Serves meat, vegan options available. On the 11th floor of the department store in the Kyoto train station, a few doors down on the right when you exit the elevator. A tofu restaurant with an a la carte menu. Has yuba, tofu dishes, and desserts like vegan cheesecake and ice cream. Located on level 11 of the Isetan mall, near the bus terminal. Open Mon-Sun 11:00am-10:00pm.

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First Review by GardenTiger


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05 Dec 2023

Delicious lunch!

It’s a lovely spot - great 11th floor views and was very popular for lunch! We got the basic lunch set meal and it was a lot of food. The different types of tofu were so interesting and innovative (to me!) and included a small dessert - including vegan cheesecake.
I loved it!



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29 Nov 2023

Tofu, Tofu, Tofu :D

The vegetarian dinner course (might even have been vegan, but I am not 100% sure) was good and the matcha tea at the end was really, really good and is made right at the table, so you can watch the staff's matcha-mixing-skills ;-)
However, for Japan it was on the more expensive side and also, I would have loved more variety in the courses, more different seasonings, ways of preparation. It was a lot of the very soft tofu (maybe silktofu), which was prepared in a rather plain, blank way, which is nice as well but for my taste was served too often in rather similar ways.
But looking at the photos from other users here, I suppose Kyototofu Fujino changes their menu on a regular basis, so it might be different next time :-)
The staff was very considerate, especially on letting me know which sauce was vegetarian and which was made with fish, so I wouldn't pick the wrong one.

Pros: Considerate staff, View from the 11th floor while dining, Lots of tofu

Cons: Rather high prices, Not enough variation in the veggie dinner course


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17 Oct 2023

Amazing dining experience

This was an all-round exceptional dining experience. We ordered the vegetarian menu and the wait staff proceeded to ask us if we ate egg, fish or onion. When we replied they then replaced sauces etc accordingly. The staff were kind, professional, knowledgeable and attentive. The meal was creative and delicious. The restaurant was comfortable, beautifully decorated and perfectly lit.
The cost was a little more than we would usually pay for a usual meal out but the cost was well worth the experience. We would definitely eat here again.

Pros: Creative and beautiful dishes, Lovely staff, Dietary requirement knowledge


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17 Jul 2023

Tasty silken tofu

Some other reviews say you can’t order single courses but you can. The single dish menu is on the very reverse side of the menu. Very tasty, nice view.


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20 Jun 2023

Life changing for tofu lovers

It's pricey but it's a must for tofu lovers. Excellent food. Staff also goes over allergens and dietary restrictions when you order.


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15 Jun 2023

Kyotofu Course Meals

The menu is only 4 dinner course options, no single plate meals. We shared two among four people and it was plenty of food. Meal is entirely tofu varieties, not much else in the way of vegetables or sides. Beware if you go after 8pm, they don’t want to serve as they close at 9pm and the process does take some time to get through. Staff accommodated us but rushed us out quickly.

Pros: Varieties of tofu, Unique experience

Cons: Site says open until 10, but they stop serving at , Meal is all tofu, not much in the way of sides/veg


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Non Veg
11 Jun 2023

Amazing experience

There is one vegetarian dish that can be made vegan. The rest have dashi. But the entire experience beginning to end was incredible. Vegetarian and non-veg food is amazing.

Pros: Options on both sides. , A fantastic multi-course meal, Beautiful views on 11th floor

Cons: A little pricey for Japan


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08 Jun 2023

Amazing experience

Would give it 5 stars if I could. The vegetarian set was beautiful and the staff was wonderful. They are very accommodating for vegan/vegetarian options. The course is curated beautifully. Felt like a more authentic Japanese food experience than some of the other veggie options around the country. Also the meal is huge!! One of the best vegetarian meals I’ve had in all of Japan.

Pros: Beautiful curated course meal, Very accommodating to dietary restrictions , Clear allergen English menu

Cons: The set was a little pricey but worth it


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06 Jun 2023

Tofu lovers paradise

If you like tofu, especially the silken tofu rather than the spongy version, this is a very good restaurant. Although it's not vegan or vegetarian, if you tell them you're vegan they will know exactly what not to serve you.
We went for lunch and had a set meal, all tofu based, many different courses and all delicious. I think the yuba (tofu milk skin) was especially good.
If you're lucky you will get a window seat with great views.

Pros: Fresh soft silken tofu

Cons: Not fully vegan


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13 Apr 2023

Nur Tofu

Es gibt lediglich Tofu als vegane Option. Nicht mal die Reiskugeln sind vegan (mit Ei verarbeitet).

Updated from previous review on 2023-04-12

Cons: Nur Tofu


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06 Apr 2023

Nice food but overrated

An hour waiting time and no clear labelling on what is vegan. Staff asks for allergens and speaks okay English though. A bit over priced in my opinion as well. Caution: soy milk cheesecake is NOT vegan, it contains eggs!

Pros: Great variety of tofu , Lovely staff

Cons: Expensive , No vegan labelling , Waiting time


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03 Apr 2023

Did not stay - can only order ala carte

Also the wait was over an hour. The waitress was very nice and answered my questions.


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07 Feb 2023

Divine tofu..

Amazing tofu, definitely visit this place if you’re in Kyoto!


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27 Jan 2023

Authentic Japanese dining

Was a bit hard to find as Kyoto station has so many malls and department stores, it's on the 11th floor of Isetan department store, on the north side of the station at the left of the central exit. None of the set meals are vegan, but most of the a la carte menu is. The staff are helpful, speak minimal english but do understand what vegan is and will direct you to what is vegan friendly #Veganuary

Pros: Authentic Japanese dining , Great tofu dishes


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16 Jul 2022

Good tofu based dishes but limited vegan options

The tofu sashimi/yuba and the tofu dishes (without dashi) are excellent but the majority of the dishes in the set menus are NOT vegan not vegetarian since they use dashi (fish stock) or bonito flakes on them so be careful and ask the waitress for guidance on suitable dishes

Pros: Excellent tofu and fresh yuba, Good location at Kyoto station

Cons: Limited vegan options, Dishes that might look veggie but they are NOT


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21 Jun 2022

No vegan options



21 Jun 2022

Hi - If you're an ambassador and have been there, can you please send a detailed update to HappyCow with updated menu information. Thanks.


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02 Aug 2021

Expensive but fun

The food is expensive but tasty. They have an English menu but you might need to double check what some of the ingredients are if you’re vegan. Tons of vetarian options. Perfect for pescatarians.

Pros: Tasty, Pretty atmosphere

Cons: Expensive, Long wait, Not always clear what’s vegan and what’s not


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09 Feb 2021

Tofu restaurant

They were nice and to let us order outside the lunch menu bc of my veganism but i wish i had known better. Im sure its great if you dont mind dairy and egg and high price and soft tofu. Liked the deep fried tofu though! I just dont like the silken tofus slimy texture and i feel poor now lol


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25 Dec 2019

Not impressed.

While staff read my vegan card, they struggled to get it right. I do like tofu but with options limited I was just unhappy. They did switch out my soy sauce for some without fish. I was told I o my had three options and I went with sesame tofu.

Pros: Great tea

Cons: Very limited vegan options , Staff unable to offer much help


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12 Nov 2019

Friendly, alright food

Staff were nice, food was ok. understood I didn’t want anything fish based and got me vegan soy sauce without asking which was lovely. Could do with a veg menu or just highlight what is to save confusion

Pros: Some vegan options

Cons: Expensive


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16 Oct 2019

So close to perfect

The sets look amazing and vegan, but unfortunately the waiter informed us that almost every component has fish. We were able to order from the a-la-carte menu and specifically request no fish, but you will have to ask.

I got the tofu salad, and the taste was amazing, and it was a full meal. Definitely worth the cost.


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09 Sep 2019

Just keep walking

Expensive. Not that good. Only a handful of vegan options. We tried the sesame tofu which is a brownish soft tofu that tastes like chalk and sand mixed together. Then we had the fried tofu which was actually quite good. Also had tofu in a soymilk broth which was mehhhhhh. Left sad and hungry. Our bill was $30 USD.


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01 Jun 2019

Slechte bediening

Geen fijne sfeer

Pros: Mooi uitzicht

Cons: Mochten geen kindermenu omdat er geen ‘kind’ was


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05 Apr 2019

way overpriced, not great quality

They want you to order the set lunch which is over $30. I only wanted something small and ordered deep fried tofu. It was paper thin slices, about 5 of them, and some ginger. It required alot of soy sauce. Sorry I came here.

Pros: nice view, lots of tofu

Cons: very expensive.


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29 Mar 2019

Tofu based, a couple of seafood broth items mixed in the courses.

Try it. You will like it. All tofu based and while Kyoto is known for tofu, this place is above the rest. Excellent food. Worth a try. Everything tasted good. Only one or two portions of the courses was fish broth based.

Pros: Various options , Amazing presentation. , Great tasting food.


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17 Feb 2018

Not worth it

I arrived here with an empty stomach and left with empty pockets and a mediocre stomach.
The food is all overpriced, I had the tofu salad and it was nothing special.
I wouldn't recommend it, there are certainly much better places to eat vegan in Kyoto.
I also think the $$ needs to be changed to $$$, as I wouldn't have been seated had I known otherwise.

Pros: Nice view from the window

Cons: Expensive, Mediocre quality food


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25 Dec 2017

very tasty

the range of Tofu was amazing. please note that the English menu warns that they are not a vegan restaurant and they use meat and fish in their cooking. dish descriptions do Not list ingredients. I had a full set course and tasted fish stock, and there were bonito flakes. couldn't taste any meat though. they specialise in a set menu but you can order separate small dishes. it was all delicious though - Oishi!

Pros: sesame Tofu and dried wheat starch!

Cons: uses meat + fish, but doesn't list this on the eng

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