Serves meat, vegan options available. In a town with limited options, this restaurant offers a range of both Filipino and western-style vegetarian dishes as well as a pleasant roof terrace. Open Mon-Sun 6:30am-11:00pm.

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First Review by elmitcho


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08 May 2023

Great views and many options

Rooftop views are very cool and there were lots of vegan options on the menu. I went for the coconut curry, and they even had tofu, which I didn't even manage to get at the veggie place!

Pros: Lots of options, Views, Good value

Cons: A little bland



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14 Apr 2023

Great Rooftop Views

A few basic options for vegans. My boyfriend and I shared vegetarian spring rolls and their chickpea curry, which doesn’t come with rice so be aware you have to order separately and pay extra. It was nice to have lots of veggies in the curry. Slightly overpriced but there is a nice view at the top.

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08 Dec 2022

Awesome rooftop

Perfect place for sunset! We had a vegetable curry and tofu sweet and sour. Both were good but nothing special. Definitely recommend because of the view though

Pros: View!, Food came quickly


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07 Jun 2022

Lovely rooftop seating area!

There are very limited vegan options in Coron. Found this place that had very clear, labelled options on the menu.

My favourites were the spicy vermicelli soup and the sweet and sour tofu.

On our final day we asked for take out and were told that they had run out of tofu (a key stable for all of the vegan dishes). The owner (I think…) was very helpful and advised that we could add more veggies to certain dishes. She even gave us a rum and Coke on the house for the inconvenience - it wasn’t even really an inconvenience.

I wouldn’t recommend the breakfast, the chickpea pancake was savoury (I had assumed it was sweet, my error) and the fruit platter was expensive for what we got. They can do coconut milk in their coffees but it didn’t really hit the spot.

Pros: Good selection of vegan options , Lovely rooftop area , Helpful owner

Cons: Poor options for breakfast


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07 Jun 2022

Good labeled menu

Lots of vegan options for lunch and dinner not so much for breakfast. Staff were lovely. The Asian style dishes were the best the tofu sweet and sour was some of the best I've had and also at a great price. This is the place to go in coron for vegan options at the moment as the vegan restaurants were hit by covid and have shut down sadly.

Pros: Good labeled menu with lots of options, Staff were lovely, Good view from the rooftop

Cons: No great breakfast options


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22 Feb 2020

Unsatisfied and unwell

The tofu tasted rotten, vegan options are not well declared. The staff didn’t know about vegan food. We're not coming back

Pros: Rooftop location

Cons: Bad taste, Could be fresher and more tasty


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31 Jan 2020

Lots of choice and delicious

Its a nice cost rooftop with a good view for sunset, had spring rolls and the Mix veg curry with Tofu. And Veg sisig another time It was all delicious! Cheap prices and good beer, good food and good view! Came back here again and again

Pros: Nice view, Lots of options, Cheap wine and food

Cons: Bit cramped (because of popularity)


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04 Dec 2019

Lots of tofu options

I am vegetarian and was able to easily find something here. Extensive menu with lots of options. I had a great tofu and vegetable dish that came out quickly and was well prepared. Would eat again!


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18 Nov 2019

Nice location but disapointing food

Tofu was too fried and not tasty at all. And the sauce of the vegetabeles were not nice and the shakes tasted to sweet. The view was good

Pros: Good view

Cons: Not tasty


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15 Oct 2019

amazing view, good food!

this is an amazing place for sunset views!
also, menu contains a lot of veg food! clearly marked, not distinguishing between vegetarian & vegan, but you can easily ask if there’s any egg/cheese (and also if they can prepare it without!)
my boyfriend loved his aubergine-egg dish, my pancit with tofu was ok but i really didn’t like the taste of the tofu for some reason.
prices were very reasonable! just make sure you check the uploaded pics as there’s some old menu pics on here!

they have happy hour at sunset time which is a huge plus in my book!

Pros: view, choices

Cons: tofu wasn’t good


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26 Sep 2019

Great pancakes!

Breakfast options are great, I had the banana pancakes (ask for no egg) and the coconut milk oatmeal. It was delicious!

Pros: Nice breakfast menu, Can ask for meals to be adapted to make vegan, Great view upstairs

Cons: Kinda slow service, Girlfriend’s tofu & toast was pretty bad quality


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14 May 2019

Three stars for the view

Great view on a rooftop. Music was way too loud and seemed out of place. The service was slow but didn't appear to be significantly slower than other Filipino restaurants (plus the servers had to ascend multiple staircases, so I didn't begrudge them). My biggest complaint is that we ordered the tofu sizzle, and when it arrived at the table, it wasn't sizzling. It tasted good, but when you order a sizzle, you expect it to perform its most basic function of sizzling. The portion was a bit smaller than I had come to expect as well.

Pros: Great views, Many vegan options

Cons: Needs more sizzle, Food not impressive


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11 May 2019

Questionable hygiene

Lots of vegan options. The place looked dirty and it smelt bad but I ate there because there were no negative reviews on this app and there are few vegan options in Coron. I actually had a very tasty spicy aubergine but I was violently ill later that day and overnight and I think (but don’t know) that it was because I ate there.

Pros: 5/6 vegan options.

Cons: The place looked dirty and smelt bad, I was ill later that day


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09 May 2019

Nice terrace, ok food

I had oatmeal with coconut milk and bananas for breakfast once, which was quite plane, but a big portion. The vegetable spring rolls were really oily, but delicious! I didn‘t like their vegan burger very much, but overall the food is ok. Nice terrace to sit!


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01 May 2019

Lacking service, excellent view

You come here for the view, not the food.
They offer vegan breakfast, but it is very simple, oatmeal with banana is literally just that. As a fruit plate we received 1 banana and 1 mango.
For dinner I tried the vegetable curry with tofu, which was quite tasty, but had a few ants inside and consists of mainly Okyas, so you have to like them.

They offer a vegan burger but didn't have the ingredients to prepare it 2 days in a row. The food in generall is simple, quite good but nothing amazing. They forgot to serve us once, so we had to wait over 80 minutes for food. Service is not the best.

Make sure to go to the very top, the view here especially for sunset is insanely beautiful.

Pros: Vegan breakfast, Beautiful rooftop view

Cons: Lacking service, Simple food


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17 Mar 2019


I went to this place after reading the good reviews and was bitterly disappointed. We had the vegan burger and the tofu eggplant dish. The bun of the burger had green mold on it and the patty had no taste. The tofu dish was swimming and oil and didn’t taste like much. The service was not good either. The only thing I liked was the view. I won’t go back.

Pros: Nice view

Cons: Bad service, Tasteless food


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12 Feb 2019

Nice place

Staff not super friendly but food is good! We had the eggplant and tofu dish which was really tasty with big portion! The view on the roof top is really nice as well, away from the road with a great view out to sea!

Pros: Big portions , Really tasty eggplant dish!

Cons: Unfriendly staff


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04 Feb 2019

Nice place

It's got a outdoor seating area on the top floor with great views of the sunset. There are quite a lot of vegetarian options.


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03 Jan 2019

Super Nice Place with Vegan Options

Levine’s is a lovely small restaurant with plenty of vegan options. I tried the veg curry & the Adobong Kangkong in Garlic Sauce and both were delicious! It has a great view from the 3rd floor and the 2nd floor is really cosy and nicely decorated.

Pros: Plenty of vegan options , Inexpensive , Lovely setting


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03 Dec 2018


Plenty of vegan options on the menu but about half of them was not available. There was no tofu and the choices were limited to vegetables and rice. Still it is good value for money.

Pros: Cheap , Balcony

Cons: Few options available


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25 Nov 2018

Great and tasty

Many vegan and vegetarian choices, all very tasty except of stir fried vegetables which were not fried enough. Also smoothie was not good, so i don't recommend to order it. The straw smell was also very weird.

Pros: lots of options, taste food, fast service

Cons: not good smoothies, weird smelling straw for smoothie


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13 Nov 2018

Pleasantly surprised

In a place where vegan is quite unknown this place gives choices and great food. Feel great to finally have FOOD again that is a good meal.
Had the yellow curry with sidedish noodles. I can imagine others would find it boring but I totally liked it.

What I did not like was the music on the rooftop, which is pretty loud.

Pros: nice view

Cons: seats seriously uncomfortable. Too low for the tab


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28 Jul 2018


I wanted to come here due to the good ratings and the lack of vegan options in Coron. I had the vegetables with coconut milk and tofu. The tofu was prepared totally boring, the rice was too squishy and the coconut milk weird. I could not find the vegan options mentioned in the reviews. Also the staff had no idea what vegan means. Don’t know if I try again. But the view is nice.


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Mostly Veg
09 May 2018

good food

Vegan burger was goos, but maybe not vegetal proteins, it seems to be potatoe for the steak

Pros: speed's service is ok, kitchen is not near, food is tasty, presentation, ambiance is cool

Cons: needToImproveService, dont give water in first, dont give menu,tissue, too, ask them!, color of lights are too white, cold


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06 Apr 2018

Best option so far

We had good homemade food with great terrace view! Good price as well! Recommend it!


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10 Mar 2018

Good vegan burger

Went here twice for the vegan burger, which was good but pretty standard. Still happy to find this option in a town with little vegan options. Don't recommend the stir-fried tofu though, there was no sauce whatsoever!

Pros: Vegan options, Nice roof-top view

Cons: Average food


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06 Mar 2018

good view

The place has a nice location and a view ..and the food is good ...the service was very slow and the wait time too long ..has several vegan options

Pros: nice view from the top terrace

Cons: wait time is too long...we were waiting 1 hour for

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