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Small chain of natural food markets originating from Central California. Stocks a wide range of natural food and grocery. Has fresh fruits and vegetables including organic, vitamins and supplements, frozen and chilled food, and more. There is a deli area with hot food and salad bar, juice bar, and plenty of seating inside. Offers occasional food demo and classes. Open Mon-Sat 9:00am-9:00pm.

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10 Reviews

First Review by melladior


Points +28

16 Mar 2023

Wilted, droopy vegetables

I want to like this little spot; it is a great size (not too big or small) and has a solid product selection but the quality of the produce was disappointing.

Pros: Lots of vegan options

Cons: Disappointing produce department



Points +22

21 Apr 2021

Healthy Food Options For All

This is ONE of the very few places in Bakersfield that carries a wide selection of deli foods, take-out, snacks, and vegan/ vegetarian. I have faith in their food quality✨ as we can see it when they grab it to prepare the food. They also have recipe cards on display for all the chiefs out there! Their staff actually remembered my name😁(04/20/2021) They’ll definitely have my business time and time again ✨🤤😋


Points +57

06 Apr 2021

So much to offer

As a new vegan I am happy with the selection Lassens offers. It has everything I need to make my favorite dishes from the past vegan friendly

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Organic produce , Friendly staff


Points +917

14 Mar 2019

Five stars for quantity, not quality.

Not the best deli...other Lassens are definitely better...but thankful Bakersfield has something, so 5 stars for vegan options.
Somehow the cookies are good at all the stores!

Pros: Many vegan options, Nice grocery selection , Cookies are good

Cons: Taste is lacking at deli , Hit or miss if get a good sandwich or smoothie, Deli staff could use a smile or two


Points +459

28 Jul 2015

Large Selection

This is a big natural food store with most of what I need. I don't have to scrutinize the labels for unnatural ingredients the way I would in other chain stores. Prices are akin to Whole Foods, but they do have specials and a great bulk selection, so it's all about how you shop, and I like the occasional impulse-buy treat (of which they have many.) When I was pregnant and had additional nutrient and protein needs, Lassens was a God-send.

Pros: organic, natural, healthy, big, large selection, bulk section

Cons: not cheap


Points +16

24 Dec 2013

Good Place!

I like Lassen's--there are very few health food options in Bakersfield, so this place is very helpful. Sometimes the produce is a little lackluster, and, as mentioned by another reviewer, the staff are a bit surly (not sure why--seems like it would be a fun job…?), and the prices are pretty high. However, I guess that's to be expected.

Pros: Nice selection

Cons: Slightly unfriendly staff, $$$$$


Points +28

11 Jul 2013

Poor Service!!!!!!!!!!!! Avoid!

I am not one to give a Vegan store, especially a Vegan store a bad review taken that they are a pinch number of vegan stores in Bakersfield as is, but this store takes the cake!
The first time I came to this store I wanted to run to the door. The service is so baddd and miserable here! I bought some organic strawberries and they had mold growing on them already! Unfortunately I didn't notice that until I got home.
The cashiers aren't friendly! So if you are new to the fresh food scene do yourself a favor and go to Trader Joe's which is much cheaper or Nature's Food Market and Juice Bar downtown which has a great selection of mock meats and a much friendlier staff.


Points +3635

31 Jan 2012

Excellent Store - a Gem

Found out about this Lassens location on happycow and stopped in several weeks ago for quick lunch and shop enroute to San Francisco from LA.

I was pleasantly surprised to see how large and well-stocked the store is, and the prices are very reasonable with many sale items.

The deli makes sandwiches that are vegan and vegetarian, marked. The juice bar is great because you can customize the juice you want.

On the day I was here, there were samples given throughout the store. I even bought my brand of women's daily multivitamin (MegaFood brand, all vegan and wholefood) that was on sale at 20% off!

A must stop if taking this route to SF / LA.

Pros: reasonable prices, great selections, nice space


Points +299

20 May 2010

Much improved since 2006 - 2007

I moved out of Bakersfield in Nov. 2007, and have visited for the first time since in May 2010. I can't get over how much Lassen's has improved since then. When I lived here, I was constantly disappointed by the organic produce which usually looked like it was ready for the compost bin. I envied the folks in the L.A. area and central CA coast who had much fresher produce. Now the organic produce in Bakersfield is fresh and vibrant like in the large cities and the coast.

Also, when I lived here, ingredients in the deli and salad bar were not labelled individually nor as to what was vegan, so I had to ask a lot of questions. Vegan options were few. Now there's a vegan "chicken" salad sandwich and several vegan options at the deli including carrot salad. Also, one of the 3 soup options at the salad bar was vegan, which I never recall being the case when I lived here. In addition, they continue to offer some vegan smoothies.

Furthermore, vegan and raw takeout food options used to be non-existent. Now there's a plethora of raw vegan packaged meals, snacks and desserts, including raw "crabby" cakes, about a half dozen flavors of raw vegan "cheese" cake, and raw brownies.

I'm amazed at how much Lassen's has improved in 2 1/2 years. And if they had more vegan selections in the deli, I would give this place 5 cows.

Pros: Vegan foods now labelled, More vegan options than in 2006-2007, Fresh organic produce

Cons: Too few vegan options still IMO, Restroom needed cleaning


Points +13

26 Jul 2007

Friendliest staff ever!

This is a store for people who have time to shop leisurely. The staff are enthusiastic and caring, and most importantly KNOWLEDGEABLE. The selection is wide and varied, especially for a store of Lassens' size. The deli is organic and veg-friendly. The staff will happily modify a regular order to make it vegan or vegetarian-friendly.

Pros: Friendly staff, Good variety, Five-star cleanliness

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