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Small chain of healthier, vegan fast food eateries. The menu items are gluten-free, offering choices like breakfast porridge with granola, salads and lunch bowls, sweets, coffee, and smoothies. This location offers additional lunch options such as toasts and soups. Note that although the official address is 100 Bloor St W, it is actually at the back of the building looking onto Critchly Lane and the Village of Yorkville Park. There is a very small patio, but plenty of public outdoor seating including tables and chairs in the park. Open Mon-Fri 8:30am-9:00pm, Sat-Sun 10:30am-8:00pm.

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First Review by AlexVertbois


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02 Aug 2023

Lovely, hearty, healthy choices

Ordered delivery while in Toronto on business - lovely, hearty but healthy food that came in sustainable packaging. Very pleased. Recommended.



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05 May 2023

Nice big salad bowls

If you like salads with lots of tasty veggies and protein, this is the place for you! We went to this place on our layover in Toronto, and had a lovely lunch. They had lots of baked goods at the front and you can BYO salad or order from their set menu. We ordered the Almond Lime bowl & Golden Curry bowl, they were so tasty and really filled us up! We also order a chocolate smoothie, a fresh muffin and cookie bar. We didnt get a picture of the last 3 items cause we ate them so quickly! The muffin tasted a little too healthy but all in all, would order it again. I highly recommend this place to salad lovers.

Pros: Lots of salad options , Dessert choices, Nice smoothies


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13 Mar 2023

Quick, fresh and tasty

I had the lasagna and it was delicious. Served with a fresh side salad. Unfortunately it wasn't really hot/warm


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26 Jan 2023

Good food & Quick

We've been to the Yorkville location on a number of occasions and have always been satisfied with the food. Really good muffins! The salads/bowls and smoothies are tasty. Non-vegan wife enjoys their food as much as I do.


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30 Dec 2022

Quick, healthy and somewhat tasty

Had the miso ginger broth bowl for a quick lunch and it hit the spot. The nanaimo bar and the chocolate oat square were delicious too! Service was very efficient.

Pros: good food, fast service


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30 Sep 2022

Delicious Lunch

I had the breakfast bowl and an iced oat milk latte which satisfied my craving for breakfast-style food. Very cute decor inside and would recommend.


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18 Sep 2022

Keep coming back

"Kupfert and Kim" has several restaurants trough out Toronto. Because I prefer to support smaller privately owned restaurants, I avoided Kupfert and Kim for a while. But when I moved to a new neighbourhood they were the closest location for vegan food, so I had to give them a try.

And I am glad I did! The menu consists of smoothies, salads and bowls. Because I am on holiday I opted for the "Canadian First" salad, which was excellent. The ingredients seem to be of decent quality and there's a great variety, making the salad healthier and tastier. Also, warm sweet potato and tofu add a lot to this salad.

A while later I tried the "Oaxaca" bowl for dinner. Again the great variety in ingredients really makes Kupfert and Kim a fine choice. The taste is really different from the salad I had earlier, making Kupfert and Kim a place to return to often.

The only reason I started visiting other restaurants in the neighbourhood was the fact that Kupfert & Kim opens late and closes early (and sometimes even ignores its own opening hours).

Updated from previous review on 2022-09-18

Pros: great taste, seems healthy

Cons: opens late, closes early


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Mostly Veg
25 Jul 2022

Super fresh and tasty

The family and I had lunch here, really good food and friendly staff. The kids had the guacamole burger on a bun, delicious. I had the tahini burger on greens, it was absolutely delicious. My wife has the cauliflower bowl with quinoa and it was great. You can choose different bases such as greens, quinoa, rice. We all shared a donut which was very good

Pros: All vegan and fresh, Very customizable , Delicious

Cons: Small but a nice park to sit outside


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15 May 2022


Had the breakfast bowl two days in a row and also the waffles and LOOOVVEEDD both. Excellent menu with so many options for everyone, including those without dietary restrictions. As someone whos entirely vegan and also gluten intolerant, this place is heavenly for me. Super friendly staff, beautiful environment, amazing food.

Pros: Entirely vegan and gluten free, Very fresh, Large menu


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13 Apr 2022

Excellent breakfast place

Loved everything about it! Best avocado toast i ever had.


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24 Mar 2022

Delicious & Zero Waste

I love this spot, it is my favourite lunch spot. The one big drawback for me is all the single-use containers and utensils, but I just learnt that they partnered up with a startup called Inwit.

I signed up for Inwit last week and decided it was a healthy lunchtime. On the Inwit website placed an order at Kupftert & Kim for The First Canadian Salad. Then you get an email saying the order is accepted and when the order is ready for pick up. Walked in the door at Kuptfert & Kim and just inside the door, there was my order, sealed up in these amazing reusable containers. I grabbed it, gave a wave to the staff and went back to the office with my delicious food. These beautiful containers are insulated, so hot food is kept hot, the cold food is kept cold. Zero spills.

You have 7 days to rinse out and return those dishes to any of the participating restaurants. They have a scannable tag on these containers so they know who you are when you drop the dishes off.
Hopefully, more restaurants will get on board with it soon, but I am so grateful Kupfert & Kim is part of it.

Updated from previous review on 2022-03-24

Pros: Delicious food, Zero Waste options, they are Inwit's Partners!


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01 Mar 2022

Check this place out

Great vibe, the friendly staff gave perfect recommendations on the menu. Indoor spacious seating, good space. Tried some burgers, the lasagna and the hummus - all great! The smoothies are worth the price-tag!

Pros: All vegan , Great staff, Delicious


Points +24

11 Dec 2021

Delicious vegan-GF food.

The breakfast bowl served all day was delicious. Added sausage and chose sweet potato. Great drink selection.

Pros: Good for EVERYONE! , Lots to choose from.


Points +717

10 Feb 2020


Absolutely blown away by how good everything tasted! Ingredients were super fresh. Would go back every week if I could afford it!

Must tries - breakfast Benedict, lasagne (absolute must) and the oat bar.

Yorkville location is small but cozy. Servers friendly and knowledgeable. Food crazy good.

Pros: Amazing tasting options, Brunch!, Healthy

Cons: Pricey, but you get what you pay for, tenfold


Points +236

18 Jul 2019

Food was excellent (even though it wasn't what I ordered)

Lovely place with a nice view of the park. Great WiFi and wonderful filling food for my wander around the city. The best tumeric latte I have ever tasted. My only issue was that the staff did not know what had run out of until after I had ordered. I ordered the waffles, but after payment I was.informed they had run out. Luckily they offered me a different dish of the same price that tasted just as wonderful.

Pros: Great variety of options, Gluten free, All vegan

Cons: Lack of waffles when I went :(


Points +100

04 Jun 2019

Great lunch options

This Kupfert & Kim has toast and soups as well as their usual breakfast options and bowls. The toasts are hearty and come piled high with goodies. The bread is whole-grain and has lots of seeds. I was stuffed after eating it. I also love their smoothie bowls, especially the Almond Cacao Bowl.

Pros: Good for breakfast, lunch or dinner, Whole-food and healthy, as well as very tasty, Good value for money

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