Natural cafe located in the tiny street near arcade in Kintetsu Nara station (3 minute walk). All items are vegan. Specialises in food therapy. Please make an appointment before visiting. Open Mon-Sun 10:00am-9:00pm.

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First Review by Tsaoling


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14 Aug 2023

Thoughtful, wholesome, quality food.

We didn't book but turned up & were seated straight away. The noodles are made in house and everything is organic / vegan & very thought out. Beautifully presented, you add from a choice of sauces. You pay more for this quality. No additives or processed food here, just consciously prepared proper nourishment with subtle flavours. Friendly staff.

Updated from previous review on 2023-08-14

Pros: Very wholesome food, all made in house., wide range of choice of noodles. , Subtle flavours.

Cons: Expensive, you're paying for quality of the food., Ensure you have time to enjoy the food., Be aware it's cash only.



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29 Jun 2023

Expensive food in odd setting

We found this place on the second floor of a shopping centre. When we sat down it was obvious that we were somewhere a bit different! We sat next to the therapy rooms while tinkly music played, and we were asked to fill out a health questionnaire! We just wanted dinner. The food was ok but some of it pretty tasteless (brown rice set meal) and very expensive compared to everywhere else. Left feeling disappointed but we had eaten and the staff were very kind.

Pros: Traditional food on offer

Cons: Expensive , Odd atmosphere , Food not so tasty


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06 Jun 2023

Great vegan options in Nara

I really enjoyed the food I had here. The way the menu works is you can pick a type of noodle and a type of sauce (such as a curry sauce, mushroom cream sauce, tomato sauce, etc.) There are a lot of different noodle options (like brown rice noodles, mulberry noodles, yamato toki noodles, tomato noodles, bamboo charcoal noodles, etc.) There's also an extensive drink menu (including smoothies, teas, coffees, juices, etc.), dessert, and other side dishes. Lots of options!

The staff is also very friendly, and it's in a nice location close to several shops in Nara. I really enjoyed my experience eating here, just make sure to bring cash because they didn't accept credit card when I went.

Pros: Delicious food , Nice atmosphere , Friendly staff

Cons: Cash only


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31 May 2023

Horrid, overpriced, flavorless

So, vegan restaurants are automatically given at least 2 stars. I would have chosen none.

The base ingredients are good, but the final taste is as bad as eating cardboard.
Flavorless small-sized expensive food (was it even human food?).

The noodles were overcooked and not even mixed with the sauce, they came dried and stuck one to the other.

My husband ordered tomato sauce noodles. They tasted like sour celery.

Before ordering the stuff brought us a mountain of brochures about the cuisine and the owner. They even asked us to leave a comment and they came to us to ask for our opinion or to give more information (without being asked) every 3 minutes.

The concept of natural, organic, local, healthy cuisine is great.
The execution is poor, bland and preaching.

We left hungry and disappointed.

Pros: The water tastes good, It’s an option , Healthy

Cons: Overpriced and expensive (and small portions), Flavorless, disgusting at times, Pushy staff and owner


14 Aug 2023

Our noodles came with a choice of 3 sauces you added to taste.


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24 May 2023

Worst experience in Japan

Everything is extremely overpriced, the food is objectively bad, portions are tiny (which was a blessing in disguise because of the taste)and the place doesn't accept credit cards. The tea was nothing more than coloured hot water for 800 yen. The bill of 5841 yen left us with a bad taste in our mouths and a bunch of useless coins since they couldn't even let the 1 yen out.

Pros: None

Cons: Expensive, Bad food, Did I mention it is expensive?


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18 May 2023

Ok, ma qualcosa non mi è piaciuto

Qualità materia prima buona, ma il gusto lascia a desiderare. Non mi è piaciuto che non prendano carte di credito in un posto pieno di turisti. Sono dovuto andare a fare bancomat e perdere 20 minuti di tempo

Pros: Vegan


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16 May 2023


Friendly staff, tasty food, onion free!

Pros: Good food, Pleasant ambience, Friendly staff

Cons: Limited menu


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06 Apr 2023

Wanted to love it

As the only vegan place on the main tourist street in Nara, I really wanted this place to be good. Sadly they only have one or two options on the menu. On the day I went, it didn’t taste very good and it cost 2000 yen for quite a small portion. Hope they can improve and expand their offering!


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14 Mar 2023

No recomendable

No nos gustó la comida y además fue cara. Solo había dos opciones para elegir y no lo tenían escrito en ninguna parte, por lo que no supimos el precio hasta pagar, fallo nuestro por no preguntar antes. La comida era de sobre, escasa y además el sabor no nos gustó.

Pros: Ubicación , Personal amable

Cons: Caro, Comida de sobre , Cantidades


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14 Mar 2023

Caro, poca comida, no recomendado

Solo dos opciones y no tienen carta, por lo que no ves el precio. Las salsas/curris/lo que sea son de sobre. Frío en el local y 4100¥ por 2 platos, algo surrealista viendo la cantidad y calidad.

Pros: Ubicación

Cons: Caro, Frio en el local, Poca cantidad


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22 Dec 2022

Loved it!

Slow cooking but totally worth a wait! Delicious! and owner named us all ingredients and made every bite matter. Made with love and care like at the best restaurants! So nice! We also loved the sauces!!!


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18 Nov 2022

Cute food

Ate here (years ago, sorry not up to date review) and it was right on the walk between the main train station and the parks/temples. Small space with good food with excellent presentation. Not particularly filling for the price, if you're more used to western portions, but delicious

Pros: location, presentation

Cons: price


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20 Sep 2022

Delicious but pricey

An all vegan cafe with a relaxing atmosphere, high quality food and a friendly service. They have a partly english menu.The meals are not cheap. If you are on a budget or very hungry this place might not be for you, but if you are searching for vegan high quality meals then here you go.

Updated from previous review on 2020-03-24

Pros: High quality food

Cons: Expensive, Rather small portions, Slow service


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12 Aug 2022




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12 Aug 2022

Not recommended

To expensive for the meal quality and slow service


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12 Aug 2022

Great food and kind staff

We really enjoyed our meal and the really kind staff. The food was well cooked and seasoned. A good Japanese vegetarian/ vegan twist. The food was wel seasoned and subtle in taste. We had the onigiri plate and the soybean hamburger plate. Note if you go late for diner, the door may seem closed at the street entrance but they are open and truly kind and happy to provide you with service. We arrived around 8:10pm and the place closes at 9PM


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11 Jun 2022

Kururu lunch experience

Had the hamburger set and kinoko (mushroom) tōnyū (soy milk) cream pasta. We were satisfied with the portion size and more than happy with the service. The waiting time was about 25 minutes (we were the only customers), anyway there were number of different, freshly made plates in each set. They also offer different consultations - you may feel a bit strange if you speak japanese - as they are going on in the same room…

Pros: Everything is vegan, Staff is really nice and talkative, Easy to find

Cons: Slightly longer waiting time, Consultations in the same room


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11 Jan 2022

Pricey and slow service

After having a bad experience at another vegan restaurant in Nara we had yet another bad experience. We chose the option that comes with several small plates, but it took a long time to come and when it did, we found the portions to be very small overall. Until some dishes were delicious, but we expected more. The staffs were nice, however, they talk too much, maybe to justify the price of the dish, I don't know. My friend ordered the cake that comes with yogurt and some sweet sauces, but when it came we were scared by the size, the size of a finger for ¥850 tax, besides, it didn't taste like anything, very bland. It took too long to serve both the meal and the cake, coffee and tea, we were almost canceling the order due to the delay when the old lady started to run to serve us, it was an annoying situation, but we couldn't wait that long. For the price, we expect more.

Pros: Friendly service

Cons: Bland, expensive, Long wait


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01 Nov 2021

Very good food!

All the experience was great, delicious food and the staff was very kind!


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11 Oct 2021

Great meal at Nara

Good place, we went for lunch and the food was delicious with a very kind staff


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20 Sep 2021

The service was unbearabley slow

Waited 30 mins for a cake the size of my finger that cost ¥900.
My friends waited 30mins for yogurt.

This app doesn't allow me to add 0stars.
What more can I say.

Pros: All Vegan, Friendly, Genuinely really tasty

Cons: 30min wait, Food size of finger, Insane price


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04 Oct 2020

Very cute, tasty food

Very cute food with flowers in it. Very sweet, kind owner. Lots of maple syrup available. Cute, soothing videos of cuddly animals playing on the screen.

The place is above the street level, use stairs or elevator.


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22 Sep 2020

Tasty and convenient location.

I liked the seasonal vegetable curry.
Music makes you relax.

Pros: Tasty vegan menu, Close to the station , Relaxing ambience


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10 Mar 2020

Friendly place - good food

Small cafe / restaurant with a number of vegan options. Also offers yoga and massage if you want to add this to your meal. Staff are really nice

Pros: Four or so vegan options , English menu, Really friendly staff

Cons: A little expensive for what you get


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11 Jan 2020

Quaint and tasty

Located on the third floor, cute little shop with one lady (the owner?) working. English menu available, but she did not speak English so we used a translation app.


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30 Dec 2019

Health food with great service

Health conscious cafe (expect salad and rice bowls) with many vegan options. The woman running the cafe who served us was incredibly sweet and understood English quite well. My noodle salad bowl was fresh with lots of veggies and was well-presented. I liked the salad dressings offered but could have done with even more flavour personally. Number of interesting drinks too, I enjoyed the house made amazake.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Amazing service, Healthy

Cons: A bit pricey


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07 Nov 2019

Healthy, excellent service

After a fun day with the deer in Nara, we were happy to find a vegan restaurant that was still open for dinner on a week night!
We were the only ones there and service was great. The server explained everything on each set menu, including the drinks and desserts. I order dandelion coffee and asked if I could have it a little strong, and they made it quite strong for me!
When the food came the lady in charge came out to explain what each dish was (Japanese only) and said that their food selection is a healing for digestion. I was so tired and bloated but after dinner I felt wonderful. Really liked the food and portion was just right, not too full or still hungry but room for dessert. My only complaint was that it was a bit on the bland side. Would have liked to enjoy more umami taste or variety of flavors.

Pros: Different set meal selections with pictures, healthy and balanced well thought-out menu, Exceptional service

Cons: Expensive, Food a bit bland

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