Costa Rican, Israeli, Kosher

Hotel, vegetarian restaurant, and adventure center located in an isolated area at the end of a long road in the rainforest off Hwy 702. Menu offers items like falafel sandwich, pad thai tofu, pasta with tomato sauce, and a comida typico with rice, beans, fried plantains, vegetarian chorizo. Vegetables are supplied from onsite organic nursery. Reported fully vegan November 2022. Open Mon-Sun 7:30am-8:30pm.

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First Review by Jude Harkner


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23 Apr 2023

Horseback Riding is Not Vegan

Quit offering captive animals as pleasure vehicles or consider yourselves anti-vegans. Veganism as you surely know is not a diet and offering their backs as ride-around toys for immature human supremacists is not a vegan activity and is wrong. You want to sell piggy-back rides? May I suggest your own shoulders!

Go Vegan. Give the horse's backs a break.

“Many horses are ridden from the age of three, but the last plates don’t fuse in the vertebral column until the horse is at least five and a half, with taller horses and males taking longer. Riding before these ages damages a horse’s back and can displace the vertebral growth plates, causing pain and lasting injury.“Another way is possible There is, of course, another way to persuade equines to engage with and co-operate with humans.“There is a growing movement away from riding as owners pay attention to the signals their horses are giving them. The Nonridden Equine group on Facebook, for instance, has around 30,000 members.“We’ve trained our ponies Grace and May, and our donkeys Woody, Zippy, and Coco, using positive reinforcement (R ), which is the same as the clicker training you might use with your dog. Skilled R horse owners do agility training with their horses,” Phil explains.“We’re not that good, but we’ve used these techniques to build our relationships with them and make them comfortable with vet visits and hoof trims. Horses don’t need to be locked up in solitary confinement, have iron nailed to their feet and yanked in their mouths, or flogged. They just need our friendship.”

Cons: horseback riding


23 Apr 2023


23 Apr 2023

Just pathetic and disgraceful they offer this abuse and people calling themselves vegan are willing to take them up on it. 💔💔💔😞😞😞



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20 Mar 2023

Amazing food in a unique setting

It's hard to imagine that some of the best Israeli food I've had is at a secluded resort in rural Costa Rica. The meal was delicious and the decor of the hotel is very unique. Note there are two restaurants serving the same food, one at the hotel and one closer to the main road


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23 Feb 2023

Nice stop

We stopped here on our way up to LA Fortuna for some lunch. The service was pretty slow but the food was very good. I loved that it was fully vegan and that there was animals all over.


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19 Jan 2023

Happy surprise

I’m so glad we stopped here. The food was more amazing than I could have imagined, even with the raving reviews. It was hard to believe the menu was 100% vegan until I asked and read another review that confirmed that even the poached eggs were vegan. Maybe next time I’ll experiment and order one of those items. This time I got the Lafa Wrap and LOVED it. It would be hard not to get it again, and again and again!! I also had the guanábana smoothie with coconut milk and it was incredible. . My hubby really enjoyed the Mexican basket. There is sooo much to choose from!

Updated from previous review on 2023-01-19

Pros: Full vegan menu with lots of items, Supporting a mission, Lots of signs to find it on the main road


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08 Jan 2023

Super tasty!

Friendly folks who run an animal shelter. We had the Israeli plate & the Tacos, and both were delicious. Great stop on the way to/from La Fortuna.

Pros: Fully vegan, Authentic Israeli food, Lovely people

Cons: A little slow service - don't come in a rush


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08 Dec 2022

Delicious food, awesome place.

I had the Israeli variety plate at the recommendation of the staff. It was so good! So many delicious flavors. Cant wait to go back!

Pros: Variety of options, Friendly staff


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28 Nov 2022

Heaven on earth

I was fortunate enough to have been invited by Lands in Love to stay at the resort for 5 days to experience their excursions and tour the attached animal rescue. If the story of the resort wasn’t enough to sell you on visiting (a FULLY vegan resort whose profits fund a rescue for over 1000 animals), the food will win you over. Don’t be confused by the menu, any mention of “eggs, cheese, chicken” etc are vegan alternatives and delicious! They make their egg and cheese substitutes in house and many of their options are gluten free as well. I tried as many of the menu items as I could and wasn’t disappointed by any. Standouts were the autumn salad, milkshakes, French toast, breakfast burrito, chicken wrap, and any of the Israeli dishes (the founders are from Israel). The chef is extremely kind and will happily share her recipes as well.

I urge anyone to take a moment to stop by to learn about their story, and enjoy the amazing food!

Pros: Fully vegan, clean, and delicious, Profits fund a no-kill animal rescue , Great variety


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07 Sep 2022


My partner and I stopped here, we were stoked to see a billboard for an all vegan restaraunt and hotel/resort while driving! The owner is so delightful and the food is incredible!! They rescue and care for local animals. You can buy things within the restaurant to support the cause. We tried the tacos and shwarma and not pictured peanut butter banana smoothie. This is the best food we’ve had in Costa Rica, every single bite was perfect. You must come try this place and take home a chocolate chip cookie😄vegan hotel right up the road

Pros: Completely vegan and completely delicious , Cute niche environment , Incredibly friendly staff


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26 Aug 2022

Amazing Food

We spent two nights in the hotel and we brought our dog with us. It is a great place to hike in nature, have good food and help animals.

Pros: Friendly Staff, Fully Vegan, Pet friendly

Cons: Old rooms


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04 Jan 2022


lots of vegan options but the burrito was a bit too oily and the fries tasted slightly off. also no vegan desserts were available. but the staff were super friendly


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12 Nov 2021

Plan to stop!!

This is a MUST STOP if you are driving past or if you are staying close by. The best ‘roadside attraction’ ever! Go hungry! Go for breakfast or lunch. Even the coffee was great. Service was friendly and as you would expect by the name - loving! We were stoked to find a perfect vegan omelette, big lunch menu and peaceful atmosphere. Highly recommend. We will be back!

Pros: Huge menu, Lots to look at , Animal rescue / sanctuary


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05 Nov 2021

Best surprise ever for the end of an amazing trip!

My partner and I came across this place when we saw the signs on the way to San Jose to fly back to the states and we were struggling to find vegan food everywhere that were fulfilling enough besides the typical Costa Rican rice and beans and plantains. Even though this wasn’t a vegan Costa Rican restaurant, we learned that they had Israeli food. We were hesitant of trying Israeli food in Costa Rica but we ended up ordering anyways. All what we could say is WOW! The hummus was the creamiest and tastiest hummus I’ve ever had and my partner’s shawarma with soy curls was out of this world. The owner is Israeli and we ended up chatting about their vegan hotel and animal sanctuary they have. This made us so happy and I will tell all my vegan friends about it when they travel to La Fortuna and/or San Jose. Highly recommended!


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08 Jun 2021

Just Amazing!

Amazing food, really, the menu has so many foods of the world turned vegan that you would go crazy and wont know what to pick. Trust me you won’t regret it.

We stayed in the hotel for a couple of days, the breakfast is included and we tried most of the lunch/dinner menu and everything was spectacular.

Pros: Big vegan menu, Animal sanctuary


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08 Apr 2021

lovely atmosphere, amazing place & nice staff

I had the Falafel-Pita but for me it was toooo much onions & it was no problem to change to avocado & veggies 🥰
unfortunately the Pita was wrapped in plastic 🙈
The Autumn-Salat war super delicious 🥗
The owner, the staff & the location are awesome 🤍

Pros: amazing location, lovely people & good food

Cons: Pita wrapped in plastic 😑


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01 Jan 2021

Súper rica comida

Restaurante con muchísimas opciones veganas y vegetarianas, pedimos un plato vegano y otro vegetariano y las porciones no dejaban espacio para nada más, la misión que tienen es súper buena, excelente restaurante para comer sin remordimientos

Pros: Muchísimas opciones veganas , Trato del personal súper amable

Cons: Un poco costoso pero vale la pena , Comida un poco mas grasosa de mi gusto


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15 Oct 2019

Great experience

I love this restaurant and their mission. I got a coffee vegan milkshake and my husband got the pad thai. Both were delicious! There is an animal rescue center that their profits support. Only downfall is that they serve so many dairy products.


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03 Sep 2019

Amazing food, amazing mission

We stopped here for an outstanding vegan breakfast on the way from San Jose to the Arenal area. The pancakes were amazing and the gallo pinto with scrambled tofu was super tasty. Highly recommend for anyone in Costa Rica who is vegan/vegetarian not only for the food but for their mission of love for all animals. We also loved their pet tour ($20 per person to help fund their enormous rescue operations). The hundreds of dogs and cats that they are caring for all have their own personalities and are so excited for even the smallest show of affection. It was a truly heartwarming experience.

Pros: Vegan and vegetarian options abound!


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28 Aug 2019

Great Vegan menu

in both the hotel restaurant and the Loveat restaurant (outside the hotel) you can find a really good vegan Menu, also gluten free if you ask! we tried several dishes..the pancakes where great (you can see in the photo) and the chocolate vanilla milkshake as well.. the humus is really amazing as well as the American hamburger with fries (everything is homemade). I really recommend this place - all the money also goes to there animal shelter where they have like 700 dogs and cats (sadly that people leave at the hotel entrance ).

Pros: lots of great vegan optiones

Cons: I wish it was only vegan (they do serve eggs and , cheese)


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19 Jul 2019

Expansive menu

Lovely location with large menu selection

Pros: Wide menu variety , Cost effective , Beautiful hotel grounds

Cons: Restaurant decor could use an update


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19 Apr 2019

Incredible vegan food!

We stopped here when we saw signs on the road advertising vegan and vegetarian food. We got the Thai Sandwich and the BLT made vegan along with a strawberry milkshake and chocolate peanut butter milkshake. Everything was exceptional!


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16 Aug 2018

Diverse Entrees

My friends and I stopped on the way to La Fortuna from San Jose. The drive from the freeway was scenic and wasn't very long. They have popular dishes from all over the world that can be made vegan. You must ask for the Vegan menu!

Pros: Large portions , Rainforest setting , Mostly ethically driven

Cons: Heavy on the oils, Fans no AC (ok but not great with the humidity)


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13 May 2017

One of the best things I've ever eaten

We stopped here on the drive from Manuel Antonio to Arenal and I'm so glad we did! The lafa wrap is easily in my top five best foods ever eaten. Even my carnivorous mother thought it was amazing. Steak sandwich and chocolate cake also amazing. All made vegan on request. The grounds are beautiful and the animal rescue effort is worth funding. Wish we could've eaten here every day of our vacation!

Pros: Amazing food

Cons: A bit out of the way

Soul2Soul Educare

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27 Aug 2014

Great Vegan/Vegetarian Food

We didn't actually stay at this hotel, but only experienced the restaurant on our way to Arenal Volcano. I must say that the food was just exceptional! Especially for us healthy eaters - they had lots of options. They even had a separate vegan menu. Everything was organic and delicious. The place itself was like a tropical paradise - so open, with greenery everywhere, very quaintly decorated. They even let us have free coffee while we waited for our food to be prepared. The service was lovely. We would recommend this place to all! Most of Costa Rica doesn't have interesting vegan food - so we really appreciated this place and they have a true "love of animals".


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15 Jun 2012

Just good food

As a very picky vegetarian eater I must say that the Lands in love restaurant exceeded all my expectations. I would rank it on my top 3 vegetarian restaurants and believe me I tried a lot.
I stayed at the hotel for 5 days and every dish that I tasted was either good, very good, excellent and unbelievable.
My not to miss list: the Israeli dish (the best humus that I had), the lafa wrap and the veggiburger that realy surprised me.
If you are in Costa Rica don't miss the Lands in love experience It's graet!

Pros: Taste - delicious, Service - great, Value - not expensive at all


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31 Mar 2012

Great veggie place

This is by far the best vegetarian restaurant in Costa Rica, so many unique dishes excelent service and location, right in the heart of the cloud forest.

Try the Lafa wrap, it's unbeleiveble, the cheese steak adn happy veggie burger.

If you're vegetarian + in CR this place is the number 1 place for you

Pros: Nice people, Location - in the forest, The lafa wrap


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25 Jul 2010

Bad coffee, Horrible service

We stopped in on the way to Arenal to get some coffee for the remainder of the trip, and to check out their restaurant. There were no menus sitting out to look out, and the attitude of the woman behind the counter was so bad we didn't bother asking her for one. My husband asked for her to fill up our to-go mug with coffee, and she accidentally charged us 8,000 colones for it (about $15), and then got really irritated and started stomping around trying to figure out how to fix it. When we finally were able to pay for the coffee, it was really bad. Which is surprising, because the Arenal area has several excellent local and organic coffees. It's a cute place in a great location, and I'm very happy there is at least one veg restaurant in that area, but honestly the attitude of the people who work there was so off-putting I would not likely go back to try the food.

Pros: vegetarian, give help to strays, location

Cons: poor service, unfriendly staff, expensive for what it is


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Non Veg
03 Feb 2008

Best hotel I know!

I must say that i'm not vegetarian. it's not so normal from where i'm coming from. I got to this hotel not on purpose but i'm not sorry for that because it's amazing. the views are lovley and the most suprising for me was the food. so delicious! as a meat lover i just kept on telling myself that i wish i had such a good vegetarian food from where i come from. the Lasagna with the soy meat was the best and the taco wasn't so far behind. and the deserts hmmm... yummi. The hotel offers many tours and things to do, the service of the owners all vegetarian is great they want to help all the time i started to think that i'm special but then i saw that they treat everybody the same way. I realy recommend this hotel - it's one of a kind!

Pros: Food, Service, tours

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