French patisserie offering a few marked vegan items daily, such as meringue tart and mille feuilles. International brand with numerous locations. Open Mon-Sun 9:00am-5:30pm.

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First Review by tonyakay


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28 Mar 2023

no longer vegan

this used to be a 5-star place when it was vegan
now it's a 1-star place with a menu full of dead animals
no thanks, i'll go to chaumont around the corner

Cons: menu now full of dead and tortured animals



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06 Oct 2022

Vegan Options At Last!

I had read Laduree finally incorporated some vegan macarons and to my surprise they had a couple of other options! They had a vegan passion fruit macaron and a caramel one. They also had two more options in the bar and more in their dine in area.
The mille-feuille was exceptionally delicious! Granted Laduree tends to be pricey, but when in Beverly Hills it’s ok to live it up a little!

Pros: Vegan macarons, More options in the pastry bar, Dine in vegan menu

Cons: Expensive


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26 Aug 2022

Was 5 stars, no longer vegan

Laudurée’s partnership with Matthew Kenney ended so now this Laudurée is no longer vegan. So sad, these were my best vegan pastries.😒They still have a vegan millefeuille which is delicious and some vegan croissants but that is it.


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17 Jul 2022


Not a super amount of vegan options, was very disappointed there was only two vegan patisseries available (ispahan and Mille fueille). They were tasty , however. The ispahan potentially justified the price, with a small wow, but not so much the Mille fueille.

Was just super disappointed that this place was originally all vegan and now has less than 25% of the menu as vegan options.

Very nice service and surroundings.


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22 Mar 2022


the macarons were a bit disappointing 🥲 flavors (of the fillings) were really good but the shells were falling apart/hollow etc.
honestly would've been impressed if I had never tried vegan macarons but Confectionery in nyc (sweet maresa's) raised the bar pretty high ashsks
Oh also they put free chocolate in the bag and one was milk chocolate😠
Cute interior and packaging tho!

Updated from previous review on 2022-03-22

Cons: eh, $$$


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25 Oct 2021

French pastry shop with many vegan options

I visited Ladurée in Beverly Hills recently (October 2021) and found that although it is not an entirely vegan restaurant, it still offered many options that were very clearly marked on the menu and in the display cases. It was exciting to be able to have plant-based croissants, pain au chocolat, mille-feuille, macarons, and eggs Benedict. The waiter was knowledgeable and patient with us.

I have wanted to visit this location since the vegan options were announced and I was not disappointed. The pastries were the highlight - the sandwiches and eggs Benedict were OK but not the reason why I visited.

There is some limited outdoor seating but on a busy road. The waiters were masked.

Pros: Hard-to-find veganized bakery items, Creative


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05 Sep 2021

Delicious vegan macarons!

Ladurée has many delicious vegan macaron options (not all are vegan but it is clearly marked). I also highly recommend the passion fruit raspberry tart!

Pros: Vegan macarons, Vegan patisserie

Cons: No longer an entirely vegan bakery


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01 Sep 2021

Not vegan. Not tasty. And not customer friendly anymore. What a downgrade.

This place was great as it was vegan. I don’t know what happened but it became now a Dunkin’ Donuts but expensive. Will never go there anymore.

Cons: Not vegan anymore, Not customer friendly, Tasted ok but not more. It was better before.


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31 May 2021

No longer vegan

Didn’t find out it was no longer vegan until after I ate there. They still market themselves as plant based on social media


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25 Apr 2021


We finally went to this place and found out it’s no longer vegan. We were confused and asking the woman to clarify what was vegan and she literally walked away after I started ordering without a word and told the guy working to help us. I wasn’t at all rude, just confused. I think the guy was new and he didn’t know what a cortado is so rather than finding out he asked if we wanted a latte. We didn’t. It was strange. After all that the macaroons were only ok and I didn’t honestly trust him to know for sure which things were vegan. I work with the public, I know it’s hard, and I’m extra nice to others who do it and I felt like we were not treated well at all for some mediocre pastries.


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Mostly Veg
20 Apr 2021

Breakfast done right!

I love the vibe of this place sooo muchh!! The food was exactly what I needed and amazingggg. Very friendly service. Love the location. And please do yourself a favor and order the amazing pastries!

Pros: Plenty of options for the vegans!, Lovely location , Good vibes all around

Cons: That there's no Laudurée's where I'm from


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19 Apr 2021

A vegans Parisian dream

This place is truly amazing! The interior is such a cute spot to relax and enjoy a nice meal with some friends. The food was exquisite! I had the avocado toast and it did not disappoint. The flavors were robust and hit the spot. The macaroons and caramel bar was truly a great treat to satisfy a sweet tooth. However please note, not all of there pastries in the display are vegan.

Pros: Mostly vegan , Delicious , Great service

Cons: Pricey , Not all vegan


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19 Apr 2021

Amazing pastries and omelette

First thing I did after dental visit today was go straight to ladureexmk! I had the whole place to myself...slow day I guess. I tried the tofu benedict. I didn’t really like the hollandaise sauce-I don’t know what the non-vegan one is like but it was too mustardy/strong tasting. In the future, I think I will go back to my fave, the omelette. It’s fabulous! I also got a chocolate hazelnut brunette (so good-still prefer the matcha one) and a chocolate bar (amazing, like a twix). I noted that there was a hair in my lunch so they gave me a few macarons on the house. I’m not a fan of macarons but I don’t turn down free things 😂. If you go, you must try the omelette and a flaky pastry, whether it is a croissant or a brunette. Don’t get the finger sandwiches-stale bread and very basic.
They added non-vegan pastries and chocolates.

Pros: Amazing desserts and omelette

Cons: Expensive, Not fully vegan anymore


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28 Mar 2021

Best vegan macaroons without a doubt!

A must-try if you love macaroons! Passion fruit was my fav flavor! Worth the price.


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26 Mar 2021

No longer vegan.

I was ordering food as normal and had no idea they weren't vegan anymore. Ethically this is a step backwards but also as a customer, I don't patron hybrid restaurants as often because we have many vegan options in LA and the cross contamination is something I worry about as well as if my food is "really" vegan. The ease of ordering at vegan establishments let's you just focus on the food and I'm disappointed that's been taken away which is a huge selling point for me. I guess it's a good thing they've messed up my last 2 orders so I don't feel tempted to go anymore. If you are planning to have their food, don't order delivery, they literally never read customer instructions and will give you unsweetened iced coffee and cold croissants when you requested sweetened coffee and heated croissants. It's a miss every single time. I only bothered because I have sugar and a toaster at home.


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28 Feb 2021

Vegan (and non-vegan) Pastries!

I haven’t had any pastry here that wasn’t excellent, but the macarons are my favorite. My husband gets an elephant ear and croissant. Yes, they’re pricey, but they’re sooooo good.

Pros: Hard-to-find vegan sweets, Delicious

Cons: No longer fully vegan, Pricey


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10 Feb 2021

No longer fully vegan

The vegan pastries are absolutely amazing. They also serve food. The kitchen is still fully vegan but some of the pastries and cookies (i think all the macarons) are not. They merged carnist food in when their Grove location closed down. I tried the fried gnocchi and it was all right. I am a big fan of the chef’s food & restaurants and was not impressed by that particular dish, but I’ll probably go back and try the avocado toast as I hear it’s pretty good.

Cons: Not 100% vegan


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04 Jan 2021


I’m obsessed with Laduree. Yes, it’s expensive, but quality of the pastries is unmatched. The macarons are amazing: light, airy, and delicately flavored. The pastries are unlike any other vegan ones I’ve eaten, and it’s worth the money.


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18 Nov 2020

Yaaass!! Vegan macaroons!

OMGoodness, this place is great! I went there not knowing what to expect & ended up wanting to get everything I saw. Macaroon, beautifully rich & delicate, croissants flaky & tasty, chocolate bar decadent. Can't wait to go back & try more!

Pros: Great dessert options

Cons: Short open hours - closes at 4p


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23 Oct 2020

Dreams do come true!

Absolutely beautiful inside and out. The dine in is closed (10/22/20) can not wait to come back. I traveled home with pastries as well. All stayed perfect except the pain au chocolate! My favorite was the rose macaroons.


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13 Oct 2020


This restaurant is very fancy and cute restaurant. Expensive but it’s worth it!

Pros: Vegan omelette

Cons: Expensive


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03 Jul 2020

Wow! Dream come true

I’ve been aiming to try this place since I came back from France without eating a single macaron.
I finally had the chance today and I’m so glad I did - everything is French perfection and the macarons are exactly like the original version, except without harming animals! The sweets and pain au chocolate are also delicious! Must try if you’re in LA.

Pros: Everything is delicious!, Very cute shop, See #1

Cons: It’s expensive, but totally worth it


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17 May 2020

Treat Yo Self

We've been here about four times. The patisserie is so delicious. We've also had the French toasts (one chocolate-hazelnut and another was rose-flavored), which are lovely. The tea selection is also quite nice, as is the hot chocolate. The only so-so stuff we've tried on the menu are the tea sandwiches, which are not very exciting. I hope to get through the rest of their menu eventually, but they've been closed for most of the lockdown. I hope they make it!

Pros: Indulgent, Vegan Croissants and Patisserie!

Cons: Pricey


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01 May 2020

Best birthday ever!

In March, I visited this restaurant for a birthday brunch. The food was excellent! I absolutely loved the macarons, desserts, “egg” dishes, croissants, tea sandwiches, and beverages. As someone who used to love going to afternoon tea before becoming vegan, I was super excited to find out that a place like this exists. Not only was the food and atmosphere amazing, but the staff was, too. I wish I got his name, but one of my servers was incredibly kind to me. When he found out it was my birthday, he gave me a few macarons to take with me home. He went Above and beyond, and it was a gesture I will never forget.

Pros: Everything’s vegan!


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08 Mar 2020

C'est magnifique

Legitimate French bakery in the most un-French way... sans butter! 🧈

Pros: Entire Menu is Vegan, Great tea selection , The tarts are to die for!!!

Cons: Not , One , Con


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07 Mar 2020

Wow incredible

Amazing, the macarons the fancy pastries and the croissants are all to die for.

Pros: Everything is vegan

Cons: Apparently nothing but free


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29 Feb 2020

Holy [censored] [censored], mind blown!

Incredible, flawless, delicious, this place has it all! Yeah it is expensive but not in my wildest dreams I ever thought visiting Laduree and being able to have everything in the menu! I felt so decadent, OMG. I had the French onion soup and I shared the brunch and croque monsieur with my friend, so much food! My fave was the eggs Benedict, such a delight!

Pros: All vegan!!!!! , Too good to be true

Cons: Pricey

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