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Am Friedrichshain 34, Berlin, Germany, 10407

Serves meat, vegan options available. Offers a variety of vegan burgers with choices like tofu, seitan, falafel along with house-made bread and sauces. Ask if possible to use a separate grill area. Has Wi-Fi. Since late 2013. Relocated 2016 from Urbanstrasse 70, Kreuzberg. Open Mon-Thu 12:00pm-12:00am, Fri-Sat 12:00pm-1:00am, Sun 12:00pm-12:00am.

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24 Reviews

First Review by Vegano36

massive burgers! - Edit

Gargantuan sized and super delicious for those of you into mock meats. Definitely try the wings! Pretty cool atmosphere, but a bit on the pricey side.

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Fabulous Food and Wonderful Waiters - Edit

Slightly different but such a range of choices to suit both vegans and meat eaters. The burgers are so big and you can get so many different toppings!

Pros: lots of vegan options, friendly staff

Cons: serves meat

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Excellent vegan burgers - Edit

Special club-like atmosphere, with graffity at the walls and loud music. They offer a large choice of meat-based, vegetarian and vegan burgers, including weird offers like 1kg meat burgers. No matter whether you like this concept or not, the vegan burgers taste exceptionally good! Definitely one of the best vegan burgers, I have ever had. I can especially recommend for people who want to eat vegan but want a perfect fake taste of meat, bacon etc.

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So realistic it's scary! 😌 - Edit

Ate here the other day and left feeling very strange! We got the Simpsons vegan burger with cheesey sweet potato fries and the taste was exactly how I remember meat being all them years ago which can be hit or miss depending on how you like that taste. Personally, the thought of meaty tastes puts me a little off so be wary of this. Regardless, if that's what this place was going for then they seasoned that seitan to perfection! 👌 We were so afraid that we were eating real meat and cheese that I must have bothered the staff at least 4 times confirming it was all okay!
Portions are unbelievably huge and although it's a very pricey place, you certainly get your monies worth!

Pros: Huge vegan menu, Very tasty food

Cons: Quite a high price

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Literally couldn't recommend enough!!! - Edit

Although I don't normally visit omni restaurant while I travel, I came across this one on facebook and couldnt pass it up. The menu is absolutely massive and the burgers range from €8 to €60 each!!! There are even sides like nuggets, curly fries etc etc. Honestly it was so amazing and all the meat options have a vegetarian OR vegan option!! Be careful as the menu is in german only though!

Pros: Massive burgers, Graffitied walls looks sick, Massive menu

Cons: Fidel castro burger is TOO spicy!!, No English menu options, Omni restaurant

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so realistic? - Edit

This place was close to our hotel so we went for dinner. They have a huge vegan burger & sides menu. Ordered a burger and it smelled and tasted so real that we were so scared that it wasn't vegan. It had vegan bacon, egg and cheese which looked like they were vegan. I was just so confused, but it was so tasty. Just left a bit shook. Burger is huge so might want to consider splitting it with someone. Also the whole thing with the beef&vegan left me confused. If you can make such a good version of vegan everything, why even praise meat and sell it, I don't know. The burger must be the best one I ever had, but it's all just a bit weird. Left with mixed feelings. I would have warned the vegans it was so realistic if I was the one making it. I wouldn't have doubted it if they didn't sell meat ones...

Updated from previous review on 2017-12-05

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best vegan burger I ever ate - Edit

Came with carnists who couldn't believe it's vegan

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Good choice for a visit - Edit

Although not entirely vegan, they have an entire menu filled with vegan choices. The restaurant itself was not really what you call a cozy place, but the staff was friendly and the food tasted like heaven. They've got great variety with different kinds of burgers even though it was a little expensive! 4/5 would eat again.

Pros: Staff, Food, Variety

Cons: A little expensive , Atmosphere

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okay but bad service - Edit

There are weird veganised versions of American junk food here - deep fried snickers bars, burgers, sweet potato fries etc. But the place isn't very nice to be in, it gets busy, the staff are unfriendly and dismissive, and there is no tap water. I wouldn't really go back. It was expensive too for food that wasn't very high quality

Pros: choice, location

Cons: staff, quality , price

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Hell and Heaven at the same time - Edit

The vegan food is super delicious and probably the best vegan fast food in town. Still I am not 100% sure if they label the food honestly. Besides that the atmosphere is horrible. Its like eating in a mega techno club. Darkness, bright light spots, loud fast techno music and over ambitious hectic staff which confuses orders all the time. Its definately a experience, a very expensive experience also.

Pros: Very good vegan options

Cons: ussually booked out, horrible atmosphere, very exp

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portions are huge, but food is tasty - Edit

Portions are seriously massive to the point that you may as well think about taking half of your burger to go.

There were a ton of options for both veggies and omnis alike!

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Varied Service - Edit

I visited Lily Burger twice and the first time was incredible. I split a burger with a friend (the portions are HUGE) and shared two deep fried vegan candy bars for dessert. They tasted incredible and if this was the only time I visited I would have definitely given it as close to a five star rating as happycow allows.

However, the second time I came was with my family and I wanted to show them how delicious vegan food could be. This time it was the evening and we were seated inside rather than the lovely outside seating I had the first time. The music is kinda loud inside and the lighting is very dark and dingy, which is a shame because in the daylight the food looked as amazing as it tasted.

We had an ambivalent waiter who basically told my mum what kind of meat she wanted. I remember him doing that to my friends the first night I visited. Friends wanted 'rare', he told them it's too undercooked and to go for 'medium rare' very matter-of-factly with no room to tell him that they definitely wanted what they wanted and my mum wanted 'well done' and again, he told her it's to chewy and to go for 'medium rare'. I know it's not exactly relevant to happycow but she was disappointed with the medium rare and wished she hadn't taken his advice. Personally I found it quite rude service.

So anyway, I was eating the burger (again, it tasted amazing but wayyyy too much to eat for one person) and remembered to leave room for those amazing deep fried candy bars. Unfortunately, when it came to ordering dessert they were all out of them. And the deep fried vegan ice cream, which was disappointing. Instead I tried the cake which was horrible compared to the rest of the menu. I was very disappointed and upset that my family hated their burgers because they weren't cooked the way they wanted and they were all out of vegan ice cream and the five variety of vegan candy bars (what are the chances?).

So overall, I'd make sure to sit outside, ask if they have the vegan candy bars before ordering anything, share a burger with a friend (unless you're a beast and think you can handle a whole one) and stay away from the blonde male waiter because he's awful.

Pros: Tasty burgers, Incredible deep fried candy bars

Cons: too noisy, too dark inside, rude waiter

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Awesome! - Edit

We were staying near this restaurant and as it was freezing cold and we didn't want to travel far we reluctantly went in after reading some bad reviews.

Couldn't have had a more different experience. Beer good. Service good. Food gooooood.

Someone said it was expensive, I agree for a burger it is at the higher end particularly as you order your side separately, bit that means your fries are larger so I'd recommend 1 between 2.

I had the JFK burger which was cheese and bacon on a seitan burger. It was huge.

Oh and the music was loud but certainly not so loud that I couldn't have a good chat with my partner.

Pros: Big portions, Excellent choice of toppings

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Huge burgers and superb service! - Edit

The title says it all. Not the cheapest place but I recommend to go there and experience it by yourself. The waiters are reeally nice and the WiFi works like a charm! Open now also Fri-Sat only from 12 to 12 and they close the kitchen earlier if there's no customers. They said they have delivery service too.

Updated from previous review on 2016-11-06

Pros: Huge burgers, Great service, WiFi rules

Cons: Expensive, but you'll get value for your money

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My fav vegan burger in Berlin - Edit

I just love that place. I had the BEST vegan burger in my life (already maybe 10 times). They have gluten-free bread but you might wanna check they still have it first, because once I ended up with toast bread and pay an extra euro for it which wasn't nice. BUT their falafel patties are simply awesome! So is the vegan cheese. It's totally with the price and this place is my top recommendation if you're a vegan gluten-free (or not) burger lover.

Pros: awesome falafel patties , gluten-free buns (on request), super tasty

Cons: a bit pricey

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Lots of veggie options - Edit

This place specializes in beef and veggie burgers, and might be offering the best vegan burger in Berlin. They have an extensive list of vegetarian burgers, which all can be made vegan. Two different sauces are included, and there's the choice between homemade falafel or seitan patties (the latter is massive and seems to have what appeared to be a refried bean filling). A bunch of their sides like chili cheese fries are also available vegan. Everything was tasty, and the servings are rather big.

However, this clearly isn't a place for a romantic dinner. The place is kinda small, and packed with ale benches. It's kind of garish (but there's certainly no "blood dripping" anywhere), and there's loud techno music playing. On the plus side, that means no one stays super long, so even on a busy Saturday we didn't had to wait long until we got seated, and as their turnover is pretty big, even larger groups walked in and got a seat within a reasonable waiting time. The service is maybe no frills service, but the dudes working there were pretty friendly, checked up on us, corrected a mistake with the order in no time, and even offered us that we could buy beer at the corner store next door and drink it in the restaurant, as they don't serve alcohol.

Bottom line, might be the best burger in Berlin at the moment, but don't plan to stay here much longer than it takes you to finish your dinner. (They do take-out as well, though...)

Pros: plenty of veggie options

Cons: atmosphere

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Great burgers but a bit loud - Edit

Whoever says the staff is not friendly just doesn't get the real Berlin style, this is not the USA, real Berliners have big mouths and are quite frank also in their sense of humor. Doesn't mean that they aren't nice, they always cared a lot for us just not with fake smiles.

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Incredibly rude staff and wasn't able to eat - Edit

Personally, to anyone who has travelled far, I'd strongly recommend not to even bother with this place.
Family and I had been walking all day to see the wonderful sights of Berlin, we're all from England and heard so much about Lily Burger as two of us are vegan and the rest eat meat. So we purposely went here for the options.

This place is tiny, like a small sweat box! Fits about thirty people tops, you need to book, which I have never been told by anyone who's been there. We were greeted by an incredibly rude man with a black short beard. His attitude absolutely stunk towards us when we ask if he could sit us, if not, how long. He didn't want to help or anything.
When I even asked about the vegan options, he didn't understand what I was asking considering their sign does say 'beef and vegan burgers'.
We thought if two of us cold stay the others could find someone else. My other half's mother ask for two, this man who 'greeted' us, not only continued to be rude, he constantly shouted "what" into her face, shaking his head and proceeded to laugh at us with some customers near by. Absolutely disgusting.

I will also add, from what I could see in this establishment is cross contamination would be an issue, there's blood everywhere from their meat, dripping onto the tables, I would not recommend this for anyone who is veggie or vegan.

I will finish to say that I'm amazed that this place is thriving considering how unwelcoming this person was. Not only the location is dark and dirty, so was his attitude.

Glad that we weren't seated as I dread to think what the overall service would have been.

Cons: rude staff, located in dark putrid area/street , cross contamination is highly likely

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Nice food, not so nice staff - Edit

The vegan options and burgers are really great but the place itself isn't pretty and the staff seemed rather unfriendly and tried to make fun of me and others in the shop (not in a friendly way but to embarrass me/ us). Also the price is pretty high for a burger but the overall food-quality is good. I'm in for a burger from time to time but don't expect excessive tipping.

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Good burgers, but bad value for your money. - Edit

This restaurant raised their prices recently. In my previous review, I rated them highly rated because of their good taste and value. But now they want 8 to 9 euros for a burger? This is not a restaurant in Prenzlauer Berg but an imbiss in Neukölln, my friends.

On the plus side: huge selection of vegan and vegetarian burgers and separate grills for meat, vegetarian and vegan.

For Americans coming from expensive cities: no, these are not appropriate prices for Berlin.

Pros: separate grills, good taste

Cons: high prices for the area, serves meat, uncomfortable seating

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great late option - Edit

Giant burgers for €6 open late, super friendly, lots of vegan options for sauces & combinations with separate vegan & veg menus

1 Response
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vegetariandood 15 Jul 2014 - Price is not 6 EUR anymore. It was raised.  

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Best vegan burgers so far - Edit


I checked out Lily Burger last week and I have to say that they prepare the best vegan burgers I have tasted so far in Berlin. They are huge, tasty and quite cheap.

They also have a seperate grill for vegan stuff, so that the seitan/tofu doesn't get mixed up with meat. I can only recommend it! Nice Music too ;-)

Pros: Seperate grill, huge and tasty burgers, nice people

Cons: serve meat

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Well made and super friendly - Edit

while this place looks like a temple of meat from the outside, the staff were incredibly friendly and super helpful.

they have a long list of options and seemed to take a lot of pride in their vegetarian and vegan offerings.

the burger itself was huge but held together well. not the best one i have ever had, but the experience was so positive that would happily go there again.

Pros: good choice, friendly and helpful staff, big portions

Cons: still sell meat :-(

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The Best Vegan Burgers and Food - Edit

at lilly burger there are 20 different vegan burger to choose from and it tastes delicious. There are 13 vegan sauces vegan bread. there are 4 homemade organic potato can choose between falafel, seitan, or tofu and the vegetarian selection is also very large. I love the tofu bacon chesse yummi is the delicious vegan invite the best in berlin

Pros: Excellent Food, Best Vegan Food , Nice Location and Music

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