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Lord's journey traces back to 2004 when it first began selling fries out of a mobile van; within a year, its flagship outlet was planted. The company has since expanded to operating franchise outlets across Australia and into New Zealand. Its menu offers vegan versions of fast food like burgers, hot dogs, nuggets, onion rings, and fries (chips) in addition to shakes, ice cream, and all-day breakfast foods. Check website for holiday hours. Reported re-opened, February 2023. Open Mon 12:00pm-8:00pm, Wed-Thu 12:00pm-8:00pm, Fri-Sat 12:00pm-9:00pm, Sun 12:00pm-8:00pm.

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First Review by AliceFitzpatrick


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21 Jul 2023

Love the mac n cheese balls

The mac and cheese balls are just perfect deep fried cheezy goodness, highly recommend!



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12 Jul 2023

Had better

I've had better at other Lord of the Fried locations. This was a bit salty. Otherwise I love the overall idea of vegan junk food.


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27 Feb 2023

Salty boi

Have you been sweating up a storm walking up Ben Lomond? Or got too excited on the luge? This container is perfectly located at the base on the gondolas/tiki trail to help you replenish your precious sodium stores. Burgers and fries and nugs oh my


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23 Feb 2023

Tasty but watch the salt

Put that salt shaker down!!!! Oh baby I can feel the water following that sodium and I have transformed into the marshmallow man from Ghostbusters!!! On the bright side the fish burgers are tasty


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22 Jan 2023

Vegan junk food!

Always love going to Lord of the Fries. HSP was delicious!

Updated from previous review on 2023-01-22

Pros: Great vegan junk food

Cons: Had run out of a few things when I went


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04 Dec 2022

Lot's of options :)

While these guys charge a bit for what they're selling, the range is fully vegan and it's just great junk food :)

Pros: 100% vegan, Reasonable portions

Cons: Service can be a bit slow


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08 Dec 2020

Burger never fails in New Zealand!

Love the burgers and donut! Milkshake is nice too! Opening time is 12-7pm btw!


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08 Sep 2020

Everything is possible

A place where you can eat everything because it is 100% vegan - it’s a dream come true.
Who would have thought that a place where I don’t feel special is the best? Not having to ask for special treatment, not being out of the norm, simply put: everything is possible. Please support places like this. One can only hope they are the future.

Pros: The best vegan junk food ;-)


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25 Aug 2020

Solid option for when you're craving grease

This is a good option when you just need some junk food. I had the nuggets + sweet potato fries box with the Malaysian sauce (I've also tried their plain fries which are average with the Vietnamese sauce which definitely has a kick to it!). Can't really complain! I do ask for lightly salted because I got normal once and it was WAY too much salt.


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14 Jun 2020

Vegan fast food heaven

OMG, those mac 'n cheese balls! The closest to real vegan cheese I have had in my life! Just try them, you won't be dissapointed!
The burgers were tasty, but would even have been better of we opted for the Beyond burger patty instead of the regular one. Fries were mediocre.
Very friendly staff.

Cons: A bit pricey


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06 Mar 2020

Yay for a full vegan eatery!

We had the mac and cheese balls and it was delicious. The service was also super friendly. Oh and the donuts we had was fresh and warm. Mmmm😄


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04 Feb 2020

Takeaway Food

Was there on a rainy day. Uber dropped us off and all the seating is outdoors. Two large tables inside the indoor skydiving place saved us. Apparently they share those tables.

The food was good! Hash and sausage muffin was very good and the waffle chicken sandwich was average. Onion rings were nice and the ketchup was excellent.

Pros: Serves breakfast late , Modest prices

Cons: Outdoor seating (mostly) , Not much of an experience


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02 Feb 2020

Great junk food

If you want junk food, this is a great spot. Nothing healthy about it though!

Pros: Delicious, All vegan, Great place to bring an omnivore friend

Cons: Nothing healthy


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25 Jan 2020

Donuts are great

Hot cinnamon donuts were top notch yaaaas


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15 Jan 2020

Great burger

My omni boyfriend couldn’t even tell! Great burgers and fries, conveniently located at the bottom of the Tiki trail.

Pros: Taste , Location, Lots of choice

Cons: Pricey, No inside sitting


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02 Jan 2020

Great vegan food

Good option for vegan junck food, quick service, good food. Highly recommended if your after a quick bite to eat


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28 Dec 2019

Solid junk food spot

This was my first time at Lord of the Fries. I had the Biggie combo with shoestring fries and Parisian sauce. The Biggie was insanely good and tastes exactly like what I remember of a Big Mac from McDonalds. I genuinely think most omnis would not be able to tell the difference. The fries were also really good. Only downside is the price really, even for New Zealand you're paying as much as you might pay in a proper sit down restaurant.

Pros: Burgers good enough to fool meat eaters

Cons: Expensive


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15 Nov 2019

Good to have a 100% vegan place in QT

I was getting quite bored with so many restaurants who claim to cater to vegans in QT only to have several disappointing outcomes. I thought a trip to my favourite 100% vegan establishment (my usual is in Sydney) would fix my hanger but oh no...
I bought an original burger.. also a phish and chips. I didn’t take it out until I got home but I nearly gagged at the smell when I went to eat it. You know those old milk bars where you walk in and you can just smell that old oil and grease? Like it hasn’t been changed in forever? 🤢 It had exactly this overpowering smell and taste .. it left residue ..
I don’t want to put people off ... maybe I got it on a bad day? LOTF has amazing vegan options. But I hope mine was a one off with the oil situation ...
I also got a peanut butter choc shake which was SO good and highly recommend.


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14 Nov 2019

Trick your non-vegan friends

This place doesn’t obviously advertise that it is 100% vegan and if you take a non-vegan friend there this may be the meal that converts them. The food is better than any non-vegan fast food and they have a large range of options, from burgers, to hot dogs, to chicken and waffles. Portions are massive and filling. This is also the perfect place for a meal after climbing Ben Lomond!

Pros: 100% vegan, Large varied menu, Really welcomes non-vegans


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20 Oct 2019

Best location!

Grabbing a burger anytime of the day with the most beautiful view of the mountains. Burgers were made perfectly for my liking every time.

Pros: Gorgeous viewpoint, Fresh burgers made perfect every time , Friendly staff


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20 Oct 2019


Awesome little place, food was amazing! Will definitely be returning everytime I'm in qtown


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02 Oct 2019

Quaint little shop

Cute little shipping container set up outside of the ifly building near base of the gondola.
Tried the biggie for the first time and loved it! Also no issues adjusting burger to appease my 4 yo.
Some outdoor heating would have been nice, esprit a cold, windy day like it was today.


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24 Sep 2019

Amazing Vegan Food

Everything vegan, all cooked fresh when i ordered and it was all sooooo good!


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26 Jul 2019

Love getting my junk food fix

So stoked I can get something that satisfies the grease lover in me haha, love as a treat!


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27 Jun 2019

So nice to have a 100% vegan place

It’s so nice to be able to order anything on a menu for once. We got the chicken munch box and a chicken sandwich. I was surprised to like the “grilled chicken” on the sandwich better than the “fried chicken” nuggets. The nuggets were fun but the sandwich was awesome! The aioli was great but the “American bbq sauce” was a little bland to me, not like real American bbq sauce. Overall though it’s a great fast food type restaurant and satisfies your need for greasy junk food :)

Pros: 100% vegan , Fast food style

Cons: No indoor seating


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12 Jun 2019

100% vegan junk food

So cool to eat burgers, hot dogs, nuggets, fries and much more in totally cruelty free version!


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06 May 2019

Tasty junk food

It's nice to know that we have a vegan fast food place in town, specially considering that Queenstown has no other 100% vegan place. Phish burger has a very interesting flavour. Munch boxes are great options too. I didn't like the Beyond burger though, I'm not particularly looking for something that imitates flesh or blood, it was too much for me. If you don't enjoy oil or salt, this is not the place to go.

Pros: Only place 100% vegan in Queenstown, Really tasty, Fast service

Cons: Not very healthy, Oily and salty, Big burgers are not really big

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