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First Review by kindlizard

my top choice for vegan pizza - Edit

we go here about once a month, even though we live an hour away. i've had a lot of pizza in my life, from all over, and this is my favorite place. the staff is really nice, they always recognize us and greet us with a smile. we almost always order the same things, i get a pizza with vegan cheese and vegan buffalo chicken, sometimes i add eggplant or red peppers. my wife gets a calzone with vegan chicken and veggies. i've tried a few other things too, everything is good and lots of vegan options. they've recently added a lot more vegan baked goods too.

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Excellent Albany Option - Edit

Little Anthony's offers Daiya cheese and vegan meats. Everyone is very nice and pleasant. This is the go-to place as the other Albany options are either closed or lame. The calzones are awesome

Pros: Daiya and vegan meat options, reasonably priced, lots of choices

Cons: not fully vegan

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Fantastic Pizza - Edit

Staff is always super friendly, and remember me by name. I generally go once a week and get the 12 cut BBQ "Chicken" Pizza. So good!

Pros: Great food, Great people, Great ingredients

Cons: Kind of a drive for me

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vegan Stromboli - Edit

I landed late at night and found this place via happy cow. Older pizza joint with lots of vegan options. I tried the vegan Stromboli with vegan meatballs tomatoes and mushrooms. Perfect greasy Italian food that I was wanting. Service was nice. I would come again

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The "vegan nuggets" are NOT vegan. - Edit

I was extremely disappointed to learn that the menu items described on the menu as vegan that are fried, are fried in the same grease at the meat products. How can something fried with meat be considered vegan? I understand the desire to sell these products but why give them a label that cannot be adhered to?

Pros: Vegan friendly options

Cons: Bland, uninspired pizza, misleading menu

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Great Vegan Pizza - Edit

My boyfriend and I were so excited when we found Little Anthony's has vegan options. Great pizza, very cheesy, softer crust. We usually get the vegan chickn and broc. Yum! Love the animal rights informational bulletin board, too!

Pros: cheesy vegan pizza, supports animal rights

Cons: wouldn't deliver to us 5 miles away

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when you want a real vegan pizza - Edit

little anthony's is a godsend. in an area where vegan options are kind of limited (though new places have opened up), it's nice to have a place where you can get pizza, subs, calzones, garlic bread -- all the classic pizza cafe fare, in vegan form. the owner is vegan, and he has expanded the menu quite a bit over the years to include as much vegan food as possible at a place that's historically known for regular pizza & subs. they don't charge you extra for eating vegan, which is great, and what i love is that every time we eat there, most of the patrons coming in seem to be vegan or veg. it's definitely a no-frills kind of place, but the staff are always friendly and helpful, the food is great, and it's so cheap. we love going to little anthony's, and whenever we need a good, cheesy pizza or some cheesy garlic bread, we make this our stop (even if it is an hour away from home).

Pros: lots of vegan options, friendly staff, great value

Cons: wish it could all be veg

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awesome vegan bbq nuggets - Edit

I think these were made in house from tvp - either way they were awesome!! There were at least five different flavor/spice options if spice, not bbq is your thing. Service was super friendly as well. This was an ultra- regular pizza place (w good food of course) that happens to have as many vegan/veg options as meat. It was awesome because it lacked all pretension and high prices that normally go with vegan dining. Of cords I would love if no restaurants served meat/animal products but as lo g as they are this place gives me hope for a peaceful existence for omnivores and vegs under one roof. I wish all restaurants were at least equally split!!

Pros: at least half the menu was veg/variety, unpretentious and good price, big portions/seemed homemade

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Great vegan pizza! - Edit

My wife and I live in NYC and are no strangers to good vegan pizza. This place is awesome...they have quite a selection of pizza, calzones, and heroes. Best of all, they have a bulletin board near the door where they post animal rights info about veganism, dog fighting, circus cruelty, etc. One gets the sense that this place didn't start offering vegan options just to make $$$ but also to help people, animals, and the environment. I only wish they had the vegan options when I was in college at SUNY Albany in the mid 90's!!

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Such an amazing find in a sparse selection area! - Edit

I love this place. They give you so much quality vegan food for a very decent price. The vegan calzone is super cheesy with loads of veggies and amazing sauce and crust. The vegan buffalo wings were perfect--spicy and tangy and just right. The owner is vegan and posts animal activist fliers around the shop. I appreciate what he does and that he provides vegan food in an area seriously lacking. It's rare to come by good vegan pizza anywhere, so having a high quality place in Albany is just awesome!

Pros: several vegan options, inexpensive, animal activism paraphernalia

Cons: no air con, when we were there at least, sports on TV (con for me)

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awesome - Edit

my partner and i went to Little Anthony's last night for the first time. I read these reviews on happy cow and frankly most of them are wrong. The customer service was GREAT! the owner was there and his baker and they were both awesome. they were talkative, friendly and very genuine in their service. the food was great. i love good new york pizza and after becoming vegan you rarely can find that but here it was the closest ive ever had. the food was what you would expect at a typical new york pizzeria... we will def. be back and im glad i did not listen to the reviews on here. im eating my leftovers as we speak and they are even better the next day!

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Good Calzones - Edit

We stopped here while driving through the state and it was the first vegan calzone I've ever had. I tried calling to order over the phone because we were in a hurry and they weren't very helpful so we just waited to order when we got there; the biggest downside was that the staff was unhelpful and unfriendly. The calzones were much bigger than expected and one could easily feed two people. They were really good and had plenty of cheese but very, very greasy. We ended up only being able to eat one, mostly due to the bellyaches from all the grease.

Pros: really good, a lot of food for price, daiya

Cons: unfriendly service, really greasy food

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Overrated - Edit

Yes they have cool vegan options, but it's just bland. There tomato sauce is mediocre and spices are minimal. And if bad service bothers you, these guys will get under your skin, as their just plain rude

Pros: Pizza by slice, Only Vegan pizza in county

Cons: Bitter staff, Mediocre taste

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Amazing! - Edit

I wasn't so sure at first because I prefer strictly veg places, but I am very glad I went! They are very vegan friendly and all the delicious desserts are vegan. I wish it was nearer to me so I could go back! I went with three non-veg people and was a little nervous because they decided to come with me instead of going to a steakhouse, but they were still raving about it the next day! We all got calzones, which had the sauce on the side, but apparently that is normal on the East Coast! My vegan calzone had tons of Daiya cheese, they didn't skimp! Highly recommended. Fun posterd on the wall too and vegan catering is offered!

Pros: Daiya Cheese, Vegan Dessert, Affordable

Cons: Wish it was all veg

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Yum! - Edit

I absolutely love this place! Even though I live about 30 minutes away, I try and go out of my way just to eat here at least once a month. The prices are great, and there are tons of yummy vegan options! My only complaint would be the poor ventilation. I know it's an old building, but it would be nice if they could install something to keep it less stuffy and greasy in there. The food is well worth it, though!

Pros: great food, tons of options, cheap

Cons: poorly venilated

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Best Vegan Pizza Ever - Edit

Little Anthony's is an authentic pizza shop that offers vegan options. They use Daiya cheese now. The calzones are $7 and are huge, and you get get them filled with whatever you want. The pizza's can be ordered either thin or thick crust. All of the desserts are vegan too. This is by far the best authentic pizzeria style pizza I have ever had with vegan cheese. It's worth the drive to Albany to eat there. And the staff is all super friendly and vegan knowledgeable.

Pros: Daiya Cheese, Super Cheap, Friendly Staff

Cons: The do serve real meat

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Tasty! - Edit

We've been coming here for over a year. It is the average pizza place but they have vegan pizza. They use daiya vegan cheese and it is awesome! The prices are resonable as well. They offer pizza with all the regular toppings including vegan meats. Also a vegan meatball sub, a chicken parm sub. and a few other things. All are great. They have calzones as well that you can get stuffed with anything you want. They are great. The staff is always friendly and helpful.

Pros: Great vegan chesse!, Inexpensive, Friendly staff

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Best vegan flavors and choices ever!!! - Edit

I went to little Anthonys pizza on October 3rd 2009. It was my first time there. I ordered a vegan cheese pizza with vegan chicken. During my order I noticed they had a shelf of fresh cookies. I said to my husband that I wished they were vegan and the lady Nicole who was very nice said they are vegan too. Oh the joy! I got 2. Then she offered for us to try a vegan cupcake which was the best cupcake I ever had in my life and had us try a vegan muffin. It was so good we ordered 10 more muffins and ate them all week for lunch at work. The staff was so friendly and smart. They gave us some blogs and websites and even emailed me info on their vegan cakes. I will be ordering all my familys birthday cakes and cookie cakes from them from now on. The pizza we ate later and found it was extreamly good. Great texture and fantastic flavor. The crust was nice and chewy the cheese was thick and the "chicken" was unremarkable. It was breaded and crispy oh so good. I'm not one for meat substitues but this was out of this world. You might think it looks like some regular pizza place but trust me once you try their vegan foods you will be hooked for life. I will be going back often for more vegan baked goods and to try their vegan calzones, chicken parm, meatball sub, if they don't have it on the menu they say just tell them what u want and they can try to veganize it. Wow. That's what I have to say about little Anthonys pizza wow wow wow. I am happy to give my review and would love to spread the good word any way I can. If you have not tried this place go now. Don't walk run ;) I know you will all love it as much as we did.

Pros: Great flavors, Great selection , Friendly smart staff

Cons: No cons

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Pizza Pizzaz - Edit

This was my weekly treat before I eliminated wheat from my diet. Mmm I can picture the bubbly crust and savory sauce right now! A delicious treat when I was too impatient to make my own pizza. A great thing about this place is that they don't charge you any extra for using vegan ingredients. The only con is that they don't sell individual slices, but with a taste like that you'll be glad you have a whole pie! It's a good way to integrate more vegan food into your friends' diets! :D None of my friends complained about eating there and often suggested it! They staff is very friendly and well informed of their ingredients.

Pros: vegan selection, friendly staff, good value

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Freaking Awesome Pizza!!! - Edit

Amazing Pizza! Went with a co-worker tonight and made an amazing pizza ... I am stuffed and the best part was that it was completely vegan. There are no cons to this place it is just amazing ... I even have extra for breakfast in the morning.

Pros: Vegan, Taste, Atmosphere

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great pizzeria - Edit

me and my husband were in the area and had an awesome meal here. I had the vegan chicken parm and he had a vegan calzone.we enjoyed our meal so much that we stopped again today to get food to go.

Pros: quick, cheap, Delicious

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best vegan pizza ever! - Edit

I was introduced to Little Anthony's about a year ago while visiting Albany with a friend. The place is amazing. I now go there everytime I am in the area. They have the best vegan pizza, calzones, vegan chicken nuggets and vegan meatballs. The staff are all wonderful and I have yet to try a vegan dish of theirs that did not disappoint me. If I wasn't an hour and a half drive for me to get there I would definetly be there a few times a week.

Pros: excellent food, friendly staff, good size portions

Cons: none

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Little bit of awesome! - Edit

Had dinner here back in September -- what a great place. I kicked it into high gear with breaded mushrooms AND a pizza -- everything was very tasty. The folks behind the counter were friendly & knowledgeable, & were quick with our order. My friend enjoyed her (non-vegan) calzone so we both left the table happy. I'd definitely check this place out again if in Albany again.

Pros: Vegan options!, Friendly, knowledgeable staff, Convenient location

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Reviewer Avatar

Great vegan pizza. - Edit

We stopped in here for lunch on our way to Connecticut. We got a pizza with vegan cheese, vegan "chicken" and veggies - it was probably the best pizza I've had since I've been vegan! The crust, sauce and amount of toppings (they don't skimp) were all very good too. The staff was very friendly and our pizza was ready quickly. While not as cheap as some chain pizzerias, the prices were still reasonable and I'm pretty sure they didn't charge extra for vegan cheese/chicken, which was a pleasant surprise. If we're ever in Albany again, we'll definitely be back. (FYI: The owner also mentioned that he is planning on opening an all-vegan restaurant soon, so that will hopefully be another good option for veg folks in Albany.)

Pros: Tasty, Vegan-friendly

Cons: No by-the-slice

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solid - Edit

We went here while driving in NY state. After finding it, the food was great. We really enjoyed the pizza. We use follow your heart brand at home so we appreciate the quality. It is NOT a veg place by any means, but sometimes on the road you make do; and for making do w what was there, this place is great. I would go there anytime I was passing through Albany. In fact I am keeping their takeout menu in the car in case I pass that way. The staff was a little impatient, which detracted a little, but that is NY in general.

Pros: vegan cheez, solid food, portions were good

Cons: edgy staff, not strict veg

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