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Opened Jul 2014 an all veg cafe situated 20 meters off the main drag in Yung Shue Wan. Open Mon-Fri 11:00am-6:00pm, Sat-Sun 11:00am-9:00pm.

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First Review by Stevie


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08 Apr 2021

Good food for when you want a leisurely lunch

I debated whether to go with 3 or 4 stars (this is a 3.5 for me).

I visited during the Easter holiday when a lot of people were on Lamma Island. The only option Lee Ocarina had was an elaborate lunch set menu priced at HKD 178 (excluding service). Whilst HKD 178 is a bit expensive for Lamma, it is probably fine considering the amount of food.

I asked if they offered an a la carte option where I could choose a main only, but they said they could only provide the set. It would be great if they could be a bit more flexible with their offerings.

The food itself tasted good, and included various elements:
- Oyster mushrooms (made to look like scallops)
- Beetroot soup (vegan option)
- Mock meat satay skewers
- Burritos with veg and portobello mushrooms with salad (choice from at least 4 options)
- Drink up to HKD44 (I chose an oatmilk latte)

Good understanding of veganism (i.e. they prepared the burritos without cheese for me and provided me with a vegan soup option).

The service was friendly but extremely slow - you can only go here when you have a lot of time to spend for lunch.

Everyone received their food one at a time. I was in a group of 5 and one girl was yet to receive her risotto when we had all finished our mains. So you also need to be patient.

Pros: Good food, Understanding of veganism

Cons: Not flexible with no a la carte, Slow, Some people may receive dishes at different times



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06 Mar 2019

Cafe with a heart

This vegetarian cafe has a heart , everything made from scratch once ordered! Salad tastes super fresh , herbs & flowers re grown by lady owner ! Practise mindfulness through eating at the cafe ! Super meditative experience with background music played by the owner . Visit if u go to lamma island . The owner is a 陶苖musician . Good set lunch price ! Highly recommended ! I feel peaceful in here , after being stressed out by the city . Worth for an experience:) .


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21 Feb 2017

Decent food - recommend sitting outside

Wanted to try this place as we had a terrible experience at Bookworm Cafe last time I was on Lamma.

I'd echo comments from Ryecatcher and Stevie: the serving staff were excellent: kind, attentive and knowledgeable; the food was good and decent value; however I would recommend sitting outside. Ocarina music is all well and good but having only three songs on loop becomes somewhat repetitive...

Still, I'll definitely go back next time I'm on the island!

Updated from previous review on 2017-02-20

Pros: Good food at reasonable prices, Knowledgeable staff able to modify meals


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27 Nov 2016

Worth a visit

A cafe providing a variety of dishes, including a set meal of the day (good value!).
Vegan dishes are very limited but most meals can be prepared by leaving out dairy and so on, just ask. The staff is very capable and friendly. Once I asked for something vegan to eat, my concern was understood right away and advised in a knowledgable way. My first course for instance was a mushroom soup with soy milk which usually would have been made with cream.
Food was very good, nicely prepared, tasted great, I was impressed! My almond milk latte was pretty large and tasted also great.
There are many ocarina flutes on display which are for sell as well. No WiFi.
Now the downsides: As I entered, I was given a sheet of paper informing me that no loud noice was allowed inside. To make it even weirder: Not only was I alone, I was also the only guest in the cafe (the son(?) of the waitress was sitting around somewhere too). Apparently the only thing allowed was to sit quietly on your seat and listen to the ocarina music they badger you with incessantly. On top of that they overdo it with the air conditioning.
I would go again, but only as long as I can sit outside.

Pros: tasty and impressive food, veganism is understood, attentive, helpful staff

Cons: annoying music


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25 Nov 2014

Lee Ocarina Cafe, Hong Kong

My eating partner stumbled on this place when bumbling around. At the time it wasn't listed on happycow. The 2 places nearby that were both listed were both packed. This is a fairly new place and is slightly off the main drag and had the benefit for the 2 of us of having some seating available. Inside there was music being played by someone with a guitar (I think the owner) but we went for the seating outside in the nice weather.

The waiter was very welcoming and helpful and clearly spoke at least some English (so often such a useful bonus). I was with a native speaker though who popped the question on what was vegan. In an instant there was another member of staff (I think from the kitchen also helping). They were more than happy to accommodate us and most of the dishes on the menu could be made vegan friendly.

I plumped for the burger and chips. Good staple eating. My fellow eater went for a spaghetti dish. I tried some of that and the pasta was cooked perfectly, exactly to the right texture.

Throw in a drink, 10% service charge and a small tip and it was 200 bucks honky.

Pros: vegan friendly, helpful staff

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