Part of international chain of vegan restaurants inspired by Supreme Master Ching Hai, an advocate for veg living. Each location is individual family operated. Serves all vegan food, non-alcoholic beverages, and vegan desserts. Last order 8pm. Reservations are required at least one day in advance. Previously located at 74 Cheongnyongyejeon-ro. Reported closed May 2023.

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First Review by Atomicpen


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27 Jan 2020

The best pasta ever!!

What a cozy and hip restaurant it is! The vibe is so cool. More importantly the pasta we had was the best vegan one ever!!

Pros: All vegan



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11 Jan 2020

Excellent for romantic dinner!

Loving place with great food and nice music 🥰

Pros: Serve a non-alcoholic beer also, Food is delicious , Interior is very beautiful

Cons: Price is good


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15 Apr 2017

Quiet and comfortable place

They have limited choices in their menu, but we are more than satisfied to have them prepare dishes without garlic and onion for us. The owners are husband and wife, very friendly! They have a hair saloon attached in the shop. So you might want to consider to do your hair while waiting for your food. They are also selling some instant noodle, natural dye, and other more stuffs at the rack.

Pros: Quiet ambient


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14 Apr 2017

Delicious, note it's moving soon

The restaurant will be moving soon near Beomeosa temple. You can contact the owner by phone: 010-3877-9700
the restaurant will probably be moving in May 2017


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01 Dec 2016

Fun restaurant

We sat in what looked like a little clubhouse. It was fun seating for our little ones! I honestly wasn't impressed with the tiny menu but was hugely impressed with what came out! I thought we'd get one meal, but it came with soup and salad as well. Yummy food!

Pros: Tasty food, Big meals, Kind staff

Cons: Small menu


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06 Oct 2016

Vegan heaven!

I had the most wonderful experience here while my friend and I were traveling in Busan. The owner was so excited about all the food she cooked. We each got the set meal with pizza, salad, ice cream and an extra piece of cake. Everything was so fresh and the flavors were incredible. It was a treat to have such excellent vegan food in Korea. She was so gracious as to even give us soup and send us home with breakfast for the next day! Wonderful lady and wonderful place! Can't wait to go back again!


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19 Sep 2016


This is possibly the best restaurant experience i've had anywhere! The owner is so passionate about the Vegan cause which was really reflected in her cooking. My friend and I had the meal set which included salad, soup, pizza, drink and ice cream it was all amazing!!! She even gave us crackers, fruit and croissants to take for breakfast. I can't recommend this place enough! 5 stars!!!

Pros: excellent food, amazing owner

Cons: NONE!!! :))


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17 Sep 2016

Loving Hut - Hairlatte, Busan

This place is different from any other Loving Hut I've been in. I say that since the menu isn't massively geared to Chinese food. The menu is more international and quite contemporary.Two of us each had the set deal. Soup, salad, choice of mains, ice cream and tea. I personally preferred the mushroom steak dish my spouse ordered to the curry I had. The soup and salad were fab. Their home made ice cream is out of this world.The lady running the gig isn't so much bubbly; she's downright effervescant in her energy and positivity. Her husband is also very pleasant.A big thumbs up from us two.

Pros: All vegan, Great food, Nice staff


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03 Jun 2016


The restaurant serves delicious food. Their vegan pizza is amazing, with a crunchy crust. I always order it and even my parents who aren't vegan think that it's really delicious. They also serve great creamy pasta made with a cashew cream sauce. As well as that, they also have delicious tomato pasta. Most of all I love their cakes. The cakes are very spongey and honestly I would have never guessed they're vegan if I didn't know. They taste amazing! The staff is also very kind, and the lady remembered me. I definitely recommend this place. The only down side is that the ice cream company closed so they no longer serve vegan ice cream.

Pros: Amazing food

Cons: Slightly pricey


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07 May 2016

yummy pizza

I went to this loving hut yesterday and got the full course menu option with the pizza. It was really delicious with a cashew cream "cheese" sauce and roasted veggies on top. I also got salad, soup, wine, a small smoothie bowl and yogurt along with that so it's definitely worth the price. You can also take the number 40 bus which will drop you off within a 2 minute walk of the restaurant. I was easily able to find it.


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Non Veg
16 Sep 2015

Outstanding Service

This place was definitely a little hard to find but the top review was dead on. You'll take an extended bridge across a busy road and then you'll see the blue and white stack to walk towards. Go down the street just before the chimney and as you walk down it about 150 meters in you'll see the heart and L on the sign. The owners are lovely and sprak fantastic English. The food was very tasty, albeit a little pricey. But you certainly get your money's worth. Not even vegetarian but I'd eat here again.


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22 May 2015

cozy restaurant with delicious food

Location has been edited. The pin is placed in the right place. ;)

The place is nice and cozy and offers delicious food. The lady manning the shop is very friendly and speaks good English. She introduced every dish on the menu and pointed out the best sellers.

The food is good. But nothing out of the world. It's homey and fresh. The desserts are good. Had their vanilla, mocha and pomegranate ice cream. Basically a scoop of whatever flavor available.

English menu is available. Some vegan products are available for sale in the restaurant. The lady also can do specialty orders, like Korean food, if you ask in advance. :)

Directions: The restaurant is located in the Dongdaesin neighbourhood, not far from Jalgalchi. The area can be reached by subway (Line 1, stop 108). The street entrance is adjacent to the Gudok Baseball Stadium, where buses to/from Seomyeon leave from. The street for the restaurant is next to a large chimney stack painted blue and white, there is a small hiking gear shop on the right hand side, it’s a short distance up at that turn off.


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10 Aug 2014

Unique Menu, Decent Food

BEWARE: The location on this app is wrong. It's not even close to the pin on this map. It's seriously, gravely wrong.

It's actual location isn't that great. It's about 12 minutes walk from the subway station and without calling for directions (which probably won't be very good, either), you probably will not find this restaurant.

The food is good, though. People are really nice. Interior is really cool. It's the least formulaic/culty of any loving hut I've been to. Overall, I'd say it's worth the effort to get here.

Pros: Food, Staff

Cons: Location


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23 Jul 2013


I had the pizza and my friend had the steak. It was pricey but well worth it. The staff were absolutely lovely. You get what you paid for. I had the blueberry ice cream .

Barney Big Ears

12 Nov 2013

Can somebody please give directions? The English address is not correct. I went to the loving hut website and the Korean address is in a different part of the city. Thanks!


14 Nov 2013

oh, if you are driving using gps, the address is 14-1, Dongdaeshindong 3 Ga, Seo Gu, Busan, South Korea, of course. But... if you want to go there by public transportation, take 67 or 167 from Busan Train Station, across the street. It is near to the #7 exit from the subway. And.. get off from the bus after 4 stops. I think the stop was.. Dong A univ. general hospital, um.. and you may call the restaurant to help you from there. It's quite close though. I went there first time yesterday and became a big fan of the vegan pizza!!! by the way, they run a tiny hairsalon in one corner of the restaurant, too. so I also got my hair done with natural, organic hair products there. highly recommended. :) And if you have any questions about vegan restaurants/any other places around Busan, you are welcomed to contact me : jasmineofmay@gmail.com. This city has been my hometown for more than 30 yrs, and vegan/trying vegan friends are especially welcomed. :)

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