Simple vegan restaurant in Koenji opened Jul 2017. On the menu are soy meat, vegan omelettes, curry, spring rolls, ratatouille, falafel, pumpkin pudding, macrobiotic sweets, and drinks. Tues and Wed are vegan curry days. Fri-Sun are vegan dinner days with vegetable-based mains, gluten-free cakes and organic wines. NOTE: not all wine is confirmed vegan. Open Mon 6:00pm-11:00pm, Fri-Sun 6:00pm-11:00pm.

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First Review by ABCD1234


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26 Aug 2023

Cute place but ok menu

I went for dinner and I felt like the menu was a little limited. I had the caprese which was really small and the falafel which were good. So so experience tbh.


16 Sep 2023

We appreciate your visiting and comment.

We are sorry that you felt a little inconvinience...
Well, the day you visit was irregular day as we've announced since before.
We had big festival in our town wich accompany heavy traffic around the town, our restaurant as well.
We hope you come again and enjoy our rich menu in usual business day.
Thank you again .



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13 Feb 2023

Wholesome and yum

This was a charming wee place to have a meal. I just came by myself but quite enjoyed everything I ordered! There was only the one staff member when I came in - I get the feeling she runs it and cooks everything. Very nice place!

Updated from previous review on 2023-02-13

Pros: Yummy, Charming

Cons: Small


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31 Jan 2023

Chaleureux mais un peu cher

J'ai adoré l'ambiance du restaurant, on s'y sent bien. La nourriture était très bonne, mais un peu chère pour la petite quantité servie. La régente est seule pour s'occuper à la fois de la cuisine et des clients alors il ne faut pas être pressé!

Nous étions 3 et nous avons pris plusieurs plats à partager :
- Soy meat with lemon mustard sauce.
- Falafels.
- Spring rolls with berry sauce.
- Ratatouille.
- Soy meat mini pizza.
- Grilled vegetables (idk)

J'avais aussi pris un chaï latte chaud au lait de soja, tout aussi délicieux et réconfortant, mais encore une fois assez cher (650¥).
À noter qu'il est obligatoire de prendre une boisson.

J'ai très envie d'y retourner!

Updated from previous review on 2023-01-31

Pros: L'ambiance est très agréable, Nourriture et boissons de qualité

Cons: Petites quantités, prix élevés


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29 Jan 2023

Conveniently located restaurant with good food

The restaurant is located right next to the station so it's easy to find. The food was very good and I tried many different dishes! I really loved the cake with raisins, unfortunately I didn't take a picture. The portions are small so you would have to order several items which can become a bit pricey but many of the dishes are perfect for sharing.

Pros: Good food, All-vegan, Big selection

Cons: A bit pricey


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02 Dec 2022

Kind owner, great space & food

I've been coming to Loca for 5 years now. I had to take a break during the 3 years of pandemic, coming back is even better. The owner is as kind and professional as always but the food just keeps getting better and now they have lots of high quality wines too if that's your sort of thing. Hugely recommended, I personally think that Loca is one of the best vegan restaurants on the world and one of the best in Tokyo (do not assume the fancy stuff in Shibuya is better than this, it is not! This space is much more personal and tasty than most vegan places out there).

Pros: Amazing home made food, Very kind owner, Always great tastes


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10 Sep 2022

Amazing, get the spring rolls!

We got the vegan cheese plate, berry mojitos, spring rolls (OMG), teriyaki pizza, Margherita pizza, soy steak, and falafel sandwich, and a local micro brew beer. Everything was amazing, the spring rolls were definitely my favorite. The vibe was cool, there was only one woman hosting, serving, and cooking but it was empty except for us, so we had great service.

Pros: Everything is vegan, Delicious food, Good portions


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13 Dec 2020

Lovely spot in Koenji

Tasty, quaint vegan restaurant in Koenji. Lots of delicious items on the menu. My two favorites are the avocado spring roll with fresh berry sauce, and the margarita pizza. The cheese on that pizza is fantastic by the way! They also have a lovely cheese assortment plate which matches well with the nice selection of beautiful wines on the menu. Recommended if you’re in the area and looking for a place to chill out and have some heart vegan food.


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02 Dec 2019

Excellent little vegan joint

Excellent food made to order and lots of great wine to pair it with

Pros: Great food, Great ambiance, Excellent choice of wines and booze


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19 Nov 2019

Small yet delicious menu!

This cozy vegan restaurant served the best curry I've ever had. Tried both options and both were fantastic. The owner, Hiro (sorry for spelling), also makes falafel pita on particular days of the week too. The menu is small and selective depending on the day you go, but you will not regret it!

Pros: Delicious food, Cozy and warm spot, Excellent service


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28 Mar 2019

Lovely cozy little place

I got the vegan Pina colada to wind down on a Thursday night. We were the only two people there, but it was cozy so we didn't mind it at all. The seats are low to the ground and each chair is different; it added a bit of character to the place.

The burger came with delicious salsa on top and amazing pickles and potato wedges. The burger was definitely better than some places, but nothing to write home about. It was just your typical bean burger. Their falafel is something else though. Properly spiced and densely packed, it's the way all falafels should be made.

Didn't try the deserts this time but definitely would have to go back to try them!

Pros: Reasonable price, tasty,

Cons: Not great seating


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14 Jan 2019

Great caprese salad and Match Kalhua cocktail

I have tried the vegan Caprese salad once, on take-away, and it was so good that I went to Loca Kitchen again just for having it again. I also tried the intriguing "Matcha Kalhua" which was served as a cocktail with soy milk and was delicious.

Pros: Great Caprese salad and Matcha Kalhua cocktail, Nice cosy tiny little place


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01 Jan 2019

Sweets Over Savoury

Eat the sweets! They were delicious. I had a tart that was very delicious. As for savoury, I had their bagel dish and there was a spice on it that did have a strong, pungent taste that gave me a headache later on. I'm not usually sensitive to spices so it was my first time experiencing something like that. If you're okay with strong tastes than you should be fine. I did read a previous review that said the spice had an 'off taste' which I can confirm.

Other than that the lady who works there is so nice. It wasn't difficult to find and the atmosphere was pleasant. She can speak English too.

Pros: Atmosphere, Sweets, Friendly staff

Cons: Spices


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25 Nov 2018

Close to Koenji station

Cute little vegan cafe in Koenji, located under the tracks of the Koenji station. (Where all the drinking spots are). When I came at 9pm on a Sunday it was slow. The old school wooden sliding door is hard to open so for a second I thought they were closed.
I ordered the karage (deep fried soy meat) and the bagel burger with vegan patty.
The karage was fanatic and comes with a little side of hummus. I would come back for just that and a beer sometime. The bagel sandwich was good too, the vegan patty is a little bit soft so it’s kind of messy, the two little potatoes wedges that come with it are great! (PS, the bagel is a typical Japanese bagel aka soft)
I will say that they use a spice of some sort that kind of has an “off taste” to me, which I can taste in some of the food.

Pros: Close to station, English menu , Open late

Cons: Some of the food had an odd taste


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11 Aug 2018

Really good place

A lovely place with really good food and good prices. The owner is kind and the place is small and calm. I really recommend.

Pros: Good food, good prices, nice and small place.


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19 Jul 2018

Awesome food

Super yummy potato wedges and burger. Cute little restaurant, and really lovely lady that works there. Highly recommend


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15 Mar 2018

Amazing, hidden cozy bar

We have been many places recommended by HappyCow, which never lived up to the expectations (except for the T’s Tantans vegan ramen🤤🍜) in Japan but of all, this place is a gem. Not only is the food genuinely delicious and you can tell the owner/cook put a lot of time on the representation and actual, proper seasoning but the bar itself is small and has a charming, personal touch to it, also located under the railway. Recommend the burger, falafels and all the cakes!!!

Pros: Delicious food, Hidden gem/off the beaten path, Cozy place

Cons: Tad bit small portions


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22 Dec 2017

Delicious vegan desserts in a simple setting

We visited on a quiet Friday night. Very warm and cozy vibes with simple decor. We had the macrobiotic banana caramel tofu cheesecake and the matcha macarons. It was amazing to have vegan macarons! They tasted great!


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15 Dec 2017

Decent vegan food

I came to this restaurant after being turned away from Meunota due to some reservations. The lady there was really nice. They have and English menu and the lady could speak a little English. I had the caprese and falafel. The dishes were served beautifully. I will definitely recommend the falafel. Both dishes felt close to their originals. It's a nice little place if you want to have vegan food in Koenji.

Updated from previous review on 2017-12-15


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17 Sep 2017

Western food, better than in the west

We had quite some dishes from the menu including bagel burger, caprese salad (so good!) and Spanish omelette. The omelette was very eggy and tasty, bagel burger a real delight and the caprese was like being in a small Italian village (details like good olive oil were taken care of!)
The dishes are cheap but on the small side. The interior is ok but nothing special. Definitely stop by if you are in Koenji.

Pros: Super tasty , Cheap

Cons: Weird Spanish music choice , Not very exciting interior

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