Vegetarian restaurant serving breakfast and zi char dishes like claypot fish soup, curry hotpot, yam ring, chicken rice, and char kway teow. This branch est. Oct 2020. Open Mon-Sun 11:00am-9:30pm.

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01 Jul 2023

Roasted chicken rice set 👍🏻

1. Roasted chicken rice set
The hot plum lime drink came almost instantly, love it at first sip, the sourness and sweetness were well balanced, the aroma was good too. The chicken rice was quite fragrance, and i can taste yam in their roasted chicken, confirm with the staff that their roasted chicken contains yam, very delicious, chilli and soup were good too, overall a happy and well satisfied meal, most recommended.

2. Fried kuey teow
While i was eating Leaf Corner's fried kuey teow, suddenly thought of No Monkey Business's fried kuey teow (flavourful with strong wok hei), though their fried kuey teow here didn't have much wok hei, but got lots of ingredients and the taste was good, so still recommended.

3. Bak kut teh mee sua
The lightest ever bak kut teh, suitable for those who prefer light taste, veggies and mushroom are fresh, those who like flavourful one can go for D'life bak kut teh or Greendot herbal soup bowl.

4. Asam laksa
Delicious and flavourful enough, recommended.

5. Herbal mee sua
The herbal soup base was tastier than their Bak kut teh, flavourful enough, very good, recommended

6. Hor Fun
Very good, recommended

7. Curry fish rice
Generous portion and flavourful enough, recommended.

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01 Feb 2023


Try their bak kuet teh mee sua #Veganuary

Pros: Variety of food options , Food taste not bad but can be improved , Place quite hidden.Can check Google map to search


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05 Sep 2022

Nice food

Had dinner with another 4pax. The food is nice, portion is very very little 😅. Don't think it is enough to fill a normal person tummy.


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02 Sep 2022

Lots of options to choose from.

Just a couple of minutes walk from Tai Seng MRT Station Exit A.

Pros: Full vegetarian place, Can easily veganise many items

Cons: Hope they'll open an outlet that's more central


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12 Aug 2022

Spacious seating with good portion

Menu are labelled clearly if it contain eggs, dairy or option for vegan.

No gst or service charge. Crowded most of the time.

Mock chicken rice with soup comes in big portion. Soup is sweet but the mock chicken used are soft and lumpy type. My son likes it though.

Ginger egg mee sua soup comes in a huge bowl.

Bah kut teh with handmade noodle was legit; strong herbal soup.

However, stir-fry sweet potato leaves portion & hotplate tofu is miserable. The previous visit when we ordered sambal petai; the portion was generous in consideration that petai is expensive. Hence we feel that the portion is not consistent.

Sweet & sour monkey head mushroom is dry, despite informing staff to provide more gravy.

Hokkien mee, creamy abalone mushroom & fried kuey teow was good too.

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Pros: Lots of vegan option

Cons: Spacious


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24 May 2022

Dishes are similar to ZiZai, good ambience, abv avg dishes, love the soups!

Specialty soups are good and really soul food! Love their Penang CKT but their coffee is really bad !

Pros: Plenty of cuisine and dishes, Soups a must try!

Cons: Hard to find, Expensive parking

Peace ...

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20 Nov 2021

Beautiful decor, good vibe and good food

Menu wise is rather similar to most of the Vegetarian cafe and restaurant. Good to see single meal set option and some speciality like Penang Char Kway Teow. Pricing affordable, without GST and service charge!

Ambience is cosy and spacious, great for having a nice meal.

Location is just walking distance from the Tai Seng MRT and main road, easy to locate.

Staff are friendly.

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20 Mar 2021

A reasonably priced vegetarian eatery situated in an industrial area.

Their Penang Char Kway Teow is not oily and you won’t feel thirsty after eating. And I would say if you are a Kway Teow lover you can consider trying this.


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18 Jan 2021

Great lunch at industrial area!

Ordered BKT set, ginger egg set and Penang CKT. Individual set meal comes with dessert/drink, depending on what the order is. The CKT wok hei is good. BKT soup definitely warmed my tummy. Surprised to see a good variety of food including set meals for family.


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18 Jan 2021

Nice ambience

Well setup place and food is delicious too! Conveniently located next to Tai Seng MRT.


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22 Oct 2020

Hot Plate Fish with Black Bean Sauce Bittergourd!! 🤤

opening special: enjoy 10% off your total order till the end of october ‘20 🤍

so excited to visit a new place!! i’ve never been to other branches so i didn’t quite know what to expect, but left feeling rather satisfied ☺️ staff are friendly and the decor and ambience were pretty nice! clean and comfortable environment.

what we ordered:

[vegan] MS003 Hot Plate Fish with Black Bean Sauce Bittergourd (medium) 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
$16/23 (M/L)

PLEASE ORDER THIS. oh my goodness i’ve never had a chinese mock fish dish i enjoyed but THIS-
much better quality mock meat with a thick coating of seaweed for extra “fishiness”. it even has sugarcane bits to act as mock bones 😂😂 i’m obsessed with anything with bitter gourd and black beans so this was a win for me 💯 only complaint is it’s on the saltier side, so do pair it with some rice!
“Medium” portion serves about 2-3 people.

[vegan] S005 Bat Kut Teh Soup (small) 👍🏻👍🏻
$8/16/22 (S/M/L)

good herbal taste with a decent portion of monkey head/lions mane, button, shiitake and enoki mushrooms. also has a little cabbage and beancurd skin for extra texture.

not the best but has a decent bah kut teh flavour. as a herbal-soup-loving person, i thoroughly enjoyed this. 🤤
“Small” portion is good for 1 hungry person/2-3 for sharing. soup amounts to about 4 small bowls.

[vegan] T003 Claypot Tofu (small) 👍🏻
$10/14/18 (S/M/L)

this was pretty mediocre. bunch of veg and tofu covered in sauce in a claypot. love how the added ginger adds a little more dimension to the flavour.
“Small” portion is good for 1 hungry person, 2 for sharing.

[vegan] V002 Belacan Kangkong (small)
$8/11/14 (S/M/L)

tastes pretty legit according to my parents, but i’ve never really like the “smelly” balacan flavour to begin with. nonetheless, it was rather alright and looks very appetising. less spicy option available.
“Small” portion is good for sharing with 3 people.

[vegetarian, contains honey] BH002 Honey Passionfruit drink (hot)
$3.30/$3.90 (H/C) super sour from the passionfruit and super sweet from the honey. tastes like you’re drinking a concentrated cordial syrup before you mix it with water.

overall, it was a rather pleasant experience, though i feel they’re dishes can be a hit or miss. would love to return to try more! ☺️
hope to see clearly marked allergens in their menu sometime as that would be very helpful. eggs and dairy are used on certain dishes such as curry.

Pros: huge menu, friendly staff, nice decor

Cons: rather ex but ok, no allergens indicated on menu

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