Fully vegan, organic cafe offering daily changing lunch and dinner menus. Has desserts available and the alcoholic beverages served are vegan, too. Also features a small retail section for vegan bulk produce and books. Open Wed-Fri 08:00-18:00, Sat-Sun 10:00-19:00. Closed Mon & Tue.

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18 Nov 2023

No respeta los horarios

SĂĄbado 17.30hs cerrado cuando en la puerta dice que cierra a las 19 hs.


22 Nov 2023

Hello there,
Sorry for the inconfort but saturday we were at an outdoor event.
We did Wrote a word on the door about that and even share it on Instagram the past 2 weeks

Once again, sorry for the disturbance and wish you a good day,
La Dame au Cerf



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28 Oct 2023

Limited choice on the day for breaky

We walked a long way to get a breaky here but there was only one option of pancakes and one pumpkin pie. Some unique tea choices and coffee was good. The food was really lovely we were just unlucky not to have any options that day. It’s a nice cafe, good seating and clean toilet. Staff are lovely. Sell crystals as well.

Updated from previous review on 2023-10-28

Pros: Tasty food, Nice inside , Calm

Cons: Not enough choice , Expensive , Took ages to make pancakes


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08 Oct 2023

We arrived late and there were 2 options.

We elected to try what turned out to be shepherd's pie. It was better than mine! And that's saying something. We didn't eat much because it was more of a snack but we will come back!

Pros: The service was so friendly, The dish was delicious

Cons: Could have been a tiny bit hotter but was yummy


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24 Sep 2023

Kleines feines Restaurant

Ganz leckeres Essen mit einfallsreichen Salat und richtige japanischen Tee, sprich keine FrĂŒchteaufguss oder Teebeutel.

Updated from previous review on 2023-09-24

Cons: Kein englisches MenĂŒ


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17 Sep 2023

Cosy and Charming Tea room ☕

La Dame au Cerf is a lovely tea room in the centre of Nice.
Lots of choices for a tea room : lunch and cakes.
Close at 6 on week days so no diner but my fav lunch place at Nice đŸ„°

Pros: Choices, Nicest owner ever, Good vibes

Cons: A bit long when crowded but worth the shot


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13 Sep 2023

Great Vegan Place

Feels like home, loved the place, great to spend a bit of time, cool decoration and shop, delicious homemade food. super staff.


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06 Sep 2023

Limited menu

Very limited menu of 3 things for lunch available. Google said open at 8am, they opened at 12. Went for a croissant, they didn't have any.
Salad, bunini or omelette for lunch. We had bunini's which were fine, the milkshake was more of a smoothie. Also had a ginger muffin to go.

Cons: Limited menu, Food was slow to come out


08 Sep 2023

I'm really sorry to read this message.
We've announced one day ago that we would exceptionnaly open later that Day and friday for health issues, sorry.
For the menu, as we opened late, we we're short in time and proposed you what was ready to let's make you wait 30min+
Do not forget that we are a tea room and proposing 5 differents dishes (and not 3) : salade, Blanquette, Parmentier, 3 differents vegan omelet and 4 differents Bunini (everything vegan and organic) is really a lot as we are only too and specialise in cakes.
Croissant are only from 8 to 10, as we open at 12h there wasn't any sorry.
If you found the food to came late, it's because first order first serve and there was some order before you, once again i'm sorry but we're only a team of two to Cook and serves you.
We're happy to Know that you liked the bunini, thank tou very much 😊

I really hope those inconvenients won't let you a bad impression of your vacation and wish you well,
La Dame au Cerf


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11 Aug 2023

Good options but expensive

I went here twice, first time I got a salad, second time the pizza slice and the ginger muffin. You order at the counter, then the food takes awhile to come out (unless you get one of the premade things like the pizza, which they just heat up).

My salad was refreshing, quite good given that I don’t usually go for salads at restaurants. Maybe this is just me being a dumb American but I did not like that the olives had the pits in them (how are you supposed to crunch down on a bite of salad if the olives have pits??). My pizza was honestly not great, it was fine but not large and lacking in flavor. The muffin, similarly, was a nice treat but kind of boring and not very ginger-y.

So 3 stars since the food doesn’t wow me at all, but it’s a cute little vegan cafe. Also the prices are high for what you get, but that seems pretty common for vegan restaurants in the area.

Pros: Refreshing salad, Nice atmosphere

Cons: Expensive, Food can be hit-or-miss


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05 Aug 2023

Nice salads

The salads were tasty, but we have waited for them for way toooo long (min. 45minutes, no other visitors inside).


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04 Aug 2023

Very good croissant

We went here two days. The first day we had great food. Ordered bunini with cheese and ceasar salad. As well a smoothie, limonade and croissant. The bunini was great, the salad was good but needed more spices and the croissant was fantastic! The other day we went was a sunday, it wasn’t much food to choose from. I got a toasted cheese sandwich with bechamelsauce. It wasn’t taste that great and a little sickening. And the same for the milkshake I ordered. The smoothie didn’t taste much this time. We also got a muffins which tasted a lot of baking powder.

Updated from previous review on 2023-08-04

Pros: The best croissant, Lovely and cozy café

Cons: Not all the food was great


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27 Jul 2023

Delicious lunch

Had a delicious lunch and a local ale. Friendly staff, nice atmosphere.


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29 Jun 2023


I had a bunini (a panini but made with a bun). Mushroom and cheese. Kombucha. GĂąteau aux amandes et Ă  l'orange (fondant). All made in the premises. Delightful. Very laid back atmosphere.

Pros: Everything is vegan, Laid back, À la maison


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Mostly Veg
17 Jun 2023

Delicious all vegan Food

Perfect for a quick lunch or coffee and cake.
Worth the visit! ✌


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09 Jun 2023

Very good quiche

The quiche was very good! We also had the bagel but we were hoping it’ll be more exciting and the bread wasn’t super fresh

Updated from previous review on 2023-06-09

Pros: Good quiche , Everything is vegan

Cons: Bagel was boring, A bit small portions


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28 May 2023

Ramen Ă  tomber

Les ramen au tempeh sont super bonnes ! L'endroit Ă©tait calme et le personnel trĂšs sympa.

Pros: 100% végétal


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25 May 2023

Yummy noodles

I had a noodle soup that had dumplings and tempeh as well. It was tasty but pricey (as food seems to be in Nice). A super cute place, friendly staff and relaxed atmosphere.


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23 May 2023

To Go possible as well

Went inside on a sunday at 12am to get a snack for the day ahead. The "fluffin" survived an 1hr bus ride, some climbing & still looked plus tasted delicious.
Would recommend.

Updated from previous review on 2023-05-23


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22 May 2023

Favorite place in Nice

I visited Nice for 4 days and came here twice. It was my favorite place to eat, due to the calm vibe, great food, and the nice employee. The first time we went there for breakfast and had each a cappuccino with the fluffiest foam ever and a piece of cake. When we went there the second time we were pleasantly surprised to find out that there was a brunch available. It was mind-blowing, they were at the same time two french classics and food you don't usually find made vegan. The omelette had a great texture and flavor, with potatoes and smoked tofu, and the croissant with raspberry filling was crunchy and not too sweet. I really recommend this place!


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20 May 2023

Very happy with La Dame

This is such a beautiful restaurant. Exceptional service, kindness abounds. Chill vibe overall, but also cozy. Great food, really really good wines and sweet treats too.


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20 May 2023

Amazing !

Super friendly staff (even gave our dog little treats), amazing food, cozy place!


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30 Apr 2023

Oasis of calm

Great fresh vegan food-innovative fully vegan cheese tart. Flavoursome cookie. Staff member super helpful translating and explaining the menu. Relaxed comfortable venue seating inside and a few tables outside

Pros: 100% vegan, Helpful staff, Fresh innovative food


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18 Apr 2023

Whale of a time

This is a nice coffee. The menu is in French as others have said and when we visited they seemed to be finishing food service (we ended up getting cake and coffee). A nice all vegan place with several cakes, cookies and sandwiches.

Pros: All vegan place , Nice atmosphere

Cons: Menu in French, Limited non-snack food


20 Apr 2023

Thank you for you're visit !
We have a full menu but sometimes really high demand and we run-out early, really sorry about that 😊

So you met George ! George is a well behaved whale that helped us last year to communicate about the sea and pollution... thumbs up for George 👍

We wish you a lovely day, thank you very much 😇
La Dame au Cerf


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09 Apr 2023

A ne pas manquer!

Nous avons adorĂ© notre dĂ©jeuner pour lequel nous avons dĂ©gustĂ© une omelette Ă  l’asperge, au beurre d’anis vert et au pleurote, une quiche Lorraine avec salade composĂ©e, un croque suĂ©dois (pain suĂ©dois maison, mages crĂ©meux, tranche milanaise & champignon) et des crĂȘpes au chocolat, Ă  la confiture et au spĂ©culos. Tout Ă©tait DÉLICIEUX!

Updated from previous review on 2023-04-09

Pros: Tout fait maison, Prix raisonnables, DĂ©licieux

Cons: Aucun


20 Apr 2023

Merci Ă©normĂ©ment pour votre retour ! Nous sommes ravis que vous ayez passĂ©s un agrĂ©able moment Ă  La Dame au Cerf 😇


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05 Apr 2023

Happy vibes

Everything is delicious- great cakes and lovely people.


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03 Apr 2023

Cozy place for lunch

Lovely and cozy place to have lunch or just some snacks. Also outdoor seating available. Few places inside as well. Menu is only in French. Some cakes and cupcakes available. Food was really tasty.


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13 Mar 2023

Chilled out venue

Lovely place with nice decor, chilled vibes and friendly owner. Menu is in French although I imagine the owner will translate if you’re unsure. I had the tandoori sandwich, which was nice and filling.

Pros: Fully vegan , Nice atmosphere , Vegan cakes (not that I had one)


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12 Feb 2023

Un moment réconfortant

Des boissons originales et excellentes (le meilleur matcha latte vegan jamais goĂ»tĂ©), des gĂąteaux dĂ©licieux (le fondant amandes, fleur d'oranger) dans une ambiance toute douce et cosy. Les plats sont vegans et sans gluten. Un endroit oĂč on prend le temps de prĂ©parer et oĂč on peut prendre son temps pour dĂ©guster. A ne pas rater.

Updated from previous review on 2022-12-11

Pros: Boissons chaudes délicieuses, Gùteaux savoureux, Accueil chaleureux


03 Mar 2023

Bonjour et merci pour votre commentaire 😉

Juste une petite prĂ©cision, tout n’est pas sans gluten mais si vous nous contactez 2 jours Ă  l’avance nous pouvons vous prĂ©parer un plats sur mesure sans gluten ou autres types d’allergĂšnes 😌

Encore merci pour ce joli retour que je partage avec plaisir avec les cuisines 😊

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