Serves meat, vegan options available. Italian restaurant with a vegetarian section where the dishes are labeled if vegan. Vegan entrees include Italian food along with Mexican dishes. Has tofu and seitan. Relocated from Garcia Vigil 403, Colonia Centro. Open Mon-Sat 2:00pm-10:00pm.

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First Review by kiochi


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26 Feb 2023

Very tasty

Very close to where we stayed. Multiple vegan options. Large portions. We got several things and all were delicious

Pros: Good value , Local cuisine



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21 Jan 2023

Excellent food and service

The place is very nice , and you get personal service from the owner . The food is outstanding and I have been twice and cannot believe it. Prices are very reasonable .
Highly recommend this place .
Don’t leave Oaxaca without visiting this place if you happen to be vegan or vegetarian .

Pros: Quite a few vegan and vegetarian options

Cons: Not expensive


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15 Jan 2023

Many Vegan Options

This restaurant specializes mostly in Italian cuisine. All dishes are made to order, and quite a few of the menu offerings are vegan. We shared guacamole, pasta primavera and mushroom soup, which was especially delicious.

Pros: many vegan options, prepared to order, friendly service, pleasant and quiet atmosphere

Cons: seating is outdoors and it can get cold


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01 Dec 2022

Good vegan options

We had the Tlayuda, it was really tasty. The staff are friendly here too.

Pros: Quite a few vegan options , Friendly staff , Nice setting

Cons: Quite expensive


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15 Nov 2022

Solid spot

Good variety of vegan options to try, would come back


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25 Oct 2022


Lots of vegan options, soups, salads, desserts, pastas and local - most importantly all is marked very clearly. Prices are ok, noce music and garden to sit in. Meals were delicious. Dessert was wierd but only because we did not understand what we were ordering. Overall we had a great dinner.

Updated from previous review on 2022-10-25


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11 Oct 2022


Why did I not come here sooner, but on my last day Oaxaca?? Maybe because I would not have tried other places. I love love love it.
Supernice staff, best guacamole, affordable, great vibes, quick serving. I needed this in my life.

Pros: Many options , Sooooo tasty, Great vibe


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Mostly Veg
15 May 2022

Lots of vegan options

I had the spaghetti primavera and the broccoli soup both were very good


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14 May 2022

Tasty vegan options

We had soups and mains and the whole time there was nobody else in the restaurant.
The soup were both very tasty and I enjoyed my spaghetti primavera very much too.
They are an Italian restaurant mixed with some Mexican dishes, no pizza’s. They have plenty of vegan options and even a dessert.

Pros: Very tasty food, Friendly staff, Clearly stated vegan options

Cons: Not fully vegan


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26 Apr 2022

My pasta with soy bolognese honestly tasted like packaged food heated up.

They could work with more fresh ingredients. I would expect from an italian restaurant that they make their own tomatosauce for example.

Cons: This meal gave me food poisoning , Im normally never this negative but now I am!, The beer wasnt cold


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29 Mar 2022

A lot of options and really tasty

A huge selection of vegan options and a great atmosphere to the restaurant! As some people mentioned, the prices are a bit strange- some things are a deal and some seem overpriced. But the quality and flavor of what I had was excellent. Will definitely go back to try more of the menu.

Updated from previous review on 2022-03-29


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13 Mar 2022

Muy buena opción en Oaxaca

El sitio es muy bonito y la chica que nos atendió fue muy agradable. Pedimos pozole de setas, tacos al pastor de seitán y tamal de mole. Una opción muy interesante.


Points +152

24 Feb 2022

Liked it most every time I went

I really liked the tacos. Actually loved them. Didn't care for the tlyuda. But 3 of 4 visits was a great experience. Service was always great. highly recommended.

Pros: Vegan options, great service, really delicious vegan options!

Cons: flavorless tlyuda


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20 May 2021

Lovely place for Mezcal and Food

We wanted to try the Tamal de Mole, Guacamole (with chips), and the Mezcal Espadín. Everything was really fun and tasty! The tamale was beautifully presented on a grape leaf and a side salad while the guacamole came with chips that were baked (rather than fried) to a minimally oily perfection! Smaller portions are on the small side, but getting the Mezcal really makes you enjoy the food in a slow, more appreciative way.

Oh, and if that beautiful black dog is sleeping on the front door steps, don’t try to pet him. He’s a happy stray that prefers his space over tourists’ hands.

Pros: Very vegan friendly !, Great recipes and Fresh, Nice staff

Cons: A little pricey


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10 Feb 2020

Served meat as a Vegetarian

The service was terrible. Very rude and dismissive service from who I believe is the owner. This man served me meat after I specifically asked for a vegetarian meal. He was too arrogant and dismissive to have paid enough attention to me when I tried to confirm via pointing to the Gnocchi meal I was ordering on the menu (which was vegetarian).
Instead, I was served the alternative Gnocchi option which was not vegetarian. It was only after tasting the meat, that I realised it was not correct. I chose this Resturant based on the fact that it has vegan and vegetarian options. Had the owner been more understanding I would not have complained but his reaction to my question as to what was served to me, was rude, arrogant and belittling. He yelled at me and would not accept responsibility when I tried to tell him that I had attempted to confirm my order with him but he was too dismissive and ignorant to pay attention. I was completely shocked with his behaviour.

Cons: Bad service , Bad food, Bad hygiene


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29 Dec 2019

Update December 2019, Still has many great vegan options

On two different visits, I had seitan fajitas and spaghetti primavera. The seitan fajitas were not what you would think. Seitan and veggies cooked in a tasty sauce with rice on the side. The spaghetti was outstanding. Both dishes are highly recommended. Also had salads, which are outstanding. Just the right amount of dressing, flavorful and inventive. Even more vegan options than last year. Basically restaurant is Italian-Mexican fusion. Vegan options clearly labeled. Best option in Oaxaca for vegans, by far!

Pros: Lots of options, clearly labeled, Delicious, English spoken, although occasionally reluctantly

Cons: Not the cheapest, Avoid the street dogs hanging around, Can have a lot of street noise


Points +32

08 Sep 2019


Despite having a wide variety of vegan and vegetarian options, this place was a complete let down. Our drinks glasses had lipstick on, my food arrived cold and bland, my friend was given plain pasta instead of the bolognase she ordered. The staff were also grumpy and reluctant to even change the dirty glasses.

Pros: Lots of vegan options.

Cons: Bland food, overpriced, grumpy staff.


Points +108

14 Aug 2019

Very good

I had a delicious “pasta bolognese” made with soy instead of meat. They had a lot of different vegan option and even more vegetarian.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Good prices


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15 Jun 2019

Great food for very little money

Having seen some of the photos on here, we were expecting this place to be a bit rough around the edges, but keen to try some vegan takes on local food. Couldn't have been more wrong - the venue is lovely, service was friendly and the food itself was such great value! The vegan tacos are absolutely delicious, and at only $100 pesos (about £4 currently) a really filling meal that doesn't hurt your wallet. Paired ours with a 35 peso beer and really nice 70 peso glass of white wine. Definitely going to go back before we leave Oaxaca


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17 Apr 2019

Owner trying to make it vegan. Support him!

The friendly Italian owner wanted to make the restaurant 100% vegan, but his patrons didn’t seem to be ready for that. He can veganize almost everything and the flavors are great!

Pros: Most items can be made vegan, Friendly service , Delicious food


Points +1169

01 Jan 2019

Nice restaurant with good food

As most pasta options are only vegetarian, I had the vegan fajitas. According to the menu the fajitas should be made of seitan. Well, it was more like texturized soy meat, but was very tasty anyway. Very nice restaurant, friendly staff. Would go there again.


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16 Jul 2018

Full menu page of tasty vegan options!

If you're near the Santo domingo, make sure to stop by! I've tried the soy hamburger, spaghetti, and tacos dorados (a must try!) and each has been filling and delicious. Great location to watch parades going by as well.

Pros: delicious vegan comfort food

Cons: a bit pricey (100 to 200 pesos per entree)


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05 May 2018

So yum!

This place was next level. I had a seitan dish and went back again the very next night for the same thing.
The owner was very friendly to myself and boyfriend and the prices were fairly reasonable.


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28 Jan 2018

Unfriendly but good vegan food

The owner is really unfriendly..
My wife ordered a smoothie and the owner say whit agressivity it's impossible whitout milk (!?!)
Fortunaly he had vegetals milk.
The food is good, the vegan tacos al pastors is great.
First time we do not give a tip in 7 months in Mexico.
We don't recommend this place.

Pros: Good vegan food

Cons: Unfriendly Serves meat


Points +42

13 Dec 2017

Supernice Buerger

We had a hard time finding vegan food in Oaxaca. Le Campane offers vegan Soups, Salads, Tacos (with Soyameat) and a very nice Burger! There was no one in the the Restaurant but we (in december). Staff was okay. Place is cool! Would definitely visit again.

Pros: vegan food labeled in the menu, nice burger and tacos, liked the place and location

Cons: waiter/owner wasn't THAT friendly, a little pricey for Oaxaca, serves meat


Points +29

03 Nov 2017

Delicious burger

Nice atmosphere, delicious, reasonably priced food. Great selection of vegan options too.

Pros: Lots of vegan options and very reasonable prices


Points +191

24 Sep 2017

Should Be Five Stars But Not Completely Vegetarian

Lots of vegan and vegetarian items. Plenty to eat. Should be five stars, but Happy Cow limits it to four. Yum soup. Yum pasta. Yum seitan. Yum tacos. The owner is a super cool vegan Italian and brought Italy to us. Also, the Mexican food is delicious.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, good quality, best ingredie

Cons: None

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