An all-vegan, plant based brunch restaurant. Offers burgers, waffles, pancakes, sandwiches, toasts and more. Relocated from San Juan. Open Wed-Thu 12:00pm-8:00pm, Fri-Sat 12:00pm-10:00pm, Sun 12:00pm-8:00pm.

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20 Aug 2023

They dont have brunch

anyone coming here as early as august 2023... they do not have brunch. I was so excited to find vegan breakfast food. I researched for probably an entire hour this morning (if not longer)
Got there, and he said they got rid of that menu 2 months ago. I almost cried lol bc im so tired of researching for vegan food and have been disappointed over and over again this whole trip. Ah, it's a never-ending struggle, and if you are vegan... im sure you know the inconvenience. I didn't end up eating here because I wasn't in the mood to eat anything on the menu, but its not their fault! The food looks great and has raving reviews. Just dont try to come for brunch, but it sounds amazing for lunch dinner.



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14 Jul 2023

Soooooooo good

This place was amazing and the owner/staff was so friendly! So many options on their menu and I’m sure all of them are delicious. I had the Mallorca French toast sandwich and an iced coffee and they were incredible 🤩🤩🤩

Pros: Big menu, Delicious food, Friendly staff


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07 Jul 2023

Best vegan food on the island

I liked that they were bilingual and able to describe what's in their food. The owner is really cool.

Updated from previous review on 2023-07-07

Pros: Great tasting food , Food is fresh and comes out fast, A lot of options for breakfast and lunch


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08 Apr 2023

Quality food

Really good food and pretty rad setting. Outdoor tables


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12 Mar 2023

Super cool vegan restaurant running out of recycled shipping container.

Stopped here after visiting the Manatee sanctuary nearby (highly recommended) for a quick lunch. My burger was absolutely mouthwatering, and my wife's sandwich was very delicious as well. We both enjoyed our drinks, a golden milk latte and a strawberry lemonade. The man who helped us out was very friendly, and the prices were incredible too.


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20 Feb 2023

Super yummy!

My only complaint is there was a very moldy blueberry on my french toast, but the french toast itself was delicious! Also I couldnt pronoune the omelette dish so I said the omlette one and then gave me an omlette with nothing on it so be sure to say the name of the entre you want


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16 Feb 2023

The best brunch in PR!

Absolutely amazing, delicious, many options, great vibe, wonderful staff. The best!! Go eat some yummy vegan food there!

Updated from previous review on 2023-02-16

Pros: Many Brunch options, Delicious, Good vibe/ area


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03 Feb 2023

Fantastic vegan breakfast in a lovely food truck park!

Everything out of this food truck was delicious. Service was friendly, the ambiance was beautiful, and the menu is huge! A must-hit spot, for sure.


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20 Jan 2023

Bacon Burger

The bacon burger is AMAZING! 10/10 would eat this every day if I could 😂😂 we are visiting in PR and had been having a hard time finding something vegan till I remembered this app existed! They have soooo many options the hard part was choosing what to order lol

Pros: Lots of options, Great taste , Friendly


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11 Jan 2023

Gran French Toast is absolutely amazing

A great amount of vegan breakfast options along with burgers


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08 Jan 2023

Favorite spot!

I love this spot so much! The food is AMAZING! My favorite is the French Toast! There are other trailers with food around it too!


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16 Oct 2022

Great food

If you're vegan and visiting Puert Rico. This is a must.

Pros: Lots of options , Delicious vegan food, Great atmosphere


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17 Aug 2022

So glad I went

Before I ended my trip to Puerto Rico I really wanted to try an all-vegan place and this place did not let me down. The food was delicious even though I had to take it to-go and eat it on my tour bus. It was so good and tasty. I’m so happy I went. Also my non-vegan friend enjoyed her breakfast burrito very much.

Updated from previous review on 2022-08-17

Pros: All vegan options, Brunch food, Quick for to-go

Cons: It’s more of a stationary food truck vibe, A little further out in San Juan than ideal.


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Mostly Veg
14 Aug 2022


Loved the variety of vegan options and the location/food truck park. I ordered the chikn waffle sandwich…so good!

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Outdoor seating, Food made fresh to order


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19 Jun 2022

Gran french toast sandwich 🌱🥪 y un Golden milk frío🧊

Yo solo he ido a comer aquí 2 veces, hoy domingo, 19 de junio '22 aka "Día de padres" (2nda visita) fui con mi papá y mamá y yo me almorcé este emparedado/sandwich de Just Egg, jamón de "pavo" Tofurkey, hashbrown servido con el pan como tostadas francesas y te sirven por el lado sirop para que lo dippees. ¡Qué rico!

Recomendado este local "Lokales" 😁😉👍🏼

Accede a estos links para que veas estos documentales y aprender la verdad de qué realmente pasa a los no-humanos que debido a nuestras malas decisiones diarias, ellos están pasando por una atrocidad que no tienen escape.

🎞 (7 mins)
🎞 (1:35)
🎞 (48 mins)

Pros: Ricos platos, Localizados en un área sociable

Cons: Precios algo caro


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09 Jun 2022


We enjoyed our trip to the Los Trailers food park to grab some brunch. We had the French toast sandwich and the breakfast vurger. Definitely recommend.


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04 Jun 2022


🌱Hoy almorzamos por primera vez en Lokales.

✅Comida deliciosa y bien echa.💯
✅Jugos naturales💯
✅Rapidez 💯
✅Estacionamiento y ambiente💯
✅Satisfechos y repetimos la visita👍
✅Apoyando al de aquí🇵🇷
¡Todo excelente!😋

Pros: Variedad, Buen ambiente , Estacionamiento


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11 Mar 2022


Food was so delicious! Such a cute spot with friendly people. Everything we ordered was just amazing!

Updated from previous review on 2022-03-11


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22 Dec 2021

Delicious and adorable

We had no idea what to expect with Lokales, but we are so happy we found it! We ordered the croquettes as a shareable and then my husband ordered the El Burrosaurio and I ordered the hot dog. Delicious! The shipping container food stalls were adorable, and it’s wonderful to have an all-vegan option there.

Pros: All vegan, Delicious food , Adorable shipping container pop-up food market


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21 Dec 2021

Best vegan brunch! ♥️

Best pancakes in town and great service! 🥞🥞🥞

Pros: Great prices, Parking

Cons: NONE


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04 Nov 2021

Way overpriced !

I would not recommend this place unless something changes. Our experience was terrible. The portions and pricing need be be thoroughly rethought. I’m a long time vegan and ended extremely dissatisfied. We ordered the mayorca burger with beyond meat and the French toast burger both waaaaay overpriced.

Pros: Large vegan menu , 100% vegan , Friendly environment

Cons: Overpriced , Small portions , Beyond burger patty was cut in half😡


27 Nov 2021

Hi! I am one of the owners of Lokales. Sir, we DO NOT cut Beyond patties in half. We season 5 pounds of Beyond or Impossible “meat” and then make a 3.5oz ball and smash it in the grill. The burger you ate is a Beyond or Impossible patty, fresh avocado, caramelized onions, salanova lettuce, tomato and our house smoked thousand island sauce in a vegan mallorca bun with fries and ketchup for $15. We have many items that are necessary for operations that have jumped as many as 30% in costs and our prices are the same since we opened. I find your review very unfair. Especially because you say you are a long time vegan. You have to know the cost of the products we use, if you do not live in PR let me tell you, they are more expensive here. We will keep making the food everybody loves focusing on quality, taste and fair prices.


05 May 2022

I agree with John, a burger at Red Robin’s is similar in price and it’s not Vegan. I think that $15 for a Vegan burger knowing that impossible vegan meat is more than 50% more expensive than cow meat, is very reasonable. If you compare with a fast food like McDonalds then the price might seem excessive, but a special burger like a good vegan one, is never going to have the price of a Burger King or a McDonald’s. There you don’t even have a vegan choice. 🤷🏻‍♀️


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25 Jul 2021

amazing brunch!

este lugar me fascina!! todo desayuno típico, pero hecho vegano full! los platos de huevos los hacen con justEgg, mi favorito!! todo fue riquísimo, y las papitas llegaron crispy y frescas, el chicken waffle sándwich estaba de show.... TIENEN QUE PROBAR LAS EGG FRIES!! sueño con ellas hasta mañana cuando las podré comprar de nuevo...

mi *única* critica..... ESCOJAN OTRO DIA PARA CERRAR, LOS DOMINGOS SON DIA SAGRADO DE BRUNCH 😂😂😂 mordida porque amanecí con antojo de egg fries!! recomiendo cerrar lunes y no domingo, muchos veganos que quieren un brunch épico los domingos!!

Pros: todo vegano, comida típica veganizada, súper fresh

Cons: sándwiches son muy pequeños, cerrado domingo


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22 Jul 2021

Incredible Food and Atmosphere

First stop as soon as I got off the plane! So delicious. Got the Mallorca French Toast, Jamon, Queso y Vuevo, Mallorca Vurger, and more. We just kept ordering and ordering! Truly the best vegan food!

Pros: Fresh, Many different flavors, Great options


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22 Jul 2021


this place was a HUGEEEEE hit with my vegan friends and I!!!! we got the mallorca french toast, revoltillo, el burrosaurio, mallorca vurger and the montadito de hash!! this place is an absolute MUST for anyone in the area. called the staff ahead of time to make sure they were open and Janice was incredibly kind and knowledgeable. her and her husband Jonpaul were very helpful recommending dishes and telling us about the ingredients! probably my favorite vegan place in all of puerto rico!!!! will be coming back soon!!!!!

Pros: great food, huge variety, puerto rican vegan food


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22 Jul 2021

¡¡Espectacular!! Me encantó

Comida y servicio de otro nivel!!! John Paul y Yehinise son super, super amables y elles también son veganes!! Le recomendaría el local a cualquiera y por seguro regresaré! Comida exquisita, precios buenos, y un servicio fuera de liga!!

Pros: Todo vegano, Tremendo servicio, Aire libre


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16 Jul 2021


This food is incredible! Brunch type fare that is abso-fruitily delicious. If you come on Friday they are open late and have snacky social foods. So good.

We came back 2 days in a row. The owner was so friendly and remembered us by name. He chatted about other vegan places on island and checked with us about our meal. Everything we had was perfect and delicious. I can’t recommend this place enough!!

Updated from previous review on 2021-07-15

Pros: All vegan menu, Open early, Great variety


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08 Jul 2021

Best vegan restaurant in Puerto Rico

My husband and I were visiting for our anniversary trip this past week and we were lucky enough to find this absolute gem! When I tell you this is the best food I have ever had (including my time as a non-vegan) I am really not exaggerating. My husband is omni and even he was obsessed! He actually requested that we return on our last day to try more menu items and I happily agreed. If you visit ANYWHERE in Puerto Rico or are a resident, you CAN NOT miss out on this experience of heavenly food and outstanding staff who are some of the most amazing people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. I can’t wait to come back! 💕

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