Serves meat, vegan options available. Traditional ramen but with two vegan ramen bowls consisting of vegetables and tofu, one with a soy based broth, the other with a salt based broth. Has English menu. One of several branches. Open Mon-Sun 11:00am-10:00pm.

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First Review by victoriau


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22 Nov 2023

4/5 since you cannot give 5 stars on this app aparently for non vegan places

Firendly staff, good ramen!

Pros: delicious ramen, lots of vegetarian / vegan toppings, fast



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07 Nov 2023

Basic but delicious

Loved the atmosphere of this authentic ramen spot. The broth was delicious. Could definitely use some more toppings but a hit overall


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21 Oct 2023

Very good and super fast

We went on a Saturday night and the queue moves quickly. The meal was very fast, hot and delicious. Staff was efficient and nice.

Pros: The vibe, Service, Speed

Cons: None


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28 Sep 2023

Normaler Rahmen

Man kann mal hier hingehen. Ich würde aber nicht sagen das es einer meiner Favoriten ist. Vegane Optionen sich gut erkennbar. Kartenzahlung oder bar möglich.


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20 Sep 2023

Super authentic Ramen

We loved this place. Super authentic Ramen restaurant with vegan options available. Highly recommended.

Pros: Vegan options, Price, Style

Cons: Not many tables available. You might have to wait.


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04 Sep 2023

Delicious ramen soup

Hot, rich and very tasty ramen. Small place, but worth waiting for

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19 Aug 2023

Amazing Ramen

I have been wanting to eat Ramen for a long time and most would come with pork. This place served THE BEST vegan ramen. Will go back again on a rainy evening.
They even help you with a kiddo bowl if you have a kid. Very helpful staff.

Pros: Vegan Ramen


Points +122

14 Aug 2023

Delicious, filling Ramen with soy-protein

Ate with omnivore family. Ordered from the street whilst waiting for a table. Food came immediately on being seated and was delicious. Expect a queue after


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09 Aug 2023




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23 Jul 2023

Get there early

We arrived at the perfect time as a queue rapidly formed after us. There is one vegan option which you can change with soy meat/different veg. Very small restaurant and felt a little rushed, not very relaxed.


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01 Jul 2023

Great vegan ramen option in cool space in Ginza

Super tasty vegan option ramen in a very cool small space. Don't worry about the wait time if there is a queue outside as they take your order while you're waiting and the ramen is bought out to you as soon as you're seated!

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22 Jun 2023

Vegan ramen

Only one option but pretty good!


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11 Jun 2023

Highly recommended

The vegan menu is short, and focuses on a delicious ramen with several options, including some pieces of "vegan pork", as the menu indicates. Highly recommended.


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08 Jun 2023

Good vegan ramen

Worth a try, traditional japanese place. Nice ramen :)


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27 May 2023

I would give the vegan ramen an Ok

The place is really interesting inside. I loved the decoration and the ‘busy’ atmosphere. They have x1 vegan dish on the menu. In my opinion, the broth wasn’t as tasteful as I would have hoped - thankfully, I was able to use spices (chilli and garlic paste) to bring the flavour to my taste. An ok option if you are around the area


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26 May 2023

They have 2 dishes. The same one but with extra “meat”.

I also had the vinegar cabbage as a stater.
I liked it and the dish was very taste.


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17 May 2023

One vegan ramen option

Authentic cute restaurant with good service. There is one vegan ramen that we enjoyed very much.

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08 May 2023

Tasty vegan ramen!

Vegan ramen was really tasty. Will definitely return when I am next in Ginza. Cool Tokyo vibe to the restaurant and having the vegan options clearly marked on the menu makes life much easier.


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05 May 2023

Lifesaver - delicious vegan ramen when void of vegan selections

We were searching desperately for vegan food within Ginza area for dinner, but couldn't find any. Thankfully we found this small restaurant (part of a chain) from Happy Cow listing which had 2 vegan ramens using soy-based broth. We thoroughly enjoyed our ramen dinner, having the opportunity to experience authentic Japanese ramen in a ramen shop

Pros: Reasonably priced

Cons: The soup was a bit salty


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05 May 2023

Amazing experience!

The vegan ramen was delicious, as well as the side dishes (seaweed, bamboo, one bowl of rice).
We had to wait 10 minutes in line, but the staff made us order already while waiting for our table. As soon as we set down, they had our food ready... what an amazing service 🫶
Everything is super easy to understand thanks to the many signs written in English as well, which is uncommon for Tokyo.

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Pros: Taste of ramen , Atmosphere , Service + price

Cons: Few vegan options


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12 Apr 2023


Kyushu jangara is one of the top choices if you want to have vegan ramen. Only have 1-2 option but that’s gold…


Points +24

06 Apr 2023


Delicious bowl of ramen. A few optional side dishes to mix in. Decent price. Lots of flavour in broth and Smokey soy meat. Couldn’t fault.

Pros: Good sized bowl of ramen, Great flavour, Soy meat


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13 Mar 2023

Yummy vegan ramen

Excellent vegan ramen options at a shop that also serves meat. I really liked the flavor of the broth and the vegan char-siu was quite filling after a long flight. The vibe was really cozy!


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06 Feb 2023

Legit vegan ramen shop!

This little shop in Ginza has delicious vegan ramen! I always visit when in Tokyo on business. Small shop, but usually only a short wait for a table to open up.

Pros: Excellent vegan ramen, Inexpensive

Cons: Small shop


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25 Dec 2022

Kinda plain

I wasn’t impressed by the broth, but if you add the pickled veggies (there’s two small containers on each table) it gets quite ok

Pros: Vegan options, Cosy place, Nice staff

Cons: Not the best broth, Not homemade noodles, Crowded


Points +20

03 Nov 2022

Authentic vegan ramen in Ginza

Found this ramen place within a 5min walk from our hotel. After a long day of travel this hit the spot. Fast, filling and delicious. The vegan soy ramen came with a chewy bean curd that was sort of chicken-like, which is a nice change from plain tofu. You can add extra marked vegan toppings like wood ear mushrooms and marinated bamboo shoots. Plenty of condiments on the table like spicy pickled greens and pickled red ginger.

Pros: Clearly marked vegan options (in English), Tasty and filling, Good for non-vegans


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02 Mar 2022

Tastes good

(English follows Japanese)


In Tokyo, there are several branches of Kyushu Jangara Ramen, and each branch offers different vegan menu. In this Ginza shop, you can taste vegan shoyu ramen. It's a classic ramen that tastes good. If you like such refreshing taste, vegan Yuzu Shio ramen at the Seibu Ikebukuro shop is also good for you. If you prefer a richer ramen, try vegan Kumamoto Tonkotsu-style ramen with burnt garlic oil at the Akasaka shop.
In this Ginza shop, you can buy T’s Tantan's instant noodles too.

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