Au Lac Cafe became a branch of Loving Hut international vegan restaurant chain. Each location is individually operated. Offers a menu of vegan burgers, faux meat stir frys, Asian style noodles and rice dishes. Order at the counter, and food is brought to your table. Has parking lot. Reported closed May 2023.

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First Review by condekedar


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10 Dec 2022

SAD - just learned they will be closing end of December 2022

Update. On my recent trip to Fresno owner told me his lease was not renewed and they would be closing at the end of the month.

I can’t remember how many years I’ve stopped by and I’ll miss stopping here.

I wish the owner the best.

The place isn’t a gourmet restaurant with a fancy decor, but the food has great flavors. As of October 2022 they still require face masks to enter and still no place to sit and eat your meal.

Updated from previous review on 2022-12-10

Pros: Great vegan options, Offer limited vegan grocery items , Friendly staff.

Cons: Cash only , No place to sit and eat



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31 May 2022

Not Bad!

However there was no veggies impossible burger or beyond burger with fries option. :(


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12 Apr 2022

Sloppy customer service. The place seems filthy.

Renovate the place, clean it well. Be polite when dealing with customers, don’t be rude. I volunteered here and it has not improved over the years.


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15 Jan 2022

Unapologetically Rude!!!

Bad rapport with patrons and potential patrons. Old menu and website pricing. They say they cannot update their website because they don't have the password, this insults my intelligence.

Pros: Never tried food, no pros to share.

Cons: Rude staff, "We cannot update prices on our website", "If it's too expensive eat somewhere else"


05 Apr 2022

I volunteered there a while back and yes the owner has become more rude over the years even towards me, a former volunteer. I remember how he would absolutely degrade his employee who did so much for the restaurant back then. Seems he will not change his ways. Definitely a business on it’s way out.


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23 May 2021

Different but good enough.

The rice and veggies was expected but I had something that was new for me. Everything was good however I think this place would be even better if the flavors were on point and less sauce.

Take out food is giving us styrofoam is a big downer so I hope in the future they convert to a more environmental friendly material.

Pros: A good amount of food.

Cons: To much sauce.


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17 Jan 2021

My favorite place EVER!!!

The #1. The first vegan dish I had in my life and I was NOT 👏🏼 DISA 👏🏼 PPOINTED! As a foodie I have tried a plethora of vegan dishes including other Loving Hut Resturants and this place still remains my absolute favorite. We’ve gotten to know the owner over the past several years, he has even shared his recipes with us! Don’t let other reviews deter you. Go there, try the #1. It’s a HUGE sandwich with vegan protein, chips and the fixings. I always tell myself I want to try the rest of the menu but...the #1 speaks to my soul.

Pros: The #1, My favorite place

Cons: Cash only, Hours, Closed on weekends


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12 Mar 2020


We got there around 5:30 and the place was closed. It did not look like a restaurant. It looked like a service area of the industrial neighborhood.


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29 Feb 2020

Every item on the menu is great!

This place has some of the best Chinese food in town, and for less that $10 a plate it's a bargain. They not only sell a wide variety of entrees (i.e. Pho, Spaghetti, and BBQ), they also sell vegan groceries-including big bags of Textured Vegetable Protein!

Downsides are that the Bok Choy is under-seasoned and they're not open on weekends/closed for days around holidays.

If you can get past the Supreme Master stuff it's a solid spot to grab lunch or dinner. :]

Pros: Good portions, Variety of Protein Choices, Groceries sold on site

Cons: Hours can be inconvenient, Cash only, Seriously need to season the Bok Choy


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21 Oct 2019

Delicious food- friendly staff

The food was delicious- #6 Blissful State, and the staff was warm and friendly. Yeah, the facilities are not brand new but the place was clean. Where else in Fresno can you go for a restaurant dedicated to vegan dishes?

Pros: Delicious cheap food, Large portions, Friendly staff

Cons: Cash only , Not the newest decor


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21 Sep 2019

Thrilled to find this vegan spot in Fresno!

Had a wonderful lunch here with my family today. We asked for the stir fried dishes to be prepared with less oil, and it was done exactly as we had asked. Flavors were great, and portion sizes generous for a very reasonable price. Bonus that the folks who run the restaurant were super nice to us, and helped us pick some things from the selection of vegan supplies for sale (including the veggie meats, sauce ingredients, and flavorings) to try to recreate some of the flavors at home. So happy to have a good vegan restaurant to come to every time I visit Fresno.


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21 Sep 2019

Great food, service, in/outdoor dining

Don’t be discouraged by the reviews saying this place is unclean! The interior is simple but now definitely clean, and there’s a great outdoor dining area that’s spacious and very comfortable as well as the indoor dining space. The food was delicious and since we ordered directly with the chef, you can let him know if you have special preferences. They also have a nice collection of veggie meats and pantry items you can take home to do your own cooking and snacking. Yes, the bathroom could use some updating, but it was clean, and since when is an outdated bathroom reason to boycott one of Fresno’s only vegan restaurants? This place rocks!


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03 Jul 2019

Worst Loving Hut

Very disappointed. Have been to Loving Huts all over the U.S. This location is cash only, indoor seating has the worst ambience, food is edible but not at all Loving Hut quality. Food eaten at restaurant served on styrofoam. Would rather get vegan food at a non-vegan restaurant than go back to this Loving Hut.


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31 May 2019

Loving Hut lite

Cozy, compact restaurant serving 'price fix' entrees, few sides, 100% vegan. Part of the international Loving Hut chain, yet without extensive menu & spaciousness with which I am familiar and have come to expect from Loving Hut restaurants. Well seasoned, tasty food. Decent portions for price charged. Extra charge for brown rice. BBQ riblets well seasoned, just a bit tough, still good. Mongolian chicken well seasoned, not spicy. Moist flavorful chocolate cake. Well stocked marketplace, encouraging vegan home cooking. Order at counter, dishes brought to table. Takeout still uses styrofoam & plastic. Indoor & outdoor/patio seating. Small parking lot in back, on street neighborhood parking also. Small unisex bathroom in back.

Pros: 100% vegan, Affordable pricing, price fix menu, Good sized portions

Cons: Could be cleaner, Small, charges extra for brown rice, Price fix entrees, substitutions discouraged


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24 May 2019

Not recommended.

Worse Loving Hut Ever been to! Blot on the bigger Loving Hut chain. Go to the nicer ones until these folks make changes. Very rude manager.

Cons: No water – only sells water in plastic bottles, Only serves in single-use plastic disposables, Dirty as heck


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16 May 2019

Really Enjoyed This Place

I loved the Asian-inspired selection, + had the spring rolls, homemade soy protein w teriyaki, rice, + bok choy. There was a large variety of packaged vegan foods for purchase + homemade cake as well. The staff was very friendly + we had a nice chat. It's nice to have this place in Fresno as there are no other vegetarian / vegan restaurants in the area. Bring your own cutlery, cup, + togo container as their supplies are plastic disposable. Plate is paper compostable. Recommended!

Updated from previous review on 2019-05-16

Pros: Friendly Staff, Homemade food, Parking Lot

Cons: Plastic utensils + togo containers


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01 Apr 2019

Food is fantastic but could be cleaner

The food alone is 5 stars. I love the Asian inspired dishes. There are several American style dishes as well. But...the place is dirty and left me feeling squeamish picking up the soy sauce/Siracha bottles. There’s no way those soy sauce bottles are single use and being exchanged for new ones (or being cleaned in general). I was also disappointed there was no separate recycling bins for the trash. I will only do carryout from now on. It’s also cash only.

Pros: Great selection of dishes , Flavorful , Priced right

Cons: Dirty!!! , Cash only , Dirty!!!!!


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02 Jan 2019

The food is always super good and the people are really nice.

This location is super cool because it's close by other shops and it has outdoor and indoor seating. The food is 100% vegan and it's service in really fast. They also have a couple stands full of vegan snacks and different types of pre-packaged ramen noodles, chocolate, chips, etc that are all 100% vegan. Just make sure you look on their website for the times they're open and close because it varies and their hours sometimes change.

Pros: All 100% vegan.

Cons: Only accepts cash at the Tower District location.


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23 Aug 2018

Good Food, Place

We were passing through from LA to Portland and found this place on Happy Cow. Someone local needs to talk with owner and explain how the environment affects his business. I would not go back even though food was excellent. If the environment matched the food he’d have a line of customers going out the door.

Pros: Good food, Skilled cook, Nice options

Cons: Run down, Bathrooms not working properly, No A/C; alternative patio dining on busy street


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21 Aug 2018

Good cheap vegan food -

5 stars for the food: very fast service, vegan, good taste, huge portions and very cheap.
2 stars for the place: very dirty, unbearably hot, the restroom was terrifying, everything is disposable (plates, cutlery, vases) and no tap water was available.
In all 4 stars being generous.

Pros: Very fast service, Huge portions, Very cheap

Cons: hot place, Everything disposable - not eco, No tap water


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15 Aug 2018

Glad Fresno has a Loving Hut

Little different than the Huts you’re probably used to. Only accepts cash and menu limited, but food is good.

Pros: Good food, Vegan oasis in Fresno, Reasonable pricey

Cons: Only accepts cash


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16 Apr 2018

Not the best

Not like other Loving Huts but the food was tasty. Seems a little neglected and they close way to early. I was just passing through Fresno but would be a toss up to stop here again.


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02 Aug 2017

No A/C

Not sure what has changed but this was the worst Loving Hut we have ever visited. Dirty, hot, waited 10 mins without even being acknowledged. Food preparation and hygiene questionable. Will never go back.

Ryan MTB

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30 Apr 2017

Great find in Fresno

I was glad to find this little vegan gem in the central valley. Food is good, service is friendly and efficient.

Pros: Plenty of street parking


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15 Mar 2017

Loving Hut never seems to miss

This was my second Loving Hut and first visit to the Fresno, CA location. The food was delicious! Went with two non-veg friends and they loved the vanilla cake and Mongolian plate. Definitely will visit when in Fresno again.

Pros: Great prices, Good amount of choices , Educates guests on veganism

Cons: Small dinning area, Better description of each dish

Brenda Jauqe

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26 Feb 2017

Now selling more items to take home. (Like a tiny market)

I love this place. Great sweet hot coffee and amazing cake to go with it. Or if you're really hungry, you can buy something off the menu. Each plate can feed 2 people. They recently started selling more grocery items like fried squid (great stuff), chocolate, sauces etc. They've always sold soy meat from the fridge up front but now they made some room for dry goods. Definitely check it out!

Pros: Great food selection, Friendly service


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03 Jan 2017

loving hut rocks

good quality food at a great price... good vibes and large portion sizes


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05 Dec 2016

Pretty amazing

I got the Mongolian stir fry and it was pretty amazing. A meat eater would probably think this was really meat. Huge portion size. Ultra-fast cooked-to-order service. Spicy as promised. Plenty of indoor and outdoor seating. Lots of parking. Only downside is that the place is sort of grubby.

Updated from previous review on 2016-12-05

Pros: Fresh and tasty, Huge portion, Fast

Cons: Grubby

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