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Traditional bakery offering different types of bread made from antic flour, spelled or rye with some vegan options. Also sells a vegan cheese made from rice as well as crackers. Open Mon-Sat 08:00-19:00. Closed Sun.

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13 Reviews

First Review by HappyFamily


Points +24

15 Sep 2023

Muito bom!

Várias opções doces e salgadas! Proprietária muito gentil e disponível. Voltei por mais de um dia e encontrei diferentes opções. Recomendo muito!!



Points +20

20 Jul 2023

A lot of nice and tasty vegan sweets and other options

Tried the foccacia , some cookies (without sugar) and the apple cake (all vegan). Really tasty and delicious. Very friendly staff/owner. Would definitely come back again


Points +58

18 Jul 2023

Many delicious vegan options

Finally we got to a place in Italy with bounch of vegan options!
All cakes and cookies looked good.
Very pleasant woman talked with us as for how much the demand is for non-dailry products, but still almost nobody in Italy knows what is it Vegan food...
We took the carrot cake which was good, the apple pie which was even better and the the berries pie which was the best!
We also took some cookies which were nice, and very thin piazza slices which was great, with nice amount of vegan cheese on top.
Even there is small table and a bench to sit on, this is not a place to sit and relax in, but more of a take-away place.

Pros: various vegan options, berries pie was amazing, you can slice (the cakes) at any size you wish

Cons: take away mainly place


Points +208

17 Jun 2023

Lots of vegan sweets

We had several vegan cookies. They were not as sweet as usual, which is good. The service was very friendly 💚 She enjoyed explaining what was vegan, and it was about half of all cookies 🍪

Pros: Lots of vegan sweets, Friendly service


Points +129

18 May 2023

Tanta scelta vegan

Piccolo panificio che offre una serie di dolci vegan ed anche cose salate, sono stata oggi pomeriggio ed erano rimaste solo due torte salate (ed ovviamente la focaccia) ma io ero più interessata ai dolci quindi non le ho provate.
Oggi avevano 4 tipi diversi di baci di dama, torte, crostatine e crostate e dei buonissimi dolcetti di pasta di mandorle.
Le paste di mandorla erano tra i miei dolci preferiti quindi ero davvero molto felice di constatare che sono praticamente identici agli originali (per quanto possa ricordarne il sapore dopo anni), veramente buonissimi, ne avrei mangiati cento.
Molto buona anche la crostata ai lamponi, una frolla leggera e dolce al punto giusto.
Non mi sono piaciuti molto i baci di dama onestamente perché me li aspettavo più simili agli originali mentre, essendo con molto poco zucchero, sono effettivamente molto diversi. Sono comunque buoni ma diciamo che non li ricomprerei. In ogni caso tante scelte e quindi un posto da non perdere se siete vegani.
La signora dietro ai banco poi era molto gentile e sorridente.


Points +93

14 Sep 2022


Molte opzioni vegane salate e dolci. Servizio super cortese. Noi ci stiamo tornando ogni giorno.
Darei 5 stelle se fosse possibile.


Points +127

23 Jul 2022

Vegan Bakery in Rapallo!

Quasi unica Bakery in Rapallo dove si trovano così tante opzioni vegane, oltre a focaccia e pizza anche torte salate ogni giorno diverse.
Bakery with lots of vegan things, focaccia, pizza, breads, cookies, etc.

La proprietaria è davvero disponibile e gentile.
Staff friendly and nice!

Pros: lots of vegan option, close to rail station, staff friendly, nice and spoke English

Cons: parking car is impossible, no place to sit

Ed Templeton

Points +205

17 Jul 2022

Plenty of vegan choices

Bakery with lots of vegan things, focaccia, pizza, breads, cookies, etc.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Close to the train station, Woman was very nice and spoke English well.


Points +175

09 Jul 2022

Lovely little bakery

Walked in and immediately saw “vegan” signs on certain foods which was refreshing from the lack of vegan options in this little town. I still proceeded to tell her I was vegan and she showed me all the options and explained the ingredients to ease any concerns. I had fruit tarts, vegan cheese pizza, biscuits etc… We paid 19€ for 12 things.
To add to all this, the woman was extremely welcoming, she said that she prefers cooking vegan and she wishes there were more vegan options in this town which was a change from all the angry waiters that looked disgusted when I said I was vegan.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Cheap, Very welcoming store

Cons: No place to sit


Points +40

09 Jul 2022

Best vegan pastries I’ve had in a while

This bakery had soooooo many little vegan pastries and the woman running the bakery was the sweetest 🥹 For only 20€ we had 2 slices of pie, 6 cookies, a piece of quiche, a mini pizza (with vegan cheese - not easy to find around here) and a few other little things. This really was a nice change of pace after only eating tomato sauce pasta for the past few days! Worth noting, she also has sugar free/gluten free options for those who might need it!

Pros: Loads of vegan and sugar free options, Cheap, Incredibly friendly service


Points +145

03 Jun 2022

Tastiest vegan pies in Italy

I tried their choco-pear pie -it was terrific. And as apple pie as well. We tried cookies; it was super friendly that they have no sugar cookies, different kinds of flour used for it - highly recommend!
Oh, and focaccia was also tasty and it was with vegan cheese.
And they have a small shop there with vegan products.

Pros: Lits of options, Shop with vegan products, Variety of deserts

Cons: -


Points +21

Mostly Veg
05 May 2022

Amazing bakery, almost 100% vegan

A must try in Rapallo. Eat the pizza!!!!

Pros: Almost everything is vegan, Pizza is delicioussssss, Also a vegetable patty


Points +281

15 Jun 2019

Vegan items inside

La plus-value de cette boulangerie, hormis les pains avec farines anciennes, c’est une vitrine réfrigérée avec du fromage vegan, des crèmes de riz, amande, soja... quelques charcuteries et gâteaux apéro vegans

Pros: Vers le quartier pieton, Propose des produits vegan, Pains délicieux

Cons: Un peu caché dans une rue secondaire

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