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Sol Semilla - Le Bar des Artisans

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23 rue des Vinaigriers, Paris, France, 75010

Plant shop, restaurant, and juice bar. The shop sells Amerindian plants mainly from the desert, the Andes mountains, and the Amazonian basin. The juice bar features hot and cold beverages made from the plants and products sold in the shop, such as purple corn, urucum, cocoa, acerola, klamath. At lunchtime the shop-bar is also a vegan restaurant wherein a range of the plants and micro-algae are represented in the recipes. Vegan brunch on weekends. Location is on a street next to Canal Saint Martin. Previously called Voy Alimento. Open Tue-Sun 12:00pm-4:00pm, Thu-Sat 7:00pm-10:00pm.

Category: Vegan, Organic, Juice bar, South American

Reviews (44)

First Review by Reuclai

Thanks for dinner - Edit

This place really does not disappoint! Do yourself and perhaps your friend a favor and go get some plant-based and just pure good food at Sol Semilla. Much more cannot be said. This down to earth and nature filled place should be visited when in Paris, France.

Thank you,

Updated from previous review on 2016-12-06

Pros: Down to earth place, Tasty plant-based food, Makes you feel good

Cons: Some of the items on the menu are less tasty, as the other items, so pick the right ones *winky face

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Big portions and great food - Edit

I really enjoy Sol Semilla when I'm in Paris and feeling hungry and want something interesting and hearty. My favorite two plates are the raw plate, which is a lot of vegetables and other raw foods; and the cooked plate which has fewer vegetables but more grains and cereals. An emphasis is put on unique and "super" foods which comes through in the many drinks and soups on offer. Some I've really enjoyed and some are just ok by my palate. Prices are reasonable considering the size of the plates. It's not the biggest place, so seating can be tight. I advise getting here close to opening times to secure a good table or seat.

Pros: Delicious, tasty fare, healthy , good vibe

Cons: Can be difficult to find seating

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disappointing - Edit

Healthy doesn't have to mean tasteless, I was very disappointed by this place. The restaurant is nicely decorated, the waitress are nice but the food is really boring. Not much choice on the menu and 5euros for a small glass of juice is quite expensive.

Pros: service , ambiance

Cons: expensive , tasteless food

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boring food :( - Edit

Quite boring food and expensive. The place is cute and has a nice atmosphere but the food was not of my taste, it simply didn't have much flavour. Maybe I just had bad luck and came on the wrong day.

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Super foods! - Edit

Very cosy little restaurant/shop where you can discover a variety of super-foods. The daily dish consists of several different dishes that all contain a super-food. You can buy the super-foods in the shop part. The staff is very friendly and happy to answer all your questions.
The atmosphere is very cosy and relaxed; also there is a very friendly cat in the restaurant :).
The daily dish is a bit pricey (15,50 EUR), the same goes fore the super-foods store.
The place is located near Canal St Martin, so great location.

Pros: Novelty , Friendly staff, Super-foods store

Cons: Value

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Tasty, if a bit expensive - Edit

Really enjoyed the different flavours in my L'Assiette du Jour and (rice) milkshake. It's a bit on the expensive side for the size of the portion, but very enjoyable none the less. Cozy atmosphere, friendly service.

Pros: Tasty dishes, Atmosphere

Cons: Expensive

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Experimental and exciting - Edit

My mum and I were looking for a light meal before our Eurostar return to London. This place is conveniently located near Gare L'Est. We both had the raw plate, which was beautifully presented, delicious, different and light, leaving room for some yummy raw desserts. The superfoods seemed very reasonably priced and I bought quite a few things (only to lose them at somepoint on the journey home argh). Can't wait to visit again.

Pros: decor and friendliness, experimental thoughtful food, great location

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Really good place for Vegan & Super aliments - Edit

I really love the concept of this (tiny) place.
I loved the cooking truly Vegan with Super Aliments.
It's convenient too to be able to buy some of those inside the shop.
The negative points are the lack of space, the unfriendly staff and the inability to make a reservation.

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un vrai voyage - Edit

Nous avons été séduites par ce petit restaurant qui permet une évasion en tranchant radicalement avec le cadre urbain de l'extérieur. Le décor est chaleureux aux airs de campagnes et de chalet. Nous avons été transcendées et rassasiées par les mets aux saveurs diverses mais harmonieuses; le dessert fut de la pure gourmandise. Un très bon accueil également avec des serveurs qui expliquent patiemment le concept du lieu et l'aspect nutritif des aliments et super-aliments sélectionnés; et une ambiance vraiment détendue. Le prix était très raisonnable pour la qualité des produits. Nous reviendront très certainement.

Pros: le cadre, le prix, la qualité

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Unique, small, friendly, vegan - Edit

I really like this place. All vegan. The night I went, it was pretty busy, and there was only one staff person on the floor -- but he was way friendly, and attentive. It took awhile to get the food and to eat, but it was worth it. Lots of raw items, as well as cooked. They really like spirulina and other green algae here, and, if you like, you can get it mixed in with lots of items, including in one of the salt shakers. The atmosphere is unique, with cool stuff all over in this small, comfortable nook. Highly recommended.

Pros: Good food, Friendly staff

Cons: Not a fast place (if that matters)

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Unusual and good food! - Edit

I've been twice in this restaurant and both times really liked my meal. The main dish was always a new combination of cereals, vegetables and sauce, part of them were exotic ones that I've never ate. I discovered and like all these new flavours. Some of the drinks are strange but some other are really good. Do not hesitate to ask for precision about the ingredients.

The place in itself is small and they don't take reservation so if you want to go by group, go at the opening to be sure to have sufficient seats. The staff is friendly and I didn't find they were slow.

Pros: exotic food, vegan, friendly staff

Cons: small sitting area

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Overpriced, overrated, nice service - Edit

A very large price for a very small pile of adequate but uninspiring food. We were starving at the end of our meal. [edit by staff]
The only plus point at Sol Semilla was the lovely, lovely service. Thank you for lightening an otherwise disappointing experience.

Pros: The waitress & other staff

Cons: The size of the portions, The exortionate pricet

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don't understand what people like about it - Edit

Small and uncomfortable, expensive and small portions, not such a warm welcome, strange and not particularly pleasant atmosphere...
I don't like the idea of criticizing vegan/organic places, but frankly... thank God there are more and more alternatives nowadays...

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Love their superfoods - Edit

I stock most of my superfoods from Sol Semilla, personally and professionally. This is the only vegan restaurant in Paris I used to seek out and frequent before opening my own. I like the vibe in there, sitting on the barrels is very cozy! I don't feel like I'm in Paris. But I don't find the atmosphere overtly "hippie" either. The staff is nice, I've never been unlucky with unspeedy service. Sometimes I've stopped in on a way to a meeting with literally only ten minutes to spare and have been warmly accommodated (the chef sizes me up and concludes: "tired hungry vegan with no time to eat but eating anyway" ;)). I usually have their petite or large assiette, depending on how hungry I am, with a variety of their offering du jour. And I always pick up some superfoods while I am there. I like the fact that they have fresh aloe vera, and their raw cocoa, cocoa butter, maca and spiruline are household staples chez moi.

Pros: Staff, Selection of superfoods

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Never Again - Edit

I'm really open minded when it comes to trying new things but this place was way beyond my comfort range. Which is far. I almost threw up once on something, that the waitress couldn't tell me what it was. I still don't know what it was. The seats are uncomfortable. It just looks like a hippie town. I really don't want to pay that much for food and have to sit on a barrel. They kept us waiting for way too long. The menu is difficult to understand. The food was horrendous. I just did not like this place and can't recommend it as the food, staff, and seating was not good. The minute I took my fist bite of food I just wanted to leave. Even that took ages because the staff were hard to find. Too busy in both the kitchen and the cashing up. We had dirty dishes next to us almost the entire meal.

Pros: Vegan Products

Cons: FOOD!, Staff, Deco

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could be nicer - Edit

Well, as a south american, I kind of expected a more flavoured food. But I`m not blaming sol semilla. I just had the impression that seasoning is kind of light in France and they just followed what is common for them.

But the food is good and healthy as it can be. I ordered the small dish and was completely satisfied. The place is very cozy and tiny and you may share a table with a stranger (which is not a problem for me). The service could also be better (but every place in France have just one waiter/waitress to serve a whole restaurant, so that`s ok again hahaha)

Pros: healthy, cheap to moderate

Cons: service, seasoning

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Favorite restaurant ! - Edit

I love Sol Semilla !
It's a pity that I work and live a bit far from it, so I can only go there on weekends, but I'm very fond of the healthy yummy food they serve !
I can't leave this place without buying some "superfood".

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funky theory, but slow service - Edit

I think the restaurant is located in a very good area, and it's almost beside st. martin canal. i was attracted to it because i saw the sweet potatoes plant from the outside when i walked past it so i decided to give it a try one sunday. sadly, it wasn't a good choice. too small the place, and you have little privacy when you dine. also, we came to order first, but instead, our food were served after the table of 4 who came after us.

won't go there again. it's such a long wait, and the food is just so-so.

Pros: funky, creative

Cons: slow service, little privacy, super food = strange taste?

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cat in restaurant - Edit

This restaurant had great food, really I liked it, a new experience! The staff is very nice but kind of sloppy and forgets everything. You can forgive them for this because they very making up for it with smiling and politeness but when I discovered that there is a cat sleeping in its basket in the middle of the place and I could see the staff petting it and then going to the kitchen, I got very skeptical.

Yes, I am a vegan and love animals but not in restaurants. No laws against this in France?

However, they food was so nice so I still would recommend the place. I would have given it EXCELLENT as rating if it was because of the service and hygiene.

Updated from previous review on Thursday July 05, 2012

I came here again, can recommend it, at least once during a stay in Paris.

Pros: wonderful food, new experience, nice staff

Cons: cat living in restaurant, staff petting the cat, service not so great but friendly staff

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Not so amazing ... - Edit

I loved the atmosphere and the friendly service. But I remain dubious about the dishes. It is a good idea to use superfood, but it is not necessarily interesting to taste. But I like to be surprised, but I did not it been seduced by the kitchen. It's fun, but not delicious.

Pros: Friendly staff, Nice vibe

Cons: Expensive, Not real cooking

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casual & quirky -- I like that! - Edit

This is a cross between a store and a cafe. Definitely casual and homey. The day I went I was happy to have a table (there aren't many) as it filled up fast. The general idea is that you get the menu of the day. That means soup or drink, variety-filled plate, and a little treat at the end. Depending in whether you chose the large or small plate it's either 22 or 19 euros. Guaranteed that you find some unknown superfoods on your plate. But that's the fun of eating out, isn't it? So go with an adventurous spirit and enjoy!
Updated from previous review on Monday February 11, 2013

Pros: all vegan, original, full of character

Cons: tiny, crowded

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surprisingly interesting - Edit

the place itself is not so nice but the menu of the day is very interesting and tasteful because they use superfood as spirulina kalamath cacao etc
the taste is intriguing and I was delighted to try everything was onthe plate.
the deseert was also very good not too sweet but great taste.
In the place it is possible to buy the suoerood they use for their menu and I bought some interesting south american superfood I have never tried.
The people serving are very friendly and the service is ok.Very good experience I definitely want to go back and try other of thesevinteresting tastes.

Pros: intriguing taste, superfood, friendly people

Cons: few seats, basic place

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Don't go here - Edit

It's a big disappointment.
Very bad service, it takes time for them to even notice you came. And it's such a small place they must be blind to not notice you or completely ignorant. They do not explain what they have to offer. So I just took plat du jour. There were many different stuff on it. Which they just threw on the plate. And just a little little bit of every thing. The salad wasn't to fresh. Some stuff were tasty. But there was so little of food I felt like I didn't eat anything. I thought there should be a dessert included as well but no, I didn't get it. At the end they charged me for de grande assiette, I was almost shocked. What I got should have been petite assiette. After I left the restaurant I went home to eat!! Oh, and the drinks. They cost 4 and a half or 5 euros, and you get a tiny glass of it. Everything there is tiny, only 3 tables, 2 for 2 persons and one for more - I set at this one for more next to some ladies. Ambiance not good either. (I would have given one cow if I could but 2 is the lowest.)

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I had an awesome experience buying superfoods here. For a full review + PHOTOS: http://awesomeveganblog.com/2012/10/28/raw-vegan-organic-superfoods-at-sol-semilla-in-paris-france/

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Great tastes! - Edit

It's not hard to eat food that's good for you when it tastes like this!
Cam Doré and Vesanto Melina (www.nutrispeak.com)

Pros: great tastes, unique-and powerful flavour combinations, we liked!

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Not a great experience - Edit

First, we had trouble finding it, even with the address, since they have a tiny new sign on the window but a large ancient sign saying something else left above the shop. So beware!

I love natural foods but I'm not obsessed with antioxidants or trying some new rare superberry from the depths of the Peruvian jungles, so maybe this isn't the place for me. I like tasty food and was told to expect that. Disappointed on that account!
We tried between us a soup Vitale (complet/grande), a brochette and the plat du jour (petite).
The soup was OK, nice enough taste but a bit bland. Kind of watery. Then the brochette was a nightmare. Two little wooden skewers with a couple grapes, a couple bits of apple and some chunks of what turned out to be aloe vera gel. Both of us felt like throwing up, trying to chew these gluey pieces of nothing!
The plat du jour had a variety of things and was the only really good part of our experience.
I really like to support vegetarian places, especially those trying to do something different but it just wasn't a pleasant experience. How could so many people think this is a '5 cow' place??

Pros: unique, natural , good service

Cons: weird or bad tastes, price

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Energy Food - Edit

I think my favourite aspect of this restaurant is that they really practice what they preach, in using healthy ingredients infused with superfoods to create healthy dishes that make you feel great. Though everything was light on the stomach, I left feeling satisfied and very energetic.

Foodwise, it was a solid 4. The dishes were simple and fresh, kicked up a notch with the addition of 'superfoods' to every component of the meal. Everything was tasty, with no strong flavours, so though many different foods and superfoods were used in the dishes, no one flavour overpowered another. I had the complete menu. I was first served some slices of cactus and a few goldenberries, as well as my choice of drink (you can choose from refreshing tonics, vegan milkshakes enhanced with sweet superfoods, or chocolate beverages hot or cold), a nice concoction of aloe, lemon, and watermelon. I then had the detox soup, which was very refreshing. The plate of the day consisted of spirulina rice, maca stewed potatoes, a salad with avocado and a tangy light acerola dressing, leek and cacao stir fry, carrot and pumpkin stew, tofu infused with purple corn, and a side of spirulina sauce. I had the purple corn jelly for dessert, which was topped with shavings of cacao butter, and was very refreshing and not too sweet.

The restaurant also doubles as a shop where you can buy many packaged superfood powders, leaves, and tablets, as well as fresh aloe vera and cactus leaves for a very reasonable price. The atmosphere is casual, with shared tables and barrels serving as chairs, but everything is nice and tidy.

Highly recommended!

Pros: Original Concept, Energising, nutritious food, Nice atmosphere

Cons: Not the best Location

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Very special - Edit

The majority of the food is very healthy - and might taste "healthy" to some of us ;). If you are up to something special and extraordinary, you should definitely stop by and try some of the exotic menues that are being offered. The staff is very friendly and is happy to explain what is all in there that you are eating. Try the mixed plate if you cannot make a decision, but be prepared to pay as much as in every other good Parisian restaurant.

Pros: Very different, Nice staff, Nice place

Cons: Can be a bit too exotic, Pricy

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Great food and friendly staff - Edit

I ended up going there randomly because the restaurant I wanted to go was already closed. It was after 4pm and I needed somewhere to have lunch. I was serviced by 3 young ladies, they were really lovely, the food was great but the dessert I thought it was quite expensive for the size, 4E. I know, it's superfood and all that stuff. The assiert du jour grande was big enough, but if I didn't have the dessert I think I would be hungry.
But it was worthy!

Pros: great food, friendly staff, raw options

Cons: small place, small variety, desserts too small

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Amazing food with exotic ingredients - Edit

I had no idea what I ordered, but the food was delicious! I ordered the petite plate, and it came with a 6-7 different foods. The man/host was very friendly and despite his limited English skills, he explained to my husband and I about the menu and their products. The only bummer was the cost. A petite plate cost 9 euro, but it barely filled me up.

Pros: healthy, delicious, friendly staff

Cons: Expensive

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Disappointed - Edit

I went there because the reviews were very good, so I expected new interesting tastes and experience. The cafe is really tiny, there are only 3 tables which were already taken. A waiter offered me a chair at the table of 6 people, but I felt uncomfortable to seat next to people which I even didn't know. Yeah, that's Paris spirit! )) So I decided to order takeaway. I took a small plat du jour - €9, 1 milkshake - €4 and 1 blini €3. So together €16.
While paying I talked to a man (cashier). He told me that they are always busy in the afternoon, they work non-stop and I don't need to make a reservation for the evening (their kitchen closes at 19-00!).Then I received my order. Firstly, I was glad that they think about eco stuff (cutleries were made from wood, the food box was kinda a thick paper) but....there was no bag to put my order inside! And I had nothing with me...There was a lady who entered 5 min after me to order take away, so I don't get their problem :/ U know, if it is raining, it would be a big problem to carry with ur hands. If they don't wanna use plastic bags, use paper, but offer smth!
On my way I tried a milkshake. It tasted nothing. Some corn milk mixed with spices and carob. No particular taste, spices didn't melt so....For €4 I can buy in Paris a good fresh juice made from 3 fruits. And a glass won't be small. Waste of money.
Food was smelling. At home when I finally opened a box, I almost became depressed...scanty portions...About the taste, well, I tried some really good and healthy food in other restos, so I can't say that one from Voy Alimento was bad. But it was not good. There was definitely a problem with cold starter-salad, may be it was an oil, may be smth else, it smelled badly and it tasted badly. Not impressed and completely unpleasant surprise. Another point, if they are selling rare food items and supplements, why don't they put some small description what is in your food. So I can notice and buy if I have an occasion. But you even don't know what you are eating, it's wierd.
To finsih, "blini" was VERY tiny. I thought, no prob, may be the taste is wow. But it was not. I was told that it would be a dessert, but it had no particular taste, was hard, and there was like a salty nutter on it. Well, I was looking for a nice experience, and I didn't find it. I don't think I will return there. Everything was tiny and tasteless, plus overestimated and expensive. Plus I prefer to have my "own" corner or a table

Pros: friendly staff

Cons: expensive, tiny portions, overestimated

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Excellent food but kinda meh service - Edit

They get four stars only because the food was very good. The service was a bit unpleasant. I had dinner here at about 7pm on a Thursday night; was supposed to meet up with a friend but it didn't work out. The ?owners? were not pleased with me arriving so late. Last I checked, their website said they closed at 8pm. They served me, and I guess they were as nice as annoyed people could be. The food was delicious though; I had the grande assiette, which was had salad, strange but tasty sauces, potatoes and rice. I was unfamiliar with the ingredients. Prices were reasonable.

Still, it felt very strange eating all alone, knowing that everyone working there wanted me to go away as quickly as possible.

This is a very small restaurant, more like a juice bar with a few small tables. Very casual.

I'd go back I think, although much earlier in the day.
Updated from previous review on Monday December 26, 2011

Pros: good food, reasonable price, healthy

Cons: closes early, small locale

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Healthy food - Edit

An interesting experience. We came in for a late lunch (about 14:00), but the place was still full. We were treated to a sampler of one of their juices while we waited for a table to become available. When we got a table, we got to share it with two others (we were asked if it was OK, and it wasn't a problem for us).

Food was a dish of the day (which is always vegan, we were told), which was assembled from a lot of small dishes. The dish felt like healthy-oriented vegan food, but wasn't too bland (as that type of food can sometimes be, in my experience). Drinks were a bit hit-n-miss, the one we were treated to with ginger was excellent, the milk shake was good, but the blue one didn't really taste much of anything. Nice atmosphere.

Pros: Good value (for Paris), Nice atmosphere

Cons: Crowded (even at late lunch)

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Visiting Voy Alimento June 2011 - Edit

Picked this interesting looking place during my short visit to Paris and as it is close to the train station Gare du Nord i decided to go there for lunch just before i left Paris on a saturday. As i gathered from earlier reviews the place is quit small so in order to get a seat i went after the lunchtime rush around 2.30 and was lucky enough to get a seat ( i estimate there are only like 20 to 25 seats). Staff was really friendly and explained everything that was on the board. I was quit interested in the vegan milkshakes they had on offer with all those South american healthy ingredients so i went for a milkshake containing maca, rlamath, lucuma and carouba. Don't ask me what it is but it tasted and looked delicious as you can see in the pictures. For the food i went for the vegan 'plate du jour' that costed only 12 euros and was just about perfect in terms of texture and amount and more than a feast for the eyes. It consisted of tofu mixed with cashewnuts, wild rice with urucum, salad with aloe vera and on the side i got some spirulina sauce and some spicy chili sauce with urucum. I highly recommend this place for a very interesting and healthy lunch when you're in Paris, an absolut must taste :)

Pros: Excellent food, Healthy Cuisine, Friendly Staff

Cons: Small, Bit Off Centre

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voy alimento - Edit

Sympathique petite boutique pres du canal st martin. Quand je suis a l'autre bout de paris je peux traverser toute la ville pour un repas concocté selon l'inspiration du moment. Quand je suis chez moi, a 2 heures de paris, je commande les produits du magasin. Toujours un tres bon accueil

Pros: excellent food , healthy cuisine, friendly staff

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Rustic and cosy! - Edit

I went there one friday afternoon (November 19 to be exact), unfortunately just after the lunchtime was over, but they still served beverages, so I asked for a vegan milkshake. Since I wasn't sure which flavour I wanted to try, they suggested to make 3 mini vegan milkshakes for me, with 3 different flavours. They were all delicious and the staff was very friendly, and very informative about the different ingredients.
The interior of the shop is very different than the athmosphere just outside on the street, it's so warm and cosy and welcoming that I could sit on those barrels all day! I bought heaps of good stuff from the shop to take home with me and make my own milkshakes :)
I will definately go back another time and try the food...! Already looking forward to that experience.

Pros: Athmosphere, Friendly staff, Antioxidant heaven

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Shop and restaurant - Edit

Voy Alimento is an interesting concept for Paris. Part store (selling mainly Latin American super foods), part restaurant, the atmosphere is very cozy and the people friendly. We enjoyed a "plat du jour" which was flavorsome and included a great deal of ingredients - some completely unknown to us. We also had some sort of tea/juice and dessert. Eating here was a real culinary experience in terms of new tastes and textures, but unfortunately it was all quite hard to digest and we all felt heavy after lunch. I'll go back to the shop to stock on spirulina, maca and others...

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healty food, good people - Edit

Very cute little cafe right near the canal. The food was very good, very healthy, and lovingly prepared. The folks were kind & knowledgeable, and clearly healthy people. I had the special of the day with appetizer, meal, drink & dessert. All were very good, and my body felt good eating such beneficial food.

Pros: 100% vegan, healthy, very kind people

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Absolutely Fantastic. - Edit

My partner and I went here yesterday for lunch, and had an outstanding meal. We each had some xocolatl to drink (which is like chilled chocolate tea), which I *loved.* My husband had the plat de jour, which was quinoa cooked in a tomato sauce and topped with crushed cocoa beans--it also came with a few different kinds of salad, some fried vegetables, and a blini. It was all very, very tasty. Since I was a little less hungry, I just had the blini (which is a mere 5 euros!), which was a little pancake type of thing topped with sesame sauce. My meal also came with a few different kinds of salad, and the whole thing was perfectly drizzled with sweet yacon syrup. I thought it was really fantastic.

We also got a little banana carob milkshake (which is more like a smoothie, and which is green) and their dessert de jour, which was a tiny cup of raw chocolate-coconut mousse. The milkshake was great, but the mousse-cup was *awesome*--the reason it came in such a tiny cup was that it was extremely rich (rich enough for two people to split). All in all, it was the perfect place to go for lunch on a warm day.

We'll definitely be going back here soon! The place is very cute, and the staff is wonderful. (They also speak excellent English.) If only they were open for dinner. And breakfast.

Pros: Delicious food, Inventive, healthy food, Great, friendly atmosphere

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Tres bonne surprise, very good surprise - Edit

It was by a sunday afternoon, we arrived at voy alimento with no idea where we're going. We were the first, the kitchen is open on the dining space, 4 tables, very nice staff (the cooker and the waitress), excellent food, we'll be back soon!

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