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2246 N Lakewood Blvd, Long Beach, California, USA, 90815

Offers stick-to-your-ribs comfort foods which are dairy-free and cruelty-free and contain absolutely no animal products or by-products. Opened in October 2011. CONFIRMED SHUT DOWN/CLOSED AT END OF JULY 2013 PER OWNER.

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First Review by TomDuncan

UPDATE 07/13, hated the food. - Edit

Update 07/2013
They are begging for $15k on now. If they would listen to their customers, change their recipes and lower their prices they could make it without charity!
They'll be out of business soon, don't buy any gift certificates...

I just can't offer much good to say, and I've eaten there 4 or 5 times to try to give them a chance.

The best thing I've had there was a side order of bbq beans. These were canned baked beans with a lot of vegan bacon bits added. If you grew up eating Big John beans n' fixins in a can you'll like these.

But the worst item? I can't pick a worst, they were all so bad. I tried the meatball sub - great fresh bread covered in acidic tomato paste sauce and flour and water tasting meatballs (not seitan but breadcrumb mush). The bbq ribs (seitan) sauce wasn't bad but the ribs were some kind of tough rubbery yet mealy seitan mixture. I'm a seitan freak, and this was inedible, like chewing slices of ground up doormats held together with wallpaper paste. The meatloaf was soft like the meatballs, probably the same recipe, just terrible and devoid of flavor or texture worth a second fork-full.

The fried chicken sandwich was passable, mostly because of the fresh bun, otherwise just a frozen gardein breast. The sweet potato tater tots are ok and they give a generous serving, but this is a frozen item and could be done at home just as well.

The desserts, I dont know if the folks raving about them are shills or have never tasted a good vegan dessert. Donut - like they used no yeast - dry, rubbery, with a glob of shortening/cocoa/sugar for frosting, instead of a glaze of chocolate frosting. Whoopie pies- two muffin top type cookies filled with same greasy shortening frosting, the cookies weren't even worth eating by themselves. Krispy treats, how do you ruin those? Somehow they do!

The prices are like Real Food Daily or Veggie Grill, but seem outrageous once you discover you can't eat the huge portion of ruined ingredients in front of you.

Sorry, I really wanted to like you LBVE, I even tried to give some helpful suggestions but got nothing except defensive anger from the female cook/owner/baker and polite rebuke that this was an East Coast style Italian deli sandwich shop from the nice owner guy behind the counter.

Unless they have a rich uncle or completely change their recipes, they will be out of business in 3 years.

I recommend the owners go eat at places like RFD, Stuff I Eat, MCafe & copy them.

Pros: Vegan, Long Beach, Parking

Cons: Food is terrible, Won't take suggestions, Prices, recipes

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jtct203 15 Aug 2013 - Since you seem to know everything and have all of the answers, why don't you open up your own vegan restaurant? I'll tell you why, because you don't have the balls! But, you apparently enjoy anonymously bashing other's hard work and livelihoods with no disregard for them. I recommend that you shut up!  

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Need to get their act together - Edit

I was so excited to eat here because it's close to where I often visit and it's vegan! What a disappointment! They have no restrooms for customers and I had my 90-year-old grandma with me. After I paid for my meal and went to sit down and waited for my food, the cashier came over to me to let me know they ran out of the gluten-free option. I am allergic to wheat! I was out of luck as my grandma sat there and ate by herself. What a disappointment! I will NEVER go back here again!!!

Cons: ran out of food, no bathroom, not very clean

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LBVE - Edit

I had the crispy chick'n wrap which was really good, however; it was just about the same as any other vegan restaurant would offer, for example Native Foods. They do have free stickers which is a plus. I will return again, sometime.

Pros: Location

Cons: Expensive

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Well - Edit

The food was great. Only problem I had with this place was that there was no restroom.

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This place is better than the bad reviews say. - Edit

I moved to Bixby Knolls in LB last year and have stayed away from this place because of the bad reviews. I always went further to Veggie Grill or Zephyr Cafe, but finally gave it a chance last week and my only regret was that I waited so long to try it for myself.

I've been there 3 times this week and have tried the Beef Cheesesteak, Chicken Parm, Sloppy Joe and drumsticks. The cheesesteak was easily my favorite, but the others were good too and I plan on trying out most of the menu.

I can understand why someone would say the chicken is under seasoned, but you can always add salt and pepper to it. The sloppy joe I had was on par with Swingers, but I don't go there anymore because they have messed up my order multiple times, giving me dairy cheese instead of the vegan cheese I ask for.

This place isn't fancy and doesn't try to be, like RFD with their traditional restaurant atmosphere wasted by the reheated food they serve (if RFD is not reheated, the chef does a great job or creating that style). It's comfort food and I'm glad they're n my neighborhood.

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Not So Great - Edit

I first tried this place about a year ago, wasn't impressed enough to return but recently decided to try it again. Sorry to say, I think the food actually got worse. Very unappealing to look at, vegan slop was my first impression, very overcooked vegetables, didn't like the flavor or texture of the two meals we shared. I thank them for trying but wish they would try a lot harder. The guy at the counter is wonderful--helpful and personable. I like the neighborhood feel of the place.

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stuffed - Edit

By far the most value for your buck. I'll admit its not "great" in taste, but its one of the only places where I feel like I get my fill, and then some, for the money I spend. I've only been about four/five times, and I think I've had different items each time. I'll go again because I always leave more than satisfied, if not stuffed, whereas a lot of other places I feel ripped off in the protein dept. So far though, not a home run in the flavor dept, but not bad.

Pros: good value, large portions

Cons: bathroom off site

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Amazing!!! - Edit

I recently went to this restaurant and the food was great. I'm still in love with the desserts they offer which I still can not believe are vegan. The people there are extremely kind and made me feel welcome and important :) I recommend it to anyone!

Pros: great food, extremely friendly, free brochurs/ stickers

Cons: only one location established

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Feels Like Home - Edit

My fiance and I ate here yesterday for the first time. I've been waiting to come here for awhile now and have mixed feelings. It's a small cafe, kind of feels like going to someone's house. They have a good selection of food choices and the wait time wasn't too bad. It does feel like it might be premade food, something you can warm up at home. I thought the food was good and would definitely give them another shot! We need to support our small local vegan places!

Pros: Vegan, Friendly

Cons: Premade Food?, Bus your own table

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Friendly People, I Enjoyed It - Edit

I had the California Chik'n Sammich and it was good- this is a vegan junk-food palace, it's good to have around- the owner was very friendly all in all, I had a good experience. I was disappointed that the tots are sweet potato tots but that's my personal gripe. SWEET POTATOES YOU ARE MY ENEMY! That's all. Nice folks, fast and friendly service, vegan junk food.

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Vegan Eatery a huge disappointment - Edit

I live walking distance from this place and I was so excited to try it! My husband, a carnivore, our good friend, a vegan and myself a mostly vegetarian walked there. To be honest everything we tried was awful. The veggies were worse than birdseye frozen with freezer burn. My husbands "meatless meatball" was inedible and my vegan tacos would not have been edible without a ton of hotsauce. The food was not fresh. Come on guys with all the fresh veggies available you serve frozen ones with freezer burn?? I will probably never go back which is such a shame because Long Beach needs you!

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Just OK - Edit

This place uesd to be called "OK Burger", now it's ok vegan food. I really wanted to like it better, I've been twice and tasted four different dishes...Crispy Chicken Wrap, Parmasean Chicken Sandwich,TVP Meatball Sub, and the Chicken Burger. All were kind of bland, I feel really bad saying this as I really want this place to succeed, but it's true. The best part was the sweet potato tots. I will go back when I'm in a pinch, and also to try a desert(the Whoopie Pie sounds really good). As a side note I wish they had healtier bread options....I know this isn't supposed to be healthy food but I prefer the taste and texture of whole grain breads to white.

Pros: vegan, friendly staff

Cons: bland

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Not whole food - Edit

As with many restaurants this one seems to rely heavily on breads made with refined white flour...

Likewise the Vegan burger was about the same as Boca Burgers, far too rich. Give me a veggie burger where I can see some veggies; carrots, peas, corn, potatoes.

It's great to have another Vegan choice in the area, But I didn't become Vegan to eat bland protein-rich burgers and white bread. Something that is digestible would be appreciated.

On the other hand, sweet potato fries were nice.

Pros: Sweet potato fries, clean, All Vegan

Cons: refined white flour, protein-rich vegan burger

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Long Beach Vegan Eatery - Edit

I do feel somewhat mixed about this place. I've only been here once and only tried one menu item, a phyilly cheesesteak type sandwich. I found it very tasty! I enjoyed it. It was under $10.

At the same time, it did feel like something I could make at home with bread, plant meat, veggies and daiya. I would definitely go back if I lived closer to try some other items.

This is not like a Native Foods or Veggie Grill which I think we in this area have grown accustomed to. If this were the only vegan place in Southern California, I feel like it would be easier to sing its praises. Based on my one item, the food is tasty. It's only a dollar more to add on fries. But, I think overall the prices are too high considering that the food does seem like something you could put together yourself without creativity. If the prices were lower, it would make more sense.

I say give it a try for yourself. What vegan doesn't like trying a new restaurant? The service was friendly, and the interior clean.

Pros: tasty philly sandwich, friendly service, local feel

Cons: a bit pricey for what they're serving

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Not Good - Edit

I went here with low expectations after seeing several very negative reviews across the web, and the food definitely didn't positively alter my view of the place. I ordered what was supposedly "breaded" orange chicken but ended up being unbreaded, frozen Moringstar chicken strips that I could go to Ralphs and buy. It had squished oranges on top, actual, like, canned oranges squished up to look like sauce; it was terrible. The vegetables that came with the meal were dry and had no flavour - they came with no sauce. They were the same frozen, Asian stir-fry vegetables my father buys from Costco that I refuse to eat. And then a lump of white rice came with it - once again, with no sauce on it. In other words, my meal was 0% creative and tasted terrible. Frozen and canned food from Ralphs and Costco?! That's what I paid them to serve me, FROZEN AND CANED FOOD?! How sickening that they think they can serve such garbage and call it a restaurant. Yeah, they're trying all right, trying to turn people away from veganism. I'll never go back. I wish I could give this one HappyCow but I can't (which isn't fair).

Pros: Vegan food in Long Beach

Cons: Frozen & Canned Food, Overpriced, Poor Service

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LBVE- good for LB, but not great.. - Edit

It's nice to have another vegan option in LB, but LBVE falls short of providing great vegan options for those familiar with some of the great vegan/vegetarian options out there. For meat eaters trying vegan food for first time, it's pricey but decent. However, for anyone who has been to Native Foods, Veggie Grill, Real Food Daily or one of the many other vegan friendly establishments, it's disappointing.

At nearly $15 for a sandwich and side, it's also very expensive for the quality and quantity provided, considering this is a fast-food counter-order type place.

I'd love to see them succeed; maybe making homemade menu items more obvious and considering adding sides to their $9-$10 sandwiches. Better training so that staff knows what is included and menu items are prepared and served completely (I know I'm not the only one who has received my order missing something).

A vegan restaurant is awesome, but some improvements need to be made here to live up to the standards other similar vegan restaurants have established. Especially to get carnivores to open their minds to the possibility of compassionate yet delicious dining. I would encourage LBVE to ask their diners how they like their food and ask for suggestions. Not everyone is comfortable 'complaining' or providing suggestions to restaurant workers who may or may not be open to them. I know they've gotten some bad press lately, so I encourage them to positively seek feedback from their customers on a daily basis and use that to improve and make this place into the awesome spot I know exists in the owners' hearts!
Updated from previous review on Wednesday October 26, 2011

Pros: vegan

Cons: expensive

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Great food - Edit

I stopped in here looking forward to a great meal and my expectations were exceeded. The restaurant is well lit, bright and clean, and the owner and staff are very friendly. I ordered the "meatball" sub and split a "whoopie pie" and both were amazing!

Pros: Great food, Big portions, Friendly people

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Lots of room for improvement... - Edit

Blah. I was super disappointed. I ordered the Stir Fry which was basically fake chicken strips, frozen vegetables, and crappy white rice. WITH NO SAUCE!!!!! My food seemed like a frozen premade dinner from Trader Joe's...but without sauce. I actually threw most of it away.

Their stuff all seems like frozen and/or premade components that they throw together. Nothing is homemade, except maybe some desserts like the whoopie pie and cinnamon bun. However, even some desserts are premade frozen desserts, which were still frozen in the middle when I was eating them.

Putting Daiya and Gardein together is certainly not worth $8-10 a plate. I was excited to see Long Beach have a new vegan joint, but this place is nothing to get excited about. I thought this would be like Doomie's, but Dommie's makes their own cheeze sauces, etc.

I hope they start making some food from scratch!!! They could certainly take a lesson from Native Foods or Doomie's. Way subpar to even the Veggie Grill. As of right now, not worth the money or the trip.

Pros: Location

Cons: Food, Uneven floor, Did I already mention the food??

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jtct203 22 Oct 2011 - There are actually many homemade items available on the menu... besides most of the desserts, the southern style baked beans, salsa, guacamole, hummus, tvp chili and beans, meatballs, tuna free salad, waldorf salad, seitan bbq, meatless meatloaf and the stuffed shells ricotta style tofu filling.  

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What a treasure. - Edit

I've eaten here twice this week. The food is great the selection is wonderful and I will be back for more. The owners are really great people and the employees are very friendly. I'm gonna tell everybody I know to try this restaurant. I'm so glad to have a delicious vegan restaurant this close to home. Thank you Jeff and Beckey!

Pros: Taste, Variety

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