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Raw vegan restaurant. Closed June 2023.

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23 May 2023


For people that love vegan/raw food it's amazing, but the thing is you mite eat so much but still feel hungry, because raw food is like that,but overall it's amazing

Updated from previous review on 2023-04-22

Pros: Raw food , Vegan food

Cons: Food comes slow , Small place, Hard to find the entrance door



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30 Nov 2022

Cakes ok but small and too expensive

We ordered juste different pieces of cakes to take away and we received a huge bill. When we tasted the cakes they were not really good and very small portions... So it really doesn't worse the price...
(April 22)

Updated from previous review on 2022-11-30

Pros: Lots of vegan options

Cons: Super expensive


08 Apr 2023

Yes, you are right, we have expensive cakes. They cost the same as ordinary cakes made in other cafes and restaurants from cheap eggs, flour and sugar, but unlike them, we only have expensive ingredients. See for yourself what products we use, it should be clear.
I wish you health and peace!


12 Apr 2023

Actually, they do not cost the same as "ordinary cakes" and this is really to be dishonest to say something like that....
I didn't doubt the fact that you use good product but as I tried your cakes and saw by myself what it is, I will not change my opinion on the fact that what you sell is way too expensive and not tasty enough, neither large enough, to be sold at those crazy prices....


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02 Oct 2022

Very tasty food, but not a great take away experience

I think we just had bad luck here because we ordered takeaway and not only did we get the tiniest piece of cake for $4.25 (compared to the online photos, we definitely didn't get a standard size), we were shorted one truffle in the nearly $10 box we ordered too. If they were running low on stock, we could have received a discount instead of having to pay full price for less food.

The burger was supposed to come with coleslaw, and instead came with a few pieces of cucumber. Disappointing.

On the food: it truly is very good and flavorful. You can tell it's made with quality ingredients. It's just very expensive with very small portion sizes. Closer to what you would pay in the US. The small pizza alone was $15.

I wish I could give this place 5-stars but I feel like I've been shortchanged.

Updated from previous review on 2022-10-02


08 Apr 2023

As far as I remember, I already gave you an explanation for all your dissatisfaction on another site.
The size of the cake has never changed, the photo is the same size, only it is difficult to understand the real size from the photo if there is no object nearby that could be compared with (there is a medium-sized tangerine nearby). In the photo, there are 7 pieces of candies of the same size in a box with sweets. We didn't have that big candy back then. There can be either 7 identical ones in a box, or 5 identical ones and one big one.
We sell a burger as a burger, as a decoration for a burger there can be different things. There may be a coleslaw, there may be tomatoes and cucumbers, there may be sliced carrots, beets and cucumbers, etc.
We never and under no pretext can deceive our guests, we do not deceive at all!!!! Once again, I suggest you come to us and pick up what you thought was not given to you!
Not everything we think is true. ))
I wish you health and peace!


08 Apr 2023

I don't believe you intentionally deceive customers, but I was disappointed that I simply didn't receive the same as the advertised products. An explanation afterwards of what the product might come as after you order it doesn't really change that. When I originally messaged you about it (before even writing this review), you offered that I come to the store to receive a little 'gift' but when I arrived, the staff simply showed me a small cake and seemed to either not understand the rest of the message when I showed them, or knew nothing about it. If this was the point of coming in, then I guess I somewhat received a gift of explanation but I stand by what I experienced.


19 Apr 2023

You came to our cafe, introduced yourself who you are and left without anything? Did I understand you correctly?


19 Apr 2023

Yes, there seemed to be confusion when I was there, as if they didn't know why I had come. As I said in my review, my expectations weren't met with my orders, but that doesn't detract from the quality of your food which is very good 🙂


20 Apr 2023

Once again I ask your forgiveness! Apparently you are not understood. They knew that you should come and get what I promised you. Once again, as the owner of the cafe, I invite you to come to us for a free lunch. )) My name is Tachat, contact the cafe on my behalf.


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26 Jun 2022

Worth a shot, but nothing I'd visit again

Food was fresh and tasty. But there are no menus, just a half-working tablet that the waiter gets you. Food is very expensive and you wait forever a long time. Also, i get the lack of space, but it's awkward going to pee, if you can hear the cooks chat &cook right outside the toilet door...

Pros: Nice ambient outside , Tast food , Feels like it's freshly made

Cons: Expensive, Toilet is basically in their kitchen?, Slow slow slow


08 Apr 2023

Compared to the prices of other restaurants and cafes, our prices are identical, but in contrast to them we do not use semi-finished products, and we cook everything from fresh products, which take more time to prepare than if we used semi-finished products. Therefore, not only according to your feelings, it is really just cooked!))
As for the sounds from the toilet, I assure you, nothing is heard in the kitchen, you were not in the kitchen, but I was in the kitchen at a time when there was someone in the toilet.)))


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13 Apr 2022

Very good food, cozy setup

Very cozy location, chilled out music, great decor, lots of good things on the menu, nice outside area. Service was a tad slow, but I think they weren't yet geared up for guests when I wandered in.

Pros: Many great raw options


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01 Mar 2022


This place is so unbelievably good— definitely has exceeded my expectations. It is a little bit pricey but the ingredients are top quality and the flavors they create are unreal. The Pasta with Pesto is one of the best things I’ve eaten 🤤 Their Spring Rolls have both a nut cheese and a sauce in them— so good! You honestly can’t go wrong with anything on the menu!

Pros: All raw vegan, Lots of variety, Delicious

Cons: A little expensive


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19 Oct 2021

Cute and nice lady

I usually do not eat that much raw food, but this one was good. The little backyard garden is adorable and the lady is extremely nice and helpful.
Food can take a bit of time, but at least you know it’s fresh and they warn you beforehand how long it will take :)


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28 Sep 2021

Tasty food and cute place

We had trouble finding this place as it's sort of hidden behind another restaurant. We were unsure if it was open because there was no one there.
It's a cute little café with a small outdoor garden terrace. The woman working there was friendly. We ordered the spring rolls, pesto pasta, a pizza and the chocolate cake. Everything was very delicious and tasted very fresh. It's expensive for Yerevan, around €23 for the entire meal.

Pros: All raw and vegan, Very fresh and tasty, Cute atmosphere

Cons: Expensive , Quite a wait for the food


08 Apr 2023

We cook only with fresh products and do not use semi-finished products, and this can take some time! If we also have online orders, there may be a delay. But we always warn our guests when there is a delay. As for your bill of 23€, it is not for one person, one person cannot eat a whole portion of pasta, spring rolls, a whole pizza and cake? Sorry if that's not right. I wish you health and peace!))


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19 Aug 2021


this place is just amazing we were so happy and excited that we could found a rawvegan restaurant in yerevan because it’s very rare in the city

Pros: it’s raw vegan super tasty super healthy


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01 Nov 2019

Raw at it's best

Super delicious, cosy and friendly all raw and vegan restaurant. Tried burger, pizza, ice cream and cake. Everything was absolutely delicious and came at an affordable price. Definitely worth to go if you value fresh food and yourself. Has outdoor and indoor seating.

Pros: All raw and vegan, Cosy, good music, Good value


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30 Oct 2019

Raw and Nutritious

Amazingly creative food servings with great taste and food photo award winning potential. Sociable staff

Pros: Delicious

Cons: They use honey in some options


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01 Sep 2019


My family (Non-Vegans) and I went to eat at Life Food everyday during our weeklong stay in Yerevan. My family loved our first meal so much that we'd go back for either breakfast or lunch everyday! Starting from the atmosphere and the excellent service, to the presentation and of course the flavour of the dishes - everything was perfect! We tried several dishes ranging from drinks, bowls, soups, wraps, snacks to deserts. We had trouble picking a favourite dish because across the board everything was a 10/10! If you are looking to have a quite moment in the hustle and bustle of the busy city, this local-family run spot is our top recommendation!

Pros: All Vegan, Super welcoming and friendly, Great downtown location


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27 Jul 2019

Healthy and delicious

Unique place in Armenia. Family operated with plenty and healthy options.

I had a variety of dishes during my stay, all were good.

Pros: All vegan, nice courtyard space and friendly, Atmosphere.


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24 Jul 2019

Good food and a nice atmosphere

Cosy and nicely decorated garden where you can eat vegan food of good quality.

Pros: Good vegan food, Friendly staff


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28 Apr 2019


Went here for dinner last night and really enjoyed the experience. The layout of the restaurant is nice, and the food was very good. We had the cauliflower salad and pesto pasta. There are burgers as well, which we weren't able to try as they were out, but based upon the food we did have I am sure they are good too. Definitely recommend for vegans who want to support a local (raw) vegan restaurant.


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23 Apr 2019

Delicious and creative

I have been at this place today and had a most delicious beet root salad and burger there, including a nice chat with the owner. If you like fresh and tasty vegetarian food in a cosy and friendly ambiente , just go there and enjoy!

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