Coffee bar, bakery counter, work space, boutique, and plants shop all in one. Serves espresso and tea drinks, selection of vegan pastries, and a few prepackaged lunches. Use plant milk in the drinks. Open Mon-Fri 7:00am-6:00pm, Sat 9:30am-6:00pm.

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First Review by AshDale


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31 Jul 2023


Best vegan croissant in town!



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21 Jul 2023

Cute cafe

Cute cafe near McGill University with a bright, airy, spacious workspace and lovely plants and succulents. Great place to meet up and chat with friends. Decent selection of vegan pastries. The matcha latte was excellent.


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03 Jul 2023

All vegan cafe - pastries and great coffee

Shakes, coffee, pastries and more. I tried pan au chocolat which was really good. Banana chocolate bread was delightful. Oat latte to complement and super nice service.


Points +670

26 Jun 2023

Amazing Spot

Love this place and go multiple times when I visit Montreal. Their veggie Patty’s and danish’s are the best!


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26 Jun 2023

Finally, an excellent coffee

Amazing coffee and so good to be able to get a croissant with it 👌

Pros: Croissants , Good coffee, Easy to get to


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29 Mar 2023

Almond cookie perfection

Friendly staff, good coffee without the over-roasted fruity third wave flavour, and amazing crackly chewy almond cookies.

Pros: Cookies!, Vegan savoury patty, Bright light


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16 Jan 2023

Coffee and vegan pastry anyone?

This is the place to go. Fast and easy grab…


20 Jan 2023


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02 Nov 2022

Must go!

Delicious pastry and cute place 🥰
Staff is the nicest also

Pros: Croissant, Danoise, Nicest staff


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19 May 2022

Cute place ||

Great pastries, nice decor and helpful staff. This one is much bigger than the one on Rue de la Montaigne, there is a whole area where you can chill or work on your laptop. And the cafe is directly accessible from the metro, which is always a plus (especially during the winter).


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04 Dec 2021

Fully Vegan Café

Stopped in the other evening to pick up a coffee, vegan hot chocolate and a vegan peanut butter cup. The hot chocolate and peanut butter cup were fantastic, the service was warm and welcoming. They also had a lot of desserts and pastries that looked quite good.

Pros: Fully vegan , Great service , Convient location

Cons: A bit pricey


Points +22

20 Sep 2021

Great all vegan café

This is cute little café that is 100% vegan.

It’s is my go-to place when I’m downtown and wanting to visit a coffee shop. It has an assortment of drinks and pastries (yay) that are all delicious. The prices are reasonable, much like any other café. They also sell plants and artwork. The only downside, if at that, is the size of the café. It’s quite tiny and only has two tables, which isn’t an issue if you’re getting a coffee to go. Aside from that, everything else is great.

I definitely recommend this place.

Pros: 100% vegan , Delicious products, Fair pricing

Cons: Small café, not much seating


Points +105

28 Aug 2021

A nice spot!

The day I went it seemed a bit busy with only one person working - the girl working was very nice and she made our order so quick! I was happy to find some red bean daifuku but was disappointed to hear the boba is only available on the weekends. The matcha cookie was so soft and delicious. I would come back but would make sure to go on the weekend to try the boba!

Pros: Great options, love the matcha cookie

Cons: Boba is only on the weekend


Points +37

23 Jul 2021

simple & delicious

Cute little coffee shop with beautiful plants.
Had a oatmilk macha latte and a raspberry/chocolate scone. Delicious!

Pros: Only vegan options


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06 Sep 2020

small and cute

I was working in the neighbourhood for a landscaping contract and wanted to try out a vegan cafe. Leaves cafe was to my knowledge the only cafè being completely vegan around. So I opted for them. I ordered a soy latte. ( I prefer soy because it's creamier than other plant milks, it has good nutrition value and it treats animals with true love and respect) Don't believe me? Watch this short canadian video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UcN7SGGoCNI&t=48s&ab_channel=ErinJanus Coffee was excellent and pastries were delicious!

Pros: location, delicious pastries and coffee, 100% vegan

Cons: small sitting capacity


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15 Nov 2019

Cool place

Wide selection of beverages from curcuma latte to coffee to matcha latte. They also have amazing pastries, such as carrot cakes, cookies, muffins, scones, etc. They have a working area, so you can bring your computer and work there if you want. It’s a very busy place so there might not be places for groups, but if you are alone, you should be fine. They also sell plants and vegan goods, such as bags, bacpacks, etc. Sometimes, they have special events and give away some small plants. When I was there, there was a promo, that for each oat milk latte you buy, you get a free small plant.

Pros: Amazing vegan pastries, Wide selection of beverages

Cons: Wait line to buy and get your order, Bad speakers (music seems to come out of a can)


Points +24

21 Aug 2019

Clean and simple

Love this space. Minimalist and cozy design. Friendly service and loads of vegan options! Definitely worth a visit when you want your coffee fix ♥️

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