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Lord's journey traces back to 2004 when it first began selling fries out of a mobile van; within a year, its flagship outlet was planted. The company has since expanded to operating franchise outlets across Australia and into New Zealand. Its menu offers vegan versions of fast food like burgers, hot dogs, nuggets, onion rings, and fries (chips) in addition to shakes, ice cream, and all-day breakfast foods. Check website for holiday hours. Open Mon-Tue 11:00am-9:00pm, Wed-Thu 11:00am-12:00am, Fri-Sat 11:00am-3:00am, Sun 11:00am-9:00pm.

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First Review by Sushinina


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31 Jan 2024

Dessert options

The donuts were pretty good. The ice cream hasn't been stored at the right temperature so it was a little crystallized. Seems like a decent spot though



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29 Jan 2024

Vegan indulgence

Honestly I loved pigging out on this all-vegan fast food menu, the wraps and philly cheese steak sandwich were cheap yet super filling and I'm a bit sad that I could't try the poutine or any kind of their shakes anymore. All fake meats were really delicious, my omni friends thought they tasted very close to the original. Had a vegan egg added to my sammie which was some kind of fluffy yellow scramble which I actually enjoyed. Sweet potato fries were a bit limp, but still yummy, the sour cream dip was a huge let-down (runny and tasteless) and the donuts were the classic deep-fried type that became quite tough after a day, but other than that no complaints.

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03 Jan 2024

One of the better LOTF

I really want to like Lord of the Fries because I love vegan junk food but I just don’t think any of the owners care at all about food or veganism. Saying that, this is one of the better branches at least, the food i had on my last visit wasn’t drowned in salt or under or over cooked at least. I tried the Philly cheese steak - it didn’t look anything like the photo but was tasty. I also tried the lobster and meat curry rolls, which were fine, but not what I was expecting (I was hoping for an old-school chip shop style curry roll with rice in it). #Veganuary

Pros: All vegan, Good location

Cons: Little care put into the food , Not a great brand overall


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22 Dec 2023

a go-to

Never been a huge fan of their burgers, but everything else is top tier. Recommend the chicken waffle, loaded fries, and wraps.

Pros: fully vegan , lots of variety , even non vegans enjoy it

Cons: personally don’t love their burgers


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21 Nov 2023

Very disappointing

Had a wrap, munchbox, and oreo shake. Wrap was ok. The fries were soft and maybe a bit undercooked. The “shake” was closer to chocolate milk consistency. Won’t be returning 😭


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14 Nov 2023

Mixed feelings

Had the limited edition Philly Cheese Steak which was mediocre at best, however I do like the concept of an entirely vegan chain


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27 Sep 2023

Super good like always

First time I tried lord of the fries in Australia
Amazing! They have different options here in New Zealand and they love their Soße but it’s always good. I tried already the classic cheeseburger, Big Mac, the ripe baguette and a classic wrap and the chicken poppers and the chicken wings everything is super tasty !

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17 May 2023

Great fast food

Really tasty comfort fast food, all vegan, what's not to love? Wish there was more like this in the states.

Especially loved the chicken sandwiches, they were so tasty. The Big Mac impression totally had the same vibe as the real thing as far as I can remember, definitely hit the spot.

Also very generous on the fry (chip?) portions.

Pros: Open (somewhat) late, Pretty affordable , Lots of food for the money

Cons: Probably not the healthiest, but who cares?


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08 Feb 2023

Great choice

Always good to see a LOTF, great vegan choices. This time I had the New Aloo curry burger. Very nice.


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21 Jan 2023

Ganz okay

Ich muss gestehen, ich bin nicht der grösste fast food fan. Ich denke, man könnte das alles ein bisschen gesünder gestalten.

Pros: Viele Optionen

Cons: Nicht so lecker


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11 Jan 2023

Best Vegan Fast Food

A must try for vegans in Auckland. I have tried LOTF in a variety of cities, and it’s always a reliable and delicious meal. I have never been disappointed.

Pros: Cheaper option, Delicious, Breakfast options

Cons: Limited eat in space, Often isn’t necessary “fast” food


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10 Jan 2023

really good

the food tasted really good, we didn't have to wait long

Pros: everything vegan, soo many options, tasted really good


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25 Nov 2022

Delicious food! Comfort food at it's finest!

Amazing food and all 100% plant-based. Friendly staff.

Pros: All vegan, Delicious , Friendly people


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03 Oct 2022

It‘s really a Lord of the fries

The Lotf shop is very small and doesn‘t offer much seating places. They have a huge, and completely vegan menue. I had the fries with gravy cheese sauce, cheese nuggets and a chickenburger. Everything was very tasty. Just perfect. Unfortunately they only have disposable tablewear.

Pros: 100% Vegan, Huge menue

Cons: Disposable tablewear


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13 Sep 2022

Looks impressive but is actually disappointing

First time I visited I had their loaded fries. The portion was however very small, there were very few chicken strips, and I did not even notice the hummus which was supposed to be there.

Second time I wanted to try their sample box, however, the girl at the counter (who looked very bored and did not smile) said the only available item on the menu was nuggets. I therefore went for the nuggets, but I only got 7 little pieces, no sauce, it was generally very small and unimpressive. I asked for the WiFi password, girl said wifi was unavailable at the moment, even though they advertise a free wifi

They generally need to work on recipes and presentation. Nothing convinces me to go back.

Updated from previous review on 2022-09-13

Pros: Location, Many options to choose from

Cons: Many items unavailable , Small portions , Not much taste


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11 Sep 2022

Nice fries

Only took French fries but they were good

Pros: Good taste


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10 Sep 2022

The best burgers 🍔

Been aaaages since I’ve eaten at LOTF but they truly were my favourite place to eat in Auckland. They were my first true introduction to vegan food and they completely sold the concept to me. Def recommend 🙏🏻


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17 Jan 2022

Burgers and Hotdogs

Loved the burgers and hotdogs and the shakes #Veganuary


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17 Dec 2020

So many options!!

Many options great if you're feeling like eating junk food. Only complaint is that it is very pricey. Vegan should be accessible for everyone not just those who can afford to spend $20 on a burger

Pros: Many options, Tasty & filling, Real junk food

Cons: Pricey


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01 Oct 2020

Awesome burgers

Fully vegan fast food restaurant


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08 Mar 2020

HSP and peanut butter milkshake

T H E B E S T. And so are the burgers!


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18 Jan 2020

Best chips/fries in town!

It’s worth it just for the thick cut chips with the Belgian sauce.


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06 Jan 2020

Greasy but goooood!

When you want to stock up on fast food this is the place! Yum!


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05 Dec 2019

Great variety of fast food

I thought the menu was pretty good as you can also get breakfast all day. The vegan egg was one of the best I've tasted so far. I thought the staff were really nice too -- good vibes! The only thing I'm not a fan of are the burger buns. I know they are meant to be 'junk' food buns, but they don't even seem like real bread. Maybe too much like McDonald's. Anyways, still think this is a great place!


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23 Nov 2019

Great junk food

Big portions and great food


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14 Oct 2019

Junky junky goodness

I love the hotdogs here (especially the Tijuana), I've had all of them, the burgers are a bit too salty for me but my partner prefer them over the hotdogs. You'd think the burgers are small but wow are they dense! You'll definitely feel it after a few bites! The spicy, the phish and the chik'n is my go to.
The fries were great, but we found that they too were overly salted during the last few times of going here before we left New Zealand. So great fries the first handful of times then it went a bit downhill. Onion rings were yum. The crispy chik'n in the mixed munch box were salty, but we've only had it once so don't discount it!
Their double chocolate chip cookies are glorious, I've had them all the time whenever we go here, it's just so tasty and soft! Highly recommended.

Pros: The cookies man, so good

Cons: Too salty


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12 Oct 2019

Vegan fast food for the soul

Whole vegan menu, burgers were just delicious (as were the fries)

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