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Small Asian market specializing in wide variety of vegetarian mock meat products. Fully vegan July 2023. Open Mon-Sun 9:30am-5:00pm.

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First Review by vduplessis


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27 Nov 2022

Fake meat heaven

The best vegan jerky you can get is here! My boyfriend and I call it meat candy! I would go more often but parking around the area is horrible!

Pros: Great faux meat , Clean

Cons: Parking can be tedious



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09 Oct 2022

Great store

As others have noted they have tons of mock meats at cheaper prices than places like Berkeley Bowl and Rainbow Grocery. They also have some harder-to-find specialty items like vegan fish sauce (with MSG for proper levels of dankness). There is a robot voice that welcomes you upon entry and politely sends you on your way as you leave. Highly recommended.


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24 Sep 2020

Vegan Mock Meat Heaven!!

Loads of vegan meats including vegan chicken, vegan shrimp, vegan fish, you name it!! Also some great ingredients for hot pot and so many fantastic products from Taiwan. They even carry my favourite Taiwanese bbq sauce that I got hooked on whist living in taiwan years ago


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02 Jan 2019

Great small local business

This is the place to find all kind of Asian mock meat products. Some I’m too squeamish to try (fake shrimp, fake seafood :/) but if you are into that you’ll find it here! I like that it’s a women of color owned small local business. They also have a great massive jar for powdered vegetable stock which is a good find given how expensive and small veg stock is in the regular supermarkets.


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28 Aug 2014

Good source for fauxtein products

If you're into meat-replacement foods, Layonna is a shop where you'll find stuff you probably haven't seen anywhere else. Layonna herself is personally dedicated to the cause and used to run a veggie restaurant in Oakland but eventually decided to focus on selling the mock meat products she'd been importing.

We tend to use these products only in moderation because many of them are rather processed and thus not entirely good for the health, but a little bit isn't gonna hurt anyone.

It's definitely worth checking out if you're into fauxtein.


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09 Oct 2013

Cool, unique, hole-in-the wall place

This place is kind of funny and adorable. They've got nothing but veg meats. It's an Asian store and the veg meats are all Asian, no Gardein or anything like that. They have vegan beef jerky and stuff! The veg shrimp don't really taste like anything, but they're very cute. It's kind of like eating animal crackers and being like, "Awww, it's so cute to eat these animals," all the while knowing you're actually eating something that contains no animal flesh or secretions.

I know some people are against veg meats and if you're one of them, more power to ya, I suppose, but Layonna Veg seems really unique and cool and fun to me. It's small and packed with stuff. I got some kind of slab of barbeque slices that were like ham and I put them on a Cuban-style sammy with some vegan cheese and it was not the healthiest thing I ever ate but I enjoyed it very much. No need to make any animals suffer to fill certain cravings!


27 Dec 2021


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16 Jun 2013

Veg meat heaven!!!

Teeny tiny store in Oakland, but a vegan mock meat heaven! You can buy just about anything mock here. My favorites are the 6 lb bag, yes, 6 lb, of mock chicken chunks. Great for stirfrys, and curries. I also love the mock scallops, thai beef, and chicken drum sticks. The also have a small dry goods section, where you can find vegan fish sauce, and yummy jerky. If you have no idea what you are looking at, the people at the register can help you, they have laminate cards explaining what ingredients in various items are. They also can tell you which items are non gmo.

Pros: great selection

Cons: parking can be difficult


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19 Jul 2008

this is place for mock meats!

the veggie chicken, beef nuggets & roast pork ROCK! worth the trip.

Pros: mock meat, mock meat, & more mock meat!

Cons: location, parking, hours

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