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Lake Tai

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1958 Kirschner Rd, Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, V1Y 4N6

Chinese restaurant serving veggie food and using different kinds of soymeat; note that faux meats might not all be vegan (check). Sample items include sweet and sour veggiemeat, spicy vegbeef with black pepper and veggies, plus loose leaf teas, bubble tea, and more. Open Mon-Fri 11:00am-9:00pm, Sat-Sun 12:30am-9:00pm.

Category: Vegan-friendly, Chinese, Take-out, Taiwanese

Reviews (30)

First Review by NicolaKnits

Not Vegan - Edit

I recently called Lake Tai to confirm it was a 100% vegan restaurant after seeing on several review websites that the restaurant was listed as "Vegetarian" (not "Vegan"), and that Happy Cow said "note that faux meats might not all be vegan (check)". I wondered if something had changed as years ago, having been drawn in by the reviews stating it was all vegan, we had asked the owner if everything was vegan, and she had told us it was.

I called and asked if any of their veggie meats had whey and she said, "Ye-.. No, no". I asked if any of her dishes had whey in them and she said no - it's vegan. I reiterated to be sure, asking if it was all vegan; she said yes. I then asked if someone with a dairy allergy could eat at Lake Tai and she said, in what sounded like an angry tone, "...maybe you should eat somewhere else". I started to explain my reason for asking (to let her know about the Happy Cow page that said it was vegetarian, not vegan) but she hung up while I was talking.

To clarify, and to hear her response, I called back to tell her about the Happy Cow page. I asked, "Is there any dairy or eggs in the dishes?" She said "Vegetarian is vegetarian". I asked, "Is the restaurant vegan or vegetarian?" and she replied, "Vegetarian". I thanked her and hung up.

We have eaten at Lake Tai many times over the years, enjoyed most of the food and had very friendly and prompt service from the same person I spoke with above, but now we feel deceived and will no longer be eating there.

Please carefully read the description on Happy Cow and read the sign on the restaurant - it says "Lake Tai VEGETARIAN Restaurant".

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Consistently incredible vegan food - Edit

We have eaten at Lake Tai as a family for over ten years. The lovely Rose always has a warm smile, treats us like family. The food is consistenly prepared to perfection, never been disappointed in all those years. The menu is extensive and anyone can find something to love.

Pros: Excellent Value, Friendly Staff, Great Food, relaxing atmosphere

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best vegan in kelowna - Edit

I'm not sure why this place is not listed vegan? I talked to the owner recently and she assured me it is 100% vegan!
Anyway....we have been eating here for over 10 years and it is always amazing!! Fast service, awesome food, and the best vegan donuts in the world (free with each meal)!

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Amazing Taiwanese food, and very friendly service. - Edit

We visit Lake Tai every time we are in Kelowna. The food is unreal and the owners are really sweet. The food comes out FAST and everything is always really good. The donuts at the end are always gobbled up, even though we are so full.

Pros: Very tasty, Friendly staff, Affordable

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Delicious food - Edit

I love this restaurant. We go at least once or twice when we come into town.
The food is delicious our favourite is lemon steak. The service is always fast and the lady who serves us is always so friendly. This restaurant has the most friendly staff of any restaurant we have been to. The price is great and the portions are good size.
The little pineapple donut at the end of the meal is so good.

Pros: Food, Fast friendly service, cost

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Wouldn't eat here again - Edit

Overpriced for the quality of food....the curry has a weird texture as does the meatless beef! Unfortunately, it was a bad takeout experience for me. As a vegan, I've tasted much better meat alternatives. Couldn't even finish the curry dish.

Cons: Texture is off, Overpriced

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I adore Lake Tai! - Edit

Vegan (and some vegetarian) Taiwanese food? Yes! It took way too long for me to visit Lake Tai and when I finally did my tastebuds were extremely pleased! I had never had Taiwanese food before but this is very delicious. I also love how there's sooo many options and the prices are quite reasonable, with amazing service! The lady who has served me every time is very kind and sweet.

At the end of the meal they serve these vegan donut things, which are amazing.

I wish the space and the look of the menu were a bit more modern and it's in a strange location, so often I just do takeout. Other than that, I highly recommend visiting Lake Tai!

Pros: Delicious and yummy, Large menu, Fantastic Service

Cons: Very simple and casual, not modern, Location

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Delicious Vegan Food - Edit

There is a nice atmosphere and friendly staff in this vegan restaurant that has food origins from Taiwan and not China as posted. It is very delicious food with a really huge variety of dishes and appies to choose from in their menu. The food is also very unique and it is vegan fine dining at it's best. Many dishes contain too much sugar/salt/oil to be considered health food. The main protein is also soya bean unfortunately. They are however MSG free, and it is much healthier food than any Chinese food buffet. I would highly recommend dining at this restaurant to anyone which is why they get a 5/5.
Updated from previous review on Sunday October 20, 2013

Pros: No MSG, Delicious Food, 100% vegan, no worries

Cons: High Sugar/Fat/Salt

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Great choices - Edit

This was the first time we have been here as we were visiting from out of town. Definitely will come again. So many options and the veggie meats are made in house. More than filling and great service. Family run and feel like you're a regular.

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This sweet little restaurant is hidden away in a mostly industrial area, surrounded by an auto-detailing shop. However, once you find it, what a wonderful gem of a restaurant. You are greeted as if a family friend, and the service is fast and friendly, with wonderful suggestions by the owner. The menu is Taiwanese-Chinese vegetarian, with many items made of meat analogues that totally replicate those items familiar to carnivores from "traditional" Chinese restaurants. The meal for 2 had 3 entre items and a bowl of (brown) rice for each of us. Defiitely on my list of must-visit places the next time I am in Kelowna.

Pros: Friendly service, Excellent menu, Tasty food

Cons: Rather hard to find

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My Favorite Vegetarian Restaurant - Edit

I've been going to Lake Tai forever and I know the family quite well. I love everything on the menu. This place is a sanctuary for me. Rose is a true friend to her customers and provides outstanding service. Have a chat with her if it's not busy =) Her husband sometimes comes out for a smile & wave, but he's usually just focused on doing his thing... Cooking up some of the best vegetarian restaurant food in Western Canada! He was once a personal chef for the king of Taiwan, and the quality of every dish is ensured. Note that this is not Thai food - it's Taiwanese (very similar to Chinese, with some overlap from Chinese like "Sweet & Sour Veggie Meat", "Hot & Sour Soup" and "Ma Po Tofu"). Satisfaction guaranteed! You'll be back!

Pros: Quality in every dish served, Dedicated & caring service, Free simple appetizer & dessert

Cons: There is only one Lake Tai

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NOT Vegan! :( - Edit

I'm not sure how strict of a vegan everyone is who is reviewing this, but Lake Tai's "fake meats" contain whey protein, which is most definitely NOT vegan. This is unfortunate, because I know Lake Tai boasts that they are 100% vegan, but upon further investigation... they are not. Very frustrating. Good tofu, still, but please be warned that this is not actually a fully vegan establishment, but simply vegetarian.

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vegan-d 27 May 2014 - How do you know this? I've gone there many times and have asked several times if it's vegan.

If this is true, how sad!

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Amazing little hidden gem! - Edit

Great old school style Asian cuisine done Vegan. My non Veg husband salivated over each dish! While I prefer a little less sauce and a little less oil (read deep fried wontons with sweet and sour sauce), it's a delicious treat..... Incredibly good choice for carnivores who can still get their "fix" without grossing out the Veg dining company.

Pros: everything is vegan, tasty, well priced

Cons: saucy, lots of deep fried options, not enough veggies

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Delicious! - Edit

An excellent hole in the whole. Very friendly and helpful owner/server. She confirmed everything is vegan on the menu even though it only mentions vegetarian.
We picked the special Lake Tai coconut curry which is wonderful, and spiced right. We had asked for medium spiced, which in some places is still bland, but this is really what I call medium spiced. The portion are very generous and there was enough food for leftovers.
We tried a number of dishes but the curry was the best in our opinion. Their mini chinese doughnuts were delicious. We went back the next day to buy some more!

Pros: All vegan, Tons of choice

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um, yum! - Edit

Wanted to go to Lake Tai for a couple of years, and finally made it in today as I passed through Kelowna. Yummy! Had hot & sour soup, fragrant crispy lemon steak, and tofu, broc, and sugar snap peas in a spicy brown sauce, served on a sizzling plate. Everything was delicious! Lake Tai serves quality food for good value. We left stuffed. I also ordered a taro bubble tea to go - first time I've had one in eons. The woman who served us was warm, very nice, and extremely helpful.

We'll be eating at Lake Tai next time we pass through Kelowna, that's
certain - so happy there's a fully vegan restaurant within the Okanagan.

Pros: Great food, Inexpensive, Excellent server

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Great Food and one of a kind - Edit

We enjoyed a fabulous meal at Lake Tai last week. It was freshly prepared and very tasty. The ingredients and seasoning were authentic, and there is no MSG! This is the only purely vegetarian (in fact, vegan) restaurant that we have found here. What an oasis. We will definitely be back.

Pros: Authentic ingredients, Completely veg, Compassionate owner

Cons: Street location isn't exactly charming

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Fantastic, I'm a happy Customer - Edit

Food was beautiful and filling. Staff was kind and caring. Please support this place as their are not any Vegan places in Kelowna. As a raw foodie, it was a great compromise to have a big plate of steamed veggies. My parents and wife loved all the other dishes too.

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I love this place! - Edit

From the warm welcome to the great service to the delicious vegan Taiwanese food, Lake Tai is a huge favorite! Some of our faves are Japanese rolls, curried hot plate and fried rice. The stewed soup is also delicious on a cold day. Sweet and sour veggie meat, oolong noodles, and spring rolls are all so good.
Updated from previous review on Tuesday December 18, 2012

Pros: delicious food, amazing service, friendly atmosphere

Cons: would love more healthy options

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Not great - Edit

I really wanted to like this restaurant. Maybe my expectations were too high. However, I found the fake meat to be gelatinous, fatty, and bland. The BBQ appetizer seemed suspiciously like scrambled eggs with sauce. I also ordered the satay curry... but it was just mushy broccoli, cauliflower, and blobs of something fatty and unrecognizable. I felt embarrassed, as I didn't want to insult the staff by not eating it. The lady working there was really nice.

I've never written a negative review for a vegetarian restaurant before, as I really appreciate the effort. However, the food here was not good.

Pros: vegetarian

Cons: food isn't very good

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Reviewer Avatar

Finally Back! - Edit

Last year, I was sad to hear that Lake Tai (previously on Pandosy) had to close to make room for the SOPA development. This week, I was excited to hear that it reopened in January 2012 on Kirschner Road. The location is good, very convenient, lots of parking and bright, friendly dining area. The food is the same and as good as ever, really being the only 100% vegan option in town. Prices are low ... for example, if you chose the Menu for Two, you walk out of there with a full tummy and only $30 less in your wallet (for two). The owners are friendly and the service is very fast. A great alternative to fast food elsewhere!

Pros: Excellent food, Friendly owners, Prices

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New location, same yummy veg food - Edit

Lake Tai is at it's new location on Kirshner! My husband and I were happy to see the return of this restaurant. The food is always freshly prepared and delicious. Our favorite dishes are: F3 the fried rice noodle, D2 stir fried vegetables and D1 black pepper veggie beef. The vegetable dishes are loaded with vegetables in a light sauce allowing you to taste the fresh vegetables. The black pepper veggie beef is flavorful and not too spicy. Both family and friends that have tried this dish say that it reminds them of pepper steak and they love this dish.

My husband and I are vegetarians and haven't had meat in over 10 years but every "meat" dish that we have had here is flavorful in a light sauce. The vegetable and noodle dishes are amazing as they are fresh, yummy and the portion sizes are large.

You don't have to be a vegetarian to enjoy the food at this restaurant.

Pros: Delicious food, Good selection, Friendly service

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Nice place. - Edit

So far, my favourite restaurant on the BC mainland. The wonton soup is a bit bland, but other than that all the food (and the tea) is excellent. The fried rice is the best (vegan or otherwise) that I've ever had, omnivore mother agreed. Friendly and very fast service.

I went at non-busy times and didn't have a problem, however it is a fairly small restaurant. If you're planning on going at suppertime or on the weekend, it may be a good idea to phone ahead, not sure how full they get.

Pros: great food, great service, large menu

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Yum... - Edit

I passed Lake Tai on the way to my hotel and made a mental note to check it out. It was great...really fresh and fast and wonderful flavours. It was great to find a place that served fresh vegan food amidst all the burger joints. The bean curd skin dishes (black bean or honey) are amazing! I'll be back next time I'm in Kelowna.

Pros: friendly staff, fast service, good value

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I love Lake Tai - Edit

My boyfriend and I discovered Lake Tai one night when I was getting frustrated that there are no veg restaurants in our town. We found Lake Tai online and drove all the way to Kelowna just to eat there. We weren't disappointed!
We love to split the meal for two and add an appetizer. It's a lot of food and a lot of variety for a relatively small price. The food is delicious and we keep going back.

Pros: Large Menu, Delicious Food

Cons: Some of the food looks weird!

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Best Vegan Thai Food ever!! - Edit

My family and I LOVE this restaurant!! There is not any other 100% Vegan restaurants in our area, so being vegans we appreciate this tremendously! My mother is not a vegan or vegetarian, but still loves this restaurant, so that says something in itself. They have a huge assortment of dishes and the service is always wonderful. It is by far my favourite restaurant and I would recommend anyone go here. The restaurant is totally 100% vegan and the prices are great!

Pros: excellent food, awesome service, great prices

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Far from the best - Edit

My Vegan friend and I visited Kelowna for a few days, and having read the comments on this site, decided to make the long walk to eat here. We arrived and were happy that the menu had pictures, however a listing of the ingredients would have been helpful. The Japanese Cones were amazing, we both really enjoyed them, and although my friend is not a fan of Sushi, she enjoyed it. Next we had a mildly spicy fake beef dish, and a tofu and vegatable hot plate. The tofu vegetable hotplate was okay,but we found it to be too much sauce. The fake meat I disliked entirely, and my friend described it as simialr to granola. Overall, I would say that you are better to go to the DT restaurants and order veggie burgers or fajitas, or go to the local cafes for their wraps. If you do brave this little restaurant I would not recommend the fake meat, however the tofu was okay, just go light on the sauce. Or, order a BUNCH of the Japanese rolls...YUMMY

Pros: Vegan

Cons: Too Much Sauce

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Love the Lake Tai - Edit

I love the Lake Tai. In a city full of fast-food outlets and steak restaurants, it's great to have a completely vegan place where we can go for special occasions. Our family of five eats a big lunch there for about $100. It's a small restaurant with personal service (owner-operated), freshly cooked food and a pleasant atmosphere.

Pros: excellent food, generous portions

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