, lots of choices and the portions are plentiful. The challenge I have with this place is it doesn’t know what it wants to be. There’s a TV that runs constantly promoting some new aged gobbledygook, turn it off!

Next, get ride of the flea market vibe, this is a restaurant not a swap meet.

The lighting is too bright, create more of a cozy atmosphere, play some New Age music as a background, and instead of the place being empty most of the time, people will want to stay and dine.

And hire waitstaff with some personality!!

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