Part of international chain of vegan food restaurants inspired by Supreme Master Ching Hai, an advocate for veg living. Each location is individually operated. Serves vegan food, coffee, non-alcoholic beverages, and vegan dessert. Reported to close randomly, check ahead. Open Tue-Sat 11:00am-7:00pm.

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First Review by aubreymae


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02 Jul 2023

Great Vegan Staple

Variety of items (Sandwiches, desserts bowls and pizza )

Pros: Everything especially pizza

Cons: Waiting time



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05 Nov 2022

Delicious, filling, and affordable

Service was fast. I called ahead of time like the other reviewers advised to do and they were open. I ordered the baguette charm and it was delicious. The only things I would’ve added (if I was home) were jalapeños and mustard (but that’s my business). It came with a little side of potato salad which was pretty good. Great price for a filling meal!


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07 Oct 2022

Tasty & Good Variety

Baguette Charm Sandwich was delicious ❤️

Pros: Vegan, Clean, Price comparable to most places


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27 Jul 2022

Amazing food, some cons

There’s some dishes here I’m absolutely obsessed with, but they remove dishes that are popular, drinks provided have a ton of sugar, wish they had kombucha, they use plastic ware, drink fridge is totally empty, environment looks sad and employees don’t seem happy to be there. They’re not always open when their posted hours are, they’ll leave out of town for weeks sometimes and makes you think they’re out of business. I’m these cases, they should provide details on a website or voicemail when you call. They also don’t provide a voice message box, so it doesn’t seem like a professional establishment. Weird. But again, food is absolutely amazing when you can order!

Updated from previous review on 2020-08-06

Pros: Food is amazing

Cons: They remove great dishes, No personality in restaurant, boring and sad, Only plastic ware available


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24 May 2022

Food Delicious

Love ❤️ the food, friendly staff

Pros: Luv the food here , Friendly staff

Cons: Small orders


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23 Apr 2022

A great discovery

It was a wonderful discovery. A small but cute place, the food is delicious… who says that vegan food is boring?!!! Try it, even if you’re not vegan. You won’t regret.


07 May 2022

Live this spot when ever it’s open 🤣🤣 make sure you call before you go

The Ardent Vegan

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03 Dec 2021

Loving the Loving Hut

I've been coming here for a decade now. The food is delicious and good value too. However not enough seating or space of you want to dine out and no wait staff. Pizza here is magnificent though!

Pros: The Pizza is amazing (🍕), The food is great, All vegan all the time

Cons: Dining area is small, No wait staff., Beverages options are paltry.


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25 May 2021

Call & make sure they're open before you go

Pretty good variety of health & comfort food. Some of the best seitan you'll have anywhere - particularly the chick'n crispy strips and smoky seitan.
Hours can be erratic and they sometimes close with no notice so make sure they're open before you go. If they're closed when you arrive, go to Sunny Thai down the street. :)


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30 Apr 2021

So good!

I’ve eaten here quite a few times and never been disappointed!

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Freshly made

Cons: Side dishes are too great


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09 Feb 2020

Great food

Just moved from Michigan to the Arlington metro area was looking for some good vegan or vegetarian food. This place was great lots of options from chill wraps to burgers the Loving Hut will be one of my favorite options

Cons: No Con


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04 Jan 2020

Kind of disappointing, but vegan

This is the Loving Hut closest to my house, so I sometimes go here. Service is slow. Side portions are incredibly small and lacking. Half of the time they are randomly closed. Sadly I believe it's the only 100% vegan restaurant in Arlington, so I still make stops every now and then, but I do not expect the food here to wow my friends or family, and make that known upfront.

Pros: Vegan

Cons: Portion sizes, Slow, Uninviting workers


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14 Dec 2019

Great vegan treasure in Arlington

Great vegan restaurant! 100% vegan with friendly staff

Pros: Plenty of variety on vegan food, Kind staff

Cons: Not very many drink options, Bai or water


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11 Dec 2019

Leaves you wanting ...

Though it’s great to have a vegan restaurant in an overwhelmingly carnivorous culture (Arlington, Texas), the food is a bit lacking, but some dishes are good for a restaurant without a professional chef. The umami bowl is good, and the mushroom pizza is ok. The nachos are not very appetizing, unless you like ballpark nachos. The service is very slow and seems lazy. I’ve been to quite a few vegan restaurants around the country, and this place does not rank very highly, when it comes to decor, overall vibe, and definitely, service.


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16 Nov 2019

Counter staff is helpful. Not a fan of the paper plates and plastic flatware.

The staff is helpful. Food was good. Menu is nice. Didn’t like the plastic and paper utensils and plates

Pros: Nice Menu, Good wait staff

Cons: Plastic Flatware , Paper plates


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Mostly Veg
16 Jun 2019

It ok

It wasnt great but it was a place you could go and not worry about getting animal product. The food was ok. The Mexican wrap could have had a little more Mexican flavor.

Pros: Vegan


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22 Apr 2019

All Vegan but not zero waste

I thinks its a small, cozy vegan place! The main cashier there, Thomas, is super cool if you get to know him and he can tell you all about vegan food in Norway and Prague. It's all vegan but unfortunately a lot of their food is handed out on paper plates, and they only have plastic silverware available.

Pros: Tasty vegan food, All vegan, Can call and order ahead to cut down waiting time

Cons: Long eating times, Expensive, Plastic silverware


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29 Mar 2019

Worst loving hut I have ever been too

I this was my 7th loving hut I have gone to (4th in the US), and it was the worst. The menus was had very little options compared to any other location. The service was lazy and slow. The food prep was slazy. The feel to the place was just all lazy. Food is all served on Paperplates that you get for large family gaverings in the back yard. Nachos are just a handful of chips on a paperplate with sauces drizzled on. Like you would get at a baseball game but even lazier. The sandwich took about 40 mins for them to microwave it. The food taste isn't terrible, but if I wanted microwaved items I could get from Walmart I would just do it my self and save to cost of the labor.

very disappointing and a shame that this place has the Loving Hut name when so many others are great and actually care for people they are serving.

If you are looking for a nice vegan place to sit down and eat, this is not it.

Pros: It is vegan

Cons: Options, Very slow, Microwaved and served on Paperplates


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04 Oct 2018

Awesome Employees!

I'm brand new to veganism, and I had an awesome conversation with the gentleman working behind the counter. He helped me find this app, as well as a few others in order to find vegan friendly places. He even told me about a few places he likes himself, and where I could buy vegan groceries without driving all the way up to Whole Foods (which is a 30 minutes trek for me). Really great people!


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17 May 2018

Not that great, unfortunately

Was traveling for business in Arlington and stopped here with high hopes. The service was very slow - took nearly 30 minutes to get our spring rolls and hot pots. The hot pot was overcooked and mostly rice and vermicelli noodles sprinkled with bits of tofu, carrots and peas. Really disappointing. Most everything else on the menu was made with seitan. What about fresh vegetables and more whole foods?

Pros: Inexpensive, Lots of choices

Cons: Slow, Unappetizing, Processed food


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26 Mar 2018




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19 Jan 2018

Tasty and not to expensive

32$ for 2 Appetizer, 2 Main Dishes and 2 Drinks.

Very tasty

Pros: Cheap, Tasty


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22 Oct 2017


My family and I loved it. We had the nachos, golden rolls, and bianca pizza. I love all of it!

We went back the next day and also got some crispy strips for my son. He liked them.

Pros: Everything is vegan.

Cons: No cons for me.


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16 Apr 2017

Nice variety

I went to Loving Hut for the he first time and was glad to see the variety offered in their menu. You can get Asian favs like spring rolls and fried rice, but there are hearty Mediterranean and American-style sandwiches too. All of the pizza options look great and I happened to be there on a Friday so I was able to take some fresh baked carrot muffins home too!

Pros: ALL Vegan

Cons: Not opened on Sunday or Monday- which is good for


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01 Sep 2016

best vegan joint in Arlington!!!

I've tried majority of the menu and all of it is really good! I always get the summer rolls as a appetizer. No lie, everything there is delicious.


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22 Jul 2016

bland and cold food

I ordered a sandwich and the lettuce and tomatoes were so cold it hurt my mouth to bite into. They were icy.

John Aviator

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17 Sep 2015


Review Title says it all. Was here with 4 other people who (meat eaters!) thoroughly enjoyed my choice in venue. Thank you Happy Cow!


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26 Aug 2015

Serves the purpose

Having dined at dozens of family-owned Loving Hut eateries around the world, and having experienced wide-ranging quality, i never know what to expect the first time i walk into a new one, but i'm always willing to try at least once because often they're very good.

This particular Loving Hut, in Arlington, was what i guess i'd call typical for the Loving Hut universe. Since in my experience at Loving Huts, the Asian food has better odds of being good than the western food, i ordered one of the relatively few Asian dishes on the menu, and it was tasty. It didn't wow me, but didn't disappoint either.

The service during my visit was quietly sweet.

There's ample free parking in the lot.

Enjoy :-)

Pros: All vegan, varied menu

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