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Landbageriet - Naturbageriet

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Frederiksborggade 29, Copenhagen, Denmark, 1360

A small bakery that makes both traditional as well a few vegan baked goods like banana muffin, marzipan cookies, and cake. Uses honey in products so specify. Formerly known as Naturbageriet. Open Mon-Fri 6:30am-6:00pm, Sat-Sun 7:00am-4:00pm.

Reviews (32)

First Review by ampallang

Quality Pastry in Copenhagen - Edit

I have visited this place various times and the infamous 'romkugler' are always a delight! The quality of the pastries is amazing and most of their products do not even taste 'gluten-free' ;-) The bakery also carries an assortment of basic vegan products, such as plant milks, bread spreads and sweets.

Pros: large variety of products, pastries are not too sweet

Cons: products might be sold out if you come too late

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Rum Balls a Must! - Edit

I was told the rum balls were a must — the best in copenhagen! I tried one and it was indeed dedlightful, as was the cinnamon bun. I wish I tried one of their vegan croissants. They have a nice selection!

Pros: Rum balls

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So good! - Edit

I have eaten way to many baked goods from this place. They have a large selection of vegan pastries. One of my favorite bakeries.

I love that they have a label that says what's in all of their things.

They have some vegan milks and chocolates too...

Pros: good stuff, friendly, decent prices

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vegan cakes, brownies, breads, pastries and more! - Edit

Located around the corner from our hotel so have been coming here every morning to sample their delights. The staff are knowledgeable and will point out the one or two non-vegan items out of the bounty of baked goods. They also have vegan chocolate bars, crackers and other sundries as well as a small fridge with vegan milks and things. Everything we've had has been delicious!

Pros: lots of vegan options, sweet and savoury, also vegan sundries

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lots of vegan options - Edit

Lots of vegan options and very friendly staff. Vegan options are not labeled, but the staff will helpfully point them out. Gluten free is labeled. very small, so plan on bringing your feast to the nearby park to eat. vegan chocolate croissants!

Pros: lots of vegan options, vegan croissants

Cons: vegan not labeled

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Great food, well recommended - Edit

Very good food and very fill k ng as well. The prices were good for Copenhagen. Round the corner from a really nice market. The guy working there did not speak any English but was very friendly. I would definitely come back here

Pros: good food, fair price, wide variety, sweet and savoury

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vegan pastries - Edit

As the store was close to our hotel, we stopped in each morning for pastries. Most of the items are vegan and the staff will point out which ones aren't. We tried many different ones, marzipan cakes, croissants, cookies and more! Wish it was all vegan (only reason they are not getting a five from me). They are also a tiny store selling a few other items, like chocolates, plant milks and yogurts. They have coffee as well.

Pros: vegan pastries, nice staff

Cons: not all vegan

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Lovely place - Edit

I love all their vegan pastries! It's organic and also have a lot of gluten free options. Beside they also sell other vegan things like yogurt and chocolate!
It's close to "torvehallerne", which is a very cozy pace to walk around.

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Happy Face - Edit

Oh my...
The place to go, or maybe not!!!
Because this is so damn deeelish if you are in for something vegan and without Gluten!
We all know how hard it is to find some good bread without gluten, and this is hereby your heaven in town!
Some of the cakes are with honey, but they have some without. Just ask as they can tell exact what they put in the bread and cakes.
The carrot cake is always a favourite! But the rumball is also to die for!
Also the apple-cinnamon roll is quite tasty - Especially if you have the options to heat it up a bit!
If you are in for some Glutenfree bread I can recommend the millet dumpling, the rice and multi-bread. All very smooshy and soft (as I prefer)
It is located in the heart of Copenhagen near the fancy & trendy food market "Torvehallerne" - so easy to find if you are in the city for only a couple of days.

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Ok - Edit

They had nice dark chocolate croissants (about 25dkk each). They ran out of the carrot cake and banana muffins, as I just arrived before closing time.

Watch out, must tell the guy honey is not vegan as he was pointing out to some items that had honey in it.

This is a little bakery with some bread, cookies, cakes and some grocery items on shelves. I bought some Vegan mayo (about 50 dkk), chocolate spread ( about 60 dkk) and some garlic and herb paste in a tube (about 40 dkk).

Pros: Few Vegan options

Cons: Runs out quickly

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Best breakfast - Edit

This is a great place to pick up some vegan breakfast pastries while you're in Copenhagen. It's easy to find and quite conveniently located, and the staff are very helpful and can explain things in English when necessary. The earlier in the day you arrive, the better the array of goods. We loved the cinnamon bread and chocolate croissant, but found the cinnamon whirl a bit dry. I'd still go back for more though!

Pros: Great range of vegan options

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Excellent vegan pastries! - Edit

My partner is vegan, so I was very happy to find this bakery so I could show off Danish culinary mastery. :-)
Conveniently located, we grabbed lunch/snacks from here on at least six occasions during a two week vacation.

The ingredients are all listed, although only in Danish. My partner quickly picked up which words to avoid though: mælk, fløde, smør, æg, honning (my partner eats honey if local though). Everything we got from there was excellent. Hindbærsnitter (raspberry cake with pink raspberry ising), Romkugler (chocolate rum balls), Thebirkes (a pastry with a sugary gooey centre), and much more.
One of the days we were there, the baker had even experimented with replacing the milk in the creme of the Spandauer (my favourite, and the kind that is often imitated abroad as a "Danish Pastry") with coconut milk; although the creme was a bit more runny than in a normal one, it was absolutely amazing. Possibly the best Spandauer I've ever had. My partner said it was the best thing they had tried from that bakery.

The bakery also has a few other goods. One day, we bought some vegan cheeze of a brand we didn't recognise; it wasn't good, it was basically just tofu... but that was the only disappointment that came out of our many visits.
Updated from previous review on Saturday October 25, 2014

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Knowledgeable about their ingredients, Conveniently located near a transit hub

Cons: Labels only in Danish

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Bakery, having vegan options - Edit

Nearly all the pastries they offer are vegan and gluten-free. Slightly bit higher priced. It's great that all the ingredients are listed.

In addition to that, they have a choice of vegan spreads, oils and other goodies in the store, which you can buy for relatively small money.

The bakery is nearly in the city center, at the center of Nørreport, about 3 minutes walk from the train and metro station, so it is really easy to find (just follow the main road).

However, the bakery also serves non-vegan products and sell milk products in the fridge.

Pros: A lot of vegan options, Easy to find

Cons: Slightly expensive

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Honey?? - Edit

Asked for vegan options but the clerk pointed to products which were clearly marked in Danish as having honey.

1 Response

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eravencroft 05 May 2014 - Hi Barney,
I am visiting Copenhagen next month and read this bakery was closed (on Yelp.) Can you please confirm you were able to visit either location at Frederiksborggade 29 or Istedgade 98 and around what date? I would be most appreciative!

My favorite place to go for a snack! - Edit

I love this place. I have a sweet tooth, and this is somewhere I can always go for something sweet. Don't get too much at a time, like I usually do, because most of their things are really filling and heavy.

Pros: Always something vegan

Cons: Not all vegan, Wish they were open for longer hours

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The cinnamon roll (kanel snegle) is the only thing I tasted here and I had it every day for breakfast during my stay in Copenhagen. It was amazing! Vegan and GF. Staff are helpful. Would have been perfect if they served coffee and had a couple of tables but I realise they are just a bakery not a cafe.

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Delicious vegan pastries - Edit

Almost all of the pastries are vegan. The pastries are clearly labeled with all the ingredients, the labels are in Danish however the staff is very helpful and knowledgeable. They also seem to offer some gluten-free and sugar-free pastries. They have a little shop section with some vegan products like plant based milk and chocolate spreads.

I went there twice during my five days in Copenhagen and tried the Chocolate Croissant, Raspberry Slice, three different kinds of Cinnamon Rolls (one GF with apples, one regular with apples and one without apples), Marzipan Cake, Oatmeal Cookie and the Banana Muffin and most of them were delicious!

The only thing that might be a con is that they don't offer any seating, a little table or maybe some chairs outside would have been nice.

I definitely recommend this place considering almost everything is vegan and it's also pretty cheap considering they bake with mostly organic ingredients. It's very central, close to Norreport station, and quite easy to find.

Pros: Plenty of vegan options, helpful, knowledgeable staff, ingredients listings

Cons: Some seating would have been nice

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Perfect! - Edit

Thanks Happy Cow for leading us to Naturbageriet! This is the place to visit for all your delicious vegan baking cravings. Almost 90% of the sweet baking is vegan, a couple of items have honey though so just check first.

We thoroughly enjoyed the chocolate croissant, apple cake, raspberry slice, banana muffin, and of course the cinnamon scroll. All of those are vegan and delicious!

Pros: Vegan baked goods!, knowledgeable staff , clearly labelled ingredients

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AWESOME vegan bakery! - Edit

I am in love with this place. I wish I could live in Copenhagen just so I could eat these pastries every day. I visited for three days and went to the bakery at least twice every day! Such awesome traditional Danish baked goods and you would absolutely never know they were vegan!

The kanelsnegl (cinnamon roll) was out of this world delicious. I also went crazy for the spiced banana pear cake and the apple cakes. Even my non-vegan boyfriend liked the baked goods at Naturbageriet better than the non-vegan baked goods around Copenhagen.

I literally could not get enough of this place. I died and went to vegan pastry heaven. You MUST go if you're in Copenhagen!

Pros: DELICIOUS pastries, traditional Danish baked goods, reasonable prices

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A must - Edit

We went there in our first day of holiday in Copenhagen and then came back everyday... maybe more than once a day... the choice is among a lot of different tasty cakes and the prices are very low for being vegan cakes and being in Copenhagen. To try are the pink cake and the chocolate one. It is also opened on sundays, perfect...

Pros: big choice, friendly, tasty

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Great for vegans - Edit

This is a great place to shop for breakfast or picnic. They list ingredients for all items they sell -- in Danish, but staff appears helpful and willing to explain in Danish, English, or German. So it's easy for vegans, diabetics, people with coeliac disease etc. to make their choice. The bakery sells bread, rolls, cake, pastry, and a small range of other organic food such as spreads, margarine, milk. Items I enjoyed: risboller (rice flour bread roll -- very tasty, even after two days), marcipanguf (marzipan tuck), bananmuffin (doesn't need translation ;-)), hindbærsnit (raspberry slice -- thin wholemeal base filled with raspberry jam and topped with pink icing).

Pros: wide choice, detailed ingredient listings, helpful staff

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Great! - Edit

Nice little bakery, great selection of different bread and cakes. My favorite part though, was the list of ingredients in every cake/bread. As mentioned by others, the bakery does also have a little selection of non-dairy milk, cereals and vegan chocolate spread and white chocolate made on rice milk. The last two things mentioned are rare in Denmark so it's great somebody sells it!

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AWESOME bakery for GF Vegans! - Edit

GREAT vegan bakery! I am gluten free as well and was very happy with the 9 or 10 G-F options available each day. The selection varies by what fresh that day, but on our trip I purchased the following Vegan-Gluten-free items: cinnamon roll, banana muffin, rye-flax breadsticks, and sweet and spicy carrot cake. Many more options for vegans who are not GF as well. Loved it so much I went back again the next day!

Pros: Many GF options

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If you're in Copenhagen, you must try this place! - Edit

I ate one of the best sweets that i ever try in here! This one is the cinnamon roll, it's amazing.
I tried also a croissant with chocolate on the top, and it was tasty too.
I like this bakery because it has many vegan alternatives, like the sweets that I just mentioned and a lot of cakes and biscuits.
This shop has also an area where is possible to buy some organic products like soy and rice milk, muesli, chocolates, cereals etc.
The prices are pretty good so I definitely reccomend this place, expecially for vegans!

Pros: Variety of vegan sweets, Cinnamon rolls

Cons: None

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the best treat in copenhagen - Edit

There are three locations of this bakery. They list all the ingreidents next to the item. They ahve vegan crossaints! cakes, cookies and breads. some items contain honey (honning, cream (fløde- creme) or milk (mælk)
But if you tell staff you are vegan and dont eat honey they can translate for you.
Græskarkernebrød- pumpkinseed bread
Speltbrød m. frugt- speltbread with fruit
Fedtfattig banankage- banana cake
Hirsebolle: - millet balls
Croissant (med chokolade) with chocolate and without are both vegan!
Frøsnapper seed snap (i dont know the translation for it)
Kanelsnegl: - cinnamon roll
Grovthebirkes/ Thebirkes: sort of like a crossiant but only made in copenhagen, with poppy seeds.
Crunchy energikage: energy cake
Hindbærsnitte: raspberry slice
marcipanguf: almond slice (my favourite)
only in december Pebernødder- pepper nut cookies!

Updated from previous review on Wednesday October 20, 2010

Pros: variety, organic, open 7 days

Cons: use some animail products

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