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First Review by sglcklch

Awesome store! - Edit

This is a store that has some good items. It is the only place in Tokyo so far where I have been able to find some kind of legume noodle that I know of. They had chickpea and lentil spaghetti when I went and I got the lentil spaghetti. I also got some kind of donut to try that was good, and they had soy yogurt which I tried there for the first time. I plan to go back.

This review is for the store only and not the cafe connected to it.

Pros: They had a nice selection given the size, The staff seemed nice

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Good quality, inexpensive - Edit

Lima is a little cafe inside a health food shop in Shinjuku. They have all vegan food to go, and some seating. I tried the veggie burger, which was a good size and came with salad, miso soup. I also tried soy ice cream and a super dense chocolate brownie. My friends (meat-eaters) tried the original plate and enjoyed it too. Prices were a little lower than usual for vegan/macrobiotic places.

Pros: Good food, Good prices

Cons: Seating kind of squashed

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Good - Edit

The food is good and they have nice coffee. In the shop they have vegan cashew cheeses in the freezer. We bought the smoky one and it's the best vegan cheese I've ever had. A bit pricey though (ca 2500 jpy) but worth it!

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Good for a snack! - Edit

For us as european tourists, this place offered a great combination of shop and café.
The dishes are a small but tasted fine. It's not a place to have a splendid dinner, but it's a good possibility to have lunch, directly in the center of Tokyo.
Besides, the shop assistents were so lovely and helpful to explain the products and to find out if they were vegan.

Updated from previous review on 2016-09-27

Pros: vegan, fast, combined with shop

Cons: fast food atmosphere, quite expensive for a snack

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I like this place - Edit

I have been to Lima a few times. It is a nice place and not so expensive. There is also a shop where you can buy some vegan/vegetarian/organic products.

The food in Lima is quite tasty although it depends on a day. Their brown rice is the best though.

Maybe it's not my favourite vegan spot but definitely worth-visiting :)

Pros: inexpensive, easy to find, vegan shop

Cons: sometimes oily, a small variety of foods

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All time fav - Edit

I've been coming back here because I love this place. The place is not something you'll be impressed but you can relax and I like it that it's self-service.

The food is nice too but the dessert is always yum and comforting. Not something oily or sugary you have probably encountered but flavorful and in a way Japanese. It's perfect marriage of "healthy" and "tasty!"

I give four because there isn't something amazingly impressive but it's also perhaps the reason why I keep coming here to chill.

Pros: Reasonable price, Tasty dessert

Cons: Closes a bit early

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Lovely - Edit

Just outside bustling shinjuku, quiet, English speaking, comfortable deli style eatery. Nothing fancy, just nice.

Pros: close walk , English speaking + menu

Cons: I could see how it could get busy, wasn't when I w, limited seating

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Both local and Western options - Edit

Reasonably near to Shinjuku station (depending which end you are at) so not too bad to get to/find.

I had the lunch set my partner had the veggie burger (which she says was the best of the three or so different veggie burger places we tried in Japan). The set was good value with miso soup. Didn't have to wait very long for service. Probably seats about 15-20 people in total so might get busy at times but the most we had was another 3-4 people.

While we were there, a dessert option was a Brown Rice Ice Cream that was a real surprise. I asked about the ingredients, not out of concern but curiosity. From what I managed to understand it was only Brown rice and Soy Milk/Cream. This was a very surprising and nice treat that I will be trying to emulate at home.

Went twice whilst in Tokyo for a week and both times were great. Probably would have gone more and explored the menu a bit further. Didn't get anything from the attached shop but it was interesting to look around nonetheless.

Pros: Decent location, Good value, Western and Local dishes

Cons: No beer/wine

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Really Good food, cheap. - Edit

Great little place, that even if it looks like a canteen, serves great food. Four alternatives, all ¥900 each. Small-ish portions leaves room for dessert :)
Opening hours not the same as the store, I think it's 11.30 to 19.00, last order is 18.30
Updated from previous review on Monday May 09, 2016

Pros: quick service, delicious food, English menu

Cons: not the cosiest place maybe

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Yum! - Edit

Well after walking for a million miles and almost starving to death this little water hole appeared out of nowhere. Took the burger and the plate of the day. Everything was amazing. Especially the miso soup!

Pros: English menu, Friendly staff, The Miso soup!

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pretty good - yummy burger - Edit

We had the veg burger and plate of the day, miso soup, and the strawberry/choc mousse. Burger was really yummy... The other things were yummy, but didn't blow my mind. I'd definitely come back though!

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great burger! - Edit

Great spot to grab some take always for a long day of exploring Tokyo. The food was delicious, though a bit small.
The shop attached does amazing vegan icecream (in the freezer).

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Great quick lunch spot - Edit

Came here for lunch with my mom when we were in the area. The cafe had a small eating area with premade sandwiches and snacks to go, as well as a sit down menu. There is an English menu available but you have to ask the cashier for it. The food came out pretty quickly and came with complimentary miso soup. I ordered a curry plate and my mother ordered a Chinese style lunch bowl that consisted of mock pork and vegetables. Both were delicious. Would recommend to anyone looking for a good, quick, clean meal in Tokyo. Also the market next door is great!

Pros: Quick, Healthy

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grab and go - Edit

A small macrobiotic and vegan bistro located in an organic food store near the Shibuja station. The menus are usually three (Japanese and Western). The desserts are delicious and the takeaway snacks practical and healthy. the staff speaks a bit 'of English. The store has lots of takeaway sushis, onigiris and cakes.

Cons: they should change the chairs and table. like kids

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Cute cafe! - Edit

Nice cafe in a random spot! I went here and had the vegan burger set menu that came with miso soup, and also I had chocolate cake for dessert! The burger is a "fish-burger" and it's deep fried - it was delicious. The chocolate cake was also wonderful! Reasonable prices, great place and the little shop next door has GREAT vegan ice cream and some other vegan stuff if you live in Tokyo!

Pros: Great food, Good prices, Health store next door

Cons: Small portions, Not too much english

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Lima Cafe- a little pradise in Toyko - Edit

My husband and I found this little gem yesterday. We are vegan and eating healthy in Tokyo has not been easy for us until we found Lima Cafe. This is a vegan, macrobiotic, organic restaurant and store. The food is delicious, clean and healthy. The store is amazing. We are able to get staples to bring back to the hotel and also sandwiches and snacks. The cafe is small and there are about 4 choices of full meals on the menu but the people are super nice, the food is great and we will be going back there during our stay in Tokyo.

Cons: Excellent food, friendly staff

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Nice little cafe - Edit

After a week in Tokyo with limited food options, it was a relief to find this place and be able to trust that everything was vegan. I bought a day's worth of buns and sandwiches for takeout from the display table, and it wasn't too pricy. Not all of them were amazing, but I particularly enjoyed this one baozi with a mustardy sauce (I'm not good at reading Japanese, but I think it had cashew?). The tempeh was great too. The cashier was nice, and it had a calming atmosphere. I'd like to go back for a sit-down meal someday.

Pros: All vegan, inexpensive, plenty of to-go options

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A lovely café - Edit

I went to the Lima café about three times while visiting Tokyo. Really nice place which clearly states 'we only serve vegan food'.

Every time I went there, I had no problems getting a seat. As other reviews has mentioned, it may be crowded during lunch time. However, this is a small café so it does not get that noisy atmosphere when crowded.

I tried the fall curry and the burger. Both dishes were delicious and I think the portion size was perfect.
Also tried a few of the sandwiches that you could bring with you, very tasty and all of them were vegan.

While the Lima café is vegan, the store next it is not. For instance, one of the sushi take-away boxes contained tuna. With that being said, there are vegan products in the store as well. The Ohsawa brand seems to have a lot of vegan products.

Pros: A large variety of take-away sandwiches, Friendly staff, Tasty food

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Nice little spot - Edit

Cute spot for an early dinner. Decor is minimalist, nothing fancy. Pretty crowded at 530 p.m., only a few tables. We got a burger plate and a curry plate, which came with salad and soup for both plus brown rice for the curry. Got coffee and tea as well. They were out of brown rice ice cream and cheesecake, unfortunately, since the menu is already pretty small; this left only one dessert option.

Pros: clean, tasty

Cons: early closing time, ran out of several things

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Great little place for lunch - Edit

I visited the Lima Café on a Saturday during lunch time, which I guess must be one of their busiest moments. All seats where filled when we came in, but app. 5 minutes later people left and we could sit down.
I was really happy to find this place, not having to worry about ordering something that might accidentally contain meat or fish. I chose the lunch special: a great dish with rice, soup and vegetable bites like small stuffed peppers. It was really tasty and for me, the portion was perfect for lunch (and I'm not that small an eater). The person next to me was very happy with his burger, so I’d bet that’s also pretty good.
The place is very easy to find if you approach from the main road. The menu was in Japanese but had a fair amount of pictures.

Pros: Tasty & vegan!

Cons: Limited seating

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Simple lunch set, good organic store... - Edit

I came here for lunch with the intention of trying the burger. I ordered this along with a grain coffee and my companion ordered the soy meat lunch option. The burger was fine but nothing exceptional, almost a bit fast-foody with its wrapper. I followed up with dessert, ordering a tofu cheesecake slice, but unfortunately this was a bit pasty, rather than creamy, in texture. The soy meat I sampled tasted fine and the lunches were OK but fairly ordinary. If come here again to try some of the other items or for a simple lunch. The organic store of which this cafe is part is the best in Tokyo I think. It's also close to Yoyogi station.

Pros: Good organic store, Close to Yoyogi station

Cons: Pasty texture of cheesecake

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dayum.. those burgers! - Edit

Took a long time to find this place. Do not follow google maps. It knows nothing, John Snow.
It takes you to the back of some buildings. Don't go there, stick to the front on the main road.

Once there, the food was amazing. I got a burger, finished it and went and got another burger. Unbelievably good. Also bought some sandwiches and rice balls and a chocolate cake. So good.

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Amazing, fresh, delicious - Edit

I don't know what more some of these other reviews could possible want. This is hands-down my absolute favorite vegan place in all of Tokyo. Period.
Important info first:
1. Everything is vegan.
2. The tonkatsu burger/veggie burger is amazing. Best veggie burger in Tokyo.
3. They have set menu for the day, and while the staff is not so much with the English, they DO have an English menu.
4. The store is not "worthless," but it is limited. Lima Cafe is vegan; the store is not.
5. DO NOT TRUST GOOGLE MAPS. It is not in the back of the weird twisty building Google Maps sends you to. It is in the FRONT.

The food is AMAZING. Everything is vegan. They have a tonkatsu burger that is my Favorite Thing. It's amazing. The miso soup is to really wonderful; they have both white and brown rice and its is perfect and sticky (you may be surprised by how often one gets lackluster rice in Japan); they have a few various items that are almost as good as the tonkatsu burger, including a bowl that's just lovely. They always have deserts (unless they sell out early) and they do takeout (mochikaeri) which is a rare pleasure.
The people working there are really wonderful, to the point that the third time I visited, she already remembered me and what I liked, including the tea I wanted.
The cafe seating is a little small, but it's never really busy, so the limited seating isn't really an issue.

Pros: Tonkatsu burger, Fresh and super-delicious, Takeout

Cons: They close at 7!

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Tasty food but really simple - Edit

It's an all-vegan place and the food is tasty, but it's nothing to write home about. The prices are OK, but the portions are smallish.

Still, you are happy with what you find in Tokyo and the location is very good. It's a five-minute walk from Shinjuku station South Exit.

Pros: The menu is vegan, Vegan pastries

Cons: Small portions, Their shop is not even vegetarian

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Good, but not great - Edit

I came to Lima Cafe about a week ago (Feb 2015), and while the food was good, it wasn't memorable. I ordered the curry which came with rice and a miso soup. The portions were very small, especially for the price.
This place definitely feels like you're in a grocery store, not a cafe or restaurant. It's more like a place you'd stop into for a quick lunch, or a snack before heading home to dinner.
I had a hard time finding it. I don't know if it's the address given here, or an issue with my Google maps, but I ended up at the building behind Lima's. It took me about 20 minutes to finally find it.
English is not spoken, nor is there an english menu.

Pros: Within a grocery store, so you can shop, Healthy Food, Friendly staff

Cons: Small portions, Not the best atmosphere, Hard to find

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I Love Lima!! - Edit

I live near Lima so I've tried everything on the menu! But to get there you can go from either Shinjuku or Yoyogi.
The burger is the best vege burger I've ever had ! It's a crunchy bread crumbed soy meat with gherkin mayonnaise on a perfectly slightly toasted home made bread bun. You get salad and soup with it. I guess it's pretty expensive for a burger at 900 yen but I think everyone should try it!
I also love their original plate which is different each day, consisting of various little Japanese style dishes. It comes with rice and soup.
The daikon soup is amazing! But I might be biased as I love daikon♥
The staff are lovely and it's not awkward or difficult to go alone.
They also sell snacks like cookies and sandwiches near the front. The korokke sandwiches are so good! I love the cookies too. Some chocolate looking things might be quite bitter though, as I don't think they use a sweetener (I had chocolate coronet and chocolate brownie).

Pros: Delicious! , Healthy, Friendly

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Oishikatta - Edit

Lima Cafe is a nice small 100% vegan restaurant near Shinjuku station (5-7 minutes from South Exit). The menu is not very extensive (3 or 4 main dishes and several desserts) and portions are a bit small but the food is tasty and worth its price (600-800 yen). There is also a health food shop in the same building that sells vegan lunch boxes (600yen), snacks and other tasty things for those who are still hungry ;-)

Update: after the increase in taxes from April 1st, all main dishes cost 900 yen which puts Lima in "medium" price range.

Pros: 100% vegan, Location, Desserts

Cons: No English, Portions could be bigger

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Good food, smallish portions - Edit

We found this restaurant easily just by walking down the street from Yoyogi subway station. It's located opposite to the JR Tokyo General Hospital, inside a health store called Lima.

Food was fresh, macrobiotic food and dessert vegan chocolate cake was also good. Menu was in Japanese but there were pictures. Portions were smallish but tolerable. I thought it was also a little bit cheaper than other places in Tokyo.

The Lima health store was a great find, we could buy vegan soy yogurts and puddings and a lot of other vegan goods from there. Recommended!

Pros: good, fresh food, great location inside a health store

Cons: portions were smallish

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Awesome store - Edit

This place was just great! I loved that the majority of products they carry are locally made in Japan, which most probably can't be found anywhere outside of the country. I went around lunch time and the staff was putting out boxes of meat/vegan bento, which I assumed were freshly made in the big kitchen attached to the store where they also hold cooking classes. They had a community table in case you want to dine in. There was a small fresh produce corner too but I was mainly interested in travel food.

The variety of vegan cookies was amazing. I couldn't resist and bought a couple of different flavors, including one made with Maya nuts, something I had never heard of before. I also got a loaf of vegan gluten-free bread made with just brown rice flour and no starches, which is extremely uncommon for commercial GF breads. Then there was this whole chest freezer full of vegan ice creams by the entrance. I was really intrigued by a yam-based one that claimed to be completely fat free so I got the adzuki bean flavor of that. Was actually more like a sorbet but was yummy nonetheless. I also saw some non-dairy milks that I didn't see at the other health food store I visited earlier.

The location was quite convenient, just a short walk from Shinjuku or Yoyogi station. For me it was even easier as it was literally right behind the hotel my partner and I stayed at. I just can't believe I didn't know it until the very last hours of our trip; otherwise it would have been so handy to stock up on breakfast food and travel snacks.

Pros: selection, location, vegan ice creams

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