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CLOSED: Loving Hut - Camden

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Contact 020-73875710

3 Plender Street, Camden, North West London, England, NW1 0JT

Part of international chain of vegan restaurants opened by followers of Supreme Master Ching Hai, an advocate for veg living. This cafe/restaurant is now a noodle bar, with soups and stir fries. Food is a-la-carte. They still sell vegan "fish and chips" and vegan burgers and chips, but no longer have the buffet. Oct 1, 2013 reported still open but might be closing soon. NOV 2013 REPORTED SHUT.

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Reviews (35)

First Review by SagarKShah


the incredibles that brought the vegan version for fast food.

Fish burger is highly recommended. If you used to be a fast food fan you would be amazed.

In their menu: nudles in self ingredients choosing , burgers and starters...
Deserts also, didn't try theme yet.

Just go there.

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STILL OPEN (and delicious) - Edit

I've been to this place 3 times in the past week, it is honestly delicious with a wide variety of food. I'm not sure I agree with a previous reviewer labeling it 'junk food', I had a Katsu Curry, an aromatic duck wrap and a stir-fry/Tom Yum Goong soup which were all delicious and pretty healthy. The only 'unhealthy' thing I had was a dessert of cookie dough and ice cream (reaaaally tasty). The dishes are all around £5 which is some of the best value I've seen anywhere. I also took omni colleagues who were all very impressed by the food. Staff as well are very friendly.

This place was going to shut but is staying open as they have had a lot of business lately, please visit it and keep it open!!

Pros: Great food, Variety, Cheap

Cons: Quite small

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nice junkfood for vegan - Edit

my friend ordered the fishless&chips and I ordered the duck wrap. it was OK, the idea of vegan junkfood is very nice, after the last 5 vegan restaurants we've been in were much into the ecological thing.

Pros: good location, special dishes, fair prices

Cons: average food

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Awesome vegan food! - Edit

It's great to have an all-vegan restaurant in Camden! I went there with my partner twice.

I had then fishless and chips twice because it was so goood - best fish I ever had, vegan or nonvegan - sooo creamy! My partner had the chicken burger which was very good and the second time he had a stirfry - you pick the base, rice or noodles and fillings yourself.

My partner had the deep fried ice-cream which is SUCH a novelty - never seen this at a vegan place before. I had the cookie dough which was a really nice gooey choc chip cookie.

Great service, cheap and all vegan!!!

Pros: All vegan, Different types of cuisine, Best vegan fish!!!

Cons: None

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nice little place - Edit

It's pretty small and hot inside but there are a couple of tables outside too. It's slightly different food from other Loving Huts I've been to. We had the Katsu curry which was nice - quite hot though, the fresh juices and milkshakes were good too. Portions were good and the food was pretty well priced. Friendly staff.

Pros: range of food, friendly staff , good value

Cons: small & hot inside, bit of a wait as they were busy

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I love loving hut - Edit

I really can't say enough good things about the Camden Loving Hut! The staff are lovely and the food itself is great. I think they are slightly changing things up at the moment and they have added made to order stir fries and soups to their offerings. They also do vegan fish and chips and burgers. I love the mock beef burger. I don't know how they make it taste so good but it's the perfect burger I think! The stir fries are also fresh and tasty and you get to pick what you want in them and the sauce and type of noodles. Great place for a casual lunch or dinner. Much more of a reliable option than the inspiral lounge where the service is more hit than miss.

Pros: Great food, Great staff

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A great place for vegan food - Edit

We really love this place. The food is great (a bit different from the usual Loving Hut fare) and the couple who run it are nice too, and enthusiastic about vegan food.

It's more of a cafe than a restaurant, but the menu is extensive and the food delicious. I'm addicted to the "ocean burger" (which comes with all the trimmings) and the "seaweed rolls" which are like huge wraps crossed with sushi. My partner loves the "fishless and chips" and there's also a battered sausage with chips too. There's some East Asian dishes too, including a soup which is really a large meal submerged in soup - it's so filling!

There's also cakes for dessert... Go there!

Pros: wide range of food, tasty food, friendly staff

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Nice place! - Edit

I had already visited Loving Hut in Paris and Madrid and his one is actually smaller. Good location though in Camden Town.
The staff is really nice and takes some time to have a chat with you about veganism & other stuff.
We went there to try some typical English food and had the "fishless & chips". The "fish" was really nice but the chips were actually not that good. We had some baked beans as a side dish which was nice!
No alcohol is served in that restaurant but non-alcohol beer though (Cobra).
The restaurant was about to close for 3 days so the waiter kindly gave us some extra coleslaw from the buffet which was really nice of him!
To sum up Loving Hut Camden is a good place to stop y but not the best vegan restaurant I went to, quite basic!

Pros: Location, Staff

Cons: Menu, Size

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Very good restaurant - Edit

I had the very lucky opportunity to visit this restaurant in Camden Town, London.

Friendly staff. cozy, clea area. Affordable prices. Delicious vegan food, either cooked and raw.

they also sell frozen food if you like to buy some and eat later. I bought vegan chicken, vegan cheese and vegan melting cheese. Wow!

On the last day I visited Loving Hut in Camden, I also bought beer and cheesecake. I could not ask for more.

If you like to try amazing plant-based food at non-expensive price, please go to Loving Hut Camden. I love it.

Pros: excellent food, good value, nice ambience, friendly staff

Cons: nothing, none, no cons

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Good vegan soul food...in a good Camden location - Edit

What can you say about this place?! It hits all the right buttons and the food is reasonable, (it is certainly not as cheap as Red Veg was for burgers/fries and the same 'frozen products' on sale can be bought at much cheaper retail prices in Wing Yip), but it is not an expensive place to eat in either...especially if you go for the buffet option.

Buffet-wise, there are healthier vegan buffets, (222 Veggie Vegan for instance), and better tasting buffets, (Loving Hut near Archway tube station), but this place is honest and does not pretend to sell 'healthy vegan food'...fair play, because sometimes one doesn't feel like eating vegan raw food with optimum food nutrition - vegan comfort food is good for the soul and you can get it here!

On the downside, no credit cards are accepted, menu prices increase with no warning and are not updated on the menu. Also, at times the preparation of the burgers can be sloppy, (burger patty under-cooked and burger buns not 'warmed-through' properly and fries oily/soggy, rather than crisp, at times), but with a good selection of vegan desserts and organic soft drinks to make up for the downside, this is definitely a place you should try now and again!

Pros: Good location, Reasonable price all-you-can-eat-buffet, Vegan desserts always available

Cons: Food can be sloppy, Cash only, Not clear on price increases

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Hits the spot... - Edit

After Red Veg closed in central London, I was missing my cheap Vegan burger and fries hit. Now I'm happily hooked on the ocean burger here. They also have a menu for Coeliacs if you ask.

Pros: Good value., Variety.

Cons: Small venue.

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First time, fantastic experience! - Edit

I visited Loving Hut in Camden for the first time today after finding it on this website.
I arrived just after they had opened for some lunch. The staff were very friendly and knowledgeable and the food was extremely good! I was surprised at the cost of the buffet, it was very good value for money especially in London!

I would recommend it to anyone in the area, and anyone visiting the area!

Pros: Excellent food, good value, Healthy food

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Good food, no-nonsense restaurant - Edit

Loving Hut restaurants have saved my life from time to time when I'm in some obscure part of the world. And it's nice to know there are a fair few of them knocking about the UK too for good measure.
If you ignore the guilt-inducing TV (preaching to the converted really, seems pointless, but each to their own) then everything about this place is neat, clean and efficient.
The range of items is good, lots of no-nonsense burger and chip combos, plus some sharing platters and starter type dishes. The hot almond milk is a MUST, and the cakes are great too.

I always over eat when I go there, this is not a bad thing! :D

Pros: Cheap, Easy

Cons: Small

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Wholesome, Hearty and Delicious! - Edit

I visited Loving Hut for the first time when I was last in London and I can't wait to go back again next week.
I had the buffet, which was very inexpensive at £5.50. There's plenty of variety (I had a bit of everything, except the things I had a lot of.) All the food was wholesome, well cooked and really tasty. This place is absolutely perfect for me- simple and unpretentious, inexpensive, and delicious!

Ooh, and don't go without trying the cake. I had the chocolate cheesecake, which was heavenly. Silky, rich and perfect.

Pros: Inexpensive, Varied, Healthy and all vegan

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Genuine innovation - Edit

This is the only Loving Hut I have been to, but I would look for them worldwide on the basis of this. The range is excellent, with a lot of stuff you don't get elsewhere. The all you can eat buffet is great value. To be honest that's all I ever eat there and all I ever need to. And it's 100% vegan. Not too hard to find, just a right turn off the main street going uphill from Mornington Crescent Tube.

Pros: Great value, good range, Totally vegan

Cons: Bit small

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been once, will definitely be visiting again. - Edit

Went to Loving Hut for lunch a few days ago and really enjoyed their Golden burger with vegan cheese (which cost extra) and garlic mayo with a side of chips. Had the almond soya drink which was hot, creamy and sweet - the perfect counterpart to the chilly weather outside. Treated myself to the chocolate cheesecake for dessert which was delicious. Lovely texture, however I think it hadn't had enough time out of the fridge a small portion of the centre was slightly icy, but it went away withing 5 mins of being served to me. All that only came to about 9pounds, which I was very pleased with. Atomophere was warm and friendly, like the staff.

I am planning on heading back for dinner tonight - I can't stay away!

Pros: good value, friendly staff

Cons: not particularly healthy food, dining area is a bit small

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Great! - Edit

Remembered about Loving Hut some days ago as I was in Camden and really needed something to eat.

Read great reviews here on the burgers, and was thinking of getting one, but a customer tempted me with the buffet so I went with that.

It's £3.95 for a plate (I went shamelessly vertical) or £5.50 for all-you-can-eat.

The food was great, keep in mind this is a tiny restaurant so there isn't a massive selection, but there is enough variety and all of it was nice. I probably tried a spoonful of EVERYTHING, the only thing I didn't particularly like was the sweet and sour thing, but that's just personal preference (it looks red and I thought it would be tomato based, instead it's very sweet. Good if that's what you're into :) ).

The prawn crackers were nice (can't really compare them with the "real" ones as I don't remember eating them in my non-vegan days). Loved the noodles, and well, everything else.

I had a slice of "cheesecake" with blueberries and it was AMAZING. If you have room left after the buffet, you should definitely try a cake - there were others too that were just as tempting, especially the chocolate one.

What really made the place unique were the people though. I just started chatting with another customer and instead of just sitting and eating my meal I spent a whole hour in the restaurant, it was very much like eating out with friends! The staff is lovely, and the chef even gave me a couple of strong plastic bags to help me carry some things I had in a paper bag.

I was given a loyalty card and I have a feeling I will use it quite a lot! Definitely recommended if you're in London/Camden.

Pros: Good food, Great people, Nice location and good price

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Small but interesting - Edit

Loving Hut is actually much smaller than I imagined it to be, with probably only enough seating for around ten people - though I don't know why I was expecting a particularly large place for a restaurant that runs on a pay-what-you-like principle. Hopefully people don't abuse that principle too much, as the food is decent and filling, if not exactly spectacular, the staff are pleasant (with the chef quite happy to talk at length about veganism if you get chatting with him), and they also provide vegan fast food - 'fish' burgers, 'chicken' burgers, etc.

While you're eating you can also watch a continuous feed of Supreme Master TV, the television channel of the banned-in-China religious organisation that funds the chain, featuring a whole host of unwitting and slightly bemused celebrities (Samuel L. Jackson!) being hijacked on red carpets and asked to say 'You're watching Supreme Master TV'. It adds a slightly bizarre humour to the occasion.

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"Nice little place" - Edit

Went here with a non-veg friend and we both had the buffet. It was pretty decent, I liked the noodles that were there but I didn't like the sweet and sour thing with pineapples in - but thats just cos I hate pineapples and I didn't realise they had them in there. My friend quite liked it too, which can only be a good thing. Best thing about the place is that its nice if you want to go for a good catch up with a friend. Also, bought some of the chocolate cake which has been the best choc vegan cake I've tried since being vegan!! Liked it so much I took some home!!! Another great thing is the fact that you pay what you feel is appropriate, its a flexible paying system so you can negotiate. I didn't in this case as its only in our interests to support places like this and would recommend others to do the same too - I can see some people taking the cheek with offers like this.

Only downside some people may find is that its a small place and the decor isn't the best but who cares. The food is good and so was my company. As a student esp, I would come here often.

Pros: Chocolate Cake, Price, Friendly

Cons: Small place

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I eat here nearly every day - Edit

18 months ago i was a heathen - 5 pints of guinness and a bargain bucket of awfulfc or a grease ball doner kebab. My gall bladder was whipped out at age 40, far too young I was told and my cholesteral sky high. I ate every day a chinese meat buffet and really stuffed my face... The buffet closed down.. Poor me, back to curry and kebabs for lunch.

One day soon after this closure of my bufet lunch i went for a walk from the office - passed this board saying - " eat what you like, pay what you like"... WAHAY me thinks - i'll bring the two girls from the office to lunch .. So on the next Friday off we troope. Hmmm i didn't notice VEGAN - I laughed and said " you girls will enjoy it but it's rabbit food, what will i eat". Anyway - we at down, i grabbed a palte and sunk a spoonfull of this rabbit food in to my mouth... " BL..DY HELL i eclared, thi is sooooo yummy...".. Having woofe the buffet down i declared i could eat here every day and i probbaly wouldn't care about not eating meat again... 18 months on - I havene't had anything but vegan -at home, abroad at friends....

So sorry for that introduction but there will be very little I can write bd about the pplace. The burgers are basically THE BEST I HAVE EVER EATEN... The buffet is very yummy. I have noted a previous review saying it was over salty - Sometimes, but not all the time it is - even my colleagues have said that - I think but may be wrong it is the liquid chinese seasoning that is so salty..Would be good to get that clarified.

The taff are all volanteers and the place is run on a shoestring a quite a few people take avantage of the generous offer of "pay what you like" - the wraps are also one of my favourite's.

I can see why people would say the place is a little different -it is essentially a cafe -it is very small but i like the atmosphere there - the volanteers and cooks are very friendly as are the regulars - who also will try and help on dishes etc if people are prepared to listen.

The TV channel being on is part of the rules for having a LOVING HUT - very rarely is it oo loud, but on the odd occassion the volume may be too high, this has been known - just ask to turn it down slightly - they will not bite you - they are VEGANS....

Finally some of the products they use can be purchase for home cooking -so if you love the burgers or the dumplings, or the mock fish etc - buy some to freeze..My health has changed dramatically due to this place - so if it is brainwashing - great.

Pros: yummy

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Cozy and yummy - Edit

My mother and I went looking for this place after reading the reviews. At first sight I was a little nervous because the buffet looked small. We sat at a table and read the simple menu. We decided on the 'Fish and Chips' and the Summer Rolls. The food tasted amazing! Wow it was so realistic. The 'fish' they put a strip of Nori on it and then fry it so it has a sea flavor. What a good trick. The Summer Rolls were so crunchy and fresh I could eat them for breakfast lunch and dinner. The prices were amazing. I hope everyone comes to visit this place.

Pros: Great Food, Great Price, Fresh Fresh

Cons: Looks like a hole in the wall

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Nom nom nom! - Edit

Finally I have a replacement for my vegan food junk food after RedVeg closed down! The food is fantastic. There is a choice of buffet, burgers, fishless and chips and some Asian-influenced dishes. It's really reasonably priced and the staff are very friendly. There are no descriptions of the food on the menu, so it pays to ask, as I had no clue initially!

It's not a proper restaurant, it is a fast food place. But it's clean and just what you need!

They have a great array of vegan pud's which I highly recommend.

They have a very fair loyalty card system where you can get free drinks up to whole meals if you're a regular.

Pros: Great food, Lovely staff, Fast, fast food!

Cons: Little unimaginative decor

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Drool! - Edit

I absolutely loved my meal at Loving Hut. We spent our first few days in London searching for and anticipating vegan Fish n Chips. We finally found some at Loving Hut and holy cow.... it was good.
Crispy, delicious, fishy. Heaven.
We also had dessert, which was fantastic as well, but it's the Fish n Chips that I'll miss.
It's worth mentioning that it's in a convenient location to Camden and that the woman working there was very, very friendly. The prices are great too.

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Amazing Vegan food! - Edit

I have been a vegan for many many years always dreaming that one day someone somewhere would come up with a vegan alternative to McDonald's burger now I have found IT!
the burgers sold here are absolutely perfect amazing taste
texture .The eat and pay what you like buffet was also very tasty lots of choice clean healthy dishes little oil lots of flavour.They also make excellent vegan cakes i have tried the banana cake and the choco chip orange cake both
served with vegan organic cream.They serve here the perfect food to share with my friends who have not realized yet that us vegans do not just live of lettuce.If there's a downside to this place its just that there not one in every town....

Pros: excellent food, good value, friendly staff

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Amazing Burgers! - Edit

I have tried several vegan restaurants, and Loving Hut is so far my favourite. The burger was so delicious, even my non-vegetarian friends loved it. According to my friends, they said that the vegan burger tasted so much like the real meat.

I was surprised that one of my friends (he likes meat so much) acutally was willing to give vegetarian diet a try after he has tasted the vegan fish burger. They must have really good chefs in the kitchen.

And the atmosphere in the restaurant is very comfortable and relaxing. I wish I could live closer to the restaurant. Lovely place!

Pros: Delicious burgers, Nice atmosphere, Friendly

Cons: I can only fit 2 burgers in my stomach

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Lovely lovely! - Edit

This place is great (for a quick fill-up meal). It's a small vegan canteen/cafe type-place with just a few delicious dishes. At the end, pay what you want.

The TV is a bit loud, and it's a bit disconcerting that it's not 100% clear about how you order. It's simple really, though. You sit down, or stand up, and tell them what you want.

There are plates in the buffet trolley, but they're not totally obvious. You can also order a couple of bits which will be cooked for you (on demand) behind the scenes. At the end of the meal, there are cakes (with vegan cream).

The food is really good, fresh and delicious.

At the end, you do pay what you think is reasonable, or more if you want.

I really liked it - I just wish I lived a bit nearer!


PS - I know the waiter a bit, he *is* a really nice guy, but he can be a bit full-on when he talking about veganism. Just so you know...

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pretty good buffet - Edit

I have to agree with the reviewer below about the wierdness of the "grand master tv" you can't ignore. But I thought the food was pretty good. A lot of mock meats in the buffet which I didn't care for. I also didn't care for the fake fish dish either. But it was a nice meal anyway. I had to come back because the first time I visited there were no seats availible and it was packed.

Pros: good value, tasty tempura

Cons: small can be crowded, mock meat heavy

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Rather disconcerting and unimpressive - Edit

Well having read the rave reviews about this place on here, I had high hopes for the Loving Hut. Sadly all I found was average slightly unhealthy buffet-style food very similar in nature to pretty much every other veg-friendly asian restaurant in London. I'm not saying it was unpleasant, it was cheap and plentiful and filled a hole adequately, but certainly not deserving of the high praise I've seen it receive here and on other sites.

Quite apart from the mediocre food is the completely bizarre atmosphere. It is very disconcerting to have 'Grand Master TV' preaching at you while you eat - impossible to ignore - and even more so to hear the staff and regulars lap it up and discuss it so mindlessly when it is such obvious brainwashing! There was a certain irony in hearing them issue dictates on avoiding the high levels of salt present in most people's diets whilst simultaneously consuming the over-salted fried food on offer in their establishment!

It's not the worst meal you could have in a pinch, and on a budget, but be warned...

Pros: Cheap, Totally vegan, Good portions

Cons: Brainwashing, A bit greasy, Brainwashing

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Love the Loving Hut! - Edit

On my recent trip to London, I ate at 5 vegan restaurants (and one non-vegan), and this was probably my favorite of all of them. The buffet food was really good. I can't remember exactly what there was, but I liked it all. There was a delicious sweet and sour dish, and something with potatoes and dal, I think. It was all very good. We also each got a burger, and those were excellent, as well. They were a little fatty due to lots of veganaise, but I'm sure you could ask for it without that.

I really liked this place, so I don't want to say anything bad about it, but I will say that the service was a little strange. The people were very friendly, but we waited for a long time before we were helped, and I think the guy working there, who was caught up in a conversation with other customers, just had no idea that we wanted to be helped. However, once we were helped, everything was great. Just don't be afraid to speak up if no one is helping you.

The restaurant is small, but when we were there on a Saturday evening, it wasn't crowded. It doesn't have much atmosphere, and they have Supreme Master TV playing in the background, which some might find annoying, but I really enjoyed the place. I highly recommend it if you're in London.

Pros: Delicious food, Name your own price, Decent variety

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Loving Hut - Edit

Wonderful place, the staff were really friendly and the food was lovely. I had the buffet and the carrot cake. My partner and friends had the burger which they all said was the best they had ever had.

Would definitely recommend it.

Pros: Great food, Friendly staff

Cons: Not in my home town

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Cheap, filling and friendly. - Edit

At loving hut, you can be sure of a friendly welcome (had an in-depth chat with the server about animal rights, veganism etc) and good food.

The fayre at present is of the chinese vegan buffets type, but also includes vegan "beef" and "fish" burgers. Both of these are prepared freshly on request and served on a soft grilled bun with salads and condiments. The beef-style one I had was delightful - not greasy or heavy, and with a lovely grilled taste.

The buffet food, whilst a little lukewarm, was also quite nice. The dishes, prepared by the people from Peking Palace (also part of the supreme master network), were msg-free and varied from black bean soya chunks to sweet & sour vegetables and more. Boiled or veg-fried rice were available.

Also available were a selection of drinks (coke, diet coke, ginger beer, orange juice, red berry juice, supermalt) and a few cakes. We tried the chocolate cake and walnut cake. whilst a little dry and crumbly (I think that if cake is to be kept in the chiller, it should be covered to keep moist), both were very flavourful.

The chap serving me said that tofu cheesecake and more will be available soon, and that the current savoury food will be expanded to have a "full menu". I assume that this means the kind of Loving Hut menu available in the usa (chicken nuggets, stir fries, hot & sour soup etc), and would be greatly welcomed.

Finally, I thought the "pay what you like" system is very honourable one. We shared 3 plates of buffet food, one burger, 2 slices of cake, 2 drinks and 2 cakes to take home, and our offer of £15 was rejected for being too high! she gave me £8 change from £20, leaving the total for all of that at £12!

I definitely would go back, and would encourage others to - even if only for a marvellous burger.

Pros: Great burger, cheap as you like, Friendly

Cons: slightly dry cake, Coca cola (maybe try organic?)

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Friendly and Nice - Edit

They do a really nice burger, and they are do really nice cakes.

The food offering appeas to change on a regular basis. You can pay whatever you like.... but you should try and give a fair price for what you eat!!

They also serve a range of drinks including Tropicana!

Pros: Pay as you eat, 100% Vegan, Lovely Food

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