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Polish chain of vegan burger eateries founded 2013 in Warsaw. Uses ingredients like tofu, seitan, millet, chickpeas, and vegetables to make the burgers which are served in buns with sauce of your choice. Other foods offered are wraps, bowls, fries, smoothies, cakes, cookies, and drinks. This is its flagship outlet, est. 2013. Reported closed November 2023.

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First Review by Vera Peres


Points +1030

26 Oct 2023

Very gooood

Great beyond burger. Im happy that they have a gf bun option

Pros: Gf bun, Tasty, Relatively cheap

Cons: Uncomfortable chairs



Points +499

05 Oct 2023

Pleasant outlet of the chain

Tried the fish wrap and was happily pleased, no disappointments at all. The location is convenient and the space itself is cool too.


Points +65

22 Jul 2023

Good so good I wanted to cry

After spending three weeks in a place with limited vegetarian/vegan options, I made a beeline for this place after arriving by train. I ordered the pastrami sandwich with spicy tomato sauce. It was so delicious! I internally had tears on my eyes. Great service as well!

Pros: So many options , Fully vegan

Cons: None!


Points +57

13 Jul 2023

Pas mauvais mais pas bon non plus

Moyen, gout pas génial, on ne s'est pas régalé.


Points +41

29 Jun 2023


Visited for the second time whilst visiting Poland. Amazing food, very fresh and friendly staff. I went for the Polish Kebab and my partner has the Lebanese kebab.


Points +197

05 Jun 2023

Something missing

The Polish "kebab" was good. There was nothing wrong with it, just seemed a bit basic in flavors. Potatoes were ok, but could've been more fresh and crispy.

Pros: Good dips, Different fillings options

Cons: Messy to eat.


Points +68

24 May 2023

ciagle najlepsza

najlepsza sieć z gwarantowaną jakością jedzenia


Points +932

Mostly Veg
23 Apr 2023

it is ok to have them on vegan board

I am glad that this is still open one of the first vegan chain in Poland. I have ate in their few points.
In my opinion, concept is good but from other hand, I wish them to find idea to refresh this concept 🙏🏽☺️ nevertheless, good to have them on vegan board ❤️


Points +231

18 Mar 2023

Decent place if everywhere else is busy

It's nice that it exists, but it's not life-changing.

Pros: Fully vegan, Lots of options, Food is ok

Cons: Very long wait, Staff barely speaks English


Points +1256

18 Mar 2023

Awesome burger

The place is great for grabbing a quick vegan bite. A lot of options for burgers, wraps and salads. The potatoes are baked, not fried. The staff doesn’t speak English but you still can point at stuff on the English menu. Not cozy, but tasty. No beer, just lemonade (but it was good lemonade). 🍋

Pros: a lot of options for burgers/wraps/salad, All vegan, Reasonably priced

Cons: Not cozy, Slow for a fast food joint


Points +406

18 Mar 2023

Pastrami Burger whoop!!!

That burger was great, baked potatoes just fine. Lemonade could be better.😄


Points +2156

03 Aug 2022

Huge fan of their burgers

I've only been two Warsaw twice, but after trying these burgers on my first trip, I knew I had to go back every other time I would potentially go to Warsaw, so ofc I did go there the second time I was in town.

Their burgers are really good, and specially if you look at the price/quality ratio, as they are quite cheap. Everything else I tried there: potatoes, juices was also really good. If I recall correctly my fav burger there was called Seitanex (or similar) which was their fried Seitan burger.

I've also been to the Krakow location and will eventually review it too :)


Points +115

Mostly Veg
31 Jul 2022

Great value

Every burger I tried was delicious. Kebabs are even better!

Updated from previous review on 2019-07-21

Pros: Amazing taste, choice, value.


Points +125

30 Jul 2022


The vegan fish is super tasty! The decor is super nice and aesthetic!


Points +30

21 Jul 2022

Favorite vegan burger 🍔

Best vegan burger in the world. We had the chickpea burger and the tempeh pastrami with loaded potatoes and yummm 🤤🤤

Pros: Different options, Nice drinks, Nice vegan ice creams

Cons: Confusing menu


Points +86

19 Jul 2022

Nice and cheap

One of the best vegan burgers I ever tried. The place is relatively cheap in comparison to similar places in Eastern Europe.


Points +1253

10 Jun 2022

Great location

This restaurant is located just next to Hoża tram station also 5 minutes walk away from Centrum bus stations and Centrum subway station. Krowarzywa is well-known for the wide range of burger choices. They added different items on their menu in recent years which are also worth trying.


Points +44

27 Apr 2022

great fish and chips

the experience was great? I felt like I were on the beach eating regular fish and chips 🤩

Pros: great range of choices, quick service , nice interior

Cons: not too much space at the venue


Points +267

14 Apr 2022

Yummy vegan kebabs 🥙

Big choices of well priced vegan meals including kebabs and burgers! Awesome place!

Pros: Lots of vegan choices


Points +120

13 Apr 2022

Yummy Burgers!

The best burgers in Poland if you ask me! Delicious Cieciorex is always welcome at my plate. They also have nice wraps and kebabs. For people coming outside Poland it's a must try place.

Pros: Burgers, fresh ingredients, Dips/Sauces

Cons: nope


Points +26

23 Jan 2022

Love this place!

And your Seasonal burgers😄

Pros: Beyond burger, Seasonal burgers, Vegan mayo


Points +862

21 Dec 2021

Nice place

Nice atmosphere and good food but nothing special.


Points +1793

24 Aug 2021

Decent wraps but limited choice with no soy/gluten

I wasn't that impressed with the wraps or their choices. The choice of wrap without gluten (seitan)or soy (tempeh/tofu) is a total of 1 (pea burger) so that's very poor as a vegan restaurant shouldn't base it's menu on 2 biggest allergens. In addition there is no typical lunch menu, the service is rather slow for what is prepared and overall the amount of veggies inside the wrap is rather limitedo and the taste is flat (tastes more of breading than fresh veggies).Overall ok but menu could use improvement.

Updated from previous review on 2021-08-24

Pros: Vegan, vegan ice cream

Cons: Limited options with no soy/gluten


Points +28

09 Aug 2021

Very good vegan fastfood.

Very good vegan fastfood - but nothing special.....


Points +44

03 Jul 2021

Delicious kebab and lemonade!

Krowarzywa is primarily a burger/wrap place but they also have kebab in the offer and the kebab is seriously delicious! Big portion, solid amount of vegan meat inside, well spiced sauce, salad (they have few options to choose from) - very true to the original meat version. Apart from that, Krowarzywa has a nice fresh lemonade selection - the amount of fruit syrop varies but the lemonades always have a fresh, cold, lemony & not-too-sweet vibe to them which is very specific for Krowarzywa.

Pros: Tasty burgers, kebabs, lemonade, GF options, Minimum waste


Points +15739

26 May 2021


I wrote this review a few years ago on while a business trip to Poland:
This place has an incredibly hipster vibe...that's one of the first things my coworker said when we walked in, and it's true...and not a big deal either. But this is not a place to get a fancy meal, or impress your coworkers.

Overall, this is a 100% vegan burger restaurant with a variety of options. I inquired about, and ordered, the most popular item on the menu, which was the Cieciorex (made with chickpeas, parsley, pepper, and herbs). I thought the burger was good but it was just A-OK. In fact, I didn't really bother eating a lot of it because it was just average. I think the patty could have used some more flavoring, or something, because my burger was bland. Either way, if you're on a budget you can't go wrong on the price burger cost me only $2.75 US dollars!

Solid 3.5 but rounded up to 4.


Points +37

16 Jan 2021

Great veggie burger

Very popular place. Quick service. Myself and my meat eating companion enjoyed the veggie burgers and sweet potato chips. Fast food but didn’t feel greasy.

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Quick service

Cons: Burgers only

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