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Serves meat, vegan options available. After returning from Italy the owner decided to create a small "corner of Rome" in the Old City, near the Latin Passage. Offers a menu of pizzas including one with vegan mozzarella, foccacia, and vegetable snacks. Approved as vegan-friendly by the Romanian Vegan Association. Open Mon 14:00-00:30, Tue-Thu 12:00-02:30, Fri-Sat 12:00-06:00, Sun 12:00-02:30.

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34 Reviews

First Review by CristinaNitu


Points +94

15 Aug 2023

Nice vegan options

Latin Pizza have several vegan options, but I think that the most popular one is Truffle Potato Pizza. I think a vegan cheese is a little bit gummy, and also they use one cutter for all pizzas. They cut pizza also with pizza scissors and I am grateful that they took clean ones for my pizza

Pros: Vegan options available

Cons: Using the same tools for cutting all pizzas



Points +88

24 Jul 2023

It's alright

The interior of the restaurant is a bit crammed so you don't have a lot of space to eat during busy hours. The potato truffle pizza tastes really interesting and I love it, but their other vegan pizzas (Rossa, Vegetarian) are in my opinion quite mediocre


Points +107

31 Dec 2022

Fantastic pizza

I had the vegan pizza with potatoes and it was really good. Unfortunately it was very crowded so I couldn't try anything else. However the pizza is the real thing, something like that could be easily find in Italy. The dough is delicious.

Pros: Pizza is the real thing

Cons: if everything was vegan it would even better!


Points +1222

02 Oct 2022


I choose the Rossa but it tasted too much garlic. They use the same cutlery with non-vegan pizza !

Pros: Opening hours , Location

Cons: Same cutlery for non-vegan pizza, Noisy


Points +315

27 May 2022

Vegan Italian Pizza

There are 3 options: potatoes and truffles, garlic pesto and mushrooms with vegan cheese. The first 2 are the best.


Points +713

21 May 2022

Vegan pizza

My partner and I visited this place at 2am on a Friday night, the vegan options were limited - only one option left, but it had lots of vegetarian options. The vegan option was tomato and basil, it was very garlicky, but nice. It lacked vegan cheese, but at 2am, I was just happy for a vegan option 😊

Pros: Open late , Outside seating , Friendly staff

Cons: 2 vegans options, No vegan cheese


22 May 2022

Just been back in and purchased the potato and truffle vegan pizza - it's amazing! Would definitely recommend 😊


Points +145

10 May 2022

2 Very good vegan pizzas

2 choice of pizza : one with vegetables, one with potato and truffle. with vegan cheese. Very tasty. 12€ for 4 parts and 2 beers

Pros: Tasty, Cheep

Cons: Only 2 choices


Points +432

23 Apr 2022


Nice staff and two vegan pizza options


Points +174

17 Jan 2022

Worth a visit

Lovely pizza , 3 ones available at the time


Points +54

06 Jan 2022

Guilty pleasure

I enjoy the potato pizza a lot, as far as they claim it is made with vegetable cheese. What I find a bit disturbing is that they are cutting both vegan and non-vegan pizza with the same scrissors... However, I end up ordering potato pizza each time I pass by, even if I know it is not really healthy due to the ingredients.


Points +92

16 Sep 2021

Good in a hurry

I went there today at around 5PM and they had 3 vegan/fasting (de post) options. Staff doesn’t wear masks unfortunately and the place gets crowded fast, seating is limited. The pizza was good, I chose the tomatoes and mushrooms one. Went there another time, later in the day at around 10-11PM and they didn’t have a single vegan pizza, which was quite sad. A bit too expensive for me and I prefer the exclusively vegan restaurants in the area.

Pros: Fast service, Centrally located

Cons: Expensive, Crowded, Shady people around honestly


Points +621

25 Aug 2021

Good, but expensive

Usually they have 3-4 vegan options, good enough, but as it says in the title too expensive

Updated from previous review on 2021-08-25

Pros: Good vegan pizza, Central location

Cons: Too expensive, Small space, always very crowded


Points +26

04 Aug 2021

Delicious pizza

Pizza shop which sells pizza by weight. Shop is located close to the bars and pubs in old town. Ask for “de post” Pizzas or even vegan Pizzas and they know what you are looking for. The Pizza with vegan cheese, potatoes and truffle was very yummy!


Points +364

11 Jul 2021

Latin pizza, delicious pizza to take away

They have two vegan pizza options.
One without cheese, only with spiced tomato. It appeared simple, but actuallu was quite tasty. With species andvery tomate flavoured.
They also have one with mushrooms ans vegan mozzarella that definetely was delicious.

Pros: Two vegan options, Cheap, Take away or to stay


Points +57

03 Feb 2020

Very good pizza

Even is not fully vegan, they have delicious vegan pizza


Points +46

30 Oct 2019

Delicious vegan pizza!

I would rate it 5 stars but the app doesn't allow me as it's not a fully vegan/ vegetarian restaurant. The pizza with mushrooms is wow, so tasty! Go for it and you will thank me later!

Pros: 3 types of vegan pizza

Cons: a bit expensive


Points +28

29 Aug 2019

Good pizza

Although many people had bad experiences mine was very good. Staff was really friendly, they showed us the vegan options and told us the ingredients. We went there twice and both times they had 3 versions (vegetables and cheese, potato, pesto). We tried the one with potatoes and also the one with vegetables and cheese. They were both very delicious.

Pros: Good combination of ingredients

Cons: Small seating space


Points +158

27 Aug 2019


Not that many vegan options but the pizza was great!


Points +18

10 Aug 2019

Terrible experience

I asked for their vegan options and one of the workers told me the only option was potato pizza, come to find out later after I had already gotten to the hotel that it had mozzarella in it. Either the staff is inadequate or is willing to lie for a sale, either way it is unacceptable!


Points +823

31 Jul 2019

Didn’t see any vegan options

Maybe my experience was just a fluke, I hope so! When I went, I don’t think there were any vegan options. They only had one type of pizza without cheese, and it had pesto on it, so I don’t think it was vegan. And staff were too brisk and dismissive to try to ask.

I was pretty surprised. I’ve known Roman style pizza places to have at least a few naturally/accidentally vegan options, but I guess I hadn’t really been to Roman style pizza places outside of Rome before.

Pros: Open very late

Cons: Apparently no vegan options


Points +62

03 Jul 2019

Vegan potato pizza

So nice to have an option at a 'normal' spot in the old town that my non-vegan friends will go to too! I got mine to take away on my way home from the bar, but there are seats too. It's about 15 lei for a relatively big portion.


Points +148

06 May 2019

Yummy pizza but very crowded

The pizza was great! But the shop could use some more seating and better placed positions so that it doesn't feel crowded whole your eating and ordering. Staff spoke English which really helped the ordering process.

Pros: Cheap

Cons: Only a few options


Points +5816

22 Mar 2019

Taking the pizza

First off this isn't a restaurant, it's a takeaway with some stools at best. It's very small and was very busy on a Friday night, people having to push their way in etc. Sitting down was a challenge and getting served was a case of shove in where you can. I wasn't entirely confident that the pizza we were served was vegan, however reading previous reviews it seems that the tomato and pesto is one of the vegan options so I'll give them the benefit of the doubt. On the plus side the pizza was very good and although it was served in a seemingly random amount it was good value - charged by weight two good portions came to under 50 Ron.

Pros: Good, tasty pizza, Cheap

Cons: Small place suited to takeaway, Can get packed, Lack of confidence in what was vegan


Points +819

29 Jan 2019

Good pizza marred by shared utensils

This place is on the main road just at the edge of the old town area, so is easy to get to and open late.

The pizza is sold by weight, so when ordering they ask you what portion you would like of whatever is there.

Unfortunately, this is where you might decide to turn around and leave, since they seem to use the same utensils (a heavy scissors) for cutting the veg and non-veg pizzas.

This is hardly an uncommon situation in most pizza places, but when they write that they have vegan/veg. food on the door and actually go to the effort of giving you the options, it's exasperating that they then screw it up like this.

If you're getting take away, they'll cut it into smaller pieces to fit in the take-away box, so better to tell the server guy to just not cut it.

I know the staff are probably on low wages and not paid enough to care, but I would be more than incentivised to give some extra money if they made a point of showing that they weren't using the meaty utensils when cutting the veg. pizzas.

Having said all that, the pizza is good, definitely above average, and the options are quite interesting which makes it all the more frustrating.

Pros: Good quality pizza, interesting options, Very central location

Cons: Shared cutting utensils is a no-go, Disinterested looking staff


Points +64

14 Nov 2018

Very good pizza

They have few vegan pizza options,Very tasty.

Cons: Serves nonvegan


Points +2655

25 Oct 2018

Delicious pizza BUT...

I have no idea if what we were given was actually vegan :(

When we reached the counter I asked the young guy serving about vegan options and he pointed out two flavours, one of which was topped with a suspiciously fluffy, melty looking mozzarella. He seemed a bit unsure so I asked again if it was definitely vegan, he said yes. He then questioned a guy in the background for a sec and when he turned back I asked a third time if it was definitely vegan cheese, he said “yeah, yeah”.

I don’t think it was vegan mozzarella though, if it was it was extremely realistic. They have a vegan sticker on the door so for a place that openly advertises itself as vegan friendly you’d hope the staff would be knowledgable about what they’re serving.

I looked at their website when we got home and the option we were given looks a whole lot like their buffalo mozzarella pizza :(

Anyone know? Does this place actually have the best ever vegan mozza, or do the staff just not know what they’re talking about?


Points +1745

03 Sep 2018

Thin and crispy

Roma style take away pizza. Very nice thin and crispy. Take it from an Italian😉pizza sold by weight.

Pros: Cheap

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