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Juice bar serving avocado toasts and snacks, acai bowls, salads, smoothies, and cold-pressed juices. This branch est. 2020. Open Mon-Fri 08:00-18:00, Sat-Sun 08:30-19:00.

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First Review by Fpatou


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29 Nov 2023

Good option for quick lunch

We were in the neighbourhood around lunchtime and this was one of the only options coming up.
Tried the chickpea tuna on toast. It was okay and filling for the moment. Nothing amazing but tasty enough.



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03 Oct 2023

Quick breakfast

I was overwhlemed by how expensive it was. I had the coffee shake and it was great, but Im not sure that it was worth 8.9 euros. And the avo toast isnt even impressive but cost 11 euros
The setting is very chaotic maybe I came at a crazy busy time. Not going here more times this trip tho, too expensive for what it is. If you are crazy hungry after seeing the Eiffeltower.

Also it might be worth going if you want a protein smoothie to go.

Updated from previous review on 2023-10-03

Pros: Free wifi , English menu (outside)

Cons: Too busy and loud, Waaaay to expensive , Nothing special about the food.


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10 Sep 2023

Super expensive but a solid healthy breakfast

I had the choco bowl and avocado toast which both were lovely. You get two slices of avocado toast if you pick the normal size and three if you pick grand.
The bowls are around 13 and the toast between 11-15 depending on the amount of slices you pick.
They also offer coffee shakes (bounty for example) which I didnt get to try this time round. The venue in itself looks a bit unfinished and empty/industrial.

Pros: Taste

Cons: Price , Interior


Points +26

21 Aug 2023

Great breakfast option

Great little place. We went for breakfast while staying nearby and had a range of the bowls. Really tasty!

Updated from previous review on 2023-08-21


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12 Aug 2023

The cutest place!

A warm and welcoming place with a feel good atmosphere. The food was so delicious. By far the best breakfast/lunch we've had during our vacation. Really recomend this place

Pros: The food, The people, The place


Points +69

10 Aug 2023

Very good bowl

I have been there for breakfast since it was near Hotel des Invalides. I had one of theit bowls and it was delicious. The only thing bad is that they were slow (I've waited half an hour even though the place was empty)

Pros: Delicious bowl

Cons: Slow


Points +633

30 Jul 2023

Buenas tostadas pero precios caros

Sitio vegano para desayunar, con tostadas muy ricas, pero que resulta bastante caro. La tostada de at繳n estaba muy rica, y el caf矇 est獺 bueno.

Updated from previous review on 2022-12-12

Pros: Variedad, Sabor

Cons: Precio


Points +40

15 Jul 2023

Friendly staff and great selection of delicious vegan dishes

Friendly staff and great selection of delicious vegan dishes. The waitress even gave us her top vegan restaurant recommendations for Paris which was super helpful!

Pros: Choice of food, Friendly staff

Cons: Not much seating available


Points +5511

04 Jun 2023

Sadly Presented Choco Milkshake

I went here for a snack shortly before it closed.

I had the Choco Milkshake (8,90). The presentation was extremely sad; it was served in a basic IKEA glass and a straw. It tasted alright but nothing special.

I really enjoyed the music; it was uplifting love song classics like Tina Charles.

I would not really come back here.

Updated from previous review on 2023-06-04


Points +44

06 May 2023

Icecream for breakfast

We (adults and kids) loved the smoothie bowls which were very tasty, healthy and colorful. It was like having icecream for breakfast!


Points +272

11 Apr 2023

Awesome place!

Loved stumbling across this vegan gem, in Paris. Lovely staff, HUGE smoothie bowl menu and a couple of savoury breakfast options. Was extremely satisfied with my visit, only sad that I didn't get to go again!

Pros: Extensive menu, Friendly service


Points +387

07 Apr 2023

Totally liked this bar

The place is full of organic fruit and vegetabless. We had some tasty avocado and peanut toasts. Recommend


Points +804

07 Feb 2023

Nice little healthy cafe!

We needed a refuel stop and this was the perfect place. Chocolate covered dates were a bit expensive but so delicious!
And my wife had one of the best hot chocolates she has ever had.
Great pit stop on the way to the Eiffel Tower!

Pros: The hot chocolate!


Points +29

31 Jan 2023

Little place

Nice little place, a little cold #Veganuary

Pros: Homemade fresh juice, Vegan, gluten-free

Cons: Expensive


Points +7256

29 Jan 2023

Delicious bowl and coffee

This is a nice cafe with tables inside and a few outside. I ordered a caf矇 allong矇 and the raspberry bowl. The coffee was good. The raspberry bowl was topped with berries, coconut pieces, banana and goji berries. I really liked the flavour of the bowl. Staff were nice.


Points +1005

11 Nov 2022

Great vegan lunch place but expensive

The tuna sandwiches are very nice if you like celery (I dont). The chocoshake is very tasteful and the milkshake is great to. It is overpriced. Paid 46 euros for 2 shakes and 2 tuna sandwiches.

Updated from previous review on 2022-11-11


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08 Nov 2022

Good vegan spot

Lots of options and super friendly staff


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29 Aug 2022

Choco bowl & avocado toast

I took the Choco bowl and the avocado toast. All though, both tasted amazing, paying 12.50 for a bowl and 14 for a toast (3 small thick slices of bread) seems a bit unfair. They should make it a little bit cheaper.

Pros: 100% vegan, Amazing taste, Seems very fresh

Cons: Really expensive, Small portions, aspecially for the price


Points +62

24 Aug 2022

Vegan Oasis!

We had a terrible first day in Paris with accommodation issues but this place saved us. Friendly staff, delicious and refreshing vegan food, seats inside, amenities and they topped up out bottled with water and ice.

Pros: Friendly staff, Delicious food, Seats inside

Cons: A bit pricey , Basic seating, No decorations


Points +136

16 Aug 2022

It was good but expensive

I think it was a bit expensive, but it tasted good. I had avocado toast and mylkshake and was happy about finding a place to eat a short walk from Eiffel Tower


Points +426

10 Jul 2022

Leider nicht (den) preiswert

Die Idee alles frisch alles bio ist toll! Aber leider waren Geschmack und Menge nicht den Preis wert. Wir hatte die beiden "Toasts" und ehrlich, f羹r 14 Euro... zudem wir quasi zwischen den Obst- und Gem羹sekisten gesessen, schon ein eigenwilliger Charme.

M羹sst ihr wissen.

Pros: Bio und alles vegan

Cons: deutlich zu teuer, Ambiente


Points +140

03 Jul 2022


D矇ception: il ny avait plus davocat pour prendre un toast avocat (malgr矇 les cagettes davocats sous nos yeux ).

Nous avons donc pris un veg tuna toast : 3 tranches de pain avec une sorte de houmous.
Le pain 矇tait tr癡s dense, gluten free, pas simple couper!
C矇tait bon, mais rien dextraordinaire.

Le jus vert 矇tait ok, mais rien de fou, non plus et il manquait de fra簾cheur (en terme de temp矇rature).

Beaucoup de choix de jus et de smoothie bowl, peu de choix pour du sal矇. Tout est vegan.

Laddition : 35 pour 2 assiettes de toasts et un jus.

Cons: Tr癡s cher


16 Aug 2022

Bonjour, merci pour le feed-back! Concernant les avocado toasts, cest notre best-seller et nous ne refuserions jamais den servir si nous le pouvions!
Vous pouvez en effet toujours voir beaucoup davocats sur place, malheureusement nous devons parfois attendre quils m羶rissent avant de pouvoir les proposer.
Bonne journ矇e 儭


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Mostly Veg
28 Jun 2022

Delicious vegan food

We loved this place. The green juices were delicious as was the a癟a穩 bowl. Its a bit pricey but expected for high quality ingredients.


Points +337

26 Jun 2022

Fully vegan juice bar with snacks

Apart from the fresh juices and smoothies, this place had many vegan options for eating. I went with the Avocado toast, which was ok. The bread could have been fresher but apart from that it was nice.

Pros: Fully vegan, Friendly staff, Fresh juices and smoothies

Cons: Fast food ambience, Bread was not super fresh


Points +84

13 Jun 2022

Excellent service, great avo toast

Didn't skimp on avo on the toast!
The espresso was great.
Smoothie was just perfect.

Pros: Excellent service, friendly, Delicious espresso, Good portion size

Cons: Little bit pricey, but worth it!


Points +1330

09 Jun 2022

There were not many options left at the time.
Just bowls and salads.
The food was ok but nothing mind blowing.

Pros: Friendly staff


Points +154

30 May 2022

Cute little place

Very friendly staff, and the vegan tuna toast was good. Its gluten free so the bread is justifiably dense and not my favorite. Mostly juices and smoothies. Good lunch option for sure. I also got a raw tiramis羅 that was delicious.

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