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Light Vegetarian Restaurant

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13 Jordan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong, China,

普光斋 menu is mostly vegan. Buffet lunch 12-3pm; other times order from a la carte menu. Also a takeaway counter. Large place with 2 floors of seating. Look for the large green sign. Located in between Jordan MTR exits B1 & B2. Open Mon-Sun 11:00am-11:00pm.

Category: Vegan-friendly, Ovo, Chinese, Buffet, Take-out, Banquet

Reviews (26)

First Review by wowser

Tasty, casual, local buffet - Edit

I arrived at about 10 PM on a Saturday night (about 30 mins before last orders), solo, and was assisted by a helpful and cheery waitress who suggested the buffet, which I highly recommend. It is extensive - soup, congee, many veg dishes with and without mock meats, salad, dessert, etc. - and tasty. Many large groups of locals at the round tables, including families, and few expats.

I'd like to return with a group and order off the menu, as many of the dishes at other tables appeared to be quite interesting.

The buffet is HK$72.6 (less than US$10) with service charge.

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A definite go to Restaurant - Edit

We went to this restaurant in 2015 and we were very pleasantly surprised. Not being a big meat eater and unsure of the food that was available in Hong Kong our family loved the atmosphere and the friendly staff who were very accommodating to us English speaking folk. Food was absolutely amazing. Fresh, lots of variety and friendly staff.

Pros: Good Value, Friendly Staff, Excellent variety

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the buffet option - Edit

The restaurant was convenient located and easy to find.
Understanding the differences between the buffet option (even for dinner) vs. ordering dishes - not so much. We decided to go with the former and got one of them cook-it-yourself sets on the table. The staff in their effort to help with it quickly pushed in faux meat, which I personally dislike. I rather had more dim sum than fake bacon.
The rest of the items were OK. Nothing really extraordinary to write about.
The place is somewhat run down, but OK for the price they ask.

Pros: location, buffet option

Cons: too many faux meat options

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GOOD 1 january 2016 - Edit

went today follow happy cow reviews.
good place warm and different kind of plates, don't think its a huge one but enough to satisfy your stomach. only one plate ovo-vegetarian they says the rest all vegans
around 100 per person and they started at 12:00
have same food to take as well

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Large buffet - Edit

Light Vegetarian Restaurant has a very complete buffet including a range of Chinese vegetarian dishes. The price for a dine-in buffet will be around HK$150. Takeout is also an option but the menu is in Chinese.

Pros: Great location, Wide variety of dishes

Cons: Food is not spiced

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Still outstanding dim sum - Edit

Returned to Hong Kong after 4 years and made straight to this restaurant for dim sum. Lucky to get a table! Still outstanding food, friendly staff and excellent value. Looking forward to next trip. (Wish there was something like this in London).

Pros: quality, extensive menu, very friendly

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Light Vegetarian Restaurant, Hong Kong - Edit

I don't have much to add that hasn't been already said. Ground floor is buffet, 1st floor is a la carte. I had the buffet. Great food, great value.

The location is literally 1/2 between MTR exits B1 & B2.

Updated from previous review on Sunday October 12, 2014

Pros: vegan friendly, Great value buffet

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they are possibly a vegan place now?! - Edit

great staff even better food. some of the imitation meat is bad just stick to the noodles, rice and bean curd and you will be alright. the takeaway is insanely cheap make sure you at least grab a couple spring rolls for the trip home. easy to find and the girl told me that they don't have any milk or egg dishes any more (they crossed out some like deep fried milk etc) so it is vegan (I think). There is a honey dish but if you stay away from it you are golden. some of the staff doesn't speak english but they got one of the english speaking staff members to help me out. I haven't gone to many vegan restaurants so this might not mean much but this is the best vegan food ive ever tasted. you have to try it
Updated from previous review on Sunday October 26, 2014

Pros: easy to find, lots of vegan options, lovely staff + english speaking

Cons: mock meat isn't very good

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Buffet Is Awesome And Hotpot Is Included - Edit

Don't bother with the a-la-carte upstairs and go for the buffet and the hotpot! Even though the hotpot might be a bit hard to order for as there is no English menu. The buffet is more than enough though and for 120HKG everything included (even the hotpot!), it's an absolute bargain!
Food is very tasty and there is plenty available!

Staff speaks some English and is generally very helpful.

Pros: Unlimited Buffet & Hotpot, Only 120HKD, Great Taste

Cons: Sometimes Hard To Get A Table

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very very good food - Edit

Excellent food , excellent service and excellent ambiance
Updated from previous review on Tuesday March 12, 2013

Pros: none

Cons: none

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Tea Buffet - Edit

Arrived at around 2.50pm and there was a buffet at 3pm. Decided to go for it. At 3pm, everyone started rushing to get their food. They must be really hungry! Find the food simple and nothing really outstanding. Maybe Al-la crate may taste better.

Pros: Easy to find

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Good veggie option - Edit

We are not buffet fans so went upstairs to order off menu. Started empty and a little intimidating, service attentive but not that friendly. Then began to fill up (more towards 1) and was much better. Portions massive, food very good and more. My veggie wife who is not a Chinese food fan was converted!

Pros: Food , Portion size

Cons: Atmosphere, Service

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not a massive fan of the a la carte... - Edit

The buffet is on the ground floor and has a wide variety of dishes. We were not hungry enough to make it worth getting the buffet so opted for the a la carte menu and took the stairs to the a la carte seating section.

There was a small plate with three pieces of pineapple on the table when we sat down. This small plate was on each table. We were served hot water as we sat down. We assumed both the pineapple and hot water were complementary. At the end of our meal we were told that this boiled water was $6 per person and the pineapple was chargeable also! This is not the norm in Hong Kong and we thought this completely cheeky of them. After discussing this item on the bill for a few minutes the manager kept pointing at their menu where it was written "hot water or tea" for $6 so eventually we paid it but we did not experience this anywhere else and it annoyed us.

In terms of the food we ordered, we liked the rice and tofu dish. The waiter suggested the noodles with black pepper. Obviously it was meant to be peppery but it tasted as though the whole thing had been coated in pieces of black pepper and we were not able to have more than half of this second dish.

I would recommend you to order carefully if you choose the a la carte menu here, or go for the buffet as you can see what you are getting.

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Reviewer Avatar

Great All-you-can-eat Buffet for Variety - Edit

I went to this restaurant once so far, and was really impressed with the breadth of the buffet. I'm very picky about food--especially Buddhist-style vegetarian food, but since Light has such a large buffet, I am convinced that most people will leave happy. As an all-you-can-eat place, I give Light very high marks for VALUE. I look forward to going back :-)

Pros: value, variety, location

Cons: loud, crowded

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Easy to find, friendly, English menu - Edit

This place has a huge neon sign and is very easy to spot. We went upstairs for a la carte dinner. All of the staff were very friendly and the service was very good. The meals are large, tasty and well presented at about $60HK each, they are amazing value!($8 US/$10 AUD). Us 2 girls shared the mushroom congee, the honey bbq 'pork' and the beancurd on noodles. I brought a container and took away enough for breakfast! My only complaint is the lack fresh/raw/non-oily options, and this is why they only get four cows. (the congee was one of the healthier looking choices, mind you, it was GORGEOUS!). Three meals and two jasmine teas cost $190 HK ($24/$30)...the place looks a lot more expensive than it actually is.

I am not sure whether the buffet offers more healthy options...a great excuse to go back and find out!

Pros: service&location, taste/presentation, price

Cons: lack of healthy options

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Good food and bustling atmosphere - Edit

I really like this place even though I only manage to come here about twice a year. You tell them what type of tea you require, and off you go to the buffet. When it's crowded sometimes you have to share a table with others. The food is quite nice. Vegans should be aware that sometimes they use cream or butter in their cabbage dishes, but it's pretty easy to spot. The upstairs section is a la carte, if you're not in the mood for a buffet type of meal.

Pros: Convenient location, Good variety of food, Take out available

Cons: Can be pretty hectic

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only tried take-away - Edit

I tried the take away counter dim sum. Some of it was absolutely wonderful, others were so-so. I would definitely go back and try the buffet during peak hours, though. the dim sum was a fair price. Really convenient to the MTR.

Pros: cheap, good food, friendly staff

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A good feed - Edit

I went to this place recently on the back of other pretty good reveiws. All was pretty good. Plenty of differnet tyoes of buffet food available. Bit confusing at first. But you pretty much get given a plate and off you go to help yourself. Restraunt was full to the brim and had a good atmosphere, so was good for the fact the food wasn't sitting around. All in all, the food was unlimited and tasty, but i thought i might be a tad overpriced if you don't eat a lot. Unlimited Tea was a plus, so all in all, would recommend if very hungry and want to stock up the nutrients.

Pros: Fresh Food , Unlimited Tea, Good Atmosphere

Cons: Bit overpriced

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Great value! - Edit

Entrance a couple of steps up from main road, under a neon sign, this is a medium sized Chinese buffet restaurant. You'll be met by the head waitperson as you go in and if you opt for the buffet this will be near the most contact you will have with staff, unless you want further assistance. There is a small counter selling jade/Chinese made style pendants/bracelets to one side.
Groups to couples and singles present. More of a "routine" restaurant than special occassion/romantic spot although if the latter are casual affairs, then excepted.
Buffet had congee, fried rice/noodles, various vegetable stir frys, stews, mock meats (variously flavoured chicken on this occassion), sushi - one type, salad ingredients no dressing, desserts. Replenished regularly with fresh/new dishes. Further food is available and to be ordered separately. Unlimited pots tea. As per most other restaurants at this level on down the spout was chipped but judged slim chance of them having an intact one..Yet to be affected if there was any bacteria living there as per millions of people who also use such vessels everyday...On other hand, chopsticks are plastic.
Food fine, not too oily, no culinary feats. Had a decent square meal with various vegetables, trying a bit of the "chicken" and ending with peanut cookies, which were yummy, red bean sesame ball and a fruit and cream filled pancake made on a hot griddle in front of me.
At around $100 before 9pm and $57!! after, can't lose with this great value!

Pros: Great value

Cons: no culinary peaks scaled

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good=) - Edit

chinese known as 普光斋. u can easiy spot a Big Green sign board along the street. quite easily located. they have both ala carte menu and buffet. buffet Dinner is 98HKD excluding other charges.
food was good, but the buffet was over rated i feel. i reach at around 8.30pm, and many of the dishes for buffet are kinda empty already. had ala carte instead.

Pros: location, variety of food

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Reviewer Avatar

Serving hours buffet Light Vegetarian Restaurant - Edit

This restaurant is easy to find: take the exit 4D at MTR station Jordan in Kwoloon. A huge sign "Light Vegetarian restaurant" on 13 Jordan Street cannot be missed. Evening buffet for 89 HK$ + 10%, that is about 10 €, is open from 18.00 - 22.30 hrs. Take away window whole day open. Excellent, abundant, tasty, great, Tea is free as always in Chinese restaurants. In order to be sure of a table: come early. If you want a refill of hot water: just open the lid of the tea pot.
Dr. Niels Wiedenhof, July 2007

Pros: clean, 100% veggie, vegan choices also, great variety

Cons: maybe crowded

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great - Edit

went and had the buffet, thanks to the directions previous.

was very good, staff spoke no english but easy to work out what dishes were from the buffet, and the menu had english. about hk$90 for the buffet which also allows you order several other dishes if wanted(i didn't as the buffet was substantial enough).
unlike many other places, although mock meat and tofu were plentiful, there were no shgortage of vegetable dishes. there were a selection of soups also. very good.

Pros: selection, nice staff

Cons: difficult to find

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Jordan MTR Exit B1 - Edit

Directions - look for the bookshop / stationery shop behind the MTR entrance - Light Vegetarian is just to the right of this. Seating on 2 floors. You can drop in for tea & dim-sum. You can take 100+ guests & have a banquet. Several buffet spreads each day - usually starting around 11 a.m. - then 3 p.m. - then 7 p.m. Between times you have just the menu to order from.

Pros: Great staff, Buffet is best, Good value

Cons: Best to book at peak time, Sometimes slippery stairs

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Light Vegetarian - Edit

There is a take-away window to the left of the main door (enter for buffet) selling a wide variety of dumplings, rolls and a selection of imitation meat products at very reasonable prices. The friendly service staff read the vegan passport and steered us away from non-vegan items. The food was great!

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