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Serves meat, vegan options available. General chippy is offering a completely separate vegan menu that they serve on Tuesdays. Food cooked in sunflower oil in completely separate fryers. Vegan choices are vish and chips (battered marinated aubergine); sausage; veggie haggis spring roll; deep fried pizza; chicken nuggets, as well as things like mushy peas, curry sauce and battered pineapple. Open Tue 16:30-21:30.

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First Review by charrose


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19 Apr 2022

Great options, only on tuesdays

Was so pleased to see there was finally a vegan chippy option nearby. Great choices, it’s a shame it’s only on Tuesdays though.

Updated from previous review on 2022-04-16

Pros: Great options

Cons: Only on Tuesdays, Serves meat



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08 Aug 2021

Love the haggis and chips

Good selection of vegan options and a great place to stop if your cycling the canal!


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12 May 2021

Nice vegan nuggets and vegan pizza

Been here a few times and enjoyed everything we had. The vegan chips and curry sauce is nice, as is the battered vegan pizza and vegan nuggets. They fry all the vegan food in a separate fryer so that's always good.

Pros: Vegan options

Cons: Meat and dairy options


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09 Jun 2020

Good stuff

In a world of COViD is was nice to get back to land and sea Ona. Tuesday night for a. Vegan chippy.
Really enjoyed it but it looks like they have changed the BP and it’s wasn’t quite as good but still good.
The wean enjoyed a sausage supper and no complaints.
Well organised and very efficient.

Pros: staff, promoting vegan

Cons: meat.


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Mostly Veg
02 Jan 2020

Unnerving good replications

The vegan prawns were unnervingly realistic. They have an almost complete vegan alternative menu (the only item that I miss is the stake pie).

Pros: Nearly complete menu., Realistic options.

Cons: Missing a vegan stake pie


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30 Oct 2019

Great vegan options

Full vegan menu available at all times. Tuesday is vegan night where they use a separate fryer to cook food however anything from the menu can be ordered any night but will use same fryer as meat product, they use vegetable fat for frying. I can reccomend the vish and chips 😊 will definitely be back

Pros: Full vegan menu

Cons: No cons


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15 Jun 2019

Vegan chippy

We love this place!! Always pop in when I’m the area

Pros: Lots of vegan items , Good price, Quality food

Cons: Only 1 night vegan night


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26 May 2019

Delicious haggis!

Although vegan night is advertised as Tuesday, the vegan menu is offered all week if you don't mind cross contamination from shared fryer (Tuesday's are new oil days, so no cross contamination).
Haggis was delicious, chips were nice and crispy. Staff were really helpful and friendly. Will definitely go again.

Pros: Dedicated vegan menu, Dedicated vegan night - no cross contamination, Interesting menu options


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23 Apr 2019

Deep fried vegan pizza!

When you’re sent to the middle of nowhere by your employer, it can be a bit daunting to find a good vegan meal to take back to your hotel (with no restaurant!). Thanks to HappyCow, Land and Sea popped up on my radar and I drove across, luckily on the right day of the week to sample all their delights. This is what I found.

A small but considered menu of veganised dishes such as ‘vish’ and chips, sausage and chips and nuggets and chips together with more local delights such as vegan haggis and deep fried pizza - a very tasty (and sadly not easily repeatable) first for me.

It was pretty busy in there with a mix of customers and I did have to wait a little while for everything (I did order 4 things to try!) but it was very worthwhile. Pricing was pretty typical and on par with non vegan counterparts.

Pros: Good vegan menu, Tasty food


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03 Feb 2019

Good selection

I've been a few times now and they say Tuesday is the vegan day, because it's all fried in separate oil to the meat. Vegan magazines on the counter and even vegan icecream, separate collection area as well. I have popped in on other days and got the vegan haggis and was impressed that they even washed their hands and used
different utensils.

Pros: Management clearly care , Very good offerings


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15 Aug 2018

Vegan chippy!

The have a fab vegan menu that they serve on a Tuesday and everything is cooked in a separate fryer. Particularly love the pizza crunch, vish and the chicken nuggets! Hard to resist going on a weekly basis


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17 Feb 2018

Great chippy with plenty options

Been here a few times now, great food. Us Vegans love our deep fried food too 😄

So many Vegan options, I love the "chicken nuggets" and the spice tofu. It's sooooo good.

If you're going here and you can order in advance I would highly recommend it as it's a very busy place especially for their vegan options, which they only do on a Tuesday evening 😞 Wish they done it at the weekend or something as I would definitely visit more!

Highly recommend

Updated from previous review on 2017-08-19

Pros: great selection of vegan food, good price


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05 Dec 2017


I came here tonight to try the vegan menu and it was amazing! I had the vegan prawn supper which was delicious. I only wish they had the vegan menu every day of the week. Definitely how to do offering vegan options at a chippy right.

Pros: Fantastic vegan menu

Cons: Only available on Tuesdays


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05 Nov 2017


We love this place! Wish more places would follow suit. I believe the vegan menu is now available every day but oil is used for everything on other nights, so only Tuesday doesn’t rush cross contamination.

Pros: tasty food , lovely staff

Cons: only Tuesdays


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01 Oct 2017

Most of the Vegan Menu available EVERY day!!

Yay - we risked coming here on Sunday and were served by a very knowledgable girl who informed us that the vegan menu was available other than the ‘vish’ and the banana fritters. Tons of choice!

Pros: lots of vegan options

Cons: oil is fresh on Tuesday only


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17 Aug 2017

Vegan Chippie - At Last!

It's great that there is now a local option for traditional chip shop food, vegan style! I've tried most things now and everything is good... however, their chips are absolutely first class! Best chippie chips I've ever tasted!

Pros: Good selection of vegan items, Separate vegan ordering/paying area


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15 Aug 2017

Vegans only eat lettuce...LOL...

This has been so random that this chippy in a small town has grabbed hold of the vegan love of deep fried food (how did they knooooow?!) and ran... and ran... and ran with it some more. They have several "suppers" (a deep fried item of choice with chips), including a section of the menu for kids. They also have tofu, and Booja Booja ice cream, and have Sgaia Mheat for sale, too. They've been so busy they need an Argos-style collection point sign to keep the stampede of vegans off to the side while the people of ye olde days who still see dead animal as something which should be considered as food are off to the other side, wondering what on earth is going on.

It would be good if there were a few more places around where one could sit and eat their purchases - we ended up walking a bit to a random wall which did the job but didn't have much atmosphere (could someone speak nicely to the folks who own the neighbouring pub with the tables & chairs outside... I'd buy a pint!).

Once you know where you're going from the train station it's a straightforward 10 minute walk or so. I took a bit of a convoluted route from work (Stirling) then back to Glasgow, on an evening where engineering works where going on, so took me 3 hours to get home! Only for that reason will it likely be a little while before I'm back but if it's easy enough for you to get to and you enjoy vegan junk food I would highly recommend it.

Pros: Variety of options, Can pick up some vegan foodstuff to take home, Easy to reach on public transport

Cons: Nowhere around to sit and eat


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17 Jul 2017

What We've Been Waiting For...

To be able to visit a chip shop in full confidence there are vegan friendly options is so welcome.

The service is friendly, efficient and there is even a designated waiting area for vegan orders.

Not only that, but there is kombucha, vegan mayo, sgaia mheat and eco-friendly packaging.

Worth the train journey

Pros: Varied menu, Friendly

Cons: No seating


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03 Jul 2017


My new favourite place! The selection is great and is ever expanding. Lovely staff, lovely food. I highly recommend the haggis and the black pudding.


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20 Jun 2017

vegan chippy

Can't believe how busy it was! They had so much choice and every thing sounded amazing. I had the v pud - vegan black pudding supper and it tasted scarily similar! I loved it, will be back to try the rest of the menu

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