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Lovin' Spoonfuls

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Contact 520-325-7766

2990 N Campbell Ave Ste 120, Tucson, Arizona, USA, 85719

This vegetarian restaurant in Tucson offers many choices for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Has brunch on weekends. Veggie burgers, fries with vegan ranch dressing, and its signature dish is a cashew nut loaf. Order your at the counter and seat yourself. Open Mon-Sat 9:30am-9:00pm, Sun 10:00am-3:00pm.

Category: Vegan, American, Beer/Wine

Reviews (68)

First Review by BrienneAmber

Excellent - Edit

This is an oasis in the desert! I was driving from LA to Texas and stopped in Tucson. Lucky for me! The owner Peggy was at the register and took my order. So many options it was hard to decide. Everything was excellent, made from scratch and with love. Highly recommend this place.

Pros: Affordable, Made from scratch, Supports animal rights

Cons: Only counter service, no biggie

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Could be Better... Could be Worse. - Edit

I didn't love it as much as I had hoped. Some things were very good, other things not so much...

Seasoned Chipotle Fries - classic french fries with a chipotle seasoning. Pretty good, but tasted like a regular salt-based seasoning; there was no trace of chipotle.

Battered Beer Brat Bites - They cut vegan bratwurst into toddler-sized bites, batter them up, and deep fry them. Sounds amazing!! They didn't quite live up to my dreams. Their vegan sausage left a nasty after-taste in my mouth, which I tried to drown out with their vegan honey mustard dipping sauce (which was delicious!), but couldn't escape it. Too bad. This could've been the perfect appetizer.

Batter-up Sampler Platter - This dish comes with battered french fries, onions, tempura shrimp, chicken nuggets, and mushrooms (the latter of which I omitted; I hate mushrooms). The menu description indicates that there are no substitutions allowed, but they allowed me to omit the mushrooms. I disliked the chicken nuggets. It had a weird and tough-to-chew consistency. However, everything else was deep fried bliss! I enjoyed the taste of their tempura shrimp and the accompanying cocktail sauce was yummy.

"Tuna" Salad Sandwich - This was my main entree. It was tasty, but it wasn't the best vegan tuna that I've ever had. It's still a solid choice, and if I had nothing else with which to compare it I may have considered it bomba. I chose potato salad for my side, but I was also given a bag of potato chips. The potato salad was ok...good even. But again, after having had some excellent vegan potato salad elsewhere, it just didn't quite measure up. Still, I would say that it was good.

The tap water was gross; it had a very peculiar and suspicious taste to it.

The service was awkward. It wasn't obnoxiously terrible, but it wasn't good either. We were never asked how we were doing or if we needed anything. We had a lot of leftovers and they never offered to get us to go boxes. I had to get up to ask for boxes and bags. I also don't like that the hours for their breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus are not published on their website. We arrived around 3pm, thinking we could get dinner. We were told that dinner didn't start until 4pm. (Not sure what time breakfast ends and lunch starts.)

2-star service. Between 3 1/2 & 4 stars for the food. I wouldn't mind going back to try some of their breakfast items.

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FAVORITE!!! - Edit

This is probably my favorite restaurant in Tucson. EVERYTHING is Vegan there are so many options available and Sunny (the owner) is always there and so friendly. She made her own cookbook and it is available in the shop. It is conveniently located and you can call in to-go orders for added convenience. The food is always AMAZING and when I bring non-vegan/vegetarians there they can't even notice a difference. I love the freedom to choose anything on the menu and the quality of the food is superb.

Pros: AMAZING Vegan food, Friendly staff, Convenience

Cons: There is only one

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Tucson's oldest VEGAN restaurant - and it's great! - Edit

This is my go-to veg restaurant in Tucson. Their menu is enormous and diverse - there's something for everyone. From faux meets to quality veggie dishes to fried delights (a Southern girl's kryptonite), Sunny has it all.

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Go-to restaurant for us - Edit

Lovin spoonfuls is our go-to restaurant. We eat here at least once a week. The barbeque "beef", Reuben, and eggplant sandwiches are our most common choices. We don't eat the chips, so we order either a side salad or two of the veg-salad sides (carrot and slaw) instead of a side and chips. There are also great salads and the soups are amazing. Say hello to Sunny, the owner, who is very friendly and almost always there.

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Just Because it's Vegan Doesn't Mean it's Healthy - Edit

I guess if you don't care about your gallbladder or liver this is the place for you. I was appalled at the menus. The sandwich I ordered was dripping with grease and it came with non-organic potato chips... Who knows about the potato salad.
Like Pepsi? Then this is your place, too. I suppose if you are attempting to convince a meat eater to change it might be a good idea to take them here. I'll NEVER go back. YUCK!!!

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Great! - Edit

Loved the options, service & food. Price is a bit high, but I didn't mind after tasting the food.

Milkshake was great, seasoned fries were awesome, and the sandwich was really good. I'm not usually a fan of potato salad, but I even enjoyed that, too.

Very good experience.

Pros: All vegan, Liked things I normally don't, Milkshakes on point

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Good restaurant with tasty vegan options - Edit

On our last US holiday, we checked the vegan options for Tucson here on HappyCow and decided on this one. We didn't regret our choice, the Lovin' Spoonfuls is highly recommendable.

The atmosphere is cozy an quiet, staff was very friendly and helpful.

To our surprise, the portions were normal-sized, not like in most other US restaurants, so we had a starter and dessert with our main course. All three courses were very good, we didn't have any complaints.

Pros: good-sized portions (not too large), good food, friendly & helpful staff

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Options for Vegans - Edit

One thing I admire about this establishment is that there are absolutely NO animal products in this establishment, and there are also vegan cookbooks for sale, and DVDs about the importance of a plant-based diet, like Forks Over Knives. There are also brochures available for taking which promote veganism. The food here isn't my favorite, but I do appreciate that they have a booklet that lists every single ingredient used in each menu item available for perusal for those with special dietary guidelines. The owner truly is passionate about a shift in awareness regarding the serious detriment caused by consumption of animal products. Check out the restaurant website for some informative liks!
Updated from previous review on Wednesday July 16, 2014:
The same transparency in menu items was offered to me, so important to mindful eaters. Even though the place was packed, all of my needs were met, and I ordered an extremely customized dish that'd wasn't treated that I was being a bother. LS continues to offer information about local events, vegan literate and movies, and the owner is wholeheartly interested in spreading knowledge. This place will forever be in top 3 places to try while in Tucson...and feel comfortable taking any non-vegans as well!

Pros: Owner is passionate, dedicated, Large selection of menu items, Transparancy of ingredients

Cons: Expensive for small portions, Menu items are not necessarily healthy, Overuse of TVP

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pretty good but possibly the worlds slowest restaurant - Edit

I'm in town for a conference and have taken out and dined it over these two days. I have a yummy looking piece of cake waiting for me.

After waiting in line to order, ordering and waiting for my dinner it has been an HOUR and still nothing. I am not exaggerating.

Last night I had a burger and fries and it was pretty great. I did take out for the sun dried Mac n cheese. It was ok.

I'm waiting for the chicken fried steak, stuffing and mashed potatoes. If it ever arrives I expect it to be greAt. I also expect to not come here again because an hour is too long to wAit for dinner.

Pros: tastes good, vegan, homemade desserts in the desert

Cons: OMG! an hour+ wait for my dinner???!!!

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Tucson's Best! - Edit

As a vegan, good food is often hard to find! For almost six years while living in Tucson I ate at Lovin' Spoonfuls often, the best vegan restaurant I have ever visited (and I have been to a LOT of them). I have had everything on the menu, breakfast, lunch, and dinner; all of it was delicious! My favorites are the Route 66 Cheeseburger, Country Fried Chicken Platter, and Thai Vegetable Curry. Also, sometimes there is a barbeque "chicken" sandwich as the special, which is fantastic. The brownies, cakes, shakes and other goodies are fabulous, too. My beautifully decorated birthday cakes were always ordered there; the rich and fabulous chocolate is my favorite. Friends who are vegetarians and meat-eaters always loved it, too. Once I took relatives there that are hard-core carnivores (telling them only that it was a "healthy" place, and not telling them it was vegan) and they were all very happy with their dinner... and very surprised that "vegan food could be good!" One in-law argued with me about his burger, insisting it had to have meat in it. Only once in all that time did I have a minor complaint, and the owner fixed it immediately and insisted on comping my meal. So I don't understand these negative reviews, nit picking about the ordering style or saying the food is "bland." The service was always top-notch and every meal I had there during hundreds of visits was spiced perfectly. The devoted owner, Peg, remembers your name and always has a smile, and even gave me a favorite recipe she developed for the restaurant when I moved 1400 miles from Arizona, and told her I would miss that dish the most! I wish there was a Lovin' Spoonfuls near where I live now. I will certainly go there when I visit Arizona!

Pros: Delicious, healthy vegan food. The best!, Reasonably priced!, So good my carnivore relatives love it.

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A bit disappointing - Edit

We had to wait over 45 minutes before we got our starter. The main course was disappointing.There was not much taste in the food. My husband did like his meal though.

Cons: It takes too long, Not being served at the table, The food wasn't very tasty

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Really good vegan cuisine - Edit

This is an elegant place with a bit of a quirky serving style. The initial order is given and paid for at the counter; from then on it's full table service. We started out with a hummus plate. Common vegan restaurant fare, but there was something exceptionally tasty about it here. For my entree I had the "signature" Piccadilly nut loaf, which was outstanding. It’s a cashew, oat and onion loaf, beautifully seasoned, with mashed potatoes, gravy and grilled fresh vegetables. First time I've had mashed potatoes in years. Beautifully prepared and immensely satisfying. My spouse had the Mexicali black beans and rice, which was also very, very good. I ordinarily have a beer (or two) with dinner but the selection was limited to one kind, which didn't particularly appeal to me so I had red wine instead. I know one doesn't usually go to a vegan restaurant for the beer selection but some of my favorite vegan restaurants have a nice selection, which is a real plus in my book. Other than than minor glitch, our experience at Lovin' Spoonfuls was quite satisfying. I hope to go back and sample some more items on their extremely varied menu.

Pros: Varied, imaginative menu, Very good food, well-prepared, Appealing decor and atmosphere

Cons: Only one kind of beer

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Great for a certain type of person - Edit

Veggie restaurants have a lot to prove. These are exciting times, times of change... I love taking my carnivore friends to restaurants and inviting them to see the truth that vegan food is good and their faces when they can't believe it.

I wouldn't bring a carnivore to Loving Spoonfuls intending to impress them. It only makes a bad impression on vegetarian restaurants in their eyes. A patron is required to order at the cashier, so imagine trying to visit with a group. One of the members must take the orders of the group.

The only reason I like this place, is because it is vegan. I don't have to worry about scouring the menu for vegan items, nor explain i want only veggies to someone who doesn't care in other restaurants.

But I get the feeling that's why they are so relaxed, because there is not enough friendly competition. It would take very little effort, simply adding love, to make this a remarkable restaurant.

Pros: comfy, one of 2 vegan restaurants in Tucson

Cons: one of 2 vegan restaurants in Tucson, let all beings be wild and free

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Bland City - Edit

Has lots of potential. Basically good food but way too bland and no way to spice things up...no options. Great place for bland midwesterners who grew up on meat and potatoes.

Pros: provides a good service

Cons: bland as hell

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Kept Going Back For More! - Edit

We've visited Tucson twice and have eaten here several times. The staff was always friendly and the owner talked to us quite a bit. She seemed really nice and it felt pretty laid back, which we love. The food was fantastic, especially the Route 66 Bacon Cheeseburger and Tuna Melt, two of our favorites there. It's a nice variety on their menu because you can order healthier if you want, too. We'll definitely be stopping in there again the next time we visit Tucson!

Pros: excellent variety, excellent food, friendly staff

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I don't understand why people love this place... - Edit

It's a small and noisy order-at-the counter type place. The food is expensive and surprisingly bland. What a disappointment. I ordered the Angel Hair with Tomato. The pasta was overcooked and gummy and the sauce had to be the blandest I've had in a long time.

My son and daughter-in-law ordered sandwiches and french fries. The fries were certainly plentiful but they were undercooked, limp and greasy. The sandwiches themselves were tasteless.

Don't they use spices and herbs? Don't they use salt and pepper? This was boring, boring, boring and bland. I will NOT go back.

Pros: Good sized portions, Friendly staff

Cons: Bland, Over-priced

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Overpriced, Nothing To Write Home - Edit

Expensive for some not bad but pretty unassuming food. It's an order at the counter place trying to look classy. The woman there barely acknowledged me until I spoke up, then actually second guessed which dessert I wanted. But the other staff were helpful. I enjoyed hearing the musician play.

Pros: Atmosphere

Cons: Prices, Flavor

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So good! - Edit

Vegan French Toast!! I'm from L.A., and I don't understand why it's so hard to find a vegan breakfast let alone Vegan French Toast, but I found it in Tucson, Arizona and boy is it good!!

Organic multigrain bread dipped in cinnamon batter, hot from the griddle with pure maple syrup. I ordered that with a side of the "Country Scramble" with veggie "ham" added with some hot chocolate. Delicious!!

I am here on business for 3 weeks so I know I'll be here again! Thanks for bein' here Lovin' Spoonfuls!

Pros: Yummy!, Ample portions, Did I say yummy?!

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Best vegan restaurant.. EVER - Edit

I am a native Tucsonan and a loyal patron of Lovin' Spoonfuls! Since it's start, this restaurant offers a large menu with a wide variety of options for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. The food is absolutely incredible and is delicious enough to entice even the non-veg eaters! The flavors are amazing and the staff is always very kind. The owner is an amazing lady who obviously has a big passion for what she does. The inside is nice enough to be a formal restaurant, but it was a casual feel.
The golden nuggets (non-chicken nuggets) are AMAZING and they have a great adzuki burger. I have never been less than amazed by their soups.
Over all a must-go-to when in Tucson!

Pros: Incredible food, Amazing owner and staff, A business worth supporting

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Intriguingly good - Edit

Food has a unique flavor that is worth experiencing. Everything is hand-made. The flavors are different and interesting -- the cashew-mushroom pate is great! If I lived locally, I would eat here all the time. When you walk in, the place looks super-formal, but it's pretty casual.

Pros: Unique flavors, Pretty interior, Free Wifi

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love this place - Edit

When we go, we always order a meal each, a few sides, and desserts! So good! The cakes don't impress me but those cookies are to die for! The food is good and it is a totally chill environment. Check it out :)

Pros: yummy, cookies!, chill environment

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Despite the cons, still one of my favorite places - Edit

This is definitely one of my comfort places when in town due to their vegan desserts, vegan cheese, vegan ranch and sour cream. Most places don't have those things. However....

There is always a very tense vibe when the owner is in. If you pay attention at all, you can see her correcting their every move. Which was awkward.

When asked about how they heat things, they said most our heated in the microwave which bothered me. Also the portions have gotten smaller and smaller over the years. Don't get a smoothie - they are mostly ice, but the shakes are amazing!

Last time I was there, they were also still using styrofoam for to-go orders which seemed very dated to me.

Having said all that, I'll still go every time I'm in town. :) Highly recommend the chickun nuggets (or whatever they call them), the chicken salad melt, and the chef's salad with ranch. Also the chocolate PB shake is sooo good!

Pros: Great food, All the hard to find vegan condiments, Huge dessert selection

Cons: Tense vibe, small portions

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LS has gotten better as it's aged - Edit

For vegans this is the place to eat in town. Has a low-fat, soy-free and gluten-free menu as well.

I do not care for the order at the counter, we'll bring your food to the table. The line can be incredibly long and very slow.

Wish the opening time/breakfast was served at a more traditional hour. 9:30 on M-Sat is too late and Sunday at 10 AM is ridiculous.

Pros: Friendly staff, Vegan, vegan, vegan!

Cons: Breakfast not served early enough!, Small portions, Can be pricey

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Delicious all-vegan food & great casual atmosphere - Edit

Visiting Tucson, this was the first place I hit. Brought my 2 non-veg sisters along and we ALL loved our food. Got the Caesar salad, falafel sandwich, Asian rice bowl, and split a piece of the peanut butter pie. Everything was outstanding and the service very friendly and quick. You can seriously taste the love in this place.

Pros: All vegan menu, Friendly & fast service, Good portions

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Favorite in Tucson - Edit

I have family in Tucson and I am vegan. Lovin' Spoonfuls is an oasis for me. It has become a family tradition to eat there when I am in town, even though my family is not vegan. Every dish I have had was wonderful. I particularly love the lasagne. The atmosphere is clean and the staff is always nice.

Pros: Excellent food, good price, nice people

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Thanks to my Happy Cow App, this was a great find while travelling through Tucson, Arizona. The restaurant is super-clean and friendly. You order your food at a counter and then sit down and they bring it to you. You can sit inside or outside. I ordered the batter-fried "chicken" strips appetizer and a "B"LT. The fake-chicken was fantastic. It came with a honey mustard sauce for dipping. There were a lot of them in the basket, so it's plenty to share with a couple people. The batter is very light and delicious. The BLT was fantastic also. The "bacon" was so crunchy and delicious (and plenty of it on the sandwich - not skimpy at all); it was served on a grain bread with lettuce, tomato and some kind of fake mayo. Even though it says "vegetarian", I believe Lovin Spoonfuls is vegan. I'm not vegan, just vegetarian, so it was fine with me. They serve NO MEAT at all. The prices were very reasonable - even on the low side. Love love loved everything about it.

Pros: Casual, clean atmosphere, Great food, Very reasonable prices

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Pretty Good - Edit

There's not many vegan restaurants around, but even if there were they'd compare pretty good. If they improved a few things to please perfectionists like me then I'd think they were awesome: I don't like that they use canola oil in alot of items (as of date of this review) - come on - canola oil - every nutritionist in the world abhors that stuff, I don't like that they sometimes use a microwave oven to keep some items warm, I think the music is slightly too loud. I know I'm picky. People/staff are great, menu is good too.

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Stroganoff is HEAVEN - Edit

Just driving through; had heard the burger was great, but wanted to try the stroganoff. It. Was. FABULOUS. It was perfectly spiced, the vegan "beef" was chewy and delicious, it tasted just like my Mom used to make it. The sauce was creamy and thick. Topped it off with spiced iced tea and a slice of vanilla cake. Can't wait to come back through so I can stop here again!

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What a wonderful place :-) - Edit

I wish I could give a more well-rounded review, but I always get the same thing for lunch/dinner: Route 66 Bacon Cheese Burger with carrot salad. I keep thinking I should try something else, but this sandwich is SO GOOD. Even my omnivore boyfriend loves it. We have tried breakfast there and it was also delicious; I had the Italian Scramble and he had French Toast. Although they have been busy whenever I go, the staff is friendly and service is fast. Lovely atmosphere; I can't say enough good things about this place!!!!

Pros: excellent food, friendly staff, good value

Cons: none

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The Best Vegan Bakery Ever! - Edit

We live in L.A. and are surrounded by vegan restaurants but the breakfast we had was by far the best I remember. Lovin' Spoonfuls is a wonderful vegan restaurant with the best vegan bakery I know of. I wish they were in Los Angeles, though I'm sure they don't.

Pros: great vegan breakfast, five-star vegan baked goods

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Awesome - Edit

on the way from El Paso to Pheonix we stopped, starving, at spoonfuls. my omni bf ordered the route 66 and I took the adzuki. mine was perfect, together with the potato salad. my bf's route 66 with carrot salad was ok. very nice place, the only one in Tucson to my understanding. the home iced tea was excellent :-) recommended!!

Pros: big variety, great iced tea

Cons: bit pricy, $8 for small but filling burger

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Par Excellence - Edit

I was visiting Tucson for a week and went to Loving spoonfuls like 3-4 times. Outstanding food. The saurkraut brauts were amazingly good. All of the meat substitute dishes were tasty indeed. They specialize in the American stick to your ribs type of food and do it exceptionally well. The owner was very polite and service friendly. There are not pretentious vegans here just honest to good compassionately made food. The atmosphere is very casual and laid back. You can bring your kids w/ strollers as well as your 80 year old grandma. But its nice enough to take a date out to on a weekend night.

Pros: food, price, service

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Can't do shakes - Edit

We had the good fortune to visit here twice on our trip. The first time we came through at dinner and ordered Lasagna (not the one with all the veggies). It was alright, you definitely get a lot of it (I would not order this again, cheese was too fake. The second time we chose the Route 66 Bacon Cheese Burger. These guys seriously know how to make a burger, this is probably the best food I had on my entire trip. They used Daiya, definitely a good move (Sad things is, I'll probably never try anything else on their menu if I'm ever in the area again). We got Peanut butter and Chocolate Mint milk shakes to go but they tasted too watered down (not sure how they get Peanut Butter to taste bland).

Pros: Bacon Cheeseburger, Bacon Cheeseburger, Easy to find

Cons: Bland Milk Shakes, No Eugene, OR Branch (Hint Hint)

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Devine! You can order anything! - Edit

How frequently can a vegan order ANYTHING off of a menu? Not often! In steps the amazing Lovin' Spoonfuls menu. They are open 7 days a week and have a breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu. We live (relatively) close and have had nearly everything on their menu. I have my favorites: tofu scramble, "chicken" golden nuggets, stroganoff... Their ranch is the best and the service is great. We have all our birthday cakes made here and they not only taste delicious, but they are decorated extremely fancy.

Check out their daily specials. They, obviously, change daily, but they are great.

My whole family loves Lovin' Spoonfuls and we know it's a sure-win for all friends we take there!

Pros: extensive menu, 3 meals, plus dessert menu, friendly

Cons: don't deliver, they aren't a chain--YET!

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not sure - Edit

we only had appetizers there. fries, battered mushrooms and chickenless nuggets. all of these three are made by frying which is obvious but bad thing was the fries were not crispy and the other two on the very oily side. the shake though was very delicious. would have tried something else but didnt work out timewise.
service was friendly but the restaurant in the inside is decorated with very dark furniture which brings a somewhat uncomfortable atmosphere in my opinion.

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Simply the best - Edit

I visit Tucson once, sometimes twice, a year and Lovin' Spoonfuls is high on my list of priorities. The food is outstanding! Highly recommend the nut loaf and "chik'n nuggets." Great place to grab a healthy burger, fries and shake OR a full dinner. The restaurant is family-friendly, and looks like your typical neighborhood eatery. The desserts are fantastic! Make sure you try their carrot cake if it is part of their selection.

Pros: food preparation, variety, desserts

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Excellent! - Edit

My boyfriend and I stopped at Lovin' Spoonfuls the minute we got into Tucson. Our excitement was well-placed after seeing the menu and the dessert case! We went a little crazy and ordered the spring roll appetizer, tempura "shrimp" appetizer, a peanut butter cup shake, a "bacon cheeseburger" and the daily special "chicken" bbq sandwich. The spring rolls were the same kind we buy in the freezer case at the grocery store, just deep fried so nothing too special really. The tempura "shrimp" was closer to fried shrimp, the batter almost tasted like hush puppies to me, and they were pretty good. Both sandwiches were EXCELLENT, as was the peanut butter cup shake. The burger had daiya cheese and lots of fake bacon, and the bbq sandwich had their homemade bbq sauce which was great. We got the apple pie, chocolate raspberry cake, and a chocolate chip cookie to go... later we were in HEAVEN. They were the best vegan desserts we've ever had, and we've had some darn good ones before! It would be well worth the 2 hour drive for us to go back just for lunch or dinner, everything was amazing. It could rival Phoenix's Green Restaurant! The only downside is we spent almost $60 on lunch... still worth it though :-)

Pros: Great menu, Amazing desserts, Daily specials

Cons: A little pricey, Needs longer Sunday hours

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Fantastic - Edit

Husband and I went for brunch on Sunday when we went to Tucson to visit family. Both of us had breakfast options, he got the southwest scramble burrito, I had the italian scramble. I will have to try the pancakes next time as they look wonderful. Love that they are vegan so we can order anything. Very friendly staff, food tasted wonderful and they have quite the selection. We ordered an appetizer and a dessert as well and liked that you order at the counter and they brought out the food in the right order, not just all at once. We liked the decor, it is very nice and like a "normal" restaurant. Veggie restaurants don't seem to have the budget of the bigger ones and unfortunately seem to show it in their decor, not this one. Pricing seemed reasonable to us.

Pros: Yummy Vegan, Clean, Friendly staff

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super yummy - Edit

Our 7yr old even loves this place. The chickenless nuggets that Peggy makes here are "The BEST ever mom!" she declares to me. They're made from Gardein so I'm in complete agreement with her. It also helps that she can get a soy milkshake here and no one bats an eye. Peggy, the owner, takes orders and wanders the restaurant while folks are eating. Everytime we visit, our daughter gives her a big hug for having a restaurant where she can even have desert without getting sick (her words).

Pros: excellent food, healthy cuising , friendly staff

Cons: a little expensive, but worth the money, small dining space

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great find - Edit

I was passing through Tucson and went a little out of my way to get here, but after eating there I concluded that I would go A LOT out of my way to get to this place.

I had the Fiesta Scramble: tofu, soy chorizo (which I was leery of at first but it was delicious), soy cheese & green chiles, served with guacamole, non-dairy sour cream, a side of home fries and toast.

I can't claim to be the final word on tofu scrambles, since this was my first one, but I have a strong feeling that after this one I'll be disappointed with every scramble from now on! It had a perfect balance of spiciness, and had really great texture. It was nothing short of magical. Paired it with an spiced iced tea (their own blend) recommended by the owner and it was a home run.

Awesome food, friendly atmosphere and with a 100% vegan menu, you can't find a place with a wider variety of choices in the area. Definitely worth a stop!

Pros: clean restaurant, super friendly & helpful staff, amazing scrambles

Cons: styrofoam to-go cups :(, couldn't fit the whole menu in my mouth

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Wonderful! - Edit

We were on vacation in Tucson and found this restaurant by searching Happy Cow. I was extremely impressed by the quality of the food and the service we received here. The staff was genuinely friendly and polite and the food was amazing. I went for breakfast with my husband who occasionally eats meat and even he can't wait to go back. I had the Fiesta scramble and he had the Strawberry French toast. Best vegan scramble I've had yet. Cute and comfortable cafe setting.

Pros: Excellent food, Friendly staff, Generous portions

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It's okay - Edit

This is a place I go when I'm lazy to cook, It's okay nothing special it's like denny's but vegan the prices are high. When you get a burger their no fries on the side. I use to love french toast I finally went their for their breakfast very disappointed. Very high priced, but really other then that this place is good food. This place is also very quiet, not kid friendly.

Pros: friendly staff, healthly food

Cons: not kid friendly , high priced

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My Favorite Place to Go! - Edit

I have been vegan now for a little over a month. Being someone who ate out quite a bit I was completely saddened when my new choice life style meant if I wanted to eat, I'd be eating at home. However, I was thrilled when I started searching for places that would cater to my diet and found Lovin' Spoonfuls! Online I discovered that the menu was 100% vegan. That fact is what got me in the door. I've gone back several times because the food is delicious, staff is friendly and the atmosphere is welcoming!
I do agree that the cost seems a bit high, normally my husband and I spend 30 dollars a meal but the quality of the menu makes it totally worth it! I go there knowing that I have total freedom and can eat anything that sounds good to me! Plus, have you seen the desserts? They're delicious and worth every penny, not to mention saving a little belly room.

The owner is often there and is always friendly! As well is her staff. There are also several pieces of information on Vegan nutrition, animal rights and local happenings to browse through.

I'll be going back again and again!

Pros: 100% Vegan!, Delicious, High Quality

Cons: A little expensive, Sometimes hard to find a seat., Only open until 3 on Sunday's.

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I lovelovelove lovin spoonfuls - Edit

After I became Vegan almost two years ago this was the first resturaunt I had eaten at in months. The staff here is wonderful and has been nothing but amazing.

The food is great! It does have a lot of 'diner' type food, but there are also italian, middle eastren and asian dishes. The lunch menu is my fave!

I recomend everything on the menu, if you are a recovering seafood adict like me then get the Tuna Melt and the Tempura Shrimp. I love and have gotten good responses from my family and friends with the: the Club Sandiwch, Classic Burger, Happy Turkey, Fries, Lasagna, Suffed Pasta Magnifica, Country Fried Chicken Platter, Pancakes, Breakfast Burrito, and ALL of the desserts! I'm sure I'm forgetting a few on there, they have a pretty extensive menu I think.

My omni family and freinds eat here with me often and they love it to!

Oh yeah, and two words; BROWNIE SPECIAL omg

Pros: yum, yum , BROWNIE SPECIAL

Cons: Nothing , Nada, murders all other vegan restruaunts haha

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mena I am sorry to say that this place has really lost its charm for me, I stopped going after getting sick each time I ate there, my husband also didn't feel great after eating there. We recently gave it another shot, because the food is so good, we figured it would be worth the tummy ache, we didn't get sick this time, but now the food was tasteless and grainy. I am so sad guys, you don't even know! Maybe I was spoiled by Green and some of the vegan LA places I've been to now. I honestly don't know what changed :(

I would still recommend this place, but only to show off the tempura shrimp, which are still amazing!

...just ok - Edit

Lovin spoonfuls was just ok. There's nothing incredibly special about the food they serve. I talked to one of the owners when i was there and she was incredibly rude to me. I already ordered my food and if i hadnt i wouldve left. I went again for breakfast (only because i was in town and there's no other veg restaurants in tucson open that early) and the waitress was very friendly and nice.

the food isnt the best... but if you're in tucson and you're vegan, i guess you dont have many options

Pros: ...its a veg restaurant, quick service, healthy portions

Cons: rude service, overpriced

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great place! - Edit

Peggy was so nice to me! I mentioned that I was looking for Gluten-Free options as well as vegan and she gave me a separate GF menu with everything already outlined for me, including wonderful vegan GF breads! I have the Porta Pita, very good!

Pros: large menu, fresh, Gluten-free options

Cons: no kombucha!

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yummmy!!!!!!! - Edit

I went here two years ago, it was easy to find and had great service. I ordered the Route 66 burger, it had their homemade veggie burger with veggie cheese and veg bacon with a side fruit colslaw. My dad ordered the chilli and it was so goood!also they had peta stikers and vegetarian starter kits and info on a veg lifestyle.Get dessert too!it was delicious!

Pros: yum, yum, friendly

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The Gold Standard - Edit

An all vegan restaurant with great food and a friendly staff! The smell hits you once you enter the door so its no suprise that most of the tables are already taken. The owner is often there and she is an incredibly kind person (of course, she's vegan!).

Dinner is great and the vegan deserts are so good you'll want more than one (...very tempting).

Word has it they are planning to start franchising Lovin' Spoonfuls so if you're not lucky enough to live in or visit Tucson, there may be one coming to your town soon.

Pros: Food, Deserts, Service

Cons: One one Lovin' Spoonfuls right now., Not closer to my house

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Makes me happy to live in Tucson! - Edit

Lovin Spoonfuls is awesome. I think I have tried everything on the menu at this point. I do have to say my favorite things to eat here are the breakfast burritos with scrambled tofu and the desserts! Reading the other reviews I agree it can be a little pricey (I'm a poor grad student) and the food comes out questionably fast, but I don't care because it's just that good. The only thing I don't like is the vegan cheddar cheese they put on the burgers and "tuna" melt. My husband and I have bought vegan cheddar cheese at the store before and didn't like it then so maybe it' just us. The owner and staff are also very friendly, attentive, and upbeat that it just completes the experience. I also like that it looks a little more classy than other vegan restaurants I have been to in the past, despite having to order at the counter.

Pros: delicious, friendly staff, good variety

Cons: on the pricey side, comparatively, vegan cheddar cheese

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Good food, but pricey and rushed, will NOT go back - Edit

Posted on: Saturday, May 23, 2009
Review: My husband and I are not vegetarians, but wanted to try this restaurant after having read about it. I was less then thrilled about having to order at the counter, I prefer to be waited on when I go out to dinner. The place doesn't look like a fast food restaurant, but it sure seems like one. The food came out quickly, too quickly. We were hardly done with the tiny appetizer (mushroom pate) when our dinners arrived. Hubby had a ravioli dish with a basil alfredo sauce...tiny little portion with an even tinier salad. I had the adzuki burger w/ french fries. The ravioli was really good as was the burger, the french fries were just fast food frozen fries. Nothing great. The service so efficient that the servers tried to pick up our plates TWICE before were finished. I guess they wanted us to hurry up and leave even though half the place was empty.
We spent $30, including two sodas. I never mind spending $$ eating out, but I'd rather be waited on or at the very least not be rushed out the door. Will NOT go back to this restaurant, even though the food was very good.(The sesame dijon salad dressing was EXCELLENT, too bad the salad was only about a 1/3 cup of greens.)

Pros: Really good food

Cons: Felt VERY rushed to finsih and leave., Too expensive for what you get.

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I'll be back - Edit

I really liked the place. Sparse crowd but it was a Monday night in November! I ordered the Green Chili Polenta and it was scrumptious! With the accompanying side salad and the veggies, I'm glad I didn't order a starter! I just had to try the pumpkin pie. (I usually make some around Halloween but I was in the US instead.) It was runnier than mine (I'm used to an egg custard-type feel) but it was nicely spiced. I wish I'd tried the pumpkin pie cheesecake - it looked wonderful. Unlike others, I liked the counter service and the staff were really friendly. On my next trip to Tucson, I'll definitely return!

Pros: Excellent food, Good value, Friendly staff

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Everyone satisfied - Edit

I was really happy with everything. The spring rolls were really good but a little greasy. I got the pasta primavera and it was really good. The garlic bread was pretty dry but the salad and dressing was so good. The best part....the chocolate cake. The best I've ever had, better than my own. I want to go back for everyday that I'm here, which unfortunately isn't very long.

Pros: spacious, booths and tables, good parking

Cons: busy street, counter ordering

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so disappointed - Edit

After reading the reviews on this site, I couldn't wait to check out this resaurant. I ordered the falafal sandwich. The potato salad that came with it was delicious. Unfortunately, the falafal itself was dry and tasteless. One of my dining companions shared this sentiment. And, you only get two falafal "pucks." Admittedly, if I had more time in Tucson, I would have given this place another chance. Their dessert menu looks especially tasty.

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Love This Place - Edit

I was down in Tucson for a week and a half for work, and was afraid there would be nothing to eat. I was SO WRONG! This place is awesome. I had the Pasta Primevera, and so did a carnivore friend, and we both loved it. Yummy. I also had fries and spring rolls, which were good, and provided plenty of leftovers.

The next time I had a "bacon cheeseburger" which was very tasty, and not too meat-like (I am not a big pseudo-meat fan). My friend, this time more of a carnivore than the last, had the chili and cornbread and raved about it! I also had a awesome slice of cake. I wanted to try a milkshake but I was just too full.

If you are in the area, you gotta try this place!

Pros: Friendly, All Vegan, Clean Bathrooms

Cons: Too far from Washington State

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Fast Food Vegan - Edit

I went with a friend after reading so many positive reviews here on HappyCow, but we found the food disappointing at best. Most of the food was clearly prefrozen, and the quality overall was poor. Maybe vegans need crappy diner food, too, but this vegan does not.

Pros: cheap, all vegan

Cons: poor quality

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YUM - Edit

Loved our dinner experience at Lovin' Spoonfuls. We found it on Happy Cow, thanks for the link. People are really nice and the food arrived at the table in good speed.

peace, vegan family of 5

Pros: tasty, many options, reasonable

Cons: far from our home in Vermont

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Loved It!! Excellent Vegan food delicious tasting! - Edit

My meat loving boyfriend order a burger next door and when I got my route 66 burger, he loved it and did not want his meat burger that he ordered from the other restaraunt. Route 66 is so tasty! There breakfast is good as well. We were very impressed. The place was clean and relaxing. I highly recommend this place to Veg. and non veg. food lovers. They even have a portable vegetarian hot dog stand that they take to the park and e.t.c. sure wished there was a lovin' spoonfuls in California. The only thing I would say for improvment is to eliminate processed sugar from there whip cream.

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Very Nice! - Edit

This place is a little corner quaint place to get a great meal! We thoroughly enjoyed the food and it was very relaxing. Nice staff, try the old country lasagna...very good.

Pros: healthy choices, very good, quiet

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Super delicious vegan good - Edit

Lovin' Spoonfuls turned out to be much better than imagined. The veggie burgers were fantastic and everything else was outstanding also. Please go here for wonderful, well-priced vegan food when in Tucson. Best veggie burger and fries that I ever had anywhere!!

Pros: taste, choice, price

Cons: none

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Nice food, nice atmosphere - Edit

I went here a couple of times when on vacation in Tucson. For lunch I had the falafel sandwich, and dinner I had Buddah's Delight. Both were really delicious and I recommend this restaurant for at least one meal while in Tucson.

Pros: Tasty food

Cons: Priced average to high

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Wonderful Food - All Vegan - Edit

Great food, friendly service, and a nice environment. Everything is vegan, and tasty. I recommend: tofu-scramble, salad, mock-tuna salad sandwiche, chocolate moose cake, and their Thanksgiving dinner. They won best veg restaurant 2006 from VegNews. They also have lots of vegetarian for your non-veg friends.

Pros: All Vegan, Very Tastey, Nice Environment

Cons: They aren't a chain

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