Call for hours before you go -- Jul 2016 relocated here from The Hague where it had been since 2013. Serves a range of vegetarian Asian cuisines where all but three (2 desserts and a soup) are vegan. No garlic or onion used. Open Mon 17:00-22:00, Wed-Sun 17:00-22:00. Closed Tue.

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14 Nov 2023

Zoveel keus en super bediening

Voor de derde keer heerlijk gegeten bij leaf💚
Alles Vegan, op een paar dingen na. Eng gewoon om lamsvlees, garnalen, kip en inktvis etc te kunnen kiezen. Alles super lekker en mooi geserveerd.
Love it!

Pros: De menukaart , Het lekkere eten, De vriendelijke medewerkers



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03 Sep 2023

So many vegan options

Almost the whole menu is vegan. All non-vegan options are clearly labeled. We had grilled dumplings as starter, the vegan "chicken" with veggies and some vegetable mix with tofu. As side we had plain rice and tried the Atjar Ketimoen, which was soo good.

Cam back a few days later and also tried the Thai green curry and Three Treasures. Also great. If you are used to spices and chili in your food, 3🌶🌶🌶-spiciness is totally fine.

Updated from previous review on 2023-08-27

Pros: Almost everything vegan


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22 Jul 2023

Tastes amazing!

I wasn’t so convinced when I saw the pictures here on HappyCow, but I’m so happy I went anyway. Everything was so flavorful and delicious.

Pros: Delicious , Friendly staff, Affordable

Cons: Not the nicest view


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19 Jul 2023

Amazing food

Somehow this place is never really busy even though the food is great and relatively affordable (good to double check the opening hours before visiting)


Pros: Lots of options, Large portions yet affordable, Friendly staff


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01 Jul 2023

Erg smakelijk

We hadden de three course surprise menu en het was smullen!


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24 Jun 2023

Fav in Rotterdam!

My favorite restaurant in Rotterdam, I’ve been coming for years now and the food is always so good! There’s plenty of seating, we often decide to come last minute and always have table. Service is fast. Only the desserts are a bit dry, I don’t love those. Recommend the tom yum soup, nice and spicy!


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13 Mar 2023

Love it!

Nice staff!
Suppperrr good food oh my.

Went back again because the food is so good. Even my omni friends thought it was super good! Starter platter was not that much in my opinion. Other food was super yummy. Lemon shrimps main was only the shrimps, so not that much. Could be a starter I think.

The ribs were amazing, the satay and the dumplings were amazing.
The fish tasted just like fish it kinda scared me

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05 Mar 2023

Nice place, lots of vegan

Almost everything is vegan here. I really like trying out the different substitutes. Love the satay with peanut sauce. The curry with veg shrimp and veg chicken also was very good

Pros: Vegan, Cheap, Nice variety


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06 Feb 2023

Nice asian food

I ate rendang and soy ribs, it was really tasty. (I forgot to make a picture). Dessert was a coconut soup, it was very nice too. Starter was a mixed plate for two persons.


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06 Feb 2023

Great food great place

A wonderful restaurant with a good selection of foods. Those which are veggie and not vegan are clearly labelled and the food was delicious.


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05 Feb 2023

Diverse Asian-style vegetarian restaurant for all

Leaf Vegetarian is a great option for groups, because there are a lot of varied options so both vegans and omnivores can rejoice in all the different Asian flavours. The menu is practically completely vegan. The staff is friendly and the restaurant has a cosy ambience. I only found the desserts a bit disappointing: nothing special taste-wise and also quite small portions. Also, the dishes come with a 'spice-rating' on the menu, but those should be treated with a grain of salt: a 4 out of 4 would still be considered mildly spicy in any of the countries they serve food from.

Pros: Practically everything is vegan (except 4 items), Diverse Asian cuisine, Friendly staff

Cons: Could use a bit more spice, Dessert a tad sad, Somewhat small portions


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02 Feb 2023

The best

Its so nice to go to this restaurant and have the experience of being able to order ANYTHING on the menu, makes it easy to be vegan! The dishes are so tasty and such a huge variety. The crispy duck is next level, thats my top choice every time

Pros: Tonnes of options , Decently priced , Friendly low key atmosphere


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27 Oct 2022

Deserving of its local fame

Went here tonight and everything was splendid! Our eyes were larger than our stomachs and we ended up having to take most of our mains home - don't be deceived by the prices, these are large servings of food! Especially some of the starters could easily have been a main! Will recommend this to anyone who asks, come give it a try if you're in the mood for some Asian cuisine!

Updated from previous review on 2022-10-27


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08 Sep 2022

Authentic Asian meals.

Awesome vegan meals, great combinations, great taste, very friendly staff! Very authentic atmosphere.

Pros: Great food. , Friendly staff


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15 Aug 2022

Best vegan Asian food in town!

We komen hier wel vaker. Het eten is altijd genieten en wordt snel geserveerd. We nemen standaard de kipsate als voorgerecht (echt geweldig!!). De ribs zijn ook aan te raden als hoofdgerecht samen met gebakken noodles als bijgerecht. 😍

Pros: Good food, Nice staff


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01 Aug 2022

95% vegan food

Everithing is fresh cooked and very tasty and the portions are generous. The food ist almost completely vegan.
The service is just perfect. The staff is so kind, that you feel at home.

Pros: kind staff, vegan choise


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22 Jun 2022


I don’t mind paying for an expensive high-quality meal, but I do not appreciate being nickeled and dimed for a subpar meal.
Walked a long distance to this restaurant because it was rated number two on vegan cow (the yelp for vegan restaurants). We were extremely disappointed. First of all we asked for tapwater and they refused to give it to us. I am environmentally conscious and I will not support the use of bottled water in a country where tapwater is clean and safe. Being extremely health-conscious I asked multiple times regarding dishes whether they were fried or not. The waitress assured me that the Soya ribs were not fried but were baked. However they were actually Fried with lots of oil dripping off of them. We ordered Vietnamese noodles, which came in dry and bland. We considered sending it back but decided to be nice and to make it more palatable asking for soy sauce and sweet and sour sauce. Without notifying us in advance they added three euros to the bill for the sweet-and-sour sauce. If the noodles were properly seasoned we would not have had to request the additional sweet and sour sauce. When we brought this up, they replied with “that’s the price”. We ended up paying €50 for two people for a very unsatisfactory meal. We will not be returning.

Cons: The Vietnamese noodles were bland and dry, Added charge for extra sauce without prior notice, Said dish would be baked but was fried with oil


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17 May 2022

Great Azian food

Great food, good portions. Lots of choices. Almost everything is vegan.


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04 May 2022

Very good!

We had serveral dishes and they were all above expectations!

Pros: A lot of choice

Cons: A bit expensive


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27 Apr 2022

The food is so good and the owner is very flexible

Thank you again for the amazing meal and letting the dog inside


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15 Apr 2022

Great variety

The food was good, very friendly staff and fast service. Prices were fair. The food was very fatty and there was a lot of oil on everything

Pros: Good portion size, Tasty, Great variety

Cons: Very oily, A lot of fried foods


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19 Feb 2022

Best vegan Asian food

Except for one soup everything is vegan at this restaurant. On the menu they call their plates ‘chicken’, ‘lamb’ or ‘shrimp’, but it is all vegan replacements. I love the Sate and ‘lamb’ in peppersauce. They deliver as well …


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09 Dec 2021

Amazing wide variety of options

This is my go-to take out restaurant. All my non veg friends love it. The service is fast (I call them to order and usually I can come to pick it up in like 20 minutes) and the portions are huge. Between the two of us we usually share a main course noodles/rice and a starter and it’s plenty.
There are so many different options!! My favourites are the Malaysian curry with paratha, the duck crêpes and the soy ribs. Some may say it’s a bit oily but I still love it.

Pros: Cheap, Huge portions , Super tasty


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08 Nov 2021


This place is amazing! The food tastes so incredibly good. The flavours and textures are great. You can taste the love in these dishes. If you're in Rotterdam visit this place or order in!

Pros: Flavours are great, Creative dishes


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27 Oct 2021

Wide, tasty variety

Great variety of dishes. 99% vegan.

Updated from previous review on 2021-10-27


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07 Jun 2021

Great experience from food to service to ambiance

We ordered a variety of dishes for 5 persons - appetizers, mains etc. everything was good, well made, tasty, fresh. Above all, the after effect of the food was also very peaceful and good. This is a rare achievement. Service was friendly and efficient, nice ambiance, location. Highly recommend.

Pros: Location and ambiance , Great taste and healthy food, service

Cons: None


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09 Sep 2020


Food was delicious. Everything is vegan except 3 dishes of which one soup. Friendly staff.

Pros: Delicious , Asian authentic flavours, Spacious

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