Serves meat, vegan options available. Modern style ramen restaurant offering vegetarian and vegan options which are labeled on the menu. Has two vegan ramen: soy ramen and zesty spicy ramen. Gluten-free soybean noodle and konjac noodles are available. Buy a ticket for the dishes you'd like: the vending machine accepts big notes. English spoken. Est. 2018. Relocated from 452-1 Matsugaecho, Kyogoku Bldg 1F, Nakagyo-ku. Gets very biusy and queues can be long. Open Mon-Sun 4:30pm-10:00pm. Closed Mon. Last order 30 minutes before closing.

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First Review by ghansman


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22 Sep 2023

The place no longer has vegan options!

They no longer seve vegan ramens. It was highly disappointing to go all the way and not get the ramen.



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13 Sep 2023

Amazing authentic vegan ramen

We did have to queue for around an hour to get in, but it was so worth the wait. The service was friendly, fast, and efficient. Just 2 vegan options on the menu, and I chose the zesty vegan. It was busting with flavour and spicy, and I enjoyed every spoon/chopstick full. The restaurant was small with only around 3 small tables and the counter area around the kitchen, so it was quite cramped. Even though we queued to nearly the advertised closing time, with others behind us in yhe queue, no one was turned away, and everyone was welcomed and fed. I would highly recommend a visit if you are in Kyoto.

Updated from previous review on 2023-09-13

Pros: The welcome friendly staff, The amazing zesty vegan ramen, Sake

Cons: The waiting in the queue, Being quite cramped and close to other tables


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12 Sep 2023

Amazing !!!!!

I absolutely loved these ramen, they were soooo tasty and good !! To the people complaining about the place only having non-Japanese customers, I think this is mostly because Japanese are rarely vegan and therefore don’t seek such restaurants…


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05 Sep 2023

Not worth it

Had much better vegetarian/vegan Ramen before (T‘s Tantan, Kyushu Jangera). Waited 45 minutes in line and was totally not worth it, more tourists than Japanese people there and not authentic at all.


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31 Aug 2023


Me and my girlfriend have taken the two possible vegan ramen. Both were really good: one more spicy then the other one.
Only one note: it was full of tourists. So I don't know if what they offer (even if good) is the "Japanese" taste or just what we are thinking it is.
I never tasted a meat-ramen so I didn't have to possibility to compare.

Pros: Two vegan options, Friendly staff, Nice atmosphere

Cons: Little: be there early or wait, Full of tourists


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30 Aug 2023

Unforgettable ramen

Very tasty and particular ramen: available normal, vegan and gluten free.
If you find a line, wait! It really worth it!
They also have different kind of sake.


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26 Aug 2023

2 vegan ramen options

Really tasty vegan ramen, friendly staff,

Pros: Ramen, Staff


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23 Aug 2023

So good we ate it twice!

We visited Kyoto for 4 days and spent 2 of our dinners here; I can’t recommend it enough! We got the zesty vegan ramen both times and it was simple but the flavors were so complex and delicious. The broth is creamy and the spice doesn’t overwhelm. They have 2 vegan ramen options to choose from. They do serve pork here so just keep that in mind because the seating is very cozy so you may be sitting next to someone eating non vegan ramen. Since it is a small restaurant, there will most likely be a wait. The first night we waited 1.5 hours but the second night it was less than 10 minutes. The staff are kind and well versed in what vegan is so you don’t have to worry there! The menu is also in English. Be sure to let them know how much you enjoyed your meal afterwards! This place is amazing!

Pros: Delicious vegan ramen, Cool atmosphere, Kind staff

Cons: Wait times can be long to get in, Does serve animal products


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20 Aug 2023


Super tasty ramen! One only problem: inside WAS SO HOT we couldn’t breathe!


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16 Aug 2023

Uncomfortable experience, good food

Sadly I need to rate this quite badly.
Firstly; the ramen itself was great. And while it’s probably not everyone‘s cup of tea I quite enjoyed it.

But the atmosphere was really bad. Firstly, it was a hot Kyōto summer and they have no air conditioning (or was it broken?) and only one small fan for the whole place. It was even hotter than outside. It doesn’t help the tables were cramped together in a way that we were touching people behind us either.
And then; the whole place was full of tourists. Not that this in itself is a terrible thing but… it was loud and people had 0 self awareness. Restaurants frequented by locals tend to be more quiet and enjoyable, even if vegan options have to be requested explicitly. But the heat, the really noisy tourists and the cramped place really doesn’t make me want to go back.

Pros: Great ramen

Cons: oriented on tourists, spicy option not spicy, No air conditioning , Loud, cramped atmosphere


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16 Aug 2023

Really good

The ramen were very delicious. There were two different vegan options. We went there when the restaurant opened, as there were always long queues in the evening. I would definitely go there again!


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15 Aug 2023

So far the best vegan ramen in Japan

Holy smokes! So far Kyoto Engine Ramen has the best vegan ramen I’ve eaten in Japan! We waited in a very long line and thankfully were the last to be served, but it was worth the wait. I got the Zesty Vegan Ramen. It was ready very quickly, and I couldn’t get enough. The broth was so rich, creamy and full of flavor. The toppings made sense and didn’t take a away from the ramen. I would go back daily if I didn’t want to try other places. 5 stars from me but can only give it 4 since it’s not fully vegan or veg.

Pros: Vegan options, Rich and creamy, Quick once you’re seated

Cons: I wish it was all vegan 😍


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Mostly Veg
12 Aug 2023


They have 2 great type of vegan ramen, and also gluten free noodles! It is great, delicious and they are very nice. They also speak English (not so common here in Japan) and you can pay with card, even contactless.


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07 Aug 2023

Delicious soya-cream ramen

Perfect for eating as a family with varied (meat-eating and vegan) requirements. The vegan ramen was superb. Rich and tasty. Still salivating 10 days later! Be prepared to queue as seating is limited.


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06 Aug 2023

Delicious ramen

Would have given 5 stars if possible. My husband and I ate here. He eats gf and I am vegan. Few menu options but covers the basics of meat eaters and vegan eaters. I had the spicy vegan ramen and it was the best ramen I have ever had. Might eat here again tomorrow!

Pros: Options, Taste, Atmosphere

Cons: None


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04 Aug 2023

The best ramen!

It's so hard to find restaurant in Kyoto, that are actually open in the evening. So after trying a couple we kind of landed @engineramen and it was super good! We tried both vegan options and we're delighted to find them creamy and with the best veggies.

Pros: Creamy ramen, Super friendly

Cons: Tiny spot to eat


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31 Jul 2023

Try the Zesty Vegan Ramen

There are two vegan options. I opted for the Zesty Vegan Ramen and it was delicious


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29 Jul 2023

Would give 5 stars

Really yummy zesty vegan ramen.
Well worth the wait in the line to get in !

Updated from previous review on 2023-07-29

Pros: Good ramen


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15 Jul 2023

Great value

We visited here on the Saturday of the Gion Matsuri festival. Despite being only one street away from the festivities we were able to get in with only around a 15 minute wait at 6pm. There are two vegan options and I had the soy ramen, it was creamy and filling.


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14 Jul 2023

Would give it 5 stars if I could

Popular with tourists, but for good reason. Multiple dairy free options, can also do gluten free. The zesty ramen is very spicy, creamy, and onion-y and has saffron -- very very flavorful! No watery broth here! Place is small but no line at 7:30pm on a Friday in the summer.


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10 Jul 2023


Best ramen in Kyoto, especially vegan. They also offer GF if needed. Bonus points!

Pros: Delicious , Vegan , gF available


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04 Jul 2023

An Absolute MUST

I ordered the spicier, cream-laden “Zesty” ramen and it was absolutely delicious. Best ramen I have had during my trip to Japan, I would give it 5 stars if I could. This ramen was heavy on green onions, so if that’s not your thing I suggest looking at the alternative “Kyoto Beaning” ramen, which my sister said was also incredible.


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02 Jul 2023

Amazing ramen

Located down a side street (and up the stairs) from the main shopping street you find a modern twist on traditional ramen restaurants. You are still greated with the same happy sounds and smiles and can still sit at the bar watching the cooks, but the music, people and tablewear is modern. You are given actual chopsticks (not cheap wooden ones) with your meal.
There are two vegan options for 1400 yen. We tried the zesty one and it was so flavoursome.
I would highly recommend everyone tries it.

Pros: Amazing ramen, Modern twist, Tasty


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01 Jul 2023


Great vegan ramen, with the option to add egg for vegetarians. Very happy to find such a veg-friendly place!


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30 Jun 2023

Long queue but refreshingly different vegan ramen

This had a queue up the stairs when we arrived and an even longer one when we left, so I'd recommend getting here early. The queue moved fairly quickly though and we soon found ourselves at a nice table upstairs by the window. The spicy vegan ramen was different to anything I'd had before and we all really enjoyed it. It had a fresh, subtly citrus flavour and the appearance of something with crab in it due to the stage pink-flecked colour (didn't taste fishy though, and definitely didn't contain crab).

Pros: Different flavour to other ramen


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Non Veg
24 Jun 2023

A Nourishing Meal

I'm thankful we went as early as we did last night, around 6:30 p.m. When we left, the line was long to get in. That's not surprising, being that it is such an awesome place. There were ten of us in our party, but this tiny restaurant accommodated us all. The waitress was full of joy and it was contagious.
I was happy to read about the careful manner in which the food is selected and cooked. I have high standards and this place delivered! Some people have gluten sensitivities in our group, and those were easily accommodated here.
I don't even like ramen that much, but I LOVED my dish. I got the zesty spice ramen dish and it was just the right amount of spice.
I'm so thankful we went here. I felt quite nourished when I left, both from the food and the lovely staff.


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24 Jun 2023

Delicious ramen!

Had both vegan options - the spicy miso broth was the bomb!! Don’t miss it

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