Serves meat, vegan options available. Rustic-chic Melbourne-like cafe with a separate vegan menu - you have to ask for it. Uses locally sourced produce. Open Mon-Fri 6:00am-5:00pm, Sat-Sun 6:00am-4:00pm.

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First Review by CatDouglas


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12 Nov 2023

Amazing food, coffee was spot on

Service was wonderful and staff where happy and helpful.
Food was amazing and the coffee was the strong and made perfectly.

Pros: Vegan menu, Strong coffee, Great value



Points +25

30 Oct 2023

Highly recommend!

Amazing food and epic staff! Thanks so much!

Pros: Everything

Cons: Nothing


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13 Mar 2023

Handy location

Cute cafe with a separate vegan menu. The food was good but it took 30mins after ordering the food for it to arrive. And about 20mins to order coffee, had to get staff attention to order both times. The upstairs part of the cafe is a separate room with no windows, very hard to get staff attention to order and it wasn't especially busy. I wouldn't go there again because of the wait time on food.

Pros: Separate vegan menu, Great spot straight off the ferry

Cons: Long wait times for food to arrive


Points +676

03 Feb 2023

Nice burgers

Nice spot, you wouldn’t tell that they have a vegan menu! It was good

Pros: Vegan menu


Points +749

02 Oct 2022

Filling meal after the ferry

Was nice to get a decent meal after the ferry, was super satisfying though still good. Ask for the vegan menu.


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27 Sep 2022


I had the ‘vegan delight’ with an extra serve of hash browns. I am satisfied. It was enjoyable and filling. I am happy to see that they have a vegan menu (seperate ask staff).


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21 Jun 2022

breakie straight off the spirit

Laneway is open and will be pumping with arrivals just off the spirit. For vegans, it's great to know there is something available 6-7am in the morning. Separate vegan menu

Pros: Separate vegan menu, Friendly staff, Open early


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14 Jun 2022


Delicious breakfast, a few vegan options to choose from on the main menu but you can also ask to see the vegan menu to see how these meals are made vegan with adjustments. Great little cafe and our waitress was so friendly.


Points +40

06 May 2022

Dedicated vegan menu, yummy food

Decent seperate vegan menu with fresh food and reasonably priced

Pros: Good selection of vegan options, Tasty food, Reasonably priced and big servings

Cons: Coffee wasn’t fantastic, but I’m from Melbourne


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27 Mar 2022

Seperate Vegan Menu

Generous portions and a seperate Vegan menu on request. Great breakfast choice.

Updated from previous review on 2022-03-27


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08 Apr 2021

Great food and service

Yummy vegan options


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06 Mar 2021

Over priced

They dont have a separate vegan menu, the food was bland. The staff got in such a mess over me being vegan as 90% of staff had no idea what vegans could eat so i waited for their 1 appointed staff member to exsplain what they can do vegan. She was lovely but i had to wait 15 minutes just to find out what could be done vegan. The food taste like when non vegan cooks and puts no effort in. Very bland food. I had the breakfast. Inside where you pay is a HUGE death fridge full of body parts. If your triggered by the meat section in the supermarket then maybe give this place a miss.

Pros: Nice coffee, dog friendly

Cons: Tasteless, over priced for what you get. , A whole dead animal in the fridge at the counter, Chopped up! Be warned


Points +30

24 Jan 2021

Nice place

No longer has a separate vegan menu but most meals can be veganised according to our server. We both had a vegan version of their big vegetarian breakfast and it was delicious. Generally a nice vibe and atmosphere, coffee is pretty dark roast italian style (if that’s something you care about) but otherwise good.


27 Mar 2022

I visited this week in March 2022 and there was a seperate Vegan menu 🙂


Points +450

17 Oct 2020

Great lunch or Breakfast spot

I thoroughly enjoyed my big breakfast, although was a touch salty. My partner got the burger which looked great. I would definitely go back here. Good coffee too.

Pros: Cool venue, tasty food

Cons: They no longer have their vegan menu😒


Points +24

01 Feb 2020


Cute little cafe’ 🍃 Great vegan options! - seperate vegan menu which you have to ask for. Short wait for food, coffee was amazing, great service :)

Updated from previous review on 2020-02-01


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10 Jan 2020

Unexpected Devonport chic

Cute little cafe with a separate vegan menu (you need to ask for it). I had falafels on beetroot hummus and my partner had a black bean burger - both really tasty and well presented. Quick service.

Pros: Separate vegan menu , Nice ambience


Points +32

27 Aug 2019

Truly, phenomenally good

What a way to start our trip around Tasmania! We stopped in here fresh off the boat for an early breakfast and I couldn’t believe my tastebuds. This must be the famous Tasmanian produce I’ve always heard so much about. We had the ‘vegan delight’ with explosively delicious cherry tomatoes, sensational miso mushrooms and beans, toast, avo smash and hashbrowns. Even the spinach tasted good. Don’t think I’ve ever had a vegan breakfast where the hash brown was actually the least exciting element and can’t remember the last time I had a vegan brekkie this flavoursome – and we live in Melbourne! They also had an an avo smash, North African spiced beans, and a few lunch options, including a burger. They use Bonsoy and the coffee was strong. Hopefully we can stop back in before we get back on the boat!

Pros: Separate (small) vegan menu, Incredible-tasting produce, Cool vibe

Cons: You have to ask for the vegan menu, Serves non-vegan , Has a deer head on the wall


Points +88

27 Apr 2019

Lots of tasty choices

A dedicated vegan menu was unexpected but a huge bonus here, lots of choices to be had. The loco beans and felafel salad were both delicious

Pros: Separate vegan menu


Points +363

03 Apr 2019


Off the Spirit early on a cold morning looking for a hearty breakfast and found this place. Early opening and a separate vegan menu was a bonus. A good vibe with quite friendly staff. Worth stopping for breakfast.

Pros: Separate vegan menu, Nice vibe


Points +127

07 Jan 2019

Excellent falafel salad

I had the falafel, beet and spinach salad. Very accommodating of vegans with separate menu, nice atmosphere.


Points +222

31 Dec 2018

Hearty breakfast

Loved his hip cafe and the many veggie breakfast options. Side options include halloumi, spinach, hash browns, roasted tomatoes, and more.


Points +75

31 Dec 2018

Excellent Breakfast

Awesome, filling breakfast in Devonport. Plenty of veggie options to choose from. We didn’t look for the vegan menu, but the veggie options were great.

Pros: Filling, Fast


Points +103

04 Feb 2018


Super tasty, huge portions and a quirky restaurant setting. Awesome that they are open when the early morning Spirit of Tasmania ferry gets in as there aren’t too many vegan options on the ferry.

Cons: You have to ask for the vegan menu


Points +84

20 Sep 2017

Charge more for Vegan options..

Food actually is pretty good but was saddened to see that the vegan menu was more$ than the none. It's rare you see this but I know it happens. Order $7 toast with three sides and they not only charged me more than the menu listed for avocado but it also wasn't the avocado/chickpea mash. So paid more for less..

Fortunately they were nice about seeing we were overcharged. Looks like maybe prices were updated on the register but not on the menu. $20 for avocado toast with baked beans and hash browns.. yikes.


Points +451

26 May 2017

Brilliant breakfast

This place was already doing a good trade when we arrived at 7:05am, straight off the overnight boat. Following the advise of previous reviewers we asked for the vegan menu, which was readily produced.

We had the Vegetarian delight (vegan version) and the North African beans - both of which were really tasty, well sized and got us ready fir a day of adventuring round the apple isle.

Pros: Big, tasty breakfast, Separate vegan menu, Perfect-sized portions


Points +26

10 Apr 2017

So good! Super strong coffee!

The vegan menu is separate - make sure you ask for it. The food is really awesome. Miso muahrooms are out of this world and so are the African beans! The coffee is strong and they have almond milk!


Points +300

08 Nov 2016

Great vibe.

Best coffee I've had so far in Devonport. I went there for brunch and had the North African spiced beans. They were very tasty although not as spicy as I had hoped, accounting for local tastes I guess.

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